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The Dresden Files: What The Cat Saw


This is a work of complete fiction. It just popped into my brain and I wrote it down. No one under legal age may read this, if you know what's good for you. No one over legal age should read this for the same reason. Please feel free to repost this in any non-pay site but it would be nice if you could let me know where. All characters used in this story are a parody of any real or fictional person. Comments are always welcome and appreciated.

Story Codes: M/FFFF, Magic, MC

This story started out as a little drabble and just escalated from there into something along the lines of a novella. Please to enjoy.

Butters hurried as fast as his skinny legs could carry him down the small flight of stairs that led to his friend's apartment. Butters was answering a urgent message, not from his friend Harry Dresden Wizard of Chicago and the White Council, but this friend's young apprentice. Molly Carpenter, teenage wizard in training, spent most of her time studying magic in the sub-basement laboratory. Harry lived in the basement of a boarding house in the middle of Chicago and how he managed to squeeze in enough room for himself and his young apprentice, Butters didn't know.

Butters blushed at the thought of "Molly" and "squeeze" in the same sentence. Molly was a very fit, teenage girl and looked every bit like a Nordic pin-up; pale skin, large breasts, slim waist, wide hips, long legs and stood at nearly six feet tall. Butters himself could only be described in one word, nerdish; with his fashionless haircut, thick glasses and social awkwardness. He wasn't ashamed of it, he was very proud of his mind and simply took it as fact that a girl like Molly, at any age, was out of his league.

Using the magic amulet given to him by Harry, Butters opened up the magic wards used to protect the small basement apartment and entered. The second he crossed the threshold he stopped in utter shock. There in the small, flame lit apartment, curled up in an erotic heap on the floor was Molly and two other girls he almost recognized. He may have recognized them right off the bat if his brain hadn't shut down in astonishment. From what he could see of the girls laying suggestively in each other's arms, was that all the three girls were wearing were old, thread bare T-shirts.

The three girls were all laying down with their arms and legs wrapped enticingly around each other. Their hair was mussed and a light sheen of sweat covered their glistening, young bodies. Their T-shirts covered their chests and the upper parts of their arms and possibly extended to their mid-thighs. The shirts were definitely old and nearly transparent and clearly showed their erect nipples as they panted erotically. Whatever Butters had missed had clearly stopped just before he rushed into the apartment.

"Shut the door Butters. You're letting all our heat out," Molly giggled, her voice startling Harry's large, gray tomcat Mister. As the cat leapt up onto a nearby bookshelf Molly disentangled herself from the group on the floor.

"Andi and Georgia!" Butters shouted suddenly.

"Yes?" Both of the young, nearly naked girls said in unison.

"The door please, Butters. Harry has neighbors." A sly grin played at Molly's lips as she moved to stand, her tight T-shirt bunching up around her firm thighs.

"Right, right. Sorry. I just couldn't... just couldn't remember everybody's names and then it hit me... all the... suddenly." Butters didn't move, couldn't. He just continued to stare at all the exposed young, sweaty flesh. "The... y'know, college kids were... werewolfs, um... werewolves."

"Butters. The door." Molly smiled, enjoying the effect that she and the others were having on the slightly older Medical Examiner. She stood straight up, her large heaving breasts straining against her T-shirt, stretching the material and making it even more see through.

Butters stumbled backwards toward the door, not wanting to look away as he struggled to close the door that had originally been damaged by a zombie attack. After a few moments of struggle and finally looking away, he finally managed to close the door. "Right, right. It's just that it hit me all of a sudden. Andi has red hair and Georgia is blonde," Butters continued talking as he turned back around. "And I see your hair is a nice shade of pink today."

When Butters finished shuffling back around he found Molly no more than 3 inches in front of him.

"My hair isn't the only thing on me that's pink, Butters," Molly cooed as she ran her fingertips over her hard, pink and obviously pierced nipples.

Butters could only gulp air for a few minutes as he stared at the teen girl's impressive chest. "Yeah, um... I... I can see that. Mo... Molly? Are you... you know, feeling all right?"

Andi and Georgia walked up behind Molly as she spoke. "Never better Butters. Andi and Georgia came over to help me with some studying and then I wanted to show them a spell." The two werewolves laid their heads on Molly's shoulders as she wrapped her arms around their waists, all three girls smiling seductively at Butters. "But something must have gone wrong. It was supposed to be a fire spell but instead of a flame it raised a different kind of..." Molly licked her lips, "...heat."

Molly took Georgia by the hand and walked towards the shabby couch. Butters couldn't lie to himself, he enjoyed watching them walk away from him. Molly with her full, round ass and Nordic body topped with shocking pink hair and Georgia's long, lean , willowy body and dark blond hair. Andi, the shorter and more voluptuous one with dark red hair, grabbed Butters by his belt and tugged him into the room. Molly and Georgia flopped themselves onto the couch and began cuddling while Andi shoved Butters on to the recliner next to the couch and climbed onto his lap.

Andi squirmed around on Butters' lap, making sure his obvious erection was pressed up in between her plump ass-cheeks. Butters chocked as he tried to speak, "Ach, umm... ah... sorry about that."

Andi growled deep in her throat, almost like the wolf she and Georgia could magically transform into, "Most definitely not a problem," before leaning down and kissing Butters deeply, her tongue caressing his lips before plunging into his mouth. She used one hand to hold the back of his head and her other hand to bring one of his hands up to her large tits. As his hand make contact with her overly endowed chest she moaned into his mouth, "Mmmm... so good Dr. Butters. So good."

Andi shifted around, her T-shirt raising up to her waist and slid her naked ass against Butters' erection. The exciting friction shocked him back to reality. "Wait! Hold on! Molly said there was a spell! We're not acting like ourselves. Wait! This should be..." he was shocked back into silence by the scene unfolding on the couch.

Molly was kneeling on the floor in front of Georgia who was sitting on the edge of the couch cushion with her long legs spread wide open. Molly's tight, white T-shirt had pulled up to expose the teen goddess's firm, pale ass. Both girls were in the middle of a deep kiss as Molly humped her groin in between Georgia's slender legs. The girls kept giggling and whispering to each other as they stole glances of Andi grinding against Butters. Molly pulled away from the kiss and stuck out her tongue.

"Holy cow! That could reach the bottom of her chin!" Butters thought to himself as Andi continued to grind her plush ass against him.

Georgia leaned forward and sucked Molly's long, pink, tongue into her mouth. She bobbed her head back and forth as she sucked on the adolescent apprentice wizard's wet tongue, very much like giving a blow-job.

Butters was in complete shock, not even capable of blinking. He couldn't take his eyes off the teenage girl and twenty something young woman creating the most erotic display he could ever possibly see. He barely even noticed as the overly developed young woman squirming against his lap began to unbutton his shirt.

On the couch the two girls went back to kissing, their pink tongues wrestling in their mouths. Molly quickly jerked her hips up against Georgia's over heated groin and caused the co-ed to shout out in pleasure.

Molly pulled her face back from Georgia's and smiled lustfully, enjoying the sexual power she had over the slightly older girl. She was definitely feeling like the dominate one today.

Georgia flopped back on the couch. The sudden change in position pulled her T-shirt up and exposed her glistening pussy. Georgia's pubic hair was nearly a shade darker than the hair on her head and she kept it neatly trimmed, just long enough not to be prickly but not nearly long enough to be a 70's bush. Molly licked her lips at the sight of Georgia's wet cunt. All the girls had enjoyed each other several times already but her mouth still watered at the sight of Georgia's drooling pussy.

Molly smiled wide as she placed her hands on Georgia's slender thighs and slid them up Georgia's fevered, silky skin. As her hands continued upwards she grabbed Georgia's T-shirt and began lifting it up over her hips farther; up farther to expose the college student's slender body, up farther to expose her lower torso and smooth abs, up farther to expose her slim waist and puckered belly button, up farther to expose her chest and finally up enough to expose Georgia's small tits. Georgia had the smallest breasts of the three girls, a firm A-cup topped with light brown nipples that were hard as little stones.

Molly pulled Georgia's T-shirt off completely, exposing her totally and looked over at Butters with a devilish twinkle in her eye.

Andi was pulling Butters' arms out of her now completely unbuttoned shirt. Butters had a skinny, pale chest with cute, pink nipples. Molly saw that Butters was looking past Andi and his eyes were flickering on her exposed ass and Georgia's nude, panting body.

Molly tuned back to Georgia and leaned over her to kiss the naked college student. Her greedy hands cupped Georgia's firm tits as she slid her tongue into Georgia's gasping mouth. Georgia reached around Molly's toned body and began kneading and massaging the teen girl's firm ass-cheeks.

Butters licked his dry lips as Andi continued to strip him. Molly was almost completely sideways to him and every time Georgia squeezed her magnificent ass he could almost get a glimpses of her pink pussy.

Molly broke the kiss and began licking, sucking and kissing her way down Georgia's neck to her chest. As she reached Georgia's heaving chest she gave a hard squeeze to the slightly older girl's tits and pinched her nipples causing her to moan out loudly. Georgia could no longer reach Molly's pale ass so she trailed her hands up, pulling Molly's T-shirt up and revealing more and more of the teen girl's exquisite, young body.

Butters watched with rapt attention as Georgia slowly pulled Molly's T-shirt up farther and farther and his expectation grew more and more. Suddenly disappointment filled him as Georgia stopped just short of pulling Molly's shirt all the way off and leaving just the bottom swell of the Nordic pin-up teen's dangling tits exposed.

Andi pulled Butters' shirt completely off and threw it across the room. She was now straddling his lower legs and slowly sliding her pussy up and down, soaking his pant leg as she undid his belt and began on his pants. She was soooo horny. Even after they had all three spent the entire morning fucking she still needed to cum. A small orgasm caused the voluptuous young woman's body to shudder as she finished opening Butters' pants and reached in to firmly squeeze his cock. "Oh my God. This can't be. No way," she thought in delighted shock. Andi placed her hands on either side of Butters' head and turned him so she could see his eyes. "Enjoying the show, Dr. Butters?"

Butters nodded dumbly.

"Then you should really like this." Andi stood straight in front of Butters and quickly pulled her T-shirt off, exposing her overdeveloped body completely.

Butters nearly came in his pants.

Andi was shorter than average with a dramatic hourglass figure. Nicely shaped legs rose up to wide hips and a small waist. She had a slight belly that was still firm and her red pubic hair was trimmed into a tiny strip of hair above her glistening pussy. Her small waist rose up to her chest which held two of the larger tits Butters had ever seen. Andi's jiggling breasts were easily double D, maybe 40 but no less than 36, and sat like a shelf on her chest. There was not a bit of sag but they still wobbled around nicely with each panting breath and were capped by hard, pale pink nipples. She had paler skin than Molly and Butters could track the traces of blue veins under her skin.

"Milk jugs," Butters silently thought to himself as he openly drooled and the feast of firm tit flesh in front of him.

"I take it you like them, Dr. Butters." It wasn't a question and Andi shook her shoulders to cause her pendulous breasts to sway back and forth.

Butters couldn't speak, couldn't moan, couldn't move and refused to blink.

"I'll take that as a yes," Andi giggled. She bent down, her giant tits wobbling, and grabbed Butters' pants and yanked them down past his knees but leaving his tighty-whitey underwear on. "Oh, yes way," she thought to herself. One of Butters' main reasons for being socially awkward was now trying to rip it's way out of his underwear. "He has a fucking log for a dick."

Andi licked her lips hungrily at the thought of what was about to happen. She and the other girls had spent hours fucking each other but had decided that they needed a cock. They made a list of who they could call (both Andi and Georgia were shocked when Molly had suggested her own brother) and had finally decided on Butters. They figured he would be the easiest to bombard as they had never even heard him mention a girlfriend, ever, and he would be the most likely to keep quiet afterwards. And now staring at the tree trying to grow out of his lap she knew that they had made the right choice.

Andi straddled Butters' lap and growled as his massive underwear covered cock made contact with her naked, heated, dripping cunt. She pulled Butters' shaking hands up to her overly developed chest and smiled wide as he gripped and squeezed her soft tits and his eyes locked onto her hard nipples. She used her hands to brace herself against Butters' chest and began rolling her wide hips back and forth, rubbing her sizzling cunt against his throbbing cock. "Oh good, Dr. Butters. You feel so good."

Butters squeezed and massaged Andi's giant tits with an almost scientific detachment. "So soft and silky. Plump but firm. And oh, so, so warm. Almost feverish," he thought as she continued squeezing the heavy jugs. His wide eyes followed Andi's pale nipples as they moved around with every squeeze and tug. He bent his head forward and surrounded his head in the grinding Andi's glistening, creamy cleavage. "I could happily suffocate in here," he thought. As Butters enjoyed the silky tit flesh surrounding his face he began to lightly kiss and suck his way around the heaving breasts until he reached one of her hard nipples and began to suck on it.

"Oh yes, Dr. Butters. Yes, yes, yes. That feels so good," Andi cooed as she began humping her steamy pussy harder and faster against Butters' straining cock. She wrapped her arms around Butters' head, keeping his sucking mouth against her tits where it was doing so very good.

Butters' keen analytical mind was working overtime, conflicted against the scientific detachment of analyzing everything that was happening to him and the almost animalistic need to cum. He sucked more and more of the abundant flesh being shoved in his face, pulling each nipple into his mouth and rubbing them with his tongue, one after the other. His fingers started a rhythm as they worked on Andi's massive tits, alternating between squeezing the pliant flesh and stroking the silky skin. Butters could feel the effects his new tactic was having on Andi as she moaned out loud and humped her drooling cunt faster and harder against his throbbing meat.

The girls on the couch were now wrapped in each other's arms laying down on the couch, slowly fingering each other's wet pussies and staring in rapt attention at the show occurring only a few short feet away. Molly had been wanting to eagerly lick out Georgia's gushing cunt but watching Andi dry hump Butters was too good to miss. So Molly had stood up and climbed onto the couch with Georgia, they kissed passionately before cuddling next to each other. Each girls' fingers quickly found the other girls' pussy and began slowly sawing in and out, soaking the couch.

"Have you ever seen a cock that big?" Georgia whispered into Molly's ear before gently nibbling her earlobe. Molly could only shake her head "no" as she pulled her fingers out of Georgia's cunt and licked the juices off. A sudden memory of childhood sent a throb through her pussy. She had been 8 or 9 years old, needing to pee and had ran into the restroom. Her father was naked and covered in water as he had stepped out of the shower, his penis soft but still thick as it dripped water. Molly nuzzled into Georgia's neck, making sure she could still see Andi and Butters before sliding her fingers back into Georgia's pussy.

"Your pussy tastes so good," Molly whispered as she enjoyed the feel of Georgia's pussy gripping her fingers and the sensation of Georgia's fingers slowly sliding in and out of her.

Butters' tongue and fingers were working magic on Andi's mountainous tits. "Oh God, oh fuck, oh God, oh fuck..." she began chanting, feeling herself approaching orgasm. She pulled his head more firmly against her heaving chest as she continued humping him.

Butters' scientific mind was keeping him from becoming over-stimulated and cumming too soon. He was far too concerned with figuring out what would work best with Andi. Pulling together a dozen different theories based on everything Andi had said or done since he had entered the apartment he believed he had found the best way to get the best results. Butters squeezed hard on Andi's voluminous breasts, sucked hard on the nipple in his mouth, lightly bit down on the hard nub and jerked his hips up hard against her thrusting groin.

"Oh Fuck, Dr. Butters! I'm Cumming!" Andi's body tensed as she came, smashing Butters' head into her quivering chest and soaking his tighty-whities with her cum.

Slowly Andi relaxed and released Butters' head. He gasped out, sucking in a much needed breath. "I almost did suffocate," he smiled to himself.

Andi rested her head against Butters' shoulder, her voluptuous body still blocking his view of the couch. "Wow, Dr. Butters. You sure know what to do with a girl's breasts." She sat up a little to stare into Butters' eyes. "Thanks." She gave a quick glance behind her to check on Molly and Georgia.

"Well, it really wasn't a problem, really. I just gauged your reactions whenever..." Butters was interrupted as Andi suddenly kissed him, plunging her tongue into his mouth.

Butters flailed around underneath her as Andi attacked his mouth with her warm tongue, giving the girls on the couch time to re-positioned themselves. She broke the kiss to let Butters take a breath as she took a quick peek behind her to make sure Molly and Georgia were ready. She giggled watching them get positions and then turned back to Butters.

"Miss... um, Andi, I think perhaps we should try to get to the bottom of..." Butters was interrupted as Andi place a finger against his lips.

"Shhh. Quiet. You haven't cum."

"Well, no. But that's not important. We need to..." Andi pressed her finger harder against Butters' lips.

"Shhh. Stop interrupting. You haven't cum."

"Yes, but..."

"Shhh. You haven't cum."

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