tagBDSMThe Dysfunction Family Ch. 01 Pt. 1

The Dysfunction Family Ch. 01 Pt. 1

byLou Jean©

I want to thank bridgeburner99 for her on going proof reading, advice and encouragement which improved my story ten fold. Thank you so much.

This is only a fantasy. I have not stuck with the facts of how much abuse the body can take or what true damage it can cause; what laws are broken with public nudity or even the consequence, or any other law of physics that might pertain to this story. This is after all, only a fantasy.

From Cheating Husband to Little Man

Linda was not looking forward to another weekend with her husband. He was no longer the man she had married. He had let his body go. He now had a paunch from the beer he consumed. He had no ambitions on the job; she had surpassed him in her career a few years back, and his check was really nothing compared to hers. Small enough she did not even use it for their expenses, but allowed him to use it as he wished. He had no ambitions as to his responsibilities, to his home, to her. He returned home each day from work to pile up in the den and watch his sports channels with beer in hand while she would come home from a hard days work and cook their meals. Moreover, she knew he was cheating though she had yet to be able to prove it. Her long hours at work gave him plenty of opportunity.

However, Linda loved Danny and was sure there was a way to save their marriage. If only she could figure it out. When they were first married, he was a loving and considerate husband. He took care of himself, and helped with their home and he was a considerate and vibrant lover. Now he was a lazy, useless part of the furniture, and was only interested in his own pleasures. Nevertheless, she still believed there was a way. She only needed to find it.

She pulled into the driveway. Though it was Saturday, they both usually put in a full day. Again, he found that he again had arrived before her. She was early today too. He must not have worked a full day. Pulling up behind his car, she saw his fishing tackle thrown in the open back. He had not gone to work at all, but had gone fishing. Moreover, he had not even bothered to take out all the tackle, leaving the rear end of the SUV, she gave him for his birthday, open where anyone could walk by and remove his expensive tackle.

Frustrated, Linda slammed the door shut to the rear of the SUV and turned to stomp to the house. Her concern turning to anger, she was going to give him a yelling match he would not soon forget. Knowing it would do no good, she only became angrier.

Entering the house, she found his rods and his favorite cane pole lying in the entry way, thrown down and forgotten. Loosing control of her anger, she picked up his favorite cane pole and broke it over her knee. Holding the elongated end, she walked through the living room, into the dining room to the kitchen to find his catch just thrown into the sink. Her anger rising, she knew she would be expected to clean them and prepare them for dinner.

Without thought, Linda began to tap the broken end of the cane pole against her leg as she worked her way up the stairs, looking for the subject of her anger. As she ascended the stairs, she could her a woman's voice begging for her husband to fuck her harder. "Ram it Danny. Yes. Yes. Give it to me!"

Linda stopped in front of her bedroom door listening. This was no love making, but pure rutting. The tapping cane was beginning to raise red welts on her calf as her anger fueled the tapping on her leg. She slowly reached for the door knob, turning it slowly; then in an instant flash of pure rage, she shoved the door open causing it to bounce off the bedroom wall with a loud crash thundering through the room.

They were so wound up in their own needs, that the only indication that something had happened was that the red head turned her head towards the door as she held her sweating, naked body on all fours in the middle of the bed as Linda's husband kept pumping her with every ounce of strength he had.

Linda was barely aware of the blood red color the encircled her vision that pin pointed the two still fucking away on her own bed. She plowed forward toward the bed. She was only vaguely aware as she brought the broken cane pole down across her husband's naked and sweating shoulders.

She hesitated as she realized he had barely registered the pain that must have blazed across his shoulder blades. However, her hesitation only lasted a second as the naked red head screamed and leaped from the bed. As the young woman jumped from the bed, she made a mad dash for the door, her large breasts bouncing as she ran, Linda's pure rage ignited once more, and she brought the cane pole down across her husband's shoulder's again feeling the satisfaction as he yelled and curled away from the abusive object.

She continued to rain blows down on his naked flesh as he curled up his body and screamed and begged her to stop. Linda beat him across his arms as he protected his head, across his thighs as he curled them around his genitals to protect them and across his back as he tried to work his way off the bed away from the constant pain of the cane striking his naked body.

Linda's rage calmed every so slightly as he continued to beg, "Please Linda, stop! You're going to kill me! Please stop! I'm sorry, I'm sorry! Please!

With the piece of cane held high and ready to strike the object of her misery again, her vision cleared. Danny now laid on his back, his hands held high to try to stop the offending object of his pain. Tears poured down his face, nose running and his saliva dripping from his crying mouth. His body was crisscrossed with livid red strips. Much to her shock, his long, thick cock was rigid and literally vibrating in the air.

Seeing his reaction to the abuse of the cane only made her angrier and finding her voice she screamed at him. "You sorry bastard! How could you? You couldn't take them to a hotel like any other cheating husband, you had to bring them to our own bed!"

Danny took advantage of the pause in the onslaught of his wife, but only stupidity poured from his mouth. "I can't afford hotel rooms!"

Linda brought the cane down across his offending hard cock causing an immediate loud and long scream from her husband as he curled up in the pain that flooded his body. With satisfaction of the results of her new assault, "If you would get up off your lazy ass and actually work for a living, I wouldn't have caught you and wouldn't be beating the fuck out of you!" She hit him repeatedly across his thigh as he begged her to stop.

As she continued to beat him, "I want you to get your sorry ass out of this house. You pack your bags and don't you come near me again! I want you out of here now!" And as fast as she had started the assault, she stopped. Linda turned away from the object of her rage and headed for the bedroom door.

However, before she could leave, Danny crawled out of the bed, his body racked with pain, unable to stand. So he crawled towards his wife, "Please honey. Don't throw me out. I've no place to go. I don't have any money. Hell, I didn't even pick up my paycheck today, so I don't even have money for a room. Please don't throw me out. I'll do anything you want. I swear. I'll be a better husband. I'll do anything you want."

Linda could not believe her eyes. He was crawling towards her, begging her to let him stay. She could only stand and stare at the naked man that was once her lover, her friend. A naked stranger, striped in red lines and welts, crawled to her feet, taking her ankles, begging her to let him stay. His tears and spittle dripping on her leather clad feet.

Something rose inside of Linda as she watched him, naked curled at his feet. Pity, anger, disgust and something else. It welled from her soul, dark and vicious. "Then get your naked ass off of me!"

She watched as her husband backed away still on his knees, alternating between hands holding his body off the floor and wiping the tears from his face. "Thank you honey. I'll do anything, but please don't throw me out."

Pointing towards the offending bed, Linda's voice became even harsher, "Get your sorry ass off that floor and take this nasty bed out of my house. I want it out now!"

She watched as Danny slowly pulled his pain ridden body from the floor and was amazed to see that his rock hard cock was pointing out straight from his body and dripping down the shaft. She watched as he headed for his pants. "Oh no you don't. I'm not waiting for you to get dressed. I want it out now!"

Danny stopped in confusion with his pants still in his hands. "I can't go out there like this. Its broad daylight. The neighbors will see me."

Linda's body was beginning to react to the new situation. It hummed and vibrated. She felt a growing need between her legs, heavy moisture gathering. "I don't care. You don't think our neighbors don't know you been fucking around on me! You don't think they haven't seen you bring women into my house! You're taking this deviled trash out of my house now! Our neighbors will know what a piece of shit that you are and that I'm putting an end to it!"

She brought the cane down across his thigh, "Move. I want this shit out of my house now!" Linda rained lighter blows down on her husband has he gathered the pillows and bedding, and she whipped his back and ass as she followed him to the back yard and made him deposit the obscene objects in the corner of the backyard.

"That's it girl, whip that sorry piece of shit. You should have done it a long time ago!"

Linda turned to see old Mrs. Johnson hanging over their fence laughing so hard she was in tears. "Go ahead girl. Give it to him. That mean ass switch will teach him whose boss!"

Danny was horrified. The old bat next door was not only hanging over the fence ogling his naked body, but was cheering on his wife. Trying to hide from his humiliation in broad daylight of his neighbor, he quickly piled the bedding in the corner of the yard and tried to ignore his neighbor's jeers as his wife whipped his naked ass all the way back to the house.

She worked him hard. She made him remove the mattress, the bed and the remaining furniture. Fortunately, she had not bought that new nine drawer dresser she had wanted. It took most of the early evening. Moreover, she had not given an inch. She allowed him a drink of water occasionally from the water hose and then shoved him back in the house and up the stairs to finish pulling the remaining furniture from their bedroom. He spent the evening carrying and dragging furniture from their bedroom to the corner of the back yard. Totally naked, his wife whipping him if he slowed down or if he tried to speak; and the whole time, old Mrs. Johnson hanging over the fence laughing her ass off at him, coaching his wife on the best way to whip his ass.

Finally finished, she shoved him back to the house and up the stairs to their room. His body was alive with pain; every muscle ached from wrestling with the furniture on his on. He was unable to catch himself as she shoved him down on the floor on his ravaged back. The pain shooting straight to his groin. To his amazement, he had not noticed that his body was alive, screaming for release. He looked down his beaten body to see his cock was harder than he had ever seen it, larger and turning dark from its abuse. Beyond all reason, he reached for it to give him self relief.

Linda was beyond normal thought as her body screamed. The pathetic bastard was lying on his back, his breathing labored, his cock jutting like a boat mast from his groin. She stalked forward walking out of her shoes as she pulled her silk panties off, not even taking the time to take off her cloths. She reached him as he was actually reaching for his cheating cock and she slammed the cane pole across his knuckles. As he fell back to the floor, she dropped to her knees spearing her body to the hilt was his massive hard on causing both to yell from the assault.

She rode him hard, slamming her body against him. Her force causing pain from the abused flesh against the hard floor. Her hands propped on his chest digging her nails into his naked flesh. They came quickly together. Danny exploding in incomprehensible painful pleasure. Linda experiencing an orgasm of the likes she had never felt before. It seemed that every cell in her body exploded, his sperm and her juices flowing down over Danny's legs.

As she regained her senses, she lifted her self from atop her husband. Pointing the broken cane pole at his face, "If you want to stay, don't try to leave this room!" The shock of what she had done and its results began to soak into her hazed mind, she backed towards the door. "I need time to think, to work this out and what the hell I'm going to do with a piece of shit like you." With that she turned and left the room, slamming the door as Danny curled himself on the floor and cried himself to sleep.

Linda steadied her shaking body with a hand against the wall as she unsteadily walked down the stairs. As she reached the main floor she felt her own juices and Danny's cum leaking down her legs. She walked to the small bar they kept in the living area and grabbed a hand towel to wipe her self clean. Once she was through, she pulled offer her jacket and with shaking hands poured herself a strong tequila over ice.

She sat down on one of the two barstools and let her mind float over the evenings events. Not really trying to rationalize it, but to replay what had actually happened. Nevertheless, her mind kept coming back to Danny's reaction to her abuse and humiliation. The more she beat him and screamed at him, the harder and erect his cock had become.

Not wanting their friends and family to know what had transpired this evening, Linda moved to her office and turned on the computer. Maybe some anonymous advice was what she needed.


Part II. THE BEGINNING OF THE FIRST DAY. Linda had spent the whole night on line, with tequila to loosen up her inhibitions. The early night had brought surprise and disgust by the revelations of why her husband had reacted the way he did, and was totally amazed by the suggestions of how to handle it. The late night was spent in research and decision making on how she would proceed.

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