The Dream

byGrey Eagle 286©

He pushed the Speedos down his legs to his feet then stood silently before her. Each took in the other's body. Her body was smooth but very well toned, her tummy was flat but with a slight six pack. She watched as his cock slowly reached it's full size. A smile worked at the corner of her lips. PERFECT! His cock was perfect. It was only about six and a half or seven inches long but it was very thick. She grinned and thought, 'You will always know where that log is, but he will never hurt you.' His belly was a well defined six pack, his shoulders, arms and legs were well muscled and strong. His was not the body of a weight lifter; his strength obviously came from hard use. She watched his muscles ripple as he reached for her, she melted into his arms. He carried her to her bed and gently placed her in the center.

He smiled, but his eyes were intense, "May I devour you?"

"Oh! Yes, please do."

Sam crawled up beside her and softly kissed her lips. His lips were parted widely and she opened her mouth to match his. Their tongues twisted gently together. She felt his tender soft touch on her breast. His large hand delicately cupped her left breast, tenderly lifting and caressing it, gently squeezing, then releasing the pressure of his fingers. He leaned up and lightly kissed her neck just behind her ear, then softly licked behind her ear lobe with the very tip of his warm tongue.

He smiled when she softly sighed, her eyes closed and there was a gentle smile on her lips. He barely touched his lips to hers. Her eyes popped open to verify it was really a kiss and not a dream. She smiled and pulled him down to where her lips could touch his. It was another soft gentle kiss. A flush of pure pleasure flowed through her body. She shivered with delight. WOW! What a lover this man was. She was having orgasms and they had just started. He was a very patient and clever lover. He knew how to please her and he proceeded to slowly and tenderly explore each of her erogenous zones. He even butterfly kissed the palm of her hand and it turned her to jelly. He moved deliberately, making places that were never sensitive before into real hot spots.

She never knew a feather like touch of the tongue between the spread fingers where they joined the hand was so damned erotic. Then the inside of her elbow was touched faintly with the tip of the tongue, and sent shivers through her, she wanted to watch to see what he was going to do next but she was so relaxed and yet still riding a fine edge between pleasure and orgasm. She couldn't open her eyes, she was afraid to change anything. This was far and away the best loving of her life, nothing had ever even come close. He hadn't even reached her pussy yet. God! What would he do to her there, the thought triggered a massive orgasm so strong she screamed at the top of her lungs and held Sam in place, "Please do not move a hair. Jesus Christ! You are amazing. That was the biggest orgasm of my entire life! Do not plan on ever leaving my bed. I am never going to let you out of my sight." She pulled his face to hers and looked into his blue eyes. "Sam, I can't believe the things you did to me, but I really don't remember anything special that you did do. You take loving to new heights, you do simple little things that blend together and meld into a huge flood of sensations that overwhelm a girl. Please let me make love to your beautiful cock. I desperately need to please you. I hope I can do half as good as you did."

He hugged her to his body and grinned, "I think that as hot as I am right now, that I will cum if you just touch my cock."

She looked at him, surprise on her face, "You mean that what you do excites you as much as it does me?"

"Sure it does, I feel most of what you feel. I try my best to imagine how what I do feels to you. I love it too! I'm sorry I am so slow, I can go faster if you want me to."

"No! You are just perfect, I absolutely adore the way you make love to me. Can we just cuddle for a while? I have reached a point of sensory overload right now. Let me hold you and regain my balance. I am still on a sexual high and I don't want to lose that. Forgive me please, I thought I had experienced almost everything sexually. Boy was I ever wrong. You taught me that I am a novice next to you."

"No, to be honest, you are only about my fourth woman. I just remembered something I read or heard somewhere. It said that 'if you really want to please a woman, don't think of your own pleasure, concentrate on pleasing her. Remember to move half as fast as you want to, and touch twice as gently as you want to. Your pleasure will come back tenfold.' Did I do OK?"

"Sammy, I can't speak for all women, but I know it was easily the most pleasure I have ever felt. I think it's partly because I can feel the care you are taking to insure my pleasure. You are not just going through the motions to get yourself off. I feel your love envelop me from top to bottom. Right now I have an overwhelming desire to have you impregnate me, I need you inside me. Please, please, now!"

Sam grinned, "OK, you talked me into it, but on my terms, I love that slow and gentle now, and I will try that first." He moved between her legs and spread her legs further, dropping his face to her pussy. She felt his tongue lap at her inner lips, then delving between them. She was plenty slippery and wet and he lifted and moved forward until Melina felt his cock touch her pussy. It slipped easily between the lips and slid slowly into her vagina. She felt her sheath stretch to accommodate him. It felt so damned good she had to scream. He cock pushed in until his pubes hit her smooth mound. He paused then slid slowly all the way out. His hand grasped his cock and rubbed it slowly up over her clitoris several times then slipped in her pussy again. Melina's next orgasm surprised her, suddenly it was there, a biggie, a real toe clincher. Then another hit, even bigger and harder. She knew she was screaming but couldn't stop! Suddenly Sam stopped, they looked at each other the she heard someone yell from outside her door, "Are you alright in there?"


Sam paused for only a second, then he continued the long slow deliberate strokes into her pussy. She was having orgasms continuously now. She was muffling her screams with a pillow over her mouth. She suddenly realized that he was gradually changing his strokes and he was moving his ass from one side to the other on each new stroke. The head of his cock was entering her pussy at a different angle and sliding down a different side of her vagina. She smiled as she felt him change again, this time he lowered his ass and his cock pressed against the top of her sheath and across her 'Good' spot. That added another layer to the massive orgasm building inside her. She moaned and threw her arms around him, "Now Sammy, FUCK ME NOW! I want you to cum inside me! Finish me hard and fast, YESSSS! JUST LIKE THAT! GOD THAT IS WONDERTFUL. Ohhhh! God yessssss! I feel your cum inside me, I love that. It feels like a lot. Please just hold me tight before I have to get up and get us some towels."

Sam scooted down and pulled her legs back apart. He pressed his face into her wet dripping cunt. Melina felt his mouth sucking at the opening to her vagina. She fell on her back and spread wider holding herself open with her fingers. He worked on her pussy then licked up the fluid on her inner thighs. Then he jumped out of bed and asked, "Where are the towels, you are going to leak when you sit up or walk."

"The linen closet is just inside the bathroom door on the right, second shelf from the top, get the blue set."

Sam returned and tossed her a towel. She pressed it between her legs and headed for the bathroom. "Wanna take a shower with me? I'll get you squeaky clean." As they entered the shower Melina said, "We take Navy showers when there are this many people aboard. You get wet and shut the water off. Soap and scrub yourself, then rinse off. We use salt water in the toilets."

"How do you handle the waste?"

We have a waste treatment plant that bakes and flash dries everything, grinds it up, then bags it for us to haul off. We use rain water and a Reverse Osmosis System for fresh water."

Sam saw his duffle bag against the wall and opened it and put on some shorts and a Tee shirt. He watched Melina dress in yellow panties and a little yellow sundress. She twirled for him to see it and said, "You like it?"

"Hell yes, I love it." She took his hand and they returned to the central room. There were about ten people in the room. Everyone clapped and hooted at them. Gail rushed to Melina and hugged her, "GOD, Sam must be damned good, I have never ever heard you get vocal during sex, not even with Jack."

Melina smiled, "You will scream too girl. He is that good."

Some people turned back to watch television, four were playing cards. Sam turned, walked to the circular stairway and descended. Melina didn't see him go, she turned to say something to him and was startled to find him gone. She looked around, puzzled. "What happened to Sam?"

Gail place a hand on each of her shoulders and looked in her eyes, "Sweetie, are you in love with him. Do you love Sam?"

Melina's eyes widened, "Oh! I guess I do. Hell yes, I love him with all my heart. "Why do you ask?"

"Because when you said I would love the way he fucks he looked shocked, hurt and confused. Did you tell him we are all in the 'lifestyle', swingers?"

"No, I was going to talk to him about it later."

Gail looked at her friend, "Honey, I hope it's not too late."

Melina ran to the steps and went down as fast as she could. She didn't see him at first, then she saw him off in a corner, sitting with his head in his hands. She walked to him and knelt beside him and put her arms around him. She softly kissed his cheek. He lifted his head and looked at her. There was no expression on his face at all, no love, no anger, nothing.

She whispered, "Sammy, I spoke in admiration of your loving and didn't mean that I would share you. You are not mine to share. We have not committed to each other, and to be honest with you, I have never believed in marriage, it was never for me for several reasons. But I never thought I would find someone who fills me with such delightful love. I didn't know how it feels. I have never before wanted to be with someone all the time. Please come up on the sundeck with me. It is my private place, I never take anyone there. It is where I go to be alone and think about things that matter to me. Please come with me." He nodded.

It was in the dark of the moon and millions of stars were bright above them. They sat together on a raised area covered with a thick soft mat. "This is where I sun bathe. It is my favorite place in the whole world at night. You are the only person I have brought here at night, or any time for that matter."

They lay back and nothing was said for a long time, then Sam rolled to face her. "Melina, I love you. I love you very much. I have read that sharing your lover with someone she desires for pure sex is the highest possible expression of your love. I believe that may be possible after a long, long relationship where there is complete trust and belief in your partners love for you.

"I don't think it is possible to achieve that degree of love and trust in a new relationship. I think a man or woman needs to be sure that they are conceiving children with their partner and not with someone else. The urge or need to be monogamous is a very powerful feeling. The thought of you with someone else is devastating to me at this point in our relationship, if we have a relationship, or maybe I am the only one that feels that way. I guess I am reading too much into your kindness and friendliness."

"No Sammy, Honey, I feel that we are in a relationship, my very first one, really. I want you to know that as you were talking about sharing, I visualized you making love to Gail. Never in my life have I felt such jealousy and anger. I don't think I can share you, my love, at least not yet. I have had sex with every person down stairs, and with many others. I now know I never made love with any of them." Their lips met in a sweet kiss. Their bodies pressed close to each other.

Melina and Sam held each other and whispered to each other their thoughts about many different things. Suddenly there was a flash of lightning and a clap of thunder nearby and they both jumped and looked around. The storm was close, they ran for the stairs and went to the main room. Everyone was there.

Gail looked at the two of them, she grinned, "You guys look so damned cute together, is there a wedding in the works?"

Melisa looked startled, "ME?" Then Melisa looked at Sam. She slowly said, "A long white gown, flowers everywhere, Sam in a dress uniform, an arch of swords." She smiled, winked at Gail, "Then the next thing you know this place will be full of squalling brats, Tinker Toys and Leggos, dirty diapers and bottles of formula. Yep! Sounds like a plan to me!"

"What? Really?"

"No. We are not to that stage yet. We have only established that we are definitely in a relationship. You guys know that is a huge step for me. I am committed to him though, we are exclusive to each other."

Gail screamed, "Yipee! Melina is finally hooked on a guy. I am so happy for both of you, all of us have been praying it would happen for both of you. We have seen the two of you giving each other those love sick looks. 'Lina is like a bitch who keeps backing up against a male dog to get him to mount her. Did it work?"

"Talk about a hot bitch, I saw you sniffing around my man." Melina was laughing as she threw a small pillow at Gail. She walked to Sam and pulled his head down for a loving kiss."

Things got quiet when Jack asked, "Sam, are you a career Marine, where are you stationed."

Sam looked at Melisa when he answered. "I was a lifer. But I am now on what they call 'terminal leave' awaiting assignment to inactive duty with the Marine Reserves. I am currently assigned to Bethesda Naval hospital near Washington, D.C., I have been wounded too many times, and I will probably never see combat again. That would eliminate any chance for promotion to higher ranks. I have no real plans for when I get out. I love this area and I will probably settle somewhere in the Keys. I am sort of looking around now. I don't need to work but I need something to do. This is something Melina and I need to sit down and discuss."

One of the other men said, "How many times were you wounded Sam?"

"Well, in three tours to Iraq and Afghanistan I was wounded four times by road side bombs, seven times by small arms fire and five times by grenades or rockets, seven more by land mines, for a total of twenty three separate wounds of all sizes, a bunch were minor but were sustained with major wounds. I am entitled to wear twenty two stars on my Purple Heart Medal. Basically, when things got tight, I was the guy who jumped up and yelled 'CHARGE'."

Someone said, "Did you get a lot of Medals for valor?"


Melisa sat stunned, tears flooding from her eyes as she looked at Sam, her hands over her mouth. She jumped to her feet, "Don't even think about going back, EVER!" She threw her arms around him, buried her face in his chest and sobbed. Sam tried to comfort her and she stopped crying. He gave her a handkerchief and she dried her eyes. She looked at him and sighed, "I can see that I am going to have to watch you like a hawk for the rest of my life to keep you out of trouble. I will do it too! You have done ALL of your hero shit, understand, NO MORE!" She ran to the bath room.

Sam looked around, "Is she always like that?"

Everyone looked at each other, the all shook their heads, "No, we have never seen her get emotional about anything before. She is always the calm, collected, one who steadies everyone in a crisis."

Gail said, "The poor girl has never been in love before. It changes everything."

Sam heard the door open and turned to see Melina walking towards him. She paused and looked around, "I'm sorry everyone, I guess I made a fool of myself, please forgive me. Especially poor Sam, I guess I embarrassed him."

Sam smiled, "Girl, in my mind I have nothing to forgive you for. Not a soul laughed or took exception to anything you did. Gail did remark that you were not used to caring about someone and she said that caring about someone can be very painful at times when they are hurt and you can't do anything to help them."

Gail moved to hug Melina and she whispered, "Girl, you have a very special man, never let him get away."

Melina pulled back, "I know that. I am emotionally exhausted. I just want to take Sam to my bed and cuddle with him all night."

Sam woke up with soft lips pressed gently to his and a warm little hand holding his hard cock. Sam pulled back and grinned, "You taste like tooth paste! Let me go pee and brush my teeth, just hold that thought."

It seemed to be only a minute when Melinda felt him snuggle to her back. She turned and kissed him, "I missed you, Sweetie, I can't stand not being able to touch you. I think that was the best, most relaxing night of my whole life. I think I had a hand on you all the time."

"What are we going to do today, Melina?"

"Well, everyone else was up all night observing the sharks feed. They will sheep until noon. Do you have anything you need to do with your truck?"

"Yeah, I guess we need to talk about what we want to do. I want to be with you until I have to go back to Washington. Do you have things you need to do?"

"If I have a say in things, we WILL be together. I need to go shopping before WE leave for Washington. I have a nice Lexus that may be more comfortable than your truck for the trip. I also have a Condo in Islamorada that has a boat ramp and plenty of parking for your boat and truck."

Sam grinned, "Let's do it, can you leave the crowd here and go do your own thing?"

"Sure, they have a key and use the place even if I am away."

"Great, can we find a nice Motel and spend the night alone together. We can do whatever you want, then go out to dinner, then after dinner we can go to the motel and make love all night long."

"Fine; except for the motel part."

"What? You don't want to be alone with me?"

"Don't be silly, Sam, of course I want that. But I have a perfectly lovely Condo, sitting empty, it is very quiet and it is the end unit and we won't disturb the neighbors."

Sam grinned, "You win again my lady." She helped him load his gear aboard his boat, called Dwight, and they ran in to where he left his truck and trailer. They loaded his boat on the trailer and Melina showed him the way to her condo. They parked his truck, boat, and trailer inside a fenced parking area. They carried his things into her apartment. It was a lovely unit with a waterfront view and a boat dock in back. The condo was very comfortable and not too feminine. Sam liked it very much and told her so. Dwight scratched to go out. Sam asked and Melina told him to let Dwight out, the yard was fenced and Dwight loved to be outside.

They sat and cuddled in a large lounger. She asked Sam if he had a schedule of things he had to do in Washington. Sam dug a brief case out of his things. He showed her his itinerary. Melina looked it over, she screeched, "What is this: 'Luncheon at the White House followed by the presentation of medals.' Are you getting the medals?"

"Yeah, some of them I guess."

"Oh my God! Luncheon at the White House, I have nothing to wear. And look at this, the next night, 'Dinner at the Army-Navy Club with the Joint Chiefs of Staff'. Then the next night, seated on the Reviewing Stand with the Presidential Party for a 'Concert on the Mall with Presentation of Honors by the Marine Corps Band, the Marine Drum and Bugle Corps and the Silent Drill Team.'" She grinned happily at Sam, "Hell, I'll need a whole new wardrobe. NO, I do have some summer clothes that will do."

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