The Dream

byGrey Eagle 286©

Sam said, "I don't have that problem, I just have to stop by Camp Lejeune, North Carolina and get my uniforms. I may need a new set of dress whites or two. I'll have to wear them three nights in a row. I have one good set now so one more set will do, I'll probably never wear them again."

Melina stared at him with a tear running down her cheek. "Oh! Sammy, you love being a Marine don't you."

"Yeah, the Corps has been my whole life for six or seven years. I kind of get a feeling that I am losing everything I worked for for a long time. Sort of saddens me." Then he grinned, "But I am gaining you! I could never go off and leave you for nine months and in some cases 18 months at a time. I know you couldn't do without sex for that long."

"Well, there is no way that I would ever cheat on you. I would have to tough it out." Then she laughed, "The best thing is that it will never happen now." She looked at Sam. "How in the world do people do that, I don't mean the sex, I mean not seeing someone you love for that long, I would go crazy."

"I don't know, some of the guys I know give their wives permission to have a one nighter once in awhile, if they promised to never, under any conditions, date the same guy twice. Other guys just say they will forgive almost anything because they were not exactly angels themselves. I know I was unable to forgive my first wife. I had been gone for nine months and found she was seven months pregnant when I got home. For the first six months I was gone when I talked to her on the satellite phone she told me she loved me and would never touch another man. Then it changed a bit and I couldn't pin down what was wrong. She still said she loved me when I got home but couldn't explain how she got pregnant. I moved out and we kept trying to patch things up. It didn't work. I filed for a divorce just before she had a black baby. The neighbors told me the black guy had lived with her the whole time I was gone. I considered myself lucky to have gotten off without having to pay her a cent."

Melina looked at Sam solemnly, "I am going to stick with you like a bad habit and you are going to love it, because I am going to be the best wife a man could ever have. This condo is now our home, I have put your things in your closet and in your chest of drawers. Everything is put away except for your dirty laundry and that is in the washer. Tomorrow we will go to the bank and put you on my accounts and get you your own credit cards on that account. I am as sure as I can be that you will never touch a dime of my money. So for both of us to be comfortable with a useful joint account you will put whatever amount you are comfortable with in that account and I will match it. That will be OUR money. OK?"

Sam looked at her. He took his checkbook from his briefcase and wrote a check. He endorsed it and handed it to her.

Melina looked at it and smiled, "Perfect, that is what I keep in that account." She giggled, "The 200,000 dollars in our join account will be sufficient until I hit the first upscale dress shop. I can blow that whole thing in an hour for a couple of nice dresses."She broke into a gale of laughter at the expression on his face. "Sweetie, you want me to look nice don't you?"

When she recovered she smiled gently at him, "Honey, when we get to Washington I will have already contacted some New York designers that have my measurements, they will pay me to wear their latest designs to THOSE functions. None of them could afford to buy that kind of publicity. Everything will be appropriate for the fiancé of a young Marine officer, I will not ever embarrass you, my sweet love."

Sam smiled, "I told myself that you could be a top fashion model with your beauty and poise. Was I right?"

"Yes Dear, I was a top model for years. You see, I was raised in that genre, my mother was a top model years ago until she married Daddy. Daddy comes from old, old, money. Invitations to Daddy's house in Washington are more prized than invitations to the White House. Daddy will love you and Momma will adore you. You are in for a treat, everyone in the family will love you for making an honest woman of the black lamb of the family." She smiled and giggled again. "They will all faint when I introduce you as my fiancé, a handsome genuine mega hero who happens to be a really very nice person. I can't wait to see the expressions on their faces. Most of the ladies would die for only one of the invitations we have. I am going to be so proud of you."

"Are you dependent on your family's money or are you independently wealthy?"

"I am totally independent. I made big bucks as a model, I never spent much, and I have an inheritance from my grandmother. I live quite well on the interest on my investments and from my rentals."

"Great, I am set up about the same way, but I never got into modeling."

"I have a great agent who could set you up as a male model. You are very handsome and would do well at it."

"Thanks, but I have a prior commitment."

Melinda looked startled, "WHAT COMMITMENT?"

"I have no time for that sort of nonsense; I am committed to being your husband, and that is a full time job. I don't think my lovely boss would let me off so I could run all over the place posing with beautiful girls."

"Don't tease me about that, it scares me."

Sam pulled her to his chest and kissed her passionately. He relaxed and smiled, "Sweetie, we have a week and a half before we leave, unless you want to go a little early so I can meet your family without being in the middle of all the things we have to attend. I need to spend a few hours in North Carolina and I have an appointment with my doctors the week after the White House Luncheon."

"Yes Dear, good thinking, that would be best, why don't we go ahead and get married here by a Justice of the Peace. If we go to my family my mother will insist on a huge affair, a minimum of 500 guests on just my side. I don't want that. Oh! Am I rushing things? Are you ready for that now?

"Hell yes, answer one question and let's get dressed and go where we need to go to set it up, where, Marathon or Key West?"

"What question?"

"I need to know if you have made love with many black guys and how strong the attraction is."

"Several, the attraction is no different than for white guys. They are nothing special and no matter how strong the attraction is, I belong to you. Let's go to Marathon."

"Marathon, if we can't do it there we can go on to Key West."

Six o'clock that evening Sam held Melina's hands as they sat on her patio watching two steaks cook on the grill. Sam smiled, "Well, that was a busy afternoon my sweet wife, are you happy my Darling?"

"Yes, my sweet loving hubby, it was a wonderful afternoon. I never knew you could be so persuasive. You had the county people jumping through hoops to get everything done so fast. That old Judge was so cute, trying to help a fellow Marine, when he took over and waived half of the paperwork and just went ahead and married us. He said it is legal and binding so we are man and wife. You were smart to put on your uniform."

Sam chuckled, "We just did 500 freeloaders out of a party."

Melina, laughed with him, "I never thought of it that way, Daddy will secretly be happy we did it this way, I know I am."

"Hey girl, it looks like Dinner is ready, get the plates and stuff. I have plans for after dinner."

"Oh! Goody, we're gonna play cards, poke-her, I betcha."

"Hmmm, that sounds good."

The steaks were excellent, cooked just right. The sex on their wedding night was even better than that. They finished dinner and looked at one another, Sam held out his hand and said, "We will clean up in the morning." He grabbed Melina, picked her up, and hurried to the bedroom. Sam put Melina on the bed and walked to the sliding glass door and slipped out on the dark patio, he was back in a moment grinning, "The hot tub is perfect, let's go." He finished undressing and saw Melina pick up two large towels.

The water was just right as they eased themselves in. They moved together and kissed as the jets of bubbly water hit their bodies from different angles. Melina whispered, "Honey, slip that big cock in me and move us to where a jet hits us where we are joined together. The pulsing jet of hot water was almost too much sensation and they were both ready to cum when she turned the jets off. Sam continued his gentle thrusting and Melina's head dropped back, her eyes drifting closed while she savored the waves of pleasure surging through her body.

Sam leaned forward and pressed his lips to hers, his tongue slipping between her lips and fondling her tongue. His tongue tenderly caressed her tongue and she shuddered as a bigger orgasm rocked her body. She felt his wonderful cock slip from her sheath. He lifted her and carried her to their bedroom and dried her carefully before putting her on the bed. He quickly dried himself, spread her thighs and she felt his lips and tongue slip between her inner lips and begin lapping up their combined fluids. He felt her shiver, the bedroom seemed very cold after the heat of the water. Sam moved up beside her and pulled the covers up to cover them. She cuddled against him, reaching up to pull his face to hers. She gently pressed her lips to his, sighed and was asleep. Sam smiled contentedly and his eyes drifted closed.

Sam awakened suddenly. He felt a wet warm sensation on his hard cock, a warm little hand cupped his balls gently and softly moving them around while the wet mouth and tongue eased up to the crown, pausing for the tongue to lick around his shaft below the ridge before rubbing the soft lips all over the head of his cock. He knew he could not long resist the pleasure he felt and that he was on the verge of cumming.

Sam croaked, "Sugar, I'm cumming, now!" He felt Melina's lips close tightly around the head of his cock, her hands gripping tighter and speeding their strokes up and down his stiff member. He felt the feeling in his groin that meant this climax was unstoppable. He felt the first spurt and watched her carefully, with the second spurt, he saw and felt her swallow, two more spurts and she swallowed again. The last two shots were weaker, She was smiling as she carefully licked every bit of cum off of his spent cock. She gave it a final kiss and smiled at him, "You have the sweetest cum I have ever tasted. In just love it."

He looked at her solemnly, "Have you tasted a lot of it?"

"I will never lie to you, my love, yes, I have tasted my share of cum, both male and female. I will never taste any but yours again. I really adore the way you taste. I guess it is sweet because you do not consume very much red meat."

Sam said, "I sort of feel bad about changing your lifestyle so much. Can you do it?"

"Sure I can, no problem, it is time for me to settle down and you, my Sweet, are my perfect man to do it with because you are the best I ever had anyway. To be honest with you, I will not miss the men as much as I will miss some of the girls. Most of them are very sweet and they will completely understand and will help me by not teasing me or tempting me." The guys will take it as a challenge for a while until I tell them how many men you have killed and maimed in hand to hand combat with your bare hands."

"I never did that, a couple with a knife, but never bare handed."

"They don't have to know that."

The trip north was very pleasant; they enjoyed hearing about each other's lives and loves. Melina was careful about telling him about her sex life, she really only hinted at some of the things she had done. She was not specific about how many men she had had in a gang bang or how often she went to orgies. She loved him dearly and those things would never happen again without his permission and participation. They stopped often in motels, made love, slept a while then drove on.

The stopped at Camp LeJeune in North Carolina and he got some things from a storage unit he had there. They would get the rest of his things on the way back home. They stopped that night and Melina wanted to see him in his dress uniform. He dressed in his white uniform. She thought he was super handsome and was surprised at the number of ribbons and badges he wore on his chest. He had four rows of ribbons, beneath them were several marksmanship medals, and above the ribbons were a set of wings and a combat infantry badge.

Melina had to know what each item was and what he did to get it. He wore a Navy Cross, for heroism, a Silver Star for heroism with two small stars indicating a second and third award. He wore the ribbons for the Bronze Star with two stars and a small gold 'V', a Purple Heart ribbon with four small silver stars and two small bronze stars on the ribbon. He had seven campaign ribbons, some with stars, for various places he had been. He patiently explained what each was for.

She stared at him with tears running down her cheeks, she sobbed, "Now I have a small idea of what a hero I married, and how much he has given and suffered for his country. What do the little stars on the Purple Heart mean?"

"A small silver star signifies five awards of that medal, the bronze stars represent one additional award."

"Twenty two awards?"

"No, twenty-three. The ribbon counts as one too."

"Do most Marine Captains have that many decorations?"

He smiled, "No. I guess not."

"You have more than any of them don't you?"

"Yeah! I guess I do."

"Daddy was a Marine Officer in WWII and in Korea. He is very proud of that. He is going to go absolutely crazy over you. Change back to your shorts and a T-shirt and we can get on the road. We should be in Washington this afternoon. Momma and Daddy know we are coming but I only told them I was bringing a man and that we only needed my old room, it has a queen sized bed so don't worry about that. This will be a total shock to them." She grinned as she wiggled the finger with her wedding ring.

"Yeah girl, your Daddy will be ready to run me off with a pitch fork. I am almost out of work and homeless."

"Don't worry about that." She giggled, "I'll just tell them I don't want you to work and that I am going to support you."

"Oh yeah! I know Daddy is going to love that!"

"Don't worry Sweetie my whole family will love you."

Several hours later Melina directed Sam into the drive of a huge house. He looked at her, "Are you sure this is the right place, it looks like a hotel?"

Melina grinned, "Be it ever so humble, this is home." They walked hand in hand to the massive front door. A black maid in uniform opened the door and stared at them, then her eyes popped wide open, she screamed, "Miss Melina, welcome home! MIZ AMY, MIZ AMY, COME SEE, MISS MELINA IS HOME!" An attractive older woman appeared and rushed to Melina hugging and kissing her.

Melina said, "Momma, this handsome guy is my man! His name is Sam Adamson. Sam smiled and extended his hand. She extended her hand and Sam took it and gently kissed the back of her hand.

Her mother smiled broadly. "Mr. Sam Adamson, it is a pleasure to meet you. Welcome to our home. Come in to the study and meet Melina's father."

A booming voice "I'm here Dear, OH! Melina, baby girl, you look wonderful, who is this young man?"

"Daddy, Momma, let me introduce my sweet husband Samuel B. Adamson."


"Yes, Momma, my husband. Daddy you are going to love Sam, he is your kind of man."

They were shown to a comfortable den where Melina sat with Sam on a couch. She sat pressed against his side and holding his hand with both of hers.

Sam said, "Please forgive us, I talked your daughter into marrying me. We didn't want to wait. I love Melina with all my heart, she is my whole life. I really never existed as a true man until I met her. She made me complete."

Melinda's father smiled, "Melina has always been a bit impetuous, but we never expected this!" The older man grinned, "As a matter of fact, I don't think her mother and I ever expected she would ever marry. You must be a special young man indeed."

Mrs. Lee said, "We have a long standing engagement for dinner tonight. We would love to have the two of you join us. It is at the Army-Navy Club and is semiformal."

Melina hugged Sam's arm tightly. "Can we go, I would love to show you off, Sweetie."

Sam grinned, "Whatever you want, girl."

Mr. Lee said, "Good, we will have cocktails here about six then leave for the club at seven."

Sam followed Melina to her room; it was actually a suite with a small parlor and an adjoining bath. Their bags were all in the room on luggage stands. Melina said, "Honey let me go first I'll take longer. She rushed into the bathroom and Sam sat and surfed the channels on the TV in the sitting room. Sam heard a noise and looked up to see Melina standing watching him. She was absolutely beautiful in a little black cocktail dress. Her sun streaked blond hair was in his favorite pony tail with curls framing her face. She wore strappy gold sandals with thin high heels and almost black stockings. A gold necklace and earrings completed her look.

He started toward her, "Down, Boy, don't mess up my makeup. I'm going down and visit with Mom and Dad. Come on down when you are ready."

Melina was talking with her mother when she saw her father's jaw drop, he was staring at something behind her, she turned and smiled as she saw Sam standing there. He wore his khaki uniform, carrying his cap under his arm. Melina jumped up and stood beside her husband. "Well Momma and Daddy, how do we look?"

Melinda's father stood. He grinned, "Baby, you did damned good for yourself! Now that IS a MAN! Nothing looks better than a Marine in Khaki's unless it is Dress Blues." The older Man walked closer to Sam, he looked at the ribbons and badges on Sam's chest. "WOW! Do you really rate all those ribbons Captain? Ah! I know you rate them, you couldn't wear them. Damn! That is amazing, Wait, I know who you are now, you are the most decorated Marine in modern history. You are here to get more medals tomorrow, right?"

"Yes Sir. I guess that is me."

Melina smiled, "Do you see why I knew you would love him Daddy. I am so proud to be his wife I could just bust my britches."

Sam smiled gently at his wife, "Don't do that girl, you don't go to the Army-Navy Club without panties."

Mr. Lee smiled at his daughter, "Little girl, I think you finally met a man who can make you toe the line."

"Yes I have Daddy, I am so lucky he doesn't make me call him 'Master' or 'Sir' in public."

Her father smiled at Sam, "Son, you know she is going to be a real handful don't you?"

"Sir, I am well aware that life with her will be a constant challenge, but it will be well worth it. I'm the lucky one."

Mr. Lee glanced at Melina and looked at Mrs. Lee, "She is right, I like this guy. Let's get on our way, Charles has the car at the door."

The evening at the club was very pleasant. Melina and her family were impressed by the number of high ranking officers of various services who stopped by their table and spoke to Sam. One, an Army general called him by his first name and told him it was good to see him again, congratulated them and wished them the best of luck. The Commandant of the Marine Corps stopped and congratulated him on his marriage. He knew the Lee family and told them they were fortunate to have Sam in the family. The four-star Marine general said he would see Sam and his wife at the White House the next day.

Mrs. Lee put her hand on Sam's arm, "Sam, you bring a lot of excitement with you. You act nothing like most of the heroes I have met before. It doesn't mean that much to you does it?"

"Well, Ma'am, I am proud I was able to do well serving my country. My father was a Marine too, as was his father and grandfather. My great grandfather is quoted as saying he was surprised when his son received a medal in the Civil War. He said that no one should get a medal for doing what he was being paid to do. I sort of feel that way too."

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