tagNonConsent/ReluctanceThe Driving Examiner Ch. 04-07

The Driving Examiner Ch. 04-07


The story so far...Charelle is a 20 year old woman trying to flirt her way past her driving examiner. The horny older man uses her naivety and a mistake or two to force her into degrading sexual acts.

Chapter Four

Bill looked through the windscreen, peering in at the poor young woman who was undoubtedly shitting herself. After the scare with the bicyclists he'd found the excuse for what he'd been trying to bring about since he started the driving test. He'd been formulating a way that he could get Charelle to give up what would no doubt be her most fuckable and sweet pussy. The time they'd spent navigating to this point had been a time during which Bill gave the briefest instructions, whilst guiding his cute examinee to a remote location. In fact, if it wasn't for the near-miss he'd probably have to give up as Charelle was actually driving well enough to pass. And the 45 year old examiner wasn't willing to go so far as to rape his companion; he may be horny but his libido wasn't totally destroying his common sense.

The first thing he did once he left the passenger seat of the parked vehicle was to ring the DVLA office. He had to make sure no suspicions were raised either here with Charelle or back with the desk jockeys at work. He also took the opportunity to query some of Charelle's information. The way she had asked about repeated failures to pass made him think something was amiss there. Even the way she had dressed, with an outfit that'd get a boner from a corpse made Bill wonder if the girl was trying to rort the system.

His call to the office went smoothly, and he got what he wanted to hear. Plus, he made sure his interjections reached Charelle's cute ears. The reference to getting the police was an ad lib after he'd disconnected his mobile (she wasn't to know his fraud). Bill had seen plenty of people beg and cajol after being warned about the cops...maybe he could lever that with Charelle as well.

All the while Charelle tried to both avoid eye contact with the man who held her driving test in his hands, and therefore her ability to start the new job as a hair stylist for a modelling agency based in London. This was her fourth test, and she'd been told when she got the job with the modelling firm that she was expected to provide her own transport to and from location shoots. The money was great, but the opportunity to bust into modelling this way was a god send. Therefore she was willing to risk it all on finally passing. Yes, she'd taken a bit of dutch courage before the drive and yes, she'd lied on her form. Naively Charelle believed that a combination of her passing the test and maybe a little flirtation would get her through. Now, as she stared at the large angry form of Bill Walker she knew that the gig was up.

Bill sauntered over to the driver's side window and tapped on it, his face gray and sullen. "Come on...hop out of that seat NOW Miss Smith," he demanded. Charelle looked up, wiping a few tears from her eyes and meekly obeyed. As she rose Bill couldn't resist an almost comic snarl, like he was some cheap villain in a melodrama, but he also found time to contemplate the hottest 20 year old ass he'd seen for many a year. Charelle silently cross in front of the car then got into the passenger's seat. Bill took his position behind the wheel, closed the door and indicated for Charelle to do the same.

"Well Miss Smith...I guess you know now that you've failed the test." Bill said this more neutrally than to be expected. He had to be considered and careful now. Any hasty move and he would be in more shit than Charelle thought she was. "I am going to have to record this as a failed to pass, plus report you to the DVLA for lying on your exam form and finally," at which he drew himself up as best as he could sitting behind the wheel of the Vauxhall "I'm going to ring the police to tell them I'll be bringing you to the appropriate station where we can discuss contravention of the road rules, a possible dangerous driving charge and maybe (Bill took a punt here) a breath test."

"No...NO Please NO!" Charelle whined piteously. She shook her head vigorously, the long blonde and black highlighted hair flew over her face and briefly hid the new bout of tears that cascaded down her face. "Please Bill...I didn't mean to cheat and drive so bad and have a drink and...and...and... " All the composure she maintained whilst driving was gone; Charelle had been reduced to a very sorry bad girl, and she was in lots of trouble.

Bill knew that the snare was taken; the trap was just about sprung. "Come now lass...you do wrong you have to take responsibility for it. I can't just pass anyone and everyone, especially after they lie and almost get me killed." Sure, it was a bit of an exaggeration as if anyone would've been killed when Charelle almost hit the cyclists it would have been them, not him. "It's not as if you can change my mind with crying and blubbering like a spoilt brat." And as he said this he lightly put his hand on her right knee.

"But you don't understand sir...Bill. This was going to be the way I got into modelling...I was supposed to pass. I needed to pass!" Charelle's desperation and fear almost totally blocked out from her mind the fact that her much older driving instructor was now resting his hand palm down on her bare knee.

"Oh do you? It'd take a lot more than the snivelling begging of a girl to change my mind after what you did Charelle. A bloody lot." He looked again at her, leaving what he wanted unsaid.

"What? You mean you actually could pass me?" Charelle leapt on the vague hint of the driving examiner's equivocation like a starving dog on a bone. "I promise, if you tell me what I have to do, I'll do it and I promise I'll never drive bad or tell anyone or drink drive or..."

Bill smiled as Charelle's wild promises dried up when he put his left index finger to her lip-sticked lips, shushing her. He'd won, he knew and all it took now was the coup de grace. Charelle was too stunned by the now obvious physical intimacy. "You can change my mind, and I can even call off the police if you do exactly as I say Charelle. Understood? And," at which point he deftly curved his finger from Charelle's pretty lips down the line of her jaw to tickle softly under her chin "you may even like it."

Chapter Five

Charelle's eyes fluttered as the mature man behind the steering wheel of her car stroked her chin. She felt the fingernail of his ring finger trace along her jaw line, and although she found the touch disturbing she knew that she had to endure it. Her heart raced and her mind fogged as she tried to understand what was happening. She was supposed to be passing her driving exam, getting a licence to drive so she could get to London and work her way into modelling. Instead she was parked in some semi-rural location a good distance from home, facing the unenviable choice of either dealing with being arrested or doing what the driving examiner demanded.

Bill stared at Charelle and decided that his petite 20 year old examinee needed further guidance. "Charelle, you know I am open to whatever you suggest...whatever you can offer to discourage me from calling the cops. Whatever you think is appropriate." He paused, took his hand away from her sweet face and then took her right hand in his grip. "For example, perhaps you can offer me some further insight in how you hold the gear stick." He drew her hand across his lap, her forearm gradually moving if a little reluctantly. "Rest your hand here sweetie...and tell me what you think you can do."

Charelle's delicate fingers brushed against the now raised bump of Bill's developing erection. Naturally she curled them away, shocked at the touch. "You...you...you have a hard on!" she whelped "How could you?"

"Oh come now Charelle," Bill looked at the blushing red face of the young woman "You can't play the innocent with me. I knew your game as soon as you came in to the DVLA. Dress like a little cock tease, flirt with the examiner, maybe show some leg or wiggle your bum and then the poor bastard testing you will forget about standards. Oh yes...I've seen all kinds of shit pulled by girls like you." Charelle's mouth opened and closed in a silent "Oh", like a goldfish struggling to breath. She had tried to make her examiner think she was sex on a stick, but it wasn't supposed to lead to this.

"Now if you want to have me get the local constabulary to meet us back at the office, give you a breath test, arrest you and then throw you in the chokey for a few hours while mummy and daddy try to find out what kind of criminal their precious daughter is, then sure...take your hand away. And if you don't want that big job in modelling because you really don't need a driver's licence, then hell...I can live with that. But instead, if you want me to help you...well, you gotta help me."

Charelle blushed a deep beetroot red, her cheeks going a shade of crimson that even her rouge couldn't hide. The conclusion her mind offered was horrid, and the words were stuck in her throat like a fish bone. But they had to be said. She needed to bargain a way out of her predicament. She mumbled a soft, stammering question;

"Do...do you want...um, do you want to have sex with...me?"

Bowing her head, the tears she had cried when she first realised she'd screwed her exam beginning again, Charelle sobbed heartily. Unfortunately for her Bill was not in any mood for coquettish games or girlish hesitation. He was after all a divorced older guy offered the opportunity to use a beautiful 20 year old woman's body like it was his own play toy. He was in charge, and though she didn't like it they both knew it.

"Louder lass. And stop your snivelling!"

"Do you...want to have...sex with me? Bill?" Charelle asked again, snuffling her nose and wiping her red-rimmed eyes with her free hand.

"Say it again...but with more...feeling." The 45 year old driving examiner was enjoying this now. The small hand of his passenger almost imperceptibly rubbing along the folds in his trousers, over the material covering his engorging cock. The obvious humiliation and unwillingness in Charelle's voice stoked his lust. It had been far too long since he'd had a beautiful young woman ready to do his bidding. He was the boss now.

Charelle gulped and with as much composure as she could muster spoke again. "Do you want to fuck me?" Bill silently nodded, and his meaty hand on her knee crept inch by inch up from its resting position till it started to grope under the hem of her white miniskirt. Thick fingers drew themselves up along the soft skin of her inner thighs, and when Charelle nervously shuddered, clamping them closed Bill used those same calloused digits to prise her open again. A soundless "No" formed on Charelle's lips, but with his left hand now about to reach her panty-covered crotch he looked sternly into her wide opened eyes and mouthed back "Yes".

"Aye sweetie...you have a beautiful pair of legs. Very long and sexy. Soft too." Bill hoarsely told Charelle this partly to urge on his own increasing lust, but also to flatter the scared young woman. Help her adjust to her situation. "Bet many a Liverpool lad has wanted to have these legs wrapped round their waist as they fucked you huh...or maybe have them tight against their ears as they ate that pussy you're hiding from me."

"Oh please...please don't say such things." Charelle pleaded with a tremor in her voice, "I'm not that kind of girl."

"Yeah right" Bill grunted "no young woman dresses like you do and doesn't expect to be fucked huh." As he uttered the crude observation his index finger jabbed against the cotton of her knickers, just on the bottom of her mons veneris. Charelle sighed a dissenting "No", but lurking underneath that single word it sounded to Bill that there may have been a little "Yes" hiding too. The tip of Bill's fingers made grinding circular movements over the fabric, massaging Charelle's unexposed clitoral hood. All those years of bringing women like his ex-wife to a climax through frigging them were good experience for the driving instructor, and his young victim was the still protesting yet lucky receiver.

"Don't...it's not right. I don't like it." Charelle whimpered her anxious plea, but all the while her legs clamped semi-rhythmically on Bill's hand. "I'm a good girl...I am...I swear I am." Bill snorted a disagreeing sound and ignored her, continuing to massage Charelle's mound and clit. "I am a good girl! I'm a...."

Bill looked again with a lusty stare into Charelle's wet eyes. "A what dear...tell me, and I might stop." As he said this he paused, but didn't withdraw his fingers. "Tell your driving examiner the truth and he might just pass you and leave it at that."

Charelle gulped; an older, worldlier girl instead of the poor 20 year old stuck in this invidious position may have thought of another way or something to say which could have stopped the lascivious old man. Instead she still felt some kind of need to do what it took to get her licence. If the dirty old man rubbing her on her pussy might stop, and still pass her the all would be well. That's what she thought as she spoke.

"I'm...I'm a...still...you know..." Her face blushed deep red again and she lowered her eyes so Bill couldn't see into them. "I'm still...a virgin." Charelle cut back a sob in the back of her throat, and with that confession out in the open she raised her head and tried to reassert control. "So you can't do what you want, otherwise you'll be ruining me. You understand?"

Bill could barely suppress the adrenaline rush that seemed to shoot every raging boost of testosterone into his hard on. "A virgin! You fucking ripper!" was his inner exultation. It had been almost 30 years since he'd had a virgin, and that was his ex-wife, who matured into a slut. Bill was getting another chance to fuck a young woman who'd never had her pussy stretched by a man's fat cock. It was too fucking good to be true.

Chapter Six

The finger that was teasing at Charelle's covered crotch started to strum over her clit more quickly now, and it was clear to her that her protestations about her virginity weren't helping. In fact, they obviously inflamed Bill's need to have her. She could feel the growing hardness of the driving instructor's cock throw his trousers, and it was all she could do not to remove her hand in disgust. Blinded by her tears as well as with a mind befogged by her situation the beautiful blonde virgin imperceptibly spread her thighs a millimetre or two. Bill took advantage of her momentary lapse of control, and with a finger hooked under the hem of her white lace knickers, he began to pull and twist the patch of material covering Charelle's vulva.

"What are you doing? Don't! Please...don't...stop it...please," Charelle whimpered "I'm not ready...I wanted to save myself." Bill grunted his answer, a guttural "Don't care." And then with the soft sound of lace ripping he tore the poor girl's panties apart. The fabric was shredded exposing her pussy, a few pubic hairs barely standing around Charelle's labial lips.

"Now just remember lass," Bill said as he started to insert his middle finger up into the semi-dry virgin cunt of his victim "You don't cooperate and it's the cops, as well as no job and mum and dad finding out you are a lying conniving criminal little bitch." The cold hard look in the older man's eyes scared the hell out of Charelle, but she was even more focused on the jabbing finger trying to lodge itself inside her vagina.

"Uh...uh....what...stop...it doesn't feel...uh...right" Charelle stuttered.

"It will sweetie, it will." Bill cooed back in her closest ear, leaning in so he could look down on his hand cruelly attached to the blonde's crotch, taking the time to also inhale the heady whiff of her perfume and the aroma of her cunt that wafted inside the car. Bill's finger dug between the folds of Charelle's outer lips, then the inner ones. His thumb twitched over her clit and whilst the 20 year old was trying to resist at the same time she let out little sighs and moans.

The rubbery flesh that was at the entrance to her cunt was mostly dry, but the lascivious old bastard could sense a slight sliminess. She may have been mentally fighting her impending digital rape, murmuring cries of "No" and "Please, stop." but Charelle's body wasn't so reluctant. Then, after a few more circling of her clit Bill's thick forefinger started to drill inside her moistening cunt. With a barely audible pop he penetrated her with the finger, going up to the second knuckle, curving the fingertip upwards so he could scrape the wall of her pussy.

"Ahhhhhhhhh....no no NO!" Charelle cried out loud her dismay and at the same time she let go of Bill cock's. The driving instructor growled a throaty threatening sound, and with his free hand grabbed Charelle's fingers and slammed then back down onto his covered erection. Then, after nibbling her earlobe he whispered into the virgin's ear a single command. "Undo me." And as he spoke he manipulated his invading finger as it stabbed up inside Charelle, making the poor girl moan and cry out. Her lower torso twisted and her miniskirt moved up, exposing more of her bare thighs as well as the tattered lace of her panties.

Bill had a feast of depraved delights to enjoy; one forefinger lodged up inside his examinee, her cunt stretching and squeezing with futile resistance, whilst Charelle's hand in his lap awkwardly fumbled at his fly. She tried to avoid the bulge in his trousers, but he forced her to grasp the zip that held him in, and as Charelle started sobbing again he 'helped' her draw down the zip.

"Oh please Bill...I don't like this...please...leave me alone...stop." Charelle twisted and squirmed, wept and pleaded. Between her legs she felt the dirty old man's hand cupping her never-before-touched cunt, and then to her horror not only was Bill's index finger inserting itself up inside her secret cavity, the middle finger began to also stroke into the cleft of her pussy. "Ugh....too many fingers...don't..." she protested again and again, a couple of big tear drops falling down to splash on the pale pure skin of her exposed cleavage.

Meanwhile, deaf to her pleas Bill's now fully erect penis was dredged up out of its lair, standing proud and erect and a full, fat 8 inches, poking at Charelle's shivering hand. The warm air inside the car was getting thicker with the musky smell of Charelle's pussy and Bill's phallus, and it was all that Bill could do to avoid drooling with perverted hunger. As the sky started to darken outside in this secluded lay by the young girl who had started the day hoping to flirt her way to a driver's licence was not trying to stop the driving instructor from violating her virgin cunt.

Charelle's hand shrank at the touch of Bill's engorged touch, and when the older man sensed this he smiled with an evil grin. "Don't you want to hold me cock sweetie?" he cooed, at the same time working his two fingers inside the entrance to his victim's cunt in and out.

"It's all hard and stiff just for you baby," he whispered "and I bet when it goes up inside your tight pussy it'll be sure to pop your cherry and show you how good it feels to be fucked by a real man." Charelle sighed and then yelped as Bill's fingers dug deeper, coming into contact with the membrane of her hymen. "Oh ho!" Bill exclaimed "You weren't shitting me were you darling?!" Charelle's head dropped, her eyes now fixed on the fingers lodged deep inside her pussy.

"No...I wasn't lying," Charelle sobbed in a low and tremulous whisper. Then looking back into Bill's eyes she tried to use the last of her innocent beauty to stop him from going further. "I wanted to save myself for the boy I married...can you stop please Bill? Please...I promise I will do whatever else you want. Just don't take my virginity."

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