The Drive In Movie

byJust Plain Bob©

"Harry is my current lover" Caroline said, "I invited him to join us to see to it that you got the full experience tonight. Your first infidelity, your first incestuous relationship, your first three some, your first foursome and Tony, another one of my lovers should be here in a minute or so to see that you get your first gang bang. No need to thank me now sweetie, you can do that later."

Jeff was the first one to cum and he got out from under me and Harry worked his way under me and into me and Jeff pushed his cock into my mouth. Mike was the next to let go and he pulled out of my ass and another cock (I guessed Tony had arrived) slid into my ass and after that cocks just moved from hole to hole as they took turns fucking me. I had cum so many times that I was getting weak and I was being bounced around like a rag doll.

At some point Caroline had undressed and laid down beside me on the bed and called to Jeff:

"Come on sweetie. We've never done this before and I never intended to ever do it, but I can't let her out slut me" and I watched as Jeff fucked his mother for the first time. When he finished the guys took turns on each of us until Caroline finally called a halt to things.

"We need to end this guys. I have to get her cleaned up and home to her husband."

Tony pulled out of my mouth, Mike put on a burst of speed and came in my ass for third or fourth time and then Mike and Jeff lifted me up off of Harry. For the first time in what felt like hours I did not have a cock in one of my holes. Once off of Harry the boys let loose of me and I collapsed onto the bed and I would have fallen asleep if Caroline hadn't had them pick me up and carry me to the shower. I stood there under the hot spray as Jeff held me up and Mike washed me. I almost came one more time when he went to work on cleaning out my pussy.

Caroline poured a cold Coke in me and got me to where I was reasonably alert and I noticed that from the time we got to the drive in until the time I drank the Coke only four and a half hours had passed. Four and half hours of steady fucking by four cocks that didn't belong to my husband. How in the hell was I ever going to be able to face him? How in the hell would I be able to face Mike and Jeff when tomorrow came around and I climbed out of bed? And after what Caroline had done would I ever be able to trust myself around her again?


It was two in the morning when we pulled into my drive. The ride home had been very quiet as the enormity of what I had just done sat heavily on my shoulders and the others had sensed my mood and had kept silent. Caroline turned off the ignition and then told the boys to go on and go to bed and then the two of us sat in the car for another five minutes or so in silence. Then Caroline said:

"Don't you dare go into your house and start feeling guilty for what happened tonight. For one thing you loved every second of it. Okay, so it was wrong, but it is done and over. You can't change anything so just look back on it as a fond memory and get back to your life. Don't avoid Mike. The two of you share a special bond now and all you have to do is be natural around him. His is going to be a lot more touchy feely with you, but you are still the grown up and you can control things. Now go on in and snuggle up next to Joel and get on with your life."

And then she giggled and said, "And if you ever decide to do it again I'll be ready."


That was two months ago and while I do want to do it again I am fighting the urge. Every time I'm around Mike and Jeff I see the hunger in their eyes and I recognize it for what it is and I am hoping that even if they see it in my eyes they won't recognize it. Every morning when I have coffee with Caroline she asks:

"Are you ready yet? You want to. We both know you want to. I'm doing my best to keep Mike and Jeff happy, but even as big a slut as I am I'm having a hard time keeping up with two energetic young studs and my other lovers. I need help honey, I need you to come to my rescue. You might be leery of doing it with Mike, but even if you only take care of Jeff and maybe Harry it will help."

I want to. Oh God, but I do so want to. But I don't dare.

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by Anonymous

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by Anonymous08/11/17

Can we say RAPE and Kidnapping

This is a case of rape and kidnapping I mean how is her son and friend ok with this? I mean this is not cool at all she said no and tried to leave and her ow friend pulls her by her hair and wont let hermore...

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by Anonymous07/28/17

Dead whores

Tell no tales..... it is your choice which oneyou eliminate.... just make it painful

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by Anonymous06/08/17


I hope you didn't use a real person to model this stupid woman after. The last page should read they all died of AIDS. She found out when her husband became ill and had to go to the Doctor. He told themore...

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