The Dungeon


Walking around the large room I knew I was in Lilith's place. "Dannie, look at this," Mark said from across the room. He was standing next to an elaborate throne that sat under an alcove that was obviously created for it. "This looks like something Lilith would have," Mark said.

"Yeah it does!" I said as I gingerly sat down and looked up at him.

He shook his head, "nah, she wouldn't sit like that"

"Oh really?" I smiled, "and how would she sit?"

"Like this." He grabbed my left leg and draped it over the arm of the chair. I was forced to lean back a little and my hips shifted so I wasn't exactly forward in the chair. Next he took my right arm and propped my elbow on the arm of the chair. "Now relax into the position," he said. I let my body ease comfortably into the position he'd put me in. Mark smiled, "you were born to sit on a throne."

"Now see, that's what I think too!" I teased and relaxed further.

Mark laughed out loud, "this is probably as good a time as any to go over Taker coming to ask Lilith to come back to him."

"Yeah, I guess I just have to sit here," I shrugged.

"Let me do what I have in mind and you can just go from there with what you think."

"Improv?" I feigned surprise, "you're going to let me freestyle? I'm shocked!"

"Don't get crazy, it's just this once," he said over his shoulder as he walked to the end of the room. He turned and faced me, "We did agree that Taker had his palm marked, didn't we?" he asked.


He nodded and suddenly Mark Calloway disappeared and in his place The Undertaker stood. I let myself slip into Lilith and watched as he took long strides towards me. When he reached the throne he fell to one knee and looked up at me. His green eyes seemed to burn through me. He offered his left hand to me, as if showing me his mark. "You loved me once," he said, his voice the soft purr of The Undertaker, "it can be as it was then."

I smiled wickedly at him and leaned forward slightly. I took his offered hand and ran my fingers over his upturned palm. "Oh Undertaker, I never loved you," I hardened my eyes, "I owned you."

I started to pull my hand away, but Mark turned his hand and grabbed my right wrist. Our eyes locked and something happened, almost like an understanding. He raised up and reached for my hips, pulling me forward so he was eye level with my breasts. He looked up at me for a moment as I wound my arms around his neck. He reached for the buttons of my vest and in one motion he ripped it open, exposing my satin covered breasts. He then moved to the bra and removed it in much the same fashion. I shrugged out of the tattered clothing and returned my arms to his neck. Mark's mouth easily found my nipple and he began teasing it with his teeth and tongue. His hands pulled my hips forward so I was straddling him. Now it was my turn to remove his clothing. I tugged at his black shirt until it was free of the waistband of his jeans and pulled it over his head, then I pressed myself against him. Again I wrapped my arms around his neck. I pulled the elastic from his hair and used my fingers to loosen his braid and shake his hair free. Mark reached to the back of my head and tangled his hand in my hair. He looked me in the eye before he pulled hard on my hair. When my head was back he began using his teeth on my neck. He bit the tender skin beneath my right ear and sucked gently. I knew he would leave marks on my skin, but I didn't really care. I ran my fingernails down his chest and pushed him away from me as I moved off of him. I stood in front of him and began unbuttoning my shorts. He ran his hands up the backs of my legs until he was gripping the skin just under my ass. His teeth found my belly and stomach. He bit my skin and sucked hard on me. I pulled his hair and looked down into his face. Mark tugged on the cuffs of my shorts and pulled them down. Once they were off he looked up at me and licked his lips. His eyes began moving over my body, taking in every inch. There was something that made me feel incredibly vulnerable about being nude before his steady gaze. Again his teeth were on my skin, biting my stomach and legs as his hands tightly gripped my ass. I pulled his head back and settled onto him again. I began returning his bites. His neck was exposed to my mouth as I moved over him. I could feel his hands moving up my back, then they returned to my ass and he held me tightly. I made sure that I left several bites visible on his skin before I wiggled free of his grasp and tried to move away from him. I was crawling away from him on my hands and knees. My intent was to go to my purse and get a condom, but he stopped me by grabbing my ankle and pulling me towards him. I started to protest, but the sound of his zipper stopped me. I froze for a moment, not really sure what was going to happen next. His hand tangled in my hair and pulled hard. In my ear I heard him say, "I'm gonna fuck the shit out of you!" he said and rammed himself into me. With his other hand he pinched my nipple and pulled hard on it. He thrust in and out of me in rough quick motions. I could feel his heat behind me as he moved. I arched my back and raised my hips a little, creating a sharper angle for him to pound into. He let go of my nipple and roughly grabbed my breast, a deep pain moved through my body. I felt his teeth on my shoulder as he bit me hard. A deep groan came from in his chest as he buried his cock deep into me and came. After a few seconds he moved from behind me to the floor. I got a good look at him. His jeans were open and his still semi-hard cock was exposed. I moved my eyes up his body to see his chest rising and falling with deep breaths. I moved to him, only to be pulled roughly against his chest. We lay still for a moment, before I began moving my mouth to his nipples. I bit hard and heard Mark gasp deeply. I rolled him onto his back and began working on his chest. I raised up and looked at him. I wasn't sure where to go first. I decided to start at his neck and work my way down. I let my tongue trace the ink on his chest as I moved down his body. At his belly I bit him as he had bitten me. I heard him gasp and he pulled me up to his face. I thought he was going to kiss me, but he didn't. Instead he sat up and moved us so that I was on my knees again. I leaned forward so I could put my elbows in the seat of the throne that only moments before I had been sitting in. I could feel the heat of Mark's body as he moved behind me. His hands snaked around my hips and moved between my legs to my very wet pussy. I groaned deeply as he easily slipped two fingers into me and began to stroke my clit with his thumb. I felt his lips on my neck, they were soon replaced by his teeth. I reached over my shoulder and held onto his hair. His hand seemed to know exactly how to stroke me, his fingers moved expertly over and into me. His free hand found my breast and began to pull and tug on my nipple. I felt a little pain as he pinched me hard, but at the same time it felt so damn good that I didn't want him to stop. I knew that he was going to bring me off soon. I began to grind my hips against his hand, letting the sensations wash over me as the tension built. Again Mark's mouth found my neck and ears, kissing and biting me. I heard loud groans escape my lips. "That's it," Mark said behind me, "let me hear you cum." His voice seemed to do something to me, it triggered a reaction all the way to my toes. I screamed loudly and closed my thighs, trapping his hand between them. My hips seemed to press forward on their own, as I ground them hard. Just as I was coming down from the experience I heard Mark behind me, "spread those legs of yours Dannie, I want between them." I did as I was told and spread my thighs. The hand Mark had been using on my breast moved to my hips while the other moved to my mouth, "suck your cunt juice from my fingers," he ordered and shoved his two fingers into my mouth. I let my tongue move over the pads of his fingers, tasting myself as I went. I sucked on his fingers as I felt his hard cock brushing against my nether lips. I gave my hips a little twist just to tease him. While I still sucked on his fingers I reached down and guided him to my waiting pussy. I moved my other hand down between my legs as well. I used my fingers to spread my lips while I used the shaft of his erect cock to tease my clit. Mark moved behind me, obviously wanting to bury himself deep into me again. The veins of his cock felt so good against my clit that I almost came just by rubbing him against myself. I teased him for a while longer until he leaned forward and growled in my ear, "put my cock in your cunt you fucking tease!" I smiled a little to myself and put the head of him in my entrance. That was all he needed, he slammed himself into me. I heard a deep groan rumble in his chest and his fingers were instantly pulled from my mouth and moved to my hips. He held me tightly as he began to move back and forth, in and out of me. He felt so good that I almost came.

"Grip me harder!" I said through clenched teeth. Marks hands held my hips harder, his fingers digging deep into my skin. I knew I would have bruises and I had to admit to myself that the idea thrilled me. I gripped the arms of the throne and held on as Mark pounded into me. I was so close to coming that the sounds that came from deep inside me were primal. I was about to scream out when he pulled himself from me, leaving an empty feeling in my wet pussy.

"Get in the chair!" he ordered. I did as I was told and crawled into the chair. For a moment I got a glimpse of him stroking his hard cock and my breath caught in my throat. Once I was in the chair, Mark reached for my knees and spread them. He draped each leg over the arms of the chair and looked down at me with a lewd smile on his face. "Let's see how wet this pussy is," he said. With one hand, he spread my lips, while the other probed my depths. He easily slid two fingers deep into me. I felt completely exposed to his touch and his gaze. His index finger brushed against the head of my clit, sending shivers all the way up my spine. I knew my juices were gushing and that seemed to be exactly what Mark wanted.

"Mark, please fuck me!" I begged as his fingers moved in and out of me.

I heard him chuckle softly, "are you begging me?" he asked. "Are you begging me like the whore that I know you are!" His fingers began to move very lightly over the outer folds of my cunt. I ached for him to fuck me. I tried to lift my hips so that he would know to touch me harder, but he cruelly pulled his fingers away from me.

"Please Mark!" I whined.

"That's it," he said wickedly, "show me how much of a little bitch in heat you are!" he rolled my clit between his fingers, causing my whole body to convulse.

"Yes! Please! I want your cock!" I tried to reach for him, but he pulled his fingers from me and held my hands. He placed each hand on the arms of the throne and held them there as he lifted his body up and slid his cock back into me. I groaned loudly and lifted my hips a little, trying to greet each thrust. I wanted to free my hands so that I could grip his ass as he pounded into me. I wanted to run my fingers over his skin, but he held me tightly. His face was intent as he watched me. He seemed to know that not being allowed to touch him was a form of torture and he was enjoying it. I struggled against his hands until he finally let me go. I reached up and began to tease his nipples as he moved above me.

"Play with your clit like the good little whore that you are!" he said firmly. I looked at him for a full minute before complying. I reached down and began to tease my clit while Mark's eyes moved to watch. Both of our movements became rougher, more primal as we neared our peaks. I came first with a loud scream and an arched back. Mark soon followed, slamming himself deep into me and filling me with his hot cum. For a moment we remained still, as if we thought moving would cause the sensations to end. Finally Mark pulled out of me and fell to his knees in front of me. He leaned his head against my stomach and snaked his arms around my hips. My pussy was sore from the pounding I'd received and now my hips were beginning to hurt from being spread apart still. I wanted to wrap my legs around Mark, but instead I ran my fingers through his long hair, twisting it around my fingertips. I was still playing with his hair when I noticed that his head was moving further down my stomach, his lips gently caressing my skin. He continued to move until he was between my thighs. I left my fingers in his hair and lifted my hips to great his waiting mouth. He expertly used his tongue to soothe my sore lips and tease me at the same time. He would tease my entrance with the tip of his tongue. I didn't know what he was trying to accomplish but he was torturing me.

Finally I pushed on the back of his head, "I want you to suck your cum out of my pussy!" I ordered. Mark groaned deeply and slid his tongue deep into me. He moved his hands so that he was supporting my hips and lifting me gently off of the chair as he feasted on my cunt. I groaned loudly as he quickly brought me to another shuddering orgasm. He finally pulled away from me and watched as I regained my breath and my bearings.

"You look so hot with your pussy open for me like that," he whispered as he looked down at me. My knees were still draped over the arms of the chair and my nether lips were open for him to look at. He used his fingers to gently stroke me as he spoke. "It's unfortunate that we can't let the world see how sexy you are right now."

I lazily looked up at him, "your eyes are enough," I said and reached down to give my clit one last little caress.

"I'm taking you upstairs," Mark said firmly. "But first we have to put some cloths back on." He turned his back to me and sat down. I remained where I was sitting and watched him. He sat down and began to gather up clothes. First he put his own T-shirt on, then he picked up the tattered remains of my vest and bra. I couldn't watch his strong back any longer. I leaned forward and placed my feet on either side of his hips. He sat up straight but didn't pull away from me as I snaked my arms around his neck to his chest. I let my lips trail over the back of his neck as my fingers moved into his T-shirt. My teeth found his ear lobe just as my fingers found his nipple. I bit gently and purred deeply in his ear. I felt the shiver move up his spine, but he remained very still in my arms. I continued to bite his ear as his hand moved to the back of my head and tangled in my hair. I nibbled his ear, then moved down his neck, biting and sucking as I went. His skin tasted sweaty beneath my tongue. Finally he reached around my waist and pulled me forward so that I was facing him. I bit at his mouth, but didn't really kiss him. Instead I used my teeth to nibble at his lips. Before I realized it he was standing, lifting me in the air. I wrapped my legs around his waist, thinking he would carry me upstairs to the bedroom the innkeeper had given me. I was stunned when he took several long strides and pressed me up against the wall. Unfortunately, I was still using my teeth on his lips and the jarring from the impact caused me to bite through the tender skin of his mouth. I tasted the familiar coppery flavor of blood and realized I had cut his lip open. Instead of pulling away from me, Mark covered my mouth with his, letting me relish the taste and feel of him. I knew that my mouth would be covered in his blood by the time the evening was over. Mark held me tightly with one hand and reached low with the other. Again I heard the sound of his zipper, again I felt the, by now, familiar sensation of him entering me. I gripped him tightly around the waist as he pounded into me. Our groans became louder with each stroke until finally it sounded as if the entire world could hear the sound of our sex. The wall was cold against my back as he pressed me hard against it. We came together in a loud cry of ecstasy. I clawed at his back and neck, while he dug his fingers deep into the flesh of my ass and thighs. He remained standing for a long time, his breathing shallow and erratic against my neck. Finally he calmed a bit and pulled away to look at me, "this cannot happen on the show!"

"No, it can't," I agreed. Mark set me down on the floor and I looked up at him. His hands trailed over my face and soon his lips covered mine in a surprisingly gentle kiss. It was a sharp contrast to the very physical sex we'd just had. While we still kissed he bent and slipped his hands behind my knees and lifted me into the air. I wrapped my arms around his neck and nuzzled him gently. "Where to?" he asked.

"My room." I told him. He carried me up to the bedroom I'd been assigned and laid me softly on the bed.

He looked down at me for a long moment, "you're beautiful," he said softly. All I could do was smile up at him. He slowly began to remove his clothing, then he joined me in the large, soft bed. He pulled me close and nuzzled my neck, "you also smell good."

"So do you." I said and took his large hand in mine. He pulled me so that my back was to his in spoons. His body was hot as he held me near. To my surprise he snaked his hand back around my hips and slid it between my thighs. I placed my hand over his forearm and soon we were both sound asleep.

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