tagExhibitionist & VoyeurThe Dress Ch. 01

The Dress Ch. 01


I sat on the couch listening to my son Tom talk to my ex-wife over the phone.

"Well, tell Peter to come on over and get them."

Peter. Beth had stopped referring to me as "Dad" once we got divorced. It was her way of reinforcing that we were no longer "Mom" and "Dad." That her new husband was just as much a father to Tom as I was. It was a constant reminder of her demeaning attitude that eventually led to our divorce. Tom put his hand over his phone.

"Dad, mom wants you to get my meds. She can't right now."

I sighed. Beth's other annoying habit was talking to me through Tom. I took the phone from Tom and spoke.

"Why can't you bring them? If Tom forgets something, I bring it over there. When he needs something from your house, you should..."

I was cut off before I could finish.

"I'm not having this conversation. Your his dad, come get it."

Beth hung up. Tom and I were in the middle of a movie, but he needed his allergy meds before bed. He looked at me, knowing the result. He might be 12, but he was smart.

"Sorry dad, I can pause it."

I stood up, feeling bad he was in the middle again. I tried to just pass it off.

"No big deal. I'll grab some ice cream on the way back. I needed to get it anyways. I won't miss much."

I left, making the quick 10 minute drive to Beth's. To Elizabeth's, as she now asked me to call her. Not that I did. 8 years of marriage and 5 years of child support had not earned Beth the right to a name change if she could not refer to me as "Dad."

I drove to our old house where Beth lived with her new husband Frank. I really didn't know him, but wondered how he was enjoying life with my ex. They were having their first child, and perhaps that explained why Beth was a bit more hard to deal with lately. She was almost due, probably 7 or 8 months pregnant. I remember the hard times we had during her pregnancy. I would not trade shoes with Frank if it was offered.

I pulled up to the house and hopped out of the car. I saw a bag hanging on the door and walked towards it. Beth was certainly not going to force an interaction between us if it wasn't needed. I didn't see Frank's car in the driveway, so it was clear that Beth had nothing urgent the two of them were working on. Beth apparently just didn't want to stop whatever she was doing.

I grabbed the bag and walked on the lawn to the of the front door, peaking in to the well lit living room. Sure enough, there was Beth, sitting on the couch, reading a book. I couldn't tell what she was reading, but really didn't care. It was most likely her latest book club assignment. Her laziness was clear, and I almost felt like banging on the glass to interrupt her quiet evening. But, instead, I just stared.

Beth was a beautiful woman, almost 40. Her long blonde hair draped on her shoulders. Blue eyes gleamed as she read her book, contrasted nicely by her pale skin. Her ruby lips were full, glistening from whatever lip gloss she may have used. Every time I saw her, I was reminded of why I married her. But, every time I talked to her, I was reminded why we were divorced.

Beth sat back, in a black dress, with one hand on her stomach. She was clearly pregnant, rubbing her fingers gently over her belly for comfort. Her chest was full and proud, definitely starting to bulk up for the newborn on the way. Beth's skin seemed to glow, hormonal, beaming out to the world that she was an expectant mother. I became slightly aroused as I invaded her privacy.

My eyes moved to her legs, spread open to make room for the belly that hung between them. Beth's dress exposed her legs, rising up her creamy thighs. It revealed the legs I used to push high and wide while licking her vagina, holding the back of her calves. A couple times, on that very couch, Beth would bend over and let me lift up her nighty. I imagined walking in and doing just that, jealous of Frank and the pleasures he received from Beth.

A light appeared in the distance and broke my trance. I zipped back to the car, threw the bag in the passenger seat, and drove off. If I had stood there any longer, I might have just masturbated to my ex-wife for old times sake. Beth still had that something special that always turned me on.

The weekend came and went, just like any other weekend. I took Tom to school on Monday, happy to live just a few blocks from his middle school. We walked, and as we approached, who should we see waiting for us, but Beth. Christ, I couldn't even enjoy my walks to school without her interfering.

"Hey honey, hurry up, your going to be late!"

We were at least 5 minutes early, but Beth seemed intent on providing me some indirect criticism. There were kids two blocks back who were still going to arrive with plenty of time.

"Tom, you're fine, don't worry..."

We both looked at Beth in a the same jet black sundress that I ogled the other day. It stretched tight over her pregnant belly. Every time I saw her, Beth seemed to have picked up a couple more inches around her stomach. Today was no different.

Beth's dress bulged out, clearly showing her belly button that extended an extra half an inch in front of her stomach. My eyes moved to her cleavage, full and white, breast squeezing upwards like two butt cheeks. The outline of a very heavy bra framed her motherly glands, white fabric peeking out from behind the dark fabric. I unconsciously licked my lips.

"Hey mom...what are you doing here?"

Yea, what was she doing here? My eyes moved up to Beth's face, finding her eyes locked on mine with a very annoyed look. Beth caught me checking her out and was not pleased. Once she let me know it, her eyes moved to Tom and softened.

"I just wanted to say high before school. Can't a mom do that?"

Tom and Beth walked in front of me as she grilled Tom on his weekend. What did he do? What did he eat? Did he get enough sleep? Not too much video games she hoped. Sadly, we were both accustomed to it and Tom just mumbled through his usual answers. I, on the other hand, spent my time watching Beth's ass.

Something was missing. Her butt was perfectly proportioned to the rest of of pregnant body. Beth didn't get fat when pregnant, instead, her body simply adjusted to the required shape for giving birth. My eyes tried to zoom in on the crease running down the center.

Beth's hips were wide and her bottom was round and proportioned. It was clearly generating the food stores her body needed for the child growing within her. I looked at the exposed skin from the low cut of her dress in the back, slightly aroused at the exposed bra straps and moles. Knowing her ass had the same, pale skin. Then it hit me. Beth didn't have any panty lines!

My eyes bolted back to her ass, looking at the perfectly smooth appearance of her butt. Beth's dress was wedged into her crack, providing a clear separation between left and right ass cheek. The top swell of her butt was also outlined by her dress with no ridge of underwear to be seen.

Even the small back dimples above each butt cheek could be identified. I became hard, imagining what Beth would look like if I just walked up to her and lifted her dress. The crease between her hamstrings and butt cheeks might be perfectly obvious in her dress, but it would look so much better in the flesh.

We got to the front of the school and Tom turned to me. My eyes quickly stopped undressing Beth and I gave him the usual goodbye.

"Try not to see the principal today, alright?"

Tom smiled. Beth did not.

"Ha...By dad. See you after school..."

Tom turned to Beth. She squatted down, adjusting his shirt and giving a final motherly inspection. My eyes moved to her legs, spread open from the hanging belly, dressed pulled to the middle of her thighs. My mouth went dry as Beth, in her squatted position, was providing a direct and open view to her hormonal, hairy vagina! I stared as Beth primped Tom.

"You don't listen to Peter. You have a good day, and listen to the teachers."

As Beth doted, I oggled. The dark, heavy vagina that lay in contrast to the pale, bleached white thighs was unbelievably erotic. Beth was clearly not a tanner. My head tilted, moving instinctively to get a better look. The bulge of her pussy lips was only slightly hidden by the mass of dark, black pubic hair.

Pubic hair that seemed to climb up her belly, also slightly exposed as her dress arched from her thighs to the crest of her stomach. The dress was just following the typical geometric solution that the shortest distance between two points is a straight line. Or, in simple math terms, pregnant belly plus squat minus underwear equals erection.

Whatever the equation, the pale white skin of her hanging stomach was almost as erotic as her bulging vagina. I was dumbfounded. My eyes must have been bulging and my stare blatantly obvious. Frantic I would be caught, I quickly glanced at Beth.

Beth luckily didn't notice, apparently to focussed on Tom to pay any attention to me. Which, for once, was a good thing. She stood with a soft grunt, turning to watch Tom leave. The vagina was gone. When Tom was out of earshot, she turned and spoke to me in an angry, but soft voice.

"Seriously? The principal? You such an awful father."

Beth walked past me as I stood, still slightly rattled with the brief encounter with my long lost friend Betsy. It was our pet name for Beth's vagina. I turned, now gathering my wits, and started to follow Beth. Her pace was quick, causing her butt to sway in it's free and unencumbered state.

Other parents were bringing their kids, so now was not the time for me to yell out. I just kept up the pace behind her and imagined her walking away from me, without her dress on. Pregnant butt swaying back and forth. The show she gave me earned her a free pass.

And christ, did she have a nice looking butt. The fabric bunched further into her butt crack while she walked. The lower cheeks gave a nice jiggle as she waddled, like breasts swinging free without a bra.

The dress pulled into her lower back, giving a clear outline of her back dimples. My erection from her brief show was growing as I imagined her bending down to tie her shoe and I crawled under her dress to look at her bottom.

Sadly, it was a short walk back to her car. But, in that time, I once again became good friends with Beth's ass. An ass that very few men ever had the joy of opening. I longed for the days.

Beth got behind the wheel, flashing almost the entire side of her thigh as she lowered herself into the seat. She looked at me as I walked by, noticing my eyes on her exposed legs. With one last stern expression, shaking her head in disgust, she drove off.

The brief sharking by Beth had a strange side effect. I was hoping to see her every day I dropped of Tom, desperate for a repeat performance. Sadly, I did not see her at all the rest of the week. But, I still had a fresh and vivid image to cycle through when having quality alone time. Beth and I were married before the age of selfies and phone cameras. So, I had an empty library of sexts and videos from Beth. Life was tough.

The weekend without Tom went by rather slowly. I thought I had arranged a date, but she ended up canceling because her parents were visiting. Things were not that serious between us that I was going to meet her parents, so I hung out at my neighbors Friday night watching baseball.

Saturday was yard work during the day, and cards at a work friend at night. Sunday was football and organizing the house. A very typical, low key weekend, but a weekend without your kids makes you appreciate having them. It provided for an odd type of balance.

I woke up Monday ready to start the week. Monday's without Tom were almost exciting because it meant that at the end of the week, it would be a weekend with him. I didn't have to be at work until 9, and since I didn't have to get Tom to school by 8, it was a casual morning. I showered and stayed in my robe, enjoying the morning in bed while watching ESPN.

Suddenly, my phone and TV started to chirp. The little Skype icon on my Smart TV appeared, showing that Tom was calling. I thought that was odd, not having Skyped with him for over a month. It was a great way to keep in touch, but not on a Monday morning. I decided to answer it from the TV and grabbed the remote.

Pressing "ENTER" led to a black screen, and then the video started. Tom stared back at me, somewhat frantic looking. He was in a room that I remembered as being Beth and my bedroom, but had none of the look. A large, heavy wooden headboard filled up the back wall. The kings size bed was covered with a very Martha Stewart style green and white comforter, with about a dozen pillows strewn about. For some reason, Tom was calling me from his mom's room.

"Hey. What's up? Where's your phone?"

Tom spoke softly, apparently not wanting his mom to know he was in her room and on the phone with me.

"I can't find it. Sorry. But, I need my instrument. I brought it home Thursday and forgot to bring it to moms. We have band today."

Band. The most difficult class for a divorced child. Because the school isn't going to give him two instruments, so he has to remember every day that he doesn't need to bring it to school, that he needs to bring it to school.

Because, when he goes home from school with his instrument, but doesn't have band the next day, he doesn't bring it to school.

Because what middle school kid wants to bring their instrument to school when they don't need it.

Because band only meets 3 days a week.

Because, because, because.

And then it ends up sitting at a house where he is not at. As was the case now.

"Sure, I can bring it. I'll meet you in front."

Beth was yelling in the background.

"Tom, hurry up, breakfast is ready, and then we need to go!"

Tom ignored the tone and looked relieved. Another typical week in the life of the poor kid with two homes.

"Thanks, dad. I gotta go."

Tom pointed the remote at the TV. I watched as he turned and ran out of the room and then I toggled the input on the remote to TV. With ESPN back on, I stood and got dressed in some jeans and t-shirt and set off to find the long lost instrument.

Sure enough, it was right where he left it after school last week. I grabbed it and headed out the door. Honestly, I enjoyed the small little moments when Tom called because he forgot something or needed something. It reinforced the feeling of being a parent and having a child that needs your help. It was oddly satisfying.

Still, as much as my fatherly responsibilities seemed fulfilling, my true excitement was that I might get another show from Beth. I almost wanted to bring a video camera and set up some sort of tripod, possibly asking her to face the sun and let the light glisten off of her exposed lower belly. My mind was having a hard time focussing.

I got to school early, not wanting to miss out on anything. The bench in front of the school was vacant as it was not in a direct path to the door. I sat on it, watching the mom's and dad's slowly appear, dropping off happy kids, tired kids, annoyed kids, and every other emotion in between.

The other half of kids arriving were walkers that seemed to be divided between groupers and loners. Either kids gathered in groups along the way, happy and chatty, delaying their arrival as long as they could. Or, they arrived alone with blank expressions, focussed on getting through the front door. Charles was definitely a grouper.

I saw Beth's car pull up. My penis noted her presence. I smiled as, despite being fully capable, Tom was instructed to hold her hand as they crossed. Beth hadn't yet noticed me, waddling towards the school without a care. Once again, Beth was in her tight fitting cotton dress, but today light blue in color. In the distance, with the light shining on her, Beth looked almost angelic as her blonde hair floated behind her.

As Tom moved off of the path to the front of the school and towards me on the bench, Beth looked like she was about to say something. Then, Beth's eyes locked on me, realizing the reason for Tom's change of direction. Her expression became that of the devil. I casually held up Tom's instrument, almost like a cross to keep her at bay.

Tom ran up to me, smiling. Beth stopped several feet short of the bench, clearly not happy that her drop off was interrupted. I knew exactly how she felt.

"Thanks dad."

Turning to his mom, Beth changed her expression. It was one of mild annoyance at her child. She had turned her focus away from me, once again ignoring my existence. My eyes locked on her swollen belly, staring at the erect button in the middle.

"I forgot my instrument..."

Tom was explaining the obvious, noticing the expression of his mom's face. The belly was lowering, the legs were bending, the light blue fabric was beginning to form a tent, peeling away from Beth's body. Her knees opened slightly, revealing soft white inner thighs.

Further down Beth squatted, bringing her bottom down to the back of her calves, propping herself on them, shortening her stature so she was eye level to her son. The light blue seemed to let in more light, eliminating the dark shadow that existed with Beth's black dress.

Black hair once again filled the area between her legs, with pussy lips red and hormonal, sagging down towards the ground. The heaviness of her bush was even more obvious today as I looked, prepared for the show.

"Well...honey...you need to start remembering...Peter can't bring it all the time...."

I leaned forward, on my elbows, looking past my son and up her mom's dress. Her butt was being squished into her legs, creating pale lumpy masses as she squatted. Not that I could see her ass, but I could see the lower cheeks pressing together firmly around her anus. It was like a small butt crack, but from the front.

"I know mom...I will..."

My mouth was dry. I wanted a camera. I wanted to capture the voyeuristic treasure that lay before me. I imagine it is a common stance for woman across the world, and when tending to their children, they think nothing of it. Still, I don't think Beth wanted me staring, and she certainly didn't want me climbing inside of her dress.

"Alright. Well, you have fun at school."

Closer my eyes moved, head gently tilting. Enjoying the folds, inspecting her. Suddenly, my eyes saw the tent of the dress close off. Beth had jammed a hand into it, sealing off the view. Tom was running away, and though I assumed she was watching him run, I looked up to see Beth staring angrily at me with her hands between her legs. I had been busted.

"Seriously! Can I have some privacy?!"

Beth stood up, erect belly point right at me. I stood with her, realizing the quick 10 second vagina monologue was over. Looking down at her chest, breasts swelling together and exposed slightly in the low cut front, I found a new show to watch. After a quick glance, I looked at Beth's angry blue eyes.

"And you need to get your fucking act together and make sure Tom has what he needs for school."

Me? Tom had been at his mom's for the entire weekend and someone should have made an inventory of what he did and didn't have for school.

"Me? Tom has been at your house for the entire weekend and someone should have made an inventory of what he did and didn't have for school."

My eyes returned to her breasts. The bra today was not as heavy, and similar to the erect belly button, Beth's nipples were visible. They were showing themselves as little bumps at the crest of each swollen boob.

I could almost make out the outline of her areola. At 6'3", and Beth at 5'6", I was awarded a very nice downward look into her chest. Fuck it. If she is going to chew me out in public, I'm going to stare at her tits. Her nipples seemed erect, almost turned on from all of the anger.

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