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The Early Bird


I've always been a morning person. My girlfriend on the other hand is not. She sleeps late while I walk around the corner to an all-night doughnut shop for a coffee. There's a perky little redhead who works there named Sandy. She's a morning person too, bright eyed, bushy tailed and frisky. We joke around while sipping our coffees. Since we're usually the people around, we sometimes read the paper and discuss the news.

One morning, not long ago, Sandy was in a peculiar mood, "How are you feeling this morning?" I asked, taking my usual seat at the corner of the counter.

She giggled, "Horny! But then what else is new? I'm always horny in the morning. But for some reason today I feel hornier than ever!"

I was a bit surprised at what she said, but the truth of the matter was that I'd been thinking about Sandy quite a lot lately. I wondered if her bush was as red as the copper-red coloured curls that framed her beautiful face. I wondered if she would be interested in taking care of her obvious hunger by having a go at me. Here was my chance. "Don't you have a husband or boyfriend to help you with those special needs?" I asked her.

"Nope." she said shaking her head, "No one steady anyway." We sat in silence for a moment and then she said, "Would you?" I mean I know you're living with someone...but I need it bad...I need it really bad!?"

"What? Here? I asked. My prick was twitching with anticipation and my hands began to perspire. It had been a while since the last time I cheated on my girlfriend, almost as long as it has been since we last had sex in the morning. I suddenly realized how much I missed sex in the AM.

Sandy nodded, Yes....here and now....? I can lock the front door....and we could go in the kitchen....?" Her nipples were stiffening and were making little points in her pink blouse, and she was already at the door locking the deadbolt.

By the time we were in the brightly lit kitchen she was struggling to tear off her clothes. I could only stare when her tits came into view. They were slightly more than a handful but her large pink nipples were solid, hard and stuck out almost as big as my thumb. My hands were eager to touch them, to squeeze them, and when Sandy cupped them and offered them to me, I acted quickly.

She moaned out loud while I kissed my way down her milky white neck and began licking the sensitive skin between and underneath her sexy tits. She moaned even louder as I ran my tongue all around her stiff buds, and began sobbing and whimpering once I took each nipple into my mouth and sucked on them firmly. I circled my tongue around her hard nips and nibbled them with my teeth. When I looked up at her, Sandy's eyes were closed and her face was flushed. I wondered if she was going to cum from this stimulation alone?

"Use your fingers...." she whispered.

Then she guided my hand up under her skirt. She pumped and humped against my hand while I squeezed her wet mound. The wetness of her juices was soaking through the material of her panties, leaking and oozing onto my fingers. I pushed the wet silky material into the deep groove of her pussy lips, pulling it out and stuffing it back in again. My mouth returned to her tits and nipples. As I nibbled and sucked some more, she let out a small gasp, she started shuddering and began to cum.

She rolled here eyes back in her head and tossed her head from side to side. No sooner was she done when she peeled off her panties and threw them aside. I held up her skirt so I could see her bush, which I had wondered about for so long. WOW! It was as red as the hair on her head! Gorgeous! And it was all in a damp and tangled mess, parted in the center of her two fat, swollen, pouting pussy lips.

I caught a whiff of her heady scent which almost made me blow my load, after seeing her sweet cunt! When my fingers returned to her pussy our mutual moaning was silenced as our lips met and our tongues entwined. She was wet and very hot, her cunt was on fire and it seemed to suck on my finger tips like a hungry mouth. Her juices were flowing freely, lubricating my fingers, allowing them to slide in and out of her pussy with ease. In a matter of another minute or two she was humping madly against my hand again, grinding and pressing her swollen clit against my palm.

In spite of her excitement, Sandy's hands were bust too. My dick was throbbing and jumping around in her skillful hands. Looking down at my swollen knob, I watched pre-cum leaking out of my throbbing head. It was so hard and erect, my cock looked like it was ready to burst at any second. Her fingers danced and played with the sensitive skin under my throbbing cockhead and she had me right where she wanted me.

I pulled my fingers out of her dripping snatch with a loud sloppy plop and brought them to my face. I sniffed and inhaled her sweet womanly scent and then tasted her nectar. Sandy looked up and then joined me, helping me to lick her creamy discharge off her fingers. I backed her up against a table and then helped her climb onto it. Sandy lay back and spread her legs and smiled at me. The table was a perfect height. My cock aimed right at the center of her juicy snatch. I took one step forward and with a slight thrust, I was inside her warm, wet hole.

She was tighter, wetter and much hotter than when I was using my fingers inside her. I stood there for a few seconds, feeling her sugar walls expand and contract around my pulsating cock shaft. when I slowly pulled back, she groaned loudly and reached her hand between us, rubbing and massaging her swollen clit. I placed my hand there also, slipping a finger inside her pussy alongside my cock.

I worked my dick in and out with long, slow thrust while making circles around her quivering clit with my fingers. As soon as I saw she was losing control again, I worked my hips, thrusting into her harder and harder, deeper and deeper, i tweaked and flicked her slippery nub between my thumb and forefinger, matching the rhythm of my fucking.

With low guttural sound, she came, washing and coating my cock and balls with her hot cunt juice. The feel of Sandy's hot nectar was all I needed. I blew my load too, firing off what felt like a gallon of my hot sperm into her spasming body.

We gathered our thoughts and got dressed afterwards, and then went back out front, to find the sun was coming up to greet us. "It's going to be a beautiful day!" Sandy exclaimed, Thank you! Thank you so much!"

"No....thank you!" I replied, "How about tomorrow? Same time, same place?

"You got a deal!" she said with a big smile.

I've always known that there were advantages to being a morning person! And Sandy is one of those advantages. The early bird lives on!!

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