tagSci-Fi & FantasyThe Druid Ch. 02

The Druid Ch. 02



I woke to the sounds of birds tweeting and wonderful smells which seemed to engulf my head whilst I stretched and twisted the sleep away. My bed felt a little firmer than usual and the air felt somehow cleaner, as if the windows to the room had been left open all day allowing nature to perform a deep cleanse. My Mom is such a thoughtful person. I opened my eyes and it took a little while for my eyes and brain to synchronise. This wasn't my room, in fact this room was the furthest thing from my room I could imagine. It looked more like the inside of a large treehouse, with thick vines and branches running down forming the wall and floor, with only a hole for a doorway. There were no posters or pictures, nor any carpets or rugs. No light fittings or electric outlets of any kind. It felt almost barren. Barren of necessity but also barren of human touch. The little things that show a room is lived in. But none of that was what my eyes seemed to be drawn to like a moth to a vivid flame.

No, the thing my eyes focused on pretty much straight away, before anything else were the thin thighs on either side of my head and a petite ass that sat atop them. They appeared to be all muscle with very little fat, sleek lines with little in the way of curves. The puckered hole, almost green in colour but not at all unappealing to the eye. My eyes trailed down slightly lower to the elongated brown full lips and the vivid moist pink which resided between. The wonderful smells I detected earlier seemed to be emanating from here mere inches from my nose and mouth. The delectable aroma caused my dick to stiffen and as it did so it hit something which caused me to jump.

"No, no, no. You're not going anywhere. At least not until we have both had our fill. Now eat up dear boy, before the opportunity vanishes." I felt something hot and wet engulf my cock, which was still stiff from awakening. My lower back arced off the bed at the assault and my hands went to grip the bedframe in frustration. What the hell was going on? Why was I here? Where am I? Where's Mom? These were all questions which floated around my brain demanding answers, but the warm embrace surrounding my shaft overpowered all other thoughts and actions. It felt so good, so much better than playing with myself, every inch of it felt friction, every inch squirmed and tensed under the attention. But the head oh my god, the tip of it felt as if within an iron grip of hot suction.

The weight on my torso shifted and my eyes once again were drawn to the strange and alluring pussy which sat atop me, practically dripping its delicious nectar onto my nose and mouth. There was course hair very thick on either side of the lips. I'd gone through a phase in my porn viewing habits of hairy women, but none had looked like this. It looked as thick as brambles and I was scared that it might leave me with an abrasive rash if I got too close. The decision was made for me when she shifted again, but this time simply pushed the pussy right into my face.

I felt the warm embrace leave my cock before a voice said "You think too much boy. Don't use that lump on your shoulders too much it will merely get you into trouble. Start thinking more with this delightful instrument and I promise you, things will go a lot smoother" before the suction on my cock resumed but seeming to ramp up in its intensity. Every fiber in my body was calling out for me to push my tongue out of my mouth and just lick between the folds. How easy it would be, it was practically touching my lips, I need just reach out to it, but a thought still clawed at the back of my mind, who the hell is this woman sucking my dick? The thought evaporated as quickly as it formed when a droplet of the sweet nectar landed onto my lips. I'd once taken part in a challenge of eating a donut without licking my lips, that was tough but was nothing compared to the desiring pull I felt now. It was too strong and before I knew it my tongue extended and licked the residue from my lips.

The taste was strong, and the flavor full. It tasted like sweet wine, like the dessert wine my Mom had let me try once when we were in Greece. I wanted to savor it in my mouth, swirl it around so it hit every taste bud, but all too soon I swallowed and the taste was gone. There's more where that came from said a voice inside my head, the last piece of advice was difficult to ignore and I closed the distance and extended my tongue tentatively licking the opening of her pussy where the juice appeared to be free flowing. The juice seemed thicker like that of treacle or honey, but its taste was divine and I started licking with abandon.

She groaned at my works which sent vibrations around my engulfed cock and I knew I wouldn't last long if she continued at the speed and fury of her works. I lowered my tongue to her clit and did a double take at the sharp point. It wasn't like anything I had seen before, I was frightened to touch it with my tongue for fear of piercing myself but from all the porn I'd seen and conversations with my friends it's what women wanted. I pushed my tongue against the bottom of my mouth giving it firm instructions not to leave its position and opened my mouth wide and took her clitoris into my mouth encasing the base between my lips. I decided rather than roll my tongue around it like I'd seen in the movies, I'd just gently suck and hum, maybe the vibrations worked for women as well as for men.

I felt her body shift at my contact and the sucking action stopped. "Ah. Wretched boy. Ah. That, feels good. Ah. Too good. Hmm, Harder, suck it harder. Ah yes. That feels so good."

Pleased that my actions appeared to be having the desired effect, I hummed louder and sucked harder, letting my tongue gently rest against its underside, carefully avoiding the tip. "Ah, by the Gods and all that is good, yes, yes." She started rotating her hips on my face moving around to position me where she wanted me. The course hair rubbed against the sides of my face causing me some discomfort and the gyrations became quicker causing the spike to move around in my mouth hitting the ceiling of my mouth and the back of my tongue. The sharp pains it induced lingered and left a biter copper taste in my mouth. Just as I was about to release my suction and demand she move her body tensed.

"Yeeesss" she screamed as she thrust herself fully into my mouth, almost fucking it with her mini spiked cock. And just like a cock, my mouth started to fill with liquid as she started to spasm. The liquid tasted like ice cold water on a hot day. Refreshing and revitalising. More and more seemed to be pouring into my mouth and not wanting to drown or even waste any I gulped greedily and sucked with renewed vigor. After what must have been 10 or 11 gulps her body went almost limp, her muscles relaxing and the pressure on my face increased as she effectively sat on me panting. The clit/cock/spike was rapidly shrinking and my lips lost their purchase on the nub. I was confined but managed to clear a small space to pull away. Her clit had lost its spike like appearance and actually looked fairly regular, well apart from it had taken on a more violet appearance instead of the vivid pink, I hope I didn't suck too hard and cause any permanent damage.

As she still didn't appear to be moving and wanting another taste of the sweet honey taste of her channel I buried my face into her pussy and pushed my tongue into her channel. "Ahh" she grunted as I swirled my tongue inside of her trying to mentally map the tastes with any crevices and ridges I found.

"Enough!" she shouted as she pulled the honeypot away from my wanting tongue and stood up from the bed. She seemed tall, model like thin frame with apple shaped breasts. When my eyes somewhat reluctantly managed to make it to her face I recoiled in horror. "Lanesra!" I shouted before attempting to cover myself with anything at hand but finding only leaves. Where are my clothes I wondered before Lanesra broke my train of thought.

"Good morning Mr Man. I hope you are well rested. I intend to work you today for the harvest I gave you." Harvest? Gave me? What the fuck was she talking about?

"Tut, Tut. Already you seem to have forgotten your mother's teachings. No Matter. Punishment can come later, once I have had my fill." She started to make her way back to the bed. If she thought I was going to have sex with her now I realised who she was, she had another thing coming. I tried to push off the bed but it started to shift beneath me and I lost my balance falling onto my back. I lifted my arms but found they had veins attached to the wrists, pulling them back towards the bed with unimaginable strength. I tried to fight against them but gave in as they lay prone either side. I tried kicking and arcing my back off the bed only to realise that vines had attached around my ankles and just above the knee leaving me effective strapped to the bed and unable to move anything but my head. Turned my head and surveyed my surroundings again for anything I could reach to aid me. The bed was situated in one corner with the doorway behind Lanesra in the opposite. There was a hole acting as a window behind my head to the left. My frustration grew as I continued my search finding nothing.

"There is an easy way or a hard way here Tom. I get no pleasure in these bindings. It's not sexual for me, simply necessity." She said as she lifted my still stiff cock vertically and positioned it at her hot warm opening. My body shivered in response and I thrashed my head from side to side to try to fight the inevitable. Not the way I'd envisaged losing my virginity I thought as the binds tightened and started to dig into flesh.

"Ahhhh" I screamed in both frustration and pain but also tinged with sexual release as she dipped the head of my cock into her opening. What chance did I stand against a woman who could read my mind and seemed able to control the will of the vines which surrounded me on all sides. She could crush me, kill me probably with the flick of one of her little fingers. Why not just enjoy the ride and play along. It did sound tempting, and her pussy seemed to be tugging at my cock trying to pull me deeper. Given the circumstances it was probably the only viable option, but again something niggled in the back of my mind before the whole of my cock was engulfed in a warm velvet embrace. Firecracker like explosions seemed to go off along my central nervous system causing my body to bounce on the bed and be slightly glad it was bound.

"Oh yes. It's a magnificent example of what the earthen mother can build." Lanesra said as she gyrated her hips and rocked back and forth on my embedded cock. The heat which radiated her depths melted the little resistance that remained and I closed my eyes and focused on the warm and smooth silken walls which entombed my shaft. There was a chill as she partially lifted herself leaving the base exposed to the air, almost making me cry out for the feeling of eternal warmth again.

She dropped down again onto my shaft and I opened my eyes in joy and surprise. Lanesra was biting her lower lip and seemed to be concentrating on the feelings her own body was administering "You plough deep Mr Man I give you that." she said as she continued her back and forth motion before continuing "Deep within to where the soil is moist and fertile." Her last words were strained as she picked up her circular pace and continued to rotate my cock within her depths.

My hands were clutching at the leaves as if it was bedding and I gave up trying not to enjoy the sensations. I did however notice that the binds on my arms had loosened somewhat. Not to the point of being able to pry myself loose, but certainly significantly less painful. Maybe if I play along I could use it to my adv... I made myself stop the thought there, hoping that Lanesra would have missed it given all of the other emotions and feelings we were both undergoing. It gave me renewed hope and I flexed my cock. Lanesra lost her rhythm and threw her head back. "Oh yes, that's it Mr Man. That's it right there." She said as she started slow up and down strokes on my cock now lathered in her juices.

I continued to try to join her in the union in whatever way possible, thrusting up during her downstrokes causing our skin to slap together with increasing volume and delighting in both of our grunts which accompanied them. My balls started to pull up into my body and the vice like milking of her clamping pussy left me on teetering on the edge of orgasm. She stopped her up and down motion and looked at me. "Must I do this every time?" she asked raising a hand and extending a finger. That gesture and the swift rippling effect on her channel pushed me over and I cried out in release as a crashing orgasmic wave ripped through me.

"Oh yes. I can feel it pulsing inside of me. Spilling your life deep within. I feel the power in it. Oh so much, oh yes." Cried Lansera as she manhandled her breasts mashing them into her body and threw her head back in release.

We were both panting from the exertion and release and our bodies were covered in a luscious mixture of sex and sweat. I was grateful when the vines slid from my wrists and legs but lacked the energy or desire to move. My stomach rumbled and a hunger pain gripped me as I tried to recall the last time I ate. My thought seemed to break Lanesra from her trance like state and she slowly lifted herself off my cock. The vice like grip seemed to intensify almost to the point of pain as she raised herself up and I sat up on my elbows to see what was happening. The hairs on either side of her pussy lips seemed to be gathering up and forming a wall. As my cock fell free and hit my stomach her outer lips seemed to close around her opening and the hairs became sponge-like fully encapsulating her sex to outside world.

"Waste not want not." Lanesra said smirking as she knelt beside the bed lowering her head to my chest and licking the juices of our union off my chest and licking my cock from root to tip. She engulfed the head into her mouth which caused my body to jolt as if struck by an electric force.

"Hey! I'm a little sensitive down there at the moment. Do you really need to do that now?" I asked only 50% sure of my own words and struggling to not give in to the sensations again.

"You will understand soon Mr Man. This isn't sexual. At least not now. This is merely ensuring that no seed is lost. Now I'm told this next part can be a little strange to the uninitiated." She said smirking as she engulfed the tip of my head again and seemed to suck with such force it felt like she was going to pull my balls out of the head of my cock.

"Holy.." I started before the sensation passed and Lanesra swallowed hard.

"There's always some that lingers along the length. Never that amount, but then I suppose it is a significant length." She said smiling like the cat who both got the cream as well as shares in a dairy farm.

"You have done well. Very well. Your seed is strong. Potent even for one such as you. It appears you were worth the wait." Lanesra said as she rose to her feet extending her hand towards me.

"Come now. You have earnt a mini reprieve. I have much to teach you and little time to do so, first let us bathe and bask in the sunlight."

I gripped her hand and was surprised when I pulled myself up and she barely shifted on her feet. "Err, where are my clothes?"

"Such primitive items. They serve no purpose, only block the sun and get in the way. Only our younglings have clothes and clearly you are no youngling." Lanesra said as she trailed a finger down my torso before grasping my softening cock in her hand. "Yes. Definitely not a youngling. Come now. I do not wish to drag you by your, Magnificent appendage. But I will if it is necessary."

"Alright. Alright. You're worse than my mother" I replied before being led to the doorway cock still firmly in hand. The doorway opened into an expansive circular hallway with what must have been close to 20 other portholes like mine. In the center was a spiral staircase which wrapped around a thick tree trunk. Holes were cut into the outer walls allowing natural light to flow into the space. Voices and the sounds of laughter echoed around the space from corners unseen which made me realise that sound obviously carried in this building so the recent carnal act was probably overheard by many. I hadn't realised I had stopped until I felt a gentle tug again on my cock. "This way Mr Man."

"You know you can let go of me now."

"I know I CAN, but it's so much fun! Oh but alright I will let you go. For now." I let out a breath as she let go and made sure to stay within touching distance as we made our way down the spiral staircase. We passed several people as we made our way down several floors, each time the space growing larger and the number of rooms of doors off the hallway increased and the number of people lingering also increased. Everyone starred at me like they were appraising a slab of meat. Taking stock of all parts, casually and inconspicuously peering around Lanesra's frame blocking their view. Likewise my own eyes surveyed their surroundings, feasting on the flesh on show and marveling in the curiously alien qualities it viewed. Everyone had olive skin and red tinged hair, similarly their heights were all above average, some a couple of inches shorter than me with one woman I saw was several inches taller than my 6ft 6inch frame, but everyone was slight in frame, with defined muscles that looked built for endurance like that of a long-distance runner, and breasts with that apple like quality of Lanesra in size, shape and also the reddish hue. The majority of nipples were inverted, though there were a few that weren't, which I thought must be some kind of genetic trait amongst their people.

There were again no belly buttons on anyone only the pubic arrow shape similar to Lanesra's just in different states of growth. The noise levels had diminished to little more than hushed whispers and I wondered what they were all talking about. As I turned my head I noticed one woman who was blatantly just staring straight at my cock region, mouth agape without even trying to hide it which I found myself smiling at. With the distraction I hadn't noticed Lanesra stop ahead and bumped into her back. I apologised but also could see her attention was drawn down following her eyes I noticed my cock was rapidly filling and standing at half-mast. I guess that explains the stares I thought to myself. I moved my hands to cover myself but Lanesra slapped them away. "I think I will keep this in hand for now. Before it gets you in any more trouble." She said as she firmly gripped my cock and led me towards a bright doorway with an idyllic view.

"As you may have gathered you are no longer on Earth. You are now phased into the Realm of the Elemental Guardians. More specifically, the Realm of Life and dwellers of green where I am Archdruid. All that your eyes can see is home to the druids of life we are the keepers and custodians in this realm and earth."

I followed her gaze out over the vast expanse of rolling hills and large tree domiciles which scattered around the edges. The largest tree by far was the one we had left. It towered over all others and must have been at least 500 feet tall. "This is the tree of life. It was gifted to us by the creator at the very beginning. All that you see around you was born from fruit from this tree." Lanesra said as we continued our way down towards a forested area surrounding a large crystal blue lake.

"Who is the creator?" I asked after a gap in her speech. She turned and looked at me smiled a faint smile.

"I forget you know so little. Its knowing where to begin with once as uneducated as you."

There was no malice in her words, at least I didn't detect any. Simply statement of fact that there was a lot for me to take in of this strange world I was being introduced to.

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