The Dreamer


I was walking down through the market stalls, ideally browsing with my friend Sarah. We had been here for a few hours, and apart from a mirror nothing had caught my eye. I gazed into it, catching a sight of my figure, my long blonde hair running down my body, my short t-shirt leaving plenty of skin, and my even shorter skirt. As I gazed casually over the wares a small stand filled with gems, stones and jewellery. I walked up to the seller.

"Hi dear." Said the man, he was tall, and reasonably old.

"Hi" I replied as I looked at his wares, a bright blue gem stood out, although it was twice the price of any of the other things there. He clearly noticed me staring at it.

"That's a precious one, that one. Utterly beautiful, utterly captivating, maybe magical."

"Magical? How?" I didn't believe him for a second, but it could be fun to listen to his sales pitch.

"Dreams, it gives you the most powerful dreams, it allows you to experience what other people's dreams."

I smiled, of course it did, something that couldn't be proven in any way. What a load of nonsense. Still the gem was still amazingly cheap compared to what it would cost back home.

"Sounds interesting, I'll take it." I took out my purse and handed him some cash. As we parted he spoke again.

"Of course it's only other people's dreams of you it allow you to experience."

And with that I walked away, feeling happy that I had got myself a bargain. After this I got back to our hotel packed our things away before heading off for the airport and home. I kept the gem with me; I wanted to have a closer look at it on the plane.

On the plane I took the gem out as the captain made his announcements.

"In the event of a landing on water, please take out the lifejacket from under your seat...."

I took out the gem and started to fiddle with it, as I did Sarah looked up at me and our eyes met.

Suddenly everything stopped. Nobody moved, not a sound was made. I tried to move but couldn't, panic started to rise. Everything started to get brighter, and brighter, I managed to close my eyes, terrified.

"Jane? Jane are you ok?" Came Sarah's voice. I relaxed, what had happened there and opened my eyes. As I opened them Sarah's face came back into view, but the plane didn't. As I looked around I realised I was in Sarah's bedroom on her bed, lying on my back feeling a tad cold, I must have fallen asleep on the plane. I could move my head and fingers again. I couldn't move my arms though; I moved my head up and noticed they were tied to the bed pole. As I moved my head and saw the rest of my body came into view. First my tits, then my chest, then my pussy and my legs, and between my legs was Sarah holding a large blue dildo, and like me she was completely naked. I knew Sarah was at least bi-curious, more likely entirely bisexual, but I was completely straight, never mind the fact I was tied up nude with her!

I shouted "Sarah what the hell is going on!" Or at least I tried to. Instead what came out of my mouth was "Ready when you are babe, make sure it's rough."

Sarah beamed at me, "Oh it will be babe" and put the dildo inside. As it entered I moaned loudly, unable to control myself. Two warring emotions raged through me the embarrassment and shock of ending up in a bed with Sarah, and the pleasure in my pussy. Sarah certainly wasn't shy about this; she forced the dildo in and out hard, causing me to gasp. I started to feel an orgasm rise. My moaning got louder, my back arched, Sarah went fast and faster, in and out, in and out then suddenly stopped. I was so close to the edge.

"Please baby, let me cum." I shouted, wondering why I called Sarah or anybody baby for the first time in my life.

"No, you know the rules, you can't until I have, and we've barley started." Replied Sarah

At this she removed the dildo from my pussy and placed it in my mouth. I sucked on it hungrily, yet had no desire to do so. I couldn't stop myself; my tongue licked it, as with Sarah's help the dildo went in and out of my mouth. I had no control of my body at all, yet could feel everything that happened to it.

The dildo didn't remain in my mouth long; after Sarah was sure it was clean he straddled my face with her legs and rested her pussy on my mouth. I started to lick her pussy casually, now it was Sarah's turn to moan. I switched from slow strokes up and down her pussy, to faster deeper ones. As I licked Sarah started to push herself down onto my face. Harder she pushed and faster I licked until she orgasmed, and hard. I watched as her body shivered above me, her hands gripping her tits tightly. After she finished I licked her pussy a few more times. She moved down on top of me, kissed me deeply looked me in the eye and...

"Lifejacket from under your seat and fasten it as show to you by the stewards. If you need any help please make this clear." Came the voice of the airplane captain.

I was back in the plane; it was just some weird dream I had had, that's all. Sarah didn't even seem to notice anything had happened. However it that was the case, why was I out of breath why did I feel so horny, and so close to orgasm. Must have been a very vivid dream that's all, couldn't have been anything to do with the gem.

The rest of the plane journey back was very routine, although I did my best to avoid any eye contact with anybody. It didn't quite work out, I caught a stewards eye as I was poured a drink but nothing happened, and the same at passport control. Everything was fine. I said my bye to Sarah at the airport and went back to my flat with the promise to meet up later for drinks. Outside my flat was Dave, as his girlfriend Charlotte, who I was a good friend of.

"Hey Jane how are you?" Said Charlotte.

"Yeah good, the holiday was great. The journey home was rather, eer, draining." I replied. My eyes met with Charlotte but nothing happened. "Me and Sarah are meeting up at the pub later to share pictures if you two want to come.

"Sounds good, Dave you going to come?" Said Charlotte.

"Yeah it could be fun. Which pub are ...." Started Dave. As he spoke his eyes met with mine.

Everything stopped again. Everything went brighter and brighter. I stood helplessly as the scene changed.

When the scene came back we were in Dave's house. It was a large house miles away from here and surrounded by countryside. Me and Charlotte were both next to each other completely nude and on all fours. Around each of our necks was a collar and lead, mine was red, Charlotte pink. At the end of the lead was Dave, holding them both, looking down on us with a massive smile on his face. He was also, unlike us fully clothed.

"Ok, come on pets it's time to go." Said Dave.

At this, we both crawled forwards. Charlotte was in front of me, and somehow had this ability to bounce her ass up and down gracefully as we moved. We moved down a hall quite slowly, it was surprisingly hard to move like this. We moved into his living room, a large room with some sofa and a TV in it, as well as a large mirror.

"Ok pets, line up."

I felt myself move next to Charlotte. She was smiling broadly as well. The mirror was in front of us and I could see myself smiling. Why was I doing that? This was at best humiliating. Why was Charlotte smiling as well, she might be like this with Dave, I had no idea, but surely me next to her like this was odd at best.

"Ok pets, present yourself."

At this again I moved, again not of my own desire. I lowered head down and stuck my ass up, my hands went behind me onto my ass, pushing it apart. I could see in the mirror Charlotte doing the same. When I looked up, I saw that Dave was naked, his huge erect cock on show.

"Ok pets, who wants it first?" He said.

"Me" I heard myself shout to my horror.

"No me" Shouted Charlotte.

"You can fuck my pussy long and hard." I said.

"You can fuck my pussy and my tits." Came Charlotte's voice.

"You can fuck both and cum in my mouth." I said. Why was I saying this? Why couldn't I say something normal like "what is going on, I'm getting out of here and putting my clothes on."

"You can do all of that, and I'll lick Sarah's pussy whilst you fuck me." Charlotte said.

"You can fuck my ass." I said.

Wait I couldn't have said that, there had never been any part of me in the slightest that would say that. And yet the words had come tumbling out of my mouth.

Charlotte didn't have time to reply this time in our "bidding war," almost as soon as the words had left my mouth I felt Dave's cock on my ass. Charlotte noticed and gave out a small aww in disappointment. Dave slowly pushed his cock into my ass. As he did I winced, well I tried to. It was painful but instead of grunting in pain I gave out a low moan of pleasure. It was as this point I realised that I truly and utterly had no control of my body in the slightest.

Dave wasn't gentle as he fucked my ass. His cock felt even larger in my tight hole. He furiously pushed his cock in and out. Every time he entered me I wanted to grunt or give out a ugh, instead I moaned with pleasure. Just as I thought things were going to get too much Charlotte spoke.

"When is it going to be my turn?"

With that Dave stopped pounding my ass and started to fuck Charlotte. She moaned more softly than me I noticed.

"Jane come and help Charlotte out." Came Dave's voice.

"How do you want me to do that?" I replied.

"Lick her holes." Replied Dave.

Without a seconds hesitation my body moved on its own again. I got moved around and got on top of Charlotte, facing the other way as her. My pussy was above her head, and my face above her ass. From here I could see Dave fucking her pussy. A slight fear went through me, as I realised I was about to lick Charlottes ass, as her pussy was ...occupied for lack of a better word. My hands pushed her ass apart and my tongue lick her ass. As my tongue licked her hole I found it was much nicer than I had expected, weird texture but otherwise fine if not enjoyable. I started slowly at first, but noticeably sped up. I noticed with a surprising amount of actual pride that I was causing Charlotte to moan just by this act. Just as I was wondering if I was enjoying this more than I should Dave cock came into view. I stopped licking Charlotte's ass and put my lips around his cock and moved my tongue up and down. I realised as my tongue moved around his cock as I sucked on his cock this was the first thing I actually done before today.

Before long I heard Dave moan and he cummed in my mouth, most of it on my tongue, the rest on my lips. Normally if this had happened I would have spat it out, instead here I opened my mouth wide open and looked up at Dave, whilst licking my lips. Dave looked down huge smile on his face.

"Girls I need a second to rest, why don't you two enjoy each other's company."

Almost before the words were out of Dave's mouth, Charlotte's tongue was at mine. Her tongue brushed over my lips, before her tongue was rubbing against mine. I realised she was trying to lick the cum of me and onto her tongue, a task she was doing with lots of euthisiam and vigour. When she stopped she had Dave cum on her tongue. Like I had before she looked up at Dave, only this time she swalled it, before opening her mouth again to show it was done.

Dave smiled at us, "Wait here." He said and disappeared out the room momentarily. When he came back he did so with a double ended dildo and gave it to me. Without a seconds hesitation I put it in my pussy and got back on all fours. I felt Charlotte manouver herself to mirror me, and put the dildo in her pussy as well. Then we both started to fuck ourselves on the dildo. Having normally been a rather passive lover in the bedroom to feel myself push up against a dildo that was also in somebody else's pussy was weird, as was the constant impacts as our ass's and pussy's rubbed up against each other. I was horny already from Dave's cock as soon felt an orgasm building, just as it erupted I heard Dave start to say "Well onto round two......"

"Which pub are you going to later?" Came Dave voice.

"Oh what?" I replied, completely lost.

Suddenly we were back outside my flat, clothed as apparently the other two oblivious to having both been very intimate with me.

"Oh yeah the Royal Oak, meeting at about 9/10. I'll see you there, sorry I need to..."

I rushed into my flat and closed the door, just glimpsing both of their startled faces. I closed the door behind me and went into my bathroom.

"Ok just calm down" I said to myself in the mirror. "Everything is fine except you have some weird fast day dreams that make you feel like you've just done the thing in the day dream."

"Ha, is that what you think?" Came a voice.

I looked around and the man who I had brought the gem from was there.

"Well it is sort of true I guess." He said

"How did you get in! What do you want!" I said, half terrified, half blistering with rage.

"Calm down its ok, I just wanted to explained the gem that's all and answer any questions." He replied."

"Ok" I said, calmer slightly, "What is going on and why."

The man smiled "Your experiencing other peoples thoughts of you, what they have at any point though they would like to do with you realistic or not. Dave for example has always fancied a threesome with his girlfriend and yourself, and I'm sure he has more planned."

"More, but that dream has ended" I said

"Yes but he might think up more."

"Do I get any choice of who I share these dreams with or what I do in them? How do I get them to stop?"

"No, maybe and can't. It's all to do with what they would like to do to you and how they would like it to play out. Again, using Dave as an example you probably didn't notice but he was slightly taller and had more muscle and his girlfriend acted how he would want her to not even remotely close to how she would actually act. You act to the person's wishes, most have a clear idea as to what they want to do with you, and others might give you a choice that you can influence. Finally you have the gem, you can't throw it away, if you try it will come back and things will get more intense, probably not in way you will like too much, depends what your into."

"Why is this happening? Do the others realise what's going on?"

"Because you have the gem, somebody has to has it. Most of the time no, unless they have a special gem like yours but slightly different but there rare. Otherwise most might have had the dream of you in the past, or maybe future but otherwise no."

"Why do I feel it so much?"

"It will feel as though you are there, all feelings are what you would feel in that situation, joy, pain , pleasure, humiliation all as normal. Sensation you feel in dream don't happen but you might feel them after, for example you might get whipped hard for hours in the dream, but you won't be bruised in real life, although you might feel sore for a while."

I glanced away for a second, when I had turned back he had gone. I panicked momentarily, was I going insane, should I never leave this room? After a seconds thought I decided I should just keep going as normal.

I got changed, had a shower and went to the pub. Sarah was already there looking at her phone intently. She didn't even notice as I sat down.

"Eeer hi?" I said

"Oh it's you! Thank goodness." She replied.

"Who else would it be?"

Sarah laughed, "Shh, it's just Steve's over there?"

"Which Steve, boss Steve or friend Steve."

"You have a friend Steve? Nah old boss Steve, by the looks of things he's no different. Still a power hungry slightly mad fool, who keeps looking this way. He's by the bar and been trying to make eye contact with me all evening. I pity the poor girl that he's cornered, Steve's doing all the talking and laughing at his own jokes."

I looked around and saw Steve. Steve also saw me.

Then the world changed. I was back in my old office in the main room sitting on a chair. In front of me was Steve. Around me there were a group of employees, I didn't have time to count, some were between 10-15.

"Sarah you have called here for one reason. You have been accused of sending vast amount of company data to our competition which has cost us million. You have no way to pay the money back so you have only one choice -- sign the form."

As if I could even send any data, or we had any important data, or millions to lose I thought. I looked down expecting to see some legal mumbo jumbo about bankruptcy or break of etiquette. Then I remembered this was Steve's dream and the form was very different. The form simply stated:

"I Sarah do agree to be the slave of Researchcorp and the property of Steve. I renounce all my legal rights and possessions to Steve, and will agree to do any act desired by a member of the company unless otherwise intrusted to by Steve. This includes but is not limited to amount of time working, sexual acts and cloths worn."

I signed the form without question. As I did Steve smiled, and I panicked. This was not going to be good I suspected.

"Ok, everybody but Sarah, go outside and bring the equipment in, Sarah don't move."

Everybody walked out and quickly re-appeared. They brought back with them one of two things, either giant mirrors which were quickly put on all the walls or cameras. Ok so this was going from bad to worse. When everything was ready and the cameras were all on, Steve spoke again.

"Ok Sarah, this is how it's going to work, you're going to take all your cloths of and give them to Mary over there, and they are her cloths now. Then 3 people will suggest things for you to do, I'll pick one and you'll do it and then repeat. Simple isn't it. Fail and you'll do all three things the next three suggest"

"Ok" I replied, sounded scared. I saw myself in the mirror and for once my body was reflecting how I was feeling. I looked shy, nervous and slightly scared but not terrified. I slowly moved out of my cloths, feeling the eyes of everybody upon my body, there was no shortage of people looking at me. When I was as nude as the day I was born I handed my cloths to Mary who put them on her chair and sat on them, as if to indicate there was no way I was getting them back.

"Ok Sarah, let's hear what everybody has to say, start from Mary and go around clockwise everybody."

"Finger her pussy" Said Mary instantly.

"Shove a dildo up her ass" Came the man's voice to her right.

"Lick Mary's pussy, whilst she fingers you pussy." Said the next man

"Oi, who said I would do that!" Replied Mary.

"Mary, remember I said beforehand, if you want to take part you have to do whatever is agreed or go, besides I pick dildo up the ass. Harry go find a nice long dildo for Sarah and we'll see how far it goes. Sarah, lie flat on the floor face down keeping your legs together, for now at least, and use your hands to spread your ass cheeks apart."

I laid down on the floor slowly, hands moving to my ass to expose my hole. As I did I heard a few cameras snap pictures. A purple dildo was placed next to my head and I picked it up.

"Tut tut tut" Went Steve, "Can't show of that pretty hole with one hand, Mary help Sarah keep her ass cheeks apart, if she goes too slowly with the dildo, or you just feel like it spank her until her ass is as red as her face."

With my left hand pushing my left cheek, and one of Mary's on my other I picked up the dildo and moved it over my ass hole slowly. I pushed it down onto my hole and tried to push it in, however it wouldn't go in. I moved it away, and as I did felt Marys hand slap my ass hole and I gave out a small moan. I tried the dildo again, but it just wouldn't go in, my ass was too tight. I could feel myself panicking to obey, and I pushed the dildo as hard as I could and slowly, painfully it went in as I shouted out, it felt huge. I stopped to catch my breath for a second thinking I was done.

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