The Dress


My friend Crystal and I were going to a bar one evening. When Crystal arrived at my apartment, she was wearing a new dress. It was dark blue, strapless and very short. The dress had elastic around the top holding it up and when she bent over, the lower half of her white panties were exposed.

I immediately pointed out, "Do you realize that half of your ass is showing?"

Crystal replied, "What's the big deal? I'm wearing panties!"

I said, "Well we're going out in public tonight. Can't you at least lower it a little?"

Crystal rolled her eyes and then she pulled on the hem of her dress. She kept sliding her dress down until the top of her silver dollar sized nipples were showing. After that she leaned forward and her big boobs tumbled out.

Crystal declared, "Either my panties or my tits are gonna show so I'm gonna hide my tits!"

Then Crystal handed me something bagged on a hanger and said, "Here Mindy, I bought this dress, but my tits and ass hang out so it should fit you."

I said, "If your tits and ass hang out, then I'm surprised you're not wearing it."

Crystal said, "I would, but with my big boobs I can barely button the dress. However, you shouldn't have any trouble getting into it."

I took the dress and sarcastically said, "Ha, ha. Small tit jokes...always funny."

Crystal and I are both a little over five feet tall, but her breasts and butt are bigger than mine are. Since the dress was too snug on Crystal, she thought it would fit me perfectly. I hadn't finished getting dressed yet and I was still in my underwear so I slipped the dress on.

The dress was off-white with a colorful floral print. It had short sleeves and buttons all the way down the front. The dress also had large armholes.

Crystal looked at me and said, "You can't wear a bra with that dress because it shows under your arms."

I removed my bra, and then I buttoned the dress.

When I looked at myself in the mirror, I said, "There's no way I can wear this dress without a bra. If I lean forward, the dress falls away from my chest and you can see my boobs from the sides. You can even see my nipples! Why would you buy a dress with such big arm holes?"

Crystal replied, "Because you can see my boobs from the sides!"

There was no arguing with that logic. She convinced me to wear the dress and like Crystal, my white panties also showed if I bent over. However, my white panties were not as noticeable under my off-white dress as Crystal's stark white panties were under her dark blue dress.

As I checked myself out in the mirror, I said, "Thanks for the dress, Crystal. It looks great, but I'm worried about these buttons. They don't feel as secure as they should."

Crystal said, "Oh I probably loosened up the buttons when I squeezed my big tits into the dress. It was a real struggle for me to get into it, but you'll be fine."

I said, "I don't know. These buttons feel like they're about to fall off."

Crystal said, "You have nothing to worry about. Your tits aren't going to put a strain on the buttons like mine did, so I'm sure it won't be a problem."

Crystal was trying to make fun of my breasts with her statement, but I'm not flat. My breasts are only medium sized, but they're full and firm, and I'm able to show some cleavage when I lean forward. I just don't have big melons like Crystal does.

I was still leery about wearing the skimpy dress with the loose buttons in public. Crystal is more of an exhibitionist than I am and the dress was more revealing than what I am used to wearing. The loose buttons just added to my nervousness about wearing such insufficient coverage to a bar.

Crystal drove to the bar and when she parked her car, some random guys just happened to walk by. The guys stopped and one of them opened the car door for me. Having two guys standing there waiting for me to exit the car made me nervous because I knew that I wouldn't be able to get out of the car without spreading my legs.

As I exited the car I tried to step out quickly, but I was unable to prevent the guys from getting a clear view of my white panties. It was really embarrassing because the car lights illuminated my auburn pussy hair under the veil thin material. My pussy was neatly trimmed, but it still clearly showed through my skimpy panties and both guys got a good look between my legs.

I stood up and immediately straightened my dress to hide my little undies from the guys. Then they ran around to the other side of the car and opened the door for Crystal. She was also forced to spread her legs in order to get out of the car, but Crystal didn't seem to mind. She took her time exiting the car, leaving her panties exposed to the guys much longer than necessary. Crystal wasn't even embarrassed.

With her dress hiked up to her waist, Crystal simply looked at the guys and said, "It's a good thing I wore panties tonight. I usually don't wear anything under my dress!"

Crystal's teasing got a couple of beers and tequila shots out of the guys. The way Crystal was acting, I was confident that we wouldn't have to buy our own drinks all evening. I knew we were also going to get plenty of attention because Crystal becomes really uninhibited when she drinks tequila, and I have to admit that it loosens me up, too.

The guys joined a couple of their friends and they started playing pool. They appeared to be in their mid-twenties and they were no strangers to the gym so Crystal wanted to hang out with them. There was a high table with two tall bar stools overlooking the pool table and the guys asked us if we wanted to sit there.

Crystal accepted, but I said, "We can't climb up on those high stools in these short dresses. The guys will be able to see our panties."

Crystal sternly said, "If you say one more word about your panties, I'm gonna take them away from you," and then she lead me over to the table.

I was as careful as possible when I climbed up onto the stool, but I'm sure the guys got a glimpse of my white panties in the process. There's no doubt that the guys got a look at Crystal's panties when she climbed up onto the stool because she wasn't careful at all. In fact, Crystal's panties were barely covered even after she was seated and it didn't seem to bother her a bit.

As we sat up on the high stools sipping our drinks, the guys tried to sneak peeks between our legs. They weren't even discreet about it. As they leaned forward to take a shot while playing pool, the guys would look over in our direction. I tried to squeeze my legs together, but Crystal would lean over to say something to me and casually spread her legs for a moment. Crystal acted like it was an accident, but I'm sure she knew exactly what she was doing.

After a few shots of tequila, I was beginning to feel at ease about wearing such a skimpy dress in front of the guys and Crystal was definitely feeling no pain. Then the guys challenged us to a game of pool. They bet twenty dollars against our panties, but Crystal refused. The guys kept upping the ante, but Crystal continued to decline the bet. However, the guys could tell that they were wearing Crystal down because she would pause longer after each wager before saying no. Finally the guys put up one-hundred dollars against our panties and we only had to sink three balls to win so Crystal accepted the bet.

I yelped, "Crystal, I don't want to lose my panties. I'm not even sure I can play in this short dress."

Crystal replied, "Quit worrying. It will be the easiest hundred dollars we've ever made."

A guy named Kyle broke to start the game. He was really cute, but I could tell Crystal already had her eye on him. I got a little nervous when Kyle immediately sank two balls, but then he missed and it was my turn to shoot.

Kyle left me an easy shot, but when I bent over I couldn't concentrate on the game. I could feel my short dress rising up in back and I was worried that most of my see-through panties were exposed. I could just picture my butt crack showing under the nearly transparent material and to make things worse, I was also worried that my boobs were on display through the sides of my dress. The dress was cut low under my arms and the dress fell away from my breasts when I leaned forward. I was afraid that the guys could actually see my nipples from the sides.

I was really embarrassed because all of the guys were staring at me. There were also several people outside of our group watching from the bar area, too. One girl even took a few pictures of me with her cell phone. Then, as I was about to shoot the ball, one of the guys lifted the back of my dress with a pool cue allowing the girl to get a picture of my butt. With my skimpy white panties totally exposed to the crowd, I got really nervous and it caused me to miss my shot. My face turned bright red as I quickly jumped up on the bar stool and closed my legs.

The next guy missed his shot and it was now Crystal's turn. Crystal was lucky that her ass wasn't facing the bar because Kyle lifted her dress up twice as she tried to shoot. Crystal quickly turned around both times and told him to stop, but I could tell that she loved the attention Kyle was giving her. Then Crystal leaned forward as if she was really concentrating on the shot and Kyle lifted her skirt with his cue again. However, this time he hooked his cue stick in the waistband of her panties and pushed them all the way down past her butt.

Crystal immediately stood up, looked back and said, "Hey Kyle, you pulled my underwear down!"

Then she lifted the hem of her dress and said, "And you left a chalk mark on my butt. You better clean it off right now!"

I could see a blue chalk mark on Crystal's right butt cheek. Crystal had her back to the wall, but as she held the hem of her short dress up in the air, her bare ass was exposed to Kyle and his buddy. Kyle wasted no time in attending to Crystal's exposed butt.

Kyle quickly grabbed an ice cube out of his drink and rubbed it on the chalk mark, and then he caressed her bare ass with his hand as his friend looked on. The chalk mark was erased quickly, but Kyle continued rubbing Crystal's cute butt and she didn't object at all. That is until Kyle started moving his finger up and down her butt crack.

Crystal giggled, but she pushed her dress down and told Kyle to stop touching her butt. However, she didn't bother to pull up her panties. Crystal's underpants had slipped all the way down to her thighs and when she leaned forward to take her shot, her short dress rode up and half of her bare ass was put on view for the guys to examine.

Of course she missed the shot and the next guy could have run the table, but I think he intentionally missed just to have a chance to watch me bend over again. The guy's name was Mike and he was almost as nice looking as Kyle. I thought he was a decent guy because he didn't try to lift the hem of my dress with his cue stick. However, as I was about to shoot, he dropped the chalk on the floor below me. Mike immediately bent down to get it and in the process he took the liberty of looking right up between my legs. I knew Mike had a clear view of my hairy triangle through my see-through panties and I became so flustered that I missed my shot. Then Kyle ran the table and we lost the game.

Crystal looked at Kyle and said, "Well, you won so I guess you want my panties."

Then Crystal leaned up against the pool table, slowly lifted her dress and said, "Go ahead and take them."

Kyle stammered, "Um, what?"

Crystal replied, "If you want my panties, you'll have to pull them off yourself. Can you handle that or should I get one of your friends to do it?"

As he kneeled down in front of Crystal, Kyle said, " I can do it."

Crystal's panties were already halfway down her thighs so with her dress held up to her waist, Crystal's smooth shaved pussy was completely exposed for Kyle to see. She had her back to the bar, but a couple of guys moved to a spot where they could get a look at Crystal's bare beaver, too. Kyle took his time sliding Crystal's little undies down her legs, and in his kneeling position his face was only inches away from her vagina.

After Kyle pushed Crystal's panties down to her ankles, she lifted one foot out of her underpants. Then Crystal raised the other leg and her panties were dangling from her ankle. At this point, Kyle was still kneeling below Crystal. With her leg in the air, Kyle was treated to an unobstructed view of Crystal's pretty pink pussy lips.

Kyle seemed mesmerized as he carefully studied Crystal's sweet snatch, but Crystal finally broke the silence and asked, "Do you want my panties or not?"

Kyle quickly snapped out of his trance and removed Crystal's little undies from her ankle. The guys laughed because Kyle acted like he'd never seen a pussy before and the big bulge in his pants indicated that he liked what he saw. Crystal repositioned her dress as Kyle stuffed Crystal's underwear into his pocket, and then I started getting nervous because I knew they'd be coming after my panties next.

I hopped up on my bar stool for protection, and then I whispered to Crystal, "I don't think I can give up my panties because this dress is so short."

Crystal moved between my legs and loudly said, "Sorry Mindy...a bet's a bet! Show the boys your pussy."

That statement got all of the guys' attention and embarrassed me to no end. As I began to blush a deep shade of red, Crystal bent over in front of me and slowly slid her fingers up my thighs. The guys quickly gathered around behind her and I was mortified because I thought they were trying to look between my legs. However, the guys were actually looking at Crystal. In her bent over position, Crystal's short dress had ridden up in back, and without panties her bare ass was now on display for all of the guys to enjoy.

As Crystal's hands traveled up my legs, the hem of my dress went up, too. Soon it was all the way up to my belly-button and my underpants were completely exposed to everyone in the bar. I tried to pull my dress down, but Crystal wouldn't let me. Out of fear that Crystal was going to rip my dress, I gave up and left the hem of my dress bunched up above my tight tummy. Crystal hooked her fingers inside the waistband of my panties and I'd never felt more embarrassed in my life because I knew that in a matter of seconds my pussy was going to be on display for everybody to see!

Crystal started pulling my skimpy underpants down so I squeezed my legs together to hide my hairy triangle from the guys. However, a tiny bit of my reddish-brown bush was still showing between my legs. I wanted Crystal to hurry, but she purposely took her time to intensify my humiliation. To make the situation worse, Crystal kept trying to force my legs apart so the guys would be able to see my pussy.

When Crystal finally slid my panties all the way off, I pulled my dress down to hide my hairy triangle from the guys. Unfortunately, at that exact moment Crystal tried to spread my legs apart and the pressure caused the bottom two buttons to pop off of my dress.

I yelped, "Oh no, my dress is falling apart. Quick Crystal, give me back my panties."

Crystal laughed and said, "I can't do that. We lost a bet, remember?"

I replied, "Of course I remember, but my dress wasn't missing any buttons when we made the bet!"

Crystal said, "Sorry, a bet is a bet," and then she stretched my panties out like a sling-shot and fired them at Mike.

Mike missed them and they landed on the floor. Before anyone could react, a waitress picked them up and started to walk off with them. I quickly jumped off my stool, put my hands over my pussy and ran over to the waitress.

I begged, "Could I please have my panties back?"

She looked over at the bar and asked, "Hey guys, this girl lost her panties. Should I give them back?"

The men replied, "Hell no."

I said, "But my dress is falling apart. I really need them."

The waitress grabbed hold of my dress, lifted up the side and said, "You're right. It looks like you're missing a few buttons."

She was pulling on my dress, causing it to separate in front. I fought to hold down the other side, but the left half of my neatly trimmed bush was showing beneath the gaping separation in my dress.

As the men and women in the bar moved forward to get a closer look, I pleaded to the waitress, "Please let go. Everyone is trying to sneak a peek between my legs, and my um...pussy is showing."

The waitress giggled and said, "Yep, that's a shame. I'd be pretty embarrassed if I were you," and then she pulled even harder on my dress.

I felt a couple of pops and without even looking I knew that my evening had just gone from bad to worse. I reached down in front and I could feel that more of me was exposed than before. I looked down and shrieked when I discovered that two more buttons had come off the dress. The separation now went all the way up to my belly-button and that girl at the bar was snapping pictures of me with her cell phone.

The waitress was still holding my dress up and laughing as I placed my hands in front of my pussy and begged, "Can I please have my panties back now? I'm practically naked!"

The waitress said, "You should have thought of that before you came in here. Besides, we're happy when girls lose their clothes. It's good for business."

The waitress finally let go of my dress, and then she dropped my panties into the trashcan. To make sure that I wouldn't go in there after them, the waitress emptied part of a beer into the trashcan, following by the remains of a chicken wing appetizer. My panties, like the buttons on my dress, were gone for good.

I scurried back to my bar stool and tried to hold the dress in front of me, but the dress was too tight. I decided that I was better off just holding my hands over my lap and letting the dress fall to my sides. It was humiliating because there were several guys standing around me and my dress was unbuttoned all the way up to my belly-button, and worst of all I wasn't wearing any panties!

A few seconds later, the waitress came over and said, "The boys at the bar bought you a couple shots of tequila."

Crystal said, "Tell the boys thanks. Tequila calms my friend down. A couple more shots and she'll forget that she's almost naked."

The waitress chuckled and said, "When the boys hear that, they'll keep the shots coming," and then she went back to the bar.

I raised the shot-glass up with my right hand, but I kept my left hand securely between my legs. Crystal and I quickly downed the tequila and in no time, the waitress was back with two more shots. Soon I was feeling more at ease and less self-conscious about my pantiless predicament. I decided that I was safe as long as I remained on the bar stool with a hand between my legs.

The guys went back to playing pool, but their attention was clearly on Crystal and me. Then they asked Crystal and me to play again. Of course I declined, but Crystal offered to team up with Kyle.

As Crystal got up, she put her finger down the front of my dress and said, "I don't blame you for not wanting to play with all these missing buttons."

I begged, "Please Crystal, don't pull on the dress," but of course she didn't listen and the two buttons at the top of my dress went bouncing across the floor.

I glanced down and saw that the first button still attached to the dress was located just below my breasts.

Out of panic, I grabbed Crystal by the arm and said, "We have to leave. Soon there won't be any buttons left on this dress at all."

Crystal said, "Don't worry, you still have these," and then she put her finger between the remaining four buttons.

Unfortunately, the pressure she put on the loose buttons caused them to snap off and bounce onto the floor, too.

Crystal giggled and said, "Oops, sorry. I guess you now know why I gave you a free dress," and then she walked off to grab a pool cue.

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