tagExhibitionist & VoyeurThe Dressing Room

The Dressing Room

bySean Matthews©

"Dammit. I am going to get Sean to notice me!"

With that thought, Sara launched her plan to seduce her extremely shy co-worker. They met while working at a major department store. She had been eyeing the security guard as he made his rounds past her station in the lingerie department. While he would make polite conversation, her attempts to move the conversations into a more flirtatious line met with a shy smile and a quick exit by Sean. He wasn't married and didn't have a girlfriend that Sara knew of. And he did seem to notice her when he didn't think she was looking. Why didn't he seem to take the bait. It seemed obvious to Sara that she wasn't the only one feeling the chemistry.

It was only yesterday she found herself paying more attention to the way his crisp white uniform shirt hugged the "V" of his broad, well muscled shoulders to his small waist than to the woman embarrassing her prepubescent daughter. This woman insisted on having her daughter try on her first training bra over her shirt in front of everyone instead of taking her to the dressing room. It was only the child's "But, Moooooooom!" cry broke Sara's trance.

"Perhaps the dressing room will give you more privacy." Sara assertively guided the mother to the dressing room, chuckling to herself. If only they only knew that there was a security camera in each dressing room. The guards took turns watching the security cameras, but most just watched TV.

Unless there was something to watch... "Oh, my Gawd. The security camera! That's it!"

It was then that Sara hatched her devious plan. It just so happened that she had the next day off and Sean would be working the security cameras at 10 AM when the store opened. Sara decided to put on a show that he would never forget. That would bring him out of his shell.

The next morning Sara awoke with a warm, tingling feeling all over her body. As she lay in the bed, she pulled the satin sheet that had pooled around her hips over her naked torso, reveling in the smooth sensation. She began to go over her plan in her mind. Sara wondered if Sean would play with himself as he watched her on the security camera. She had mixed feelings about that. She wanted to make him so hot that he wouldn't be able to help himself, but she also hoped he would come down and show his appreciation to her. She rolled over onto her stomach and pulled the sheet taut over her ass. Sliding her hips from side to side, Sara felt her slit getting a bit moist. The sheets always felt so much better as her pussy got wetter.

With her ass raised a bit, but still under the sheets, her breasts being caressed by the bottom sheet, Sara slid her hand down her stomach. Her mouth found the corner of her pillow as her fingers reached her slick slit.

She bit down hard on the pillow as her finger pushed it's way through her outer lips and entered deep into her wetness. There was no resistance, almost no friction as wet as she was. Sara rotated her finger so she could ease a second finger into her depths. While the second finger also met no resistance, she certainly felt her tight pussy fill with the new invasion.

Leaving the back of her hand on the mattress, she began to move her hips up and down, humping her hand slowly. Every so often, Sara kept her hips on the bed and ground her clit into the palm of her hand. She kept the pace slow as long as she could, but nature took over and her pace quickened.

"Sean", she thought, "Oh, Sean. Fuck me Sean."

Her climax was building, her gyrations at a frenzied pace when all of a sudden she stopped. "No. I have to save it for Sean.", she thought.

Groaning, she threw herself onto her back, panting at the exertion. She laid back, dragging her hands gently over her breasts. Beads of perspiration dotted her forehead. She would, of course, have to change the sheets again. That happened often when she thought of Sean while in bed.

Sara tried not to play when she sank herself into a tub filled with hot water and rose bath oil. She was actually successful for 10 minutes. Soon though, she found her hands roaming once again. She did this under the guise of "washing", but her hands seemed to wash some areas longer than others. The side of her neck was the first to get her attention as she pulled a luffa over her sensitive skin. The soft scratching jolted her nervous system with pleasure. She used the luffa in the valley created by her full breasts and on her stomach, but switched to a soft washcloth for her nipples.

The soapy cloth glided over Sara's erect nipples as she imagined her bare breasts moving gently over Sean's chest. She hoped Sean's chest was lightly hairy. It would feel so nice against her nipples. Sara then picked up the luffa again and stretched her right leg into the air and rubbed the luffa up and down the back of her thigh. Sara couldn't resist the temptation to pull the luffa down the inside of her thigh, thinking to herself about how Sean's chin would feel in the morning before he shaved. She would give almost anything to feel that sensation as she woke up to find Sean moving so close to her pussy.

She forced herself to wash the back of her left thigh, then along the inside once again. This time she dropped her luffa and began to rub her clit with one hand and her nipples with the other. The motion of her hand moving around her pussy caused her breasts to bob lazily in the scented water. It was a much shorter time until Sara was on the brink of exploding. She brought herself as close as she could to cumming before she wrenched her hand from her pussy, leaving her hips thrusting upward trying to match her pussy with her fingers again. When her hips stopped moving Sara collapsed back into the tub.

Pulling herself from the tub, she wrapped her dripping body in her favorite towel. It was the smallest in her closet and barely covered her nipples and pussy at the same time. Of course, that didn't apply when she reached over her head to pull down her toy box on the top shelf of her closet. She wanted plenty of ammunition for the hunt. She waited until after filling her large purse before she started dressing. Only then did she drop her towel and begin to select her wardrobe for the day.

"The red blouse shows off my cleavage nicely, but it's so dark Sean won't be able to see my bra", she thought. "The white blouse is practically see through, but it doesn't have any buttons in the front. Damn. It's so hard to decide." The one thing she didn't have to decide on was her selection of a skirt. Her black mini was a seduction must. She had never worn anything that daring to work, so she was sure it would knock Sean's socks off.

Finally she decided on the red blouse with a nearly see through black bra.

She would wear the black skirt with her black lace thong and garter and stockings. When she was done dressing, she performed a quick spin in front of the mirror and was pleased to note the skirt flared up to reveal the tops of her stockings and the bottom of her firm ass. "If this doesn't get him he probably already has a boyfriend." The last touch was a long, blonde wig to cover her short black hair. She didn't want to ruin the surprise too soon.

She strode confidently into the store and smiled to herself as she looked up at the chrome circles on the ceilings. Sean was probably tracking her already. How could he miss her? It's not often a barely dressed blonde with a large bag came into the store. He would have to watch her if for no other reason than to make sure she didn't fill her bag with merchandise.

Sara wasted little time in reaching the lingerie department. She moved slowly through the aisles even though she had already selected the goodies she would be trying on. After an appropriate amount of time she picked out a dark blue teddy, a peach silk slip with spaghetti straps and a demi cup white bra, size 34 B. That, of course, would do nothing to cover her 36 C breasts.

The dressing rooms were located in the women's department in the back of the store, giving Sara plenty of time to casually hold up each article of what could barely be called clothing to her supple body as she walked. She was delighted to see this didn't go without notice. Several men were nudged by their less attractive wives for paying even the slightest attention to "that little slut". She even hear one woman comment on her apparent lack of underwear, like her husband hadn't already noticed.

When Sara reached the dressing rooms she entered the one furthest in the back. She knew she would need as much "privacy" as she could get for her plan. She would be making a bit of noise and didn't want any unexpected company. She just hoped no curious four year old boy would come into her stall looking for his mother.

She turned her back to the mirror she knew covered the security camera and pulled her blouse out of her skirt and slowly unbuttoned it. As she pulled it over her shoulders, she turned ever so slightly towards the mirror to give Sean a glimpse of things to come. Her nipples were harder than they had ever been as she pulled the teddy over her head and down her body. It was then that she turned toward the mirror and smiled. Her nipples were clearly outlined under the teddy despite wearing a bra. Sara reached under the back of the teddy and unzipped her skirt and let it fall to the floor.

It was just ruining the line of the teddy. "There." She thought, "That's much better." The only thing to do now was to take off those stockings.

She once again reached under the teddy, this time in the front, and unhooked her stockings. She lowered the garter to her knees, bending at the waist and showing off her cleavage. Sara sat on the small bench and slowly unrolled her stockings. She left the stockings on top of her skirt and repeated her quick spin, knowing that would flash a bit of her ass to Sean.

She turned her back again and pulled the teddy off, giving Sean his first unobstructed view of her tight butt. She was happy she put so much time into her kick boxing classes. It certainly toned her legs and ass. She giggled as she thought how she would react to the sight if she were a man.

Hell, there were lots of women who would be drooling at the sight.

She reminded herself that Sean would only be in the security room for a two hour shift and she certainly didn't want anyone else to watch the show during changeover so she went on with her show. As she threw the teddy down, she picked up the slip and spun toward the mirror. Now Sean would clearly see her hard nipples barely covered in the bra she wore, but only for a moment. She quickly pulled the slip on and ran her hands down the front. "This HAS to be driving him crazy." Of course, wearing a bra with spaghetti straps was so trashy. She pulled down the straps and pulled her arms through quickly. Then she pulled the slip up over her waist and stomach to reach the front of the bra where the clasp was, exposing as much skin as she could without showing any parts of her breasts. After she pulled the bra under the slip she tweaked her nipples through the silk and reveled in the electric sensation it sent to her pussy.

Sara ran her hands all over the material that covered her body, touching every part the silk touched. She ran her hands over the straps, down her breasts and stomach to the fronts of her thighs. The she turned around and looked over her shoulder as she let her hands roam over her butt. Before turning back around, she gave herself a hard SMACK on her right cheek. Of course her ass didn't jiggle. That would show Sean he wasn't the only one who liked to keep in shape. Satisfied that he had gotten his fill of watching her model the slip, she dropped the straps and let it fall around her ankles. Her hand print was visible, pink and warm. She purposely kept her back to the mirror as she put on the demi bra. It was the last piece she selected and would have to make an impact.

The bra was much too tight and did not nearly contain her bosom. Her nipples forced their way over the top of the cups, eager to see the world.

Sara pinched them (as if they weren't hard enough already) and turned to the mirror. She pretended to try to get her nipples into the bra but was only stimulating them even more. The more she poked and prodded them into confinement, the more they popped out to say hello to Sean. Finally, she "gave up" and posed in the "outfit". She took a long time making sure of she looked especially naughty. She raised her hands over her head, lifting the bottoms of the cups over the very bottom of her breasts. She then put her hands together over her panties and squeezed her arms together. The tight confines of the bra could no longer contain her large breasts and they popped completely free. She looked at her breasts supported only by the underwire as they pushed themselves together and even higher on her chest than usual.

Sara stopped the pretense of trying on clothes and took off the bra. She put her finger into her mouth as she sat on the hard, wooden bench, the pulled the moist digit out to run a ring around her right nipple. She put the index finger of her other hand into her mouth and did the same for her left nipple. Alternating between the two sides was very nice, but she was no longer satisfied with just getting her nipples wet. She pulled each one as close as she could to her mouth and began to blow lightly. The sensation was such that she couldn't suppress a low moan. She couldn't stop herself as one hand drifted down her stomach to her panty covered crotch.

Her panties were already moist with her excitement as she softly scratched her silk cover slit. She began to alternate between rubbing her clit in circles and pushing her finger along the length of her pussy down almost to her ass. She rubbed more and more insistently as she rubbed her other hand over her breasts. When she could stand it no longer, she pulled her panties to the side and slid a finger into her small, now very wet, opening. She used the inside of her hand to rub her clit as she began to finger fuck her pussy. When one finger was no longer enough, she pushed a second into her eager pussy.

Sara decided her panties had become too much of a distraction, so she removed them. She opened her bag and pulled out a long pink vibrator and a smaller "silver bullet". A moment later the toys buzzed to life in stereo.

The smaller vibe moved to the top of her clit, rotating around the familiar territory. The longer vibe poised at the entrance of her pussy like a cobra ready to strike. Sara succumbed to the day of self imposed teasing and pushed the vibe deep into herself with an almost violent thrust. She pulled it out slowly and repeated the hard entry. She amazed herself with her ability to keep the other vibe on her clit as she continued her assault on her tender flesh. Hard in and slow out soon became even harder in and faster out. Her hips began to lift off the bench to meet her thrusts and she began to bite her bottom lip in an effort to keep the noise in the cubicle to a minimum.

Soon she could hold off no more and she felt her legs stiffen and slam shut. She no longer held the toys in her hands. Her thighs and pussy held them in place as she pulled her nipples and weakly pushed her hips up in decreasing spasms.

As soon as she regained her composure, Sara pulled her cell phone from her purse and called a familiar number. She pulled her wig off as she heard the strong, masculine voice answer the phone, "Security."

"How did you like the show, Sean? Would you like to join me?"

"Sara? Is that you? That was incredible. This is Bob. Sean called in sick today..."

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