tagIncest/TabooThe Dressing Room Ch. 01

The Dressing Room Ch. 01


We heard the unmistakable moaning, slurping sounds that could only mean someone was getting a blow job; and we had to try and see who it was. Closer to the dressing room door, a low, pleasure-filled groan was heard and the slurping sound continued. The top of a man's head was visible over the ¾ door. The door was held to the booth by large hinges that left a gap between the door and the frame.

My Aunt Heather pushed closer to the door and I was right behind her. Through the gap in the door we saw a woman's face; the sales woman we had encountered earlier. Her face was about waist high and she was deep-throating the man's cock. Heather nearly backed into me, her hand over her mouth in what I took to be shock.

The man said, "I'm going to cum in your mouth." In a breathy voice.

The slurping stopped and the woman replied with a sultry, breathy, "Yes."

There was a gagging sound and I could see the man had forced his cock back into the woman's mouth. He was pumping her mouth as if it were a pussy. He was breathing raggedly. Through the crack in the door, we could see his balls slapping against her chin. "I'm – cumming!" The man groaned in a low, repressed yell.

The woman's hands grabbed onto his ass and kept his cock deep in her throat as his body jerked and he moaned, "Ah-ah-ah." And then his body went limp and we could hear her gulp down the load she had taken. The man was trying to control the volume of his moans, but he could be heard plainly enough. The woman too was moaning now and kind of cooing and then Heather was pulling me away.

She pulled me into a dressing room on the other side of the room and pressed her body to mine at the back of the room away from the door. She whispered, "Someone's coming."

"No shit." I replied with a soft laugh.

Heather put her hand over my mouth. "Shhh."

I heard someone come into the common area; there was a rustle of clothes and then the sound of a metal hanger on a metal bar. Then, footsteps receded away and we waited.

The dressing room door across the way opened and the man stepped out anxiously looking around. We had a perfect view from our vantage point and we were pretty sure the man could not see us. He was tall, about six feet and thin, with dark brown, neatly combed hair and a clean-shaven face; I would've guessed he was in his mid thirties. When he was sure the coast was clear, he adjusted his zipper then looked back into the dressing room from where he came. "Come on." He said, "The mirror out here is better."

The woman came out, holding a sweater under her chin to catch the cum that was dripping down her chin. The man stopped and looked around the room. "That was fantastic." He said adjusting his pants.

The woman was nearly fifty, but she had the look on her face of a young girl who had just given her first blow job. She was attractive, but not beautiful, her body was slender, topped off with large, D-Cup tits. Her hair at one time had been blonde, but now was a whitish-blonde and shoulder length. She hesitated at the mirror, looking down at the sweater. "God, you came a lot."

"I was pretty fuckin' horny, you got me so hot."

"I think that was Linda that came in, my boss."

The man checked his reflection in the mirror then snuggled up behind her. His hands came around and cupped her full, bouncy breasts. "She didn't see us."

"She might not have seen us, but she probably heard you when you came." She handed him the sweater. "You have to buy this now."

He looked at the sweater and laughed, "Not to worry."

She turned around and kissed him on the mouth. "When do I get my turn?"

The man patted her ass and kissed her on the cheek, "How about tomorrow night?"

"What about tonight?" She pushed away from him. "I'm horny too, ya know."

"I can't tonight. Early day tomorrow, but tomorrow night--are you working tomorrow night?"

"I get off at six tomorrow."

"I'll meet you here."

"No." the woman said quickly, "a real date. I'm going to get fired if we keep this up."

"But it's fun here."

The woman turned away and checked her outfit again in the mirror; she looked as though she might cry. "It's fun for you. Feel me up, cum in my mouth and off you go."

"Come on, baby." The man pleaded, "It's not like that. Last week I made you cum."

"And then you fucked my tits and came on my neck and face and I spent twenty minutes getting cleaned up."

"Tomorrow night I'll go down on you."

"Not here." The woman said forcefully.

The man started to say something but stopped himself. He knew he wasn't going to win. "Okay." He conceded, "Tomorrow night I pick you up at 6:15 and we'll go out."

"Peggy!" A woman called from outside the dressing room.

The woman turned to the man shocked, "It's Linda. Come on, I'll tell her we've been matching sweaters with your pants." She turned back toward the door and called out, "Just a sec, Linda, I'm helping a customer." With that she hurried out of the room. The man hesitated a moment then looked at the sweater in his hands and followed her out.

I suddenly realized that Heather was pressed flush against me. Her abdomen was nearly being punctured by my raging hard-on. Her hand was still on my face, the strong flowery smell of her perfume filled my mouth and nostrils. Her breasts were flattened against my chest and her breath was nearly as labored as mine.

I looked down at her as she raised her eyes to meet mine. Her lips glistened at me and I felt this overwhelming desire to kiss her. She was wearing four-inch heels so she was nearly as tall as me. Here eyes locked onto mine as my arm encircled her back and kept her close to me.

"I gotta get out more." Heather said after a moment. Her hand slipped from my face down to my shoulder as she pushed herself away from me just slightly. "Do you believe that?"

"Heather." I tried to think of something to say, something that would keep her from pulling further away. This woman I had hugged a hundred times and fantasized about a hundred more times was jammed into a very close, very sexual position with me and I didn't want to ruin it. "I've never seen anything like that." That was the best I could do.

My Aunt Heather pushed away again, her eyes were cast down toward my waist, or perhaps down toward my raging hard on. We were both silent and I thought maybe she was listening, waiting to hear someone coming. I realized then that Heather was still breathing hard.

"You okay?" I asked quietly and sincerely.

Heather was still quiet, not looking up; I could feel her hand tremble on my shoulder and her body seemed to have taken on a chill as she quivered. I pulled her closer to me out of fear that she was going to pass out. Once again, my hard on was pressed against her as her body pancaked against mine.

Finally Heather said, "We should go."

I didn't let loose my grip on her, "Shouldn't we wait a few more minutes incase the sales lady comes back?"

Heather rested her head against my shoulder with a sigh. "Okay."

My hand came up and stroked her silver-black hair. "It's nice holding you so close."

"Yes." Heather replied into my chest as her nails dug through my shirt and into my skin.

I didn't flinch from the slight pain she inflicted upon me. I suddenly realized what was happening; Heather, my Aunt was fighting back her desire. She was struggling against her will to take what she wanted, to allow herself the pleasure she so badly needed.

I remembered a few years back after Heather's last, big romance when I overheard her talking to my mother, saying she would never date again. She said she'd by a vibrator and forget about men. It occurred to me, she hadn't forgotten the one thing she liked most about men – sex.

Heather slowly pulled herself away from me. Still, she did not look at my face. I was going to say something when we heard a voice as someone entered the common area of the dressing room. Heather practically threw herself at me, pushing us deeper into the corner of the small dressing room. But now her face was turned toward mine and she was up on her tip-toes.

Outside Linda, the store manager said something about a pair of pants and then she walked out again. I felt Heather's hot breath on my neck. I looked down and she was staring up at me with the dark mascara around her gray eyes and her lips looking wet and inviting. I didn't hesitate another second; I bent and kissed her. My right hand came up and crushed her left breast and she moaned into our kiss. In seconds we were making out as our hands searched desperately over each others bodies.

I was twenty-two and Heather was forty-nine, but we acted like long, lost lovers to whom age was no matter. Our hands hungrily caressed each others bodies. We kissed deeply, passionately, our tongues dancing around in each others mouths. When her left hand fell to my crotch and her fingers found the form of my diamond-hard cock, she groaned and meshed her body hard against mine. We broke our kiss and Heather breathed heavily into my ear, "I want you to fuck me. I want you to fuck me now. Here."

I didn't say a word. I pulled away from her and moved behind so she was facing the wall. She wore a tight fitting; knit skirt and I quickly hiked it up. Under the skirt was a girdle with nylons attached. Her hands were working quickly to loosen the girdle and I helped, jerking it down and peeling it off of her ass and down her legs. Heather gasped and started to turn back toward me, but I put a hand on her shoulder and kept her facing the corner.

I unzipped my pants and pushed my pants and underwear down at the same time as my cock sprung from its confines and gently swatted her ass. Heather went up on her toes and arched her back as I grabbed her hips. She was so wet I slid into her pussy with the greatest of ease. Her body shuddered in my grasp and I started pumping away at her.

She came in great waves over my cock. I had never felt anything like it before; her pussy gushed fluid out over my cock in three long tidal waves. Then her pussy was clenching my cock and she was growling and moaning, "Oh yes, Oh yes, Oh yes." Another wave hit and then she was fucking my cock. With her hands against the wall she pushed back into me with every stroke I took, impaling my cock deep inside her. I braced myself with one hand on the opposite wall and started pounding away at her soaking wet pussy as fast and as hard as I could.

Even though it's hard to cum standing up, I could feel my balls tightening and my dick throbbing with the tell-tale rumbling that mean I was going to explode. The excitement of seeing my Aunt Heather bent over before me with her skirt hiked up and my cock sliding wetly in and out of her luscious pussy was just too much. I started pushing harder and faster and Heather started whispering through her clenched teeth, "Come on, fuck me, fuck me harder."

I came hard. My hands clenched her silky, fleshy hips as I plunged deep into her and my cock pulsed in long, powerful streams of joy. Heather groaned and I groaned with her as I emptied my balls deep inside of her snatch.

I nearly dropped to my knees when I was done. My knees trembled and my head spun with excitement and lack of oxygen. I felt like I had just run a mile at a full-sprint.

Heather turned and eased herself down onto the seat. She looked up at me with mascara running down her cheeks and her lipstick smeared on her mouth. She had been crying and for a moment I thought I had hurt her and then I realized she was smiling at me.

After a moment when she caught her breath she said, "Get dressed, we need to go home."

I pulled up my pants as she wiggled back into her girdle and then checked her nylons. In a minute we were both dressed and standing over a puddle of our cum on the carpeted floor. She fixed her make up as best she could in her compact and then we stood silent, listening, hoping no one was outside the dressing room waiting for us. Finally, we opened the door and she exited and I followed. No one had seen us, or even more amazing, no one had heard us. We left the store and headed quickly toward Heather's car.

Once in Heather's car she started the engine and turned up the heat. It was March and the air was damp and chilly. Heather trembled and looked down at the steering wheel before her. I couldn't tell what she was thinking and then she said, "You must think me to be terrible."

I reached out and put a hand on her thigh. Her hand covered mine and squeezed it tight. "Heather," I said softly, "that was the greatest moment of my life—the most exciting thing that's ever happened to me. Why would I think you're terrible?"

She turned to me and I bent to her and kissed her. We kissed for a long time, not as hard and passionately as we previously had, but with tenderness and love. She broke the kiss and rested her head against my shoulder. "It's been a long time and – and I have been so horny. I'm not a terrible person, Aaron, I'm still your Aunt."

"I've desired you all my life, wanted this all my life. Why would I think you're terrible?

She looked up at me smiled, then kissed me lightly on the lips. Her hand went up to my face, she stroked my cheek then opened her mouth to mine and kissed me very hard and deep. When she broke the kiss she was smiling a wicked, knowing smile, "Oh Aaron, it's not that you'll think I'm terrible for what we've done, but for all the things I'm going to do to you when we get back to my house."

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