tagGroup SexThe Drive-In

The Drive-In


Pam reached out to open the front door of the dorm building, but it opened and two guys came out. One of them held it open for her, and whistled as she went in. She smiled back at him. She was wearing a thin, tight tank-top and cutoff jean shorts that hugged her ass. She ran up the stairs and knocked on the door to Ethan's room.

He opened it.

"Come in. We were thinking about going to a drive in," he said, and pointed to Charlie, who was sitting by the tv.

"That would be cool," Pam said.

"Maybe you two should just go alone," Charlie said.

He was looking away, like he was trying not to stare at her body.

"You should go with us," Pam said.

"I don't think so," he muttered, and turned to the tv.

"I insist," she said, with her hands on her hips.

Ethan was standing beside her. He put his arm around her waist and his hand drifted down her hip to her ass.

"Ok," Charlie said finally, with an expression that said he was giving in.

They went down to the street and climbed into Ethan's GTO. Pam sat in the middle between the two guys, feeling mischievous.

Ethan drove to the drive-in, which was practically deserted. Not more than a dozen cars sparsely dotted the parking lot. The double features were a pair of cheap, X-rated movies. Pam looked around at some of the other nearby cars watching it with them, and she saw that most of them were couples, and the couples were sitting close.

Charlie was hanging onto the door, like he was trying to pretend he was alone. Pam could tell he was getting pretty hot sitting beside her. She knew how sexy she looked, and he must have been dying to jump her. The porno movie was making her hot, too, and she needed to do something about it.

She reached out for Ethan's lap. He flinched when she touched his leg, and looked down at her hand. Her fingers were creeping over his thigh. He took her hand with his hand and placed it on the warm area between his thighs, right on the stiff bulge growing under his rough jeans. She rubbed it and looked up at him, smiling. He was sitting back with his arm behind her on the back of the seat.

Pam glanced to her right at Charlie. He was watching them out of the corner of his eye. She fumbled with Ethan's belt and zipper. Her fingers closed around his thick, hard flesh, and Charlie was still watching. She turned away to look at Ethan's cock. It was long, thick, and hard as a rock. Ethan pushed on the back of her neck and eased her face down to his lap. She took his cock into her mouth. This was going to be a night she would remember for a long time.

Other than the soft noise of the movie from the speaker, the cramped cab of the pickup was extremely quiet. Pam was leaned over Ethan's lap in an awkward position, her mouth around the end of his cock, and the only sound was her wet mouth and the smack of her lips on his cock. On the speaker was a woman's moaning, like she was cumming.

"I'm gonna cum," Ethan whispered.

Pam kept sucking. His cock throbbed between her lips and his cum gushed on her tongue. Her mouth filled with his precious seed. She swallowed it and sucked her mouth off noisily.

Pam sat up and turned to kiss Charlie. He was startled and tried to back away, but her tongue went deep into his mouth. She had him pinned to the door and pressed her warm body against his. He pussy was moist. The smell of Ethan's cum was strong in the car, and she was sure Charlie could taste it on her tongue, even if he didn't know what it was. She was also sure they could both smell her pussy.

Finally, she broke away from Charlie and searched his face for a reaction. He looked cautiously at Ethan, and smiled at Pam.

"I knew you'd like it," she said. She reached down to his lap and began to unbuckle his jeans. "Whoever has the biggest cock will get my special favors."

"Wait a minute," Charlie said nervously, trying to make her stop.

"Don't worry. I'm sure you'll measure up," Pam said, and unzipped his jeans.

"You're just gonna make Charlie jealous," Ethan said.

Pam pulled out Charlie's long, hard cock.

"Let's see who's jealous now," she said, stroking it.

Ethan's was thicker and meatier, especially fully erect, but Charlie had a fine, long, lean cock. The car got quiet again. Pam, sitting in the middle, had a tight hand around each of their cocks and was slowly pumping each one. Ethan's hand slipped over her thigh and his fingers pushed up the leg of her shorts and he started to finger her pussy. Pam spread her legs.

From the speaker came some quiet dialogue from the porno movie, but none of them was paying attention. The dialogue ended and was replaced with a funky music and a woman's moans and grunts. The music was perfect for their situation, and the woman's moans made Pam hornier. Her brother's fingers in her pussy were driving her out of her mind.

Pam let go of their cocks, pulled Ethan's hand out of her shorts, unsnapped her shorts and pushed them down.

"What are you doing?" Charlie said.

"I'm gonna get fucked," Pam said.

She tugged down Charlie's pants and climbed over his lap, facing away, with her hands on the dashboard. He put his hands on her hips. Pam reached down between her legs and guided his cock to her cunt. She found the opening of her pussy with the head of his cock, slipped it in, and lowered herself on him. Charlie groaned. Her warm, dripping wet cunt swallowed his pole. She let her weight settle on his lap, and sighed. She looked over at Ethan, and he was smiling, rubbing his cock in his right hand.

Pam began to bounce on Charlie's lap. His hands were still on her hips, like he was unsure what to do with them. She lifted her tank-top up, pulled Charlie's hands up in each of her hands, and put them right on her tits.

"Squeeze them," she whispered.

He began to knead her tits like a kid who had just discovered silly-putty.

Pam was crouched over to keep her head from hitting the roof, and was holding the dashboard just in front of her while she bounced her ass on Charlie's lap and made his cock go in and out of her cunt. Her breathing was heavy, and she was steaming up the windows, but none of them seemed to mind that they couldn't see the movie anymore.

"I'm gonna cum," Charlie grunted.

"Good. Let it ... let it go," Pam said.

Charlie squeezed her tight around her waist. He groaned. Pam's head came up. His cock throbbed inside her, and his cum splashed deep in her belly.

"Oh yes," Pam moaned. She turned to Ethan. "Let's skip the rest of this movie and go back to your place. I got some ideas for us tonight."

Ethan quickly yanked up his pants, fired up the GTO, and nearly tore off the speaker in a hurry to get back to the dorm before Pam cooled down. When they got there, he hustled her upstairs and dragged Charlie behind him.

Just inside the door, Ethan peeled his clothes off and tried to rip off Pam's clothes. They went right to his bedroom and piled on his bed.

Pam knelt over Charlie's prone body, pulled down his pants, and sucked his cock in her mouth while her shorts come off in Ethan's hands. Before she could enjoy the cool air on her pussy, the head of Ethan's cock slipped into her wet cunt. She moaned and kept her mouth tight around Charlie's shaft as Ethan began to rock her back and forth. His cock was deep inside her cunt and Charlie's cock slipped all the way to the back of her mouth.

Ethan was holding her ass and grunting as he fucked her. Pam was moaning also, but Charlie's cock muffled her moans. She stroked the light hair on Charlie's soft belly. He did not have a hard, muscular body like Ethan's, but Pam liked him just as well.

"I gotta to get up," Charlie said suddenly.

He pulled his cock out of her mouth, jumped off the bed and left the room. Pam was puzzled, but Ethan continued to pump his huge cock into her cunt, and it was hard to focus. He had both hands on her ass, holding her down and moving her back and forth. She loved the feel of his prick sliding inside her. A few moments later, he was cumming and pumped himself dry.

"Oh yes," Pam moaned, enjoying the warm, squishing sensation inside her.

She sprawled on her belly on the warm spot on the bed that Charlie had left behind, and Ethan laid down beside her on his back.

"What are you thinking about?" she said.

She reached down and picked up his semi-hard, sticky-wet penis.

"Oh, nothing," he said, staring at the ceiling.

He had his arms bent behind his head and his legs spread a little for her.

"Are you upset about anything?"

"No way. Are you kidding? I just got laid. How can I be upset?"

"I thought you might be upset that I wanted to make it with you and Charlie."

His penis was growing harder in her hand.

"He needed to get laid."

"I think he's upset about something," Pam said.

She swung her leg over her brother and quickly lowered herself on his huge cock. She was still wet with his cum and her juices and she easily slid all the way down on it. The corners of her mouth curled up and she closed her eyes.

"Oh yeah," she moaned.

Ethan reached up and squeezed her tits.

She put her hands on his chest and let her hips rise and fall, gradually picking up speed. His cock was swelled inside her. He put his hands on her ass and moved her hips up and down. She leaned over and kissed him deep with her tongue, letting the tips of her hard nipples graze his chest. He held her hips and she rocked up and down on his cock. Their mouths were locked together when she started to orgasm. She reached a short peak and it passed and she felt his cum squirt into her.

He was straining and grunting, trying to get every last drop inside her. Pam sat up again, pressing herself down on his cock. He breathed a deep sigh and opened his eyes. She was leaning over him, supporting herself with her arms, smiling. He smiled back. Her long, blonde hair draped from her head, obscuring her face and dangling over Ethan's face. He collected her hair and brushed it out of her face.

Pam laid on top of him and kissed him. His hands came up from her ass over her back. She was covered with a light coating of perspiration and breathing hard. She rolled off him and he got up, picked up his pants, and went to the bathroom. Pam lay on the bed for a moment, feeling the all the fresh, warm cum inside her, and got up to go to the kitchen.

She walked into the kitchen naked and found Charlie searching in the bottom of the cupboards. He was dressed, but had no shoes on. He looked up and did a double take when he saw she had no clothes on.

"What are you doing?" Pam said.

"I'm gonna make some popcorn."

He tried not to look at her, and she could immediately tell that he was uncomfortable. He found the jar of popcorn and poured some in the pot he had put on the stove.

"Don't you want to join us? I wanted you to cum in my mouth," Pam said.

She leaned against the counter beside him. She looked down at her tits, absently noticing that they seemed a little larger than usual, and her nipples were hard points in the cool air.

Charlie coughed, and glanced at her breasts.

"I don't feel right fucking you in front of Ethan, you know? I mean, you're his sister."

"I never would have suggested this if I knew he wouldn't like it."

"Yeah, but I still don't feel right about it."

"You were all right to fuck me when he wasn't here."

"Yeah, but that's different."

Pam laughed. "Yeah, that's a lot different."

Charlie was trying to hold back a smile. She lifted his t-shirt and began to unbuckle his belt. He stepped back, but didn't try to stop her. She unzipped his jeans, reached in, and smiled.

"I knew you'd feel better," she said.

She dropped his jeans to the floor and his erection stood straight out.

"Come on. Let's do it," she said.

She leaned back against the counter and spread her legs.

Charlie stepped toward her and put his hands on her waist. Pam's mouth was watering as she watching his penis nearing her pussy, and she licked her lips. She put her hands on his shoulders. His cock poked through the light hairs on her mound and found the opening of her pussy. She groaned when it started to slide in.

Ethan came out of the bathroom and went back to the bedroom. The bed was still a mess, with a big wet spot in the middle, but Pam wasn't in it. He picked up his t-shirt, put it on, and went out to the kitchen to see if he could fix some dinner. When he got there, Pam and Charlie were locked together in a tight embrace. Pam was naked, leaning against the counter with her legs spread, and Charlie's jeans were down around his ankles. They were fucking. Pam looked at him and smiled.

"You never get enough, do you?" Ethan said.

Charlie looked at him in surprise and slowed suddenly, but Pam didn't let him stop fucking her. "Not tonight," she said.

Ethan leaned against the other counter and watched. Charlie put his hands on her ass and Pam put her arms around his neck. Her feet were on the ground, on the balls of her feet, and Charlie's legs were between her spread thighs. Pam's body shook as he pumped in and out of her.

"I hope you guys can keep this up all night," she said.

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