tagMatureThe Drover's Song

The Drover's Song


"Ooh, Gillian, look what's coming though the gate."

"My gosh Ellen, what a strapping young man. This may be the boarder that Pastor Nicholls rang us about, the one that's here to study theology at the university. He has a suitcase and an overnight bag. Gosh, he's got a lovely tan under that enormous hat."

"The pastor did tell us that he was an ex-drover from the Territory so I'd expect him to be somewhat sunburnt dear."

Just then the door bell rang and the sisters Clark rushed to open it.

The stranger doffed his near new 'city' hat and peered into the gloom of the hallway observing the two middle aged women waiting expectedly within. "G'day ladies, you'll be the Misses Clarke?"

"That's right, young man," replied Gillian.

"Pastor Nicholls sent me around. My name's Stuart Rennie -- pleased to meet you."

Stuart removed his sunglasses and his blue eyes sparkled with pleasure. Ellen clutched a hand to her cheek as she took in the too obvious male specimen in front of her. Her body went a little hot then damp and chilly at the low rumbling register of his voice, his tall broad shouldered physique, rugged good looks, dark unruly hair and flashing white teeth. She felt a sudden trickle of fluid escape her puss. She looked anxiously at Gillian and saw by the way her cheeks suddenly flushed that she too was deeply affected by the man blocking out the sun in the doorway.

Ellen recovered and turned on her heel, more to cover her consternation than to be hospitable. "Come in, come in, er Stuart. Please come through here. Would you like a cup of tea??" She looked back in time to see that he was following her and behind him Gillian was making no secret of looking at his bum, the tart! "Please have a seat, Stuart, while we make the tea. Come Gillian, give me a hand." Ellen drew her sister with her by firmly holding her elbow and pushing her in front of her.

Once in the kitchen, Gillian sat down heavily and wiped a hand across her forehead. "My goodness, Ellen, that is one gorgeous specimen of manhood, don't you think? He's much more manly than that strange little creature we were allocated last year."

""I couldn't agree more, Gill. First sight and I'm sure I had a mini orgasm. I'm going to have to change my panties after we've shown him to his room."

The sisters returned to the parlour where the handsome Stuart was sitting in the middle of the lounge, his hands behind his head. Both pairs of eyes were drawn to his crotch where an impressive bulge clearly showed within his jeans. They were warned by the shaking of the cups on the saucers that they had trespassed for too long.

"Now ladies, what do I call you?" said Stuart, taking a wavering cup and saucer from Gillian.

Ellen sat opposite him in a chair and tried to compose herself. "I'm Ellen, and that's Gillian or Gill." Stuart nodded at them both and took a sip of tea. "What brings a man from the territory to study theology at the university?"

Stuart looked reflectively at his tea. "Well, around the camp fires, me and the other guys would discuss all kinds of things, from politics to sex and sport. Occasionally we would get into the ways of nature and wonder whether there was a God, or did it all happen by chance. It got so confusing, that when I got a letter from my brother suggesting I enroll at his university to study religion, I jumped at the chance. Besides, the cattle were really starting to smell by then." He looked up and smiled at the joke. "The brother is now off in Africa doing good deeds."

That rumbling voice and glorious smile caused yet another flutter within Ellen's panties and she could tell by the glassy look that Gillian had felt the same.

Gillian tried to calmly put her tea cup down without spilling any. "Surely a young, er virile man like you would rather marry and raise children?"

"Hey, I'm not going to be wedded to the church. There are far too many charming ladies to be met and maybe one day I'll think of getting hitched. This is one cowboy who wouldn't dream of going the celibate route. Truth be told, and I hope I'm not overstepping the mark here ladies, but I've had more shags than hot breakfasts."

Gillian clutched at her knees wrinkling her dress, while Ellen put one hand up to her blushing cheek.

"Sorry if that was a bit offensive ladies but I do tend to call a spade a spade. Now, if you'll show me to my room, I'd like to shower off some of this travel dust and have a nap."

Showered and refreshed, Stuart lay nude on the neatly made single bed and contemplated the sisters Clark. Both were over fifty and well upholstered. Both had obvious bosoms and nipped in waists. Gillian had lovely auburn hair that obviously received help from a hair dresser. Ellen's hair was white but her hands were manicured. He smiled as he remembered their nervous flushes when he had turned the charm tap on full bore. He positively grinned at the memory of their eyes riveted to his cock when they brought the tea.

A right pair of randy old chooks! They reminded him of his first boss when he was a raw youth starting out. Recently widowed, she'd inveigled him into her bed and lustily taught him every trick in the book and damn near wore him out until relief in the form of a new roustabout diverted her. Since then he had practiced seduction all over the territory with bar maids, the wives of station owners, and tourists. The grey nomads were lots of fun. (Grey nomads are retired Australians touring the country in caravans and Winnebagos seeing the great continent up close) More than once he had happened on a couple where she still felt the urge and her husband was content to watch. He hadn't much time for young sheilas because they were in love as soon has he fucked them.

Stuart's dick twitched with those memories. Brought back to the present he contemplated how best to shag the Misses Clark he now knew to be certainties waiting to be plucked, or was that fucked. Have them walk in while he was having a shower? Visiting one at a time in the dead of night? Going the grope in the kitchen? Accidentally walking into the bathroom?

Just as he was working out each of the scenarios, he heard whispering outside his door. He lay back on the pillow with one arm behind his head and an arm over his eyes allowing sufficient vision to see what was happening. He heard the door being opened stealthily and a swiftly indrawn breathe from whoever happened to be standing there. His hearing, honed by years in the scrub, picked up the increased breathing. Peeking, he saw that it was Ellen who stood by the door one hand clutching the neck of her dress as she took in the sight before her.

Ellen trembled from head to toe as she peered at the sight before her. Stuart was obviously asleep. She stood transfixed as she took in the perfection of his body. He was tanned a deep bronze colour down to his hips and then below his genitals. His impressively broad shoulders tapered down to narrow hips. A thin line of curly dark hair bisected clearly defined pectorals and extraordinary stomach muscles. His legs were amazingly long and muscular. She noticed that in seconds while her eyes widened at the sight of his long thick dark cock that lay heavily draped over one white thigh. Even in the semi gloom of the room she could make out a viscous pearl about to drip from his cock eye. It twitched. She gasped and flung her hand into her mouth to stop herself from groaning.

The monster started to elongate and swell. Lazily it straightened and started to climb towards his chest.

"Like what you see, Ellen?" he drawled. "Come here and have a better look."

Mortified, she looked at his smiling eyes and knew it was meant to be. On unsteady legs, she wobbled over to the bed and sat gently by his knees. Stuart reached out and gently took her clammy hand and laid it on his nearly tumescent cock. She gently tried to close her hand around it but it was too thick. It throbbed in her hand and she nearly swooned.

"Move your legs apart, darling," Stuart whispered.

Before she knew it, one of his hands had disappeared under her dress and swiftly, spider like, crept up to cup her puss. One big broad finger swiped up and down her crack. His cock jerked in her hand as he encountered the obviously aroused cunt hidden within her panties.

"Come here," he growled, and pulled her onto his muscle bound chest. She kissed his neck wildly while he unbuttoned the back of her dress. He pushed her back and ripped the dress off her shoulders and down to her waist. He leant up and expertly undid the four hooks holding her well filled bra, ripped it down her arms and flung it away. "Fucking hell, what a gorgeous set of tits, dear Ellen." He used each of his work roughened thumbs to scrape across her already sensitive nubs and they stiffened even further. He latched onto one with his mouth and rasped his tongue right across the middle, then swirled and then sucked. His other hand was filled with her other heavy breast and he pinched the turgid nipple and heard her groan in ecstasy. He attacked the other nipple with his mouth and satisfied that she was on the brink, pushed her up and away.

Ellen stood next to the bed almost fainting as he gripped her dress draped around her waist and pushed it down her curvaceous hips and legs. Her panties were saturated and clearly showed her blood engorged nether lips. He pulled them off down her pudgy legs and dove his head between her thighs. This was awkward so he twisted her around and pushed her flat on her back. He roughly pushed her big thighs apart and smiled at the damp patch grey brown pubic hair that was parted by red angry vaginal lips. He dived in and ran the flat of his tongue from bottom to top and heard her groan almost in agony as he repeated the dose. He nipped her clit and felt a small gush of viscous fluid erupt against his chin.

Stuart got up and straddled her waist. He leaned forward and gathered up her lolling breasts and drove his rigid cock into the sweaty chasm. He punched the cock head through the mounds and up against her drooling mouth. "Suck it when it comes out darling, I want to get rid of the dirty water before I fuck you." He started fucking her tits, slowly and powerfully, allowing her hot mouth time to suck hard on his sensitive cock head. All too soon, he unleashed the pent up load in his balls. She took the first couple of gushes and nearly drowned. He pulled back and hosed her face and neck. "Pearl necklace for you, sweetheart, but not for long. I need some cunt."

Reaching over the side of the bed, Stuart grabbed Ellen's dress and wiped her face and neck. Tossing it aside, he scooted down and unerringly found her running centre. With a slow, powerful thrust, he pushed inside her to the hilt. He flexed his cock to let her know she was his and then began to fuck her with steadily increasing strokes until he was pounding the shit out of her. He put his arms under her armpits and enjoyed feel of her huge breasts against his chest as he used her shoulders to pull himself in and out of her.

Ellen was in seventh heaven. Never in her life had she been fucked with such skill, such supremacy, by such a virile male. She humped back at him and was cumming over and over and was near unconscious when he suddenly reared up and yelled, "Take that, and that, you gorgeous slut," as he pumped his seed deep within her. He collapsed on her and she wound her legs around his thighs feeling his cock pulse over and over as it delivered its spermic injection.

Stuart heard a groan from the doorway and glanced back to see Gillian with her hand up her dress frigging herself rapidly. "Give me a couple of minutes, Gill, and I'll give you the same seeing to that I just gave your sister, you horny slut."

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