The Eavesdropping Daughter


I shrugged and rolled my eyes. "Well, moving sucks, but maybe -- maybe there are some good things about this place."

"That's my girl," Daddy said, getting up from the table. He leaned over and put his hand on my shoulder and kissed me on the top of my head. I had to fight to not shiver uncontrollably at his touch. He squeezed my shoulder and I felt a spurt of hot wetness inside my pussy. "I can use some help in the garage later, if you have some time." He looked at me hopefully, his eyes roaming all over my young, nubile form. I felt my nipples hardening and swelling.

"Sure, Daddy -- I'll be glad to help you." I said in a quiet voice.

Daddy smiled and nodded and then gave Mom a long kiss and a pat on her butt and walked out the door. Mom and I chit-chatted about her plans for organizing the kitchen and then when I was putting my dishes in the sink, Mom said, "Didn't you forget to put something on this morning?" She stood up and brought her dishes over.

I feigned innocence and said, "What do you mean, Mom?"

Mom smirked at me and using her finger flicked my left nipple, still engorged and swollen. "You decide to give up bras?"

I rolled my eyes and gave her my best exasperated whine. "Mooommmmm! It's just so uncomfortable around the house and so hot while we're unpacking. I just wanted to be comfortable. Besides, you don't wear a bra much around the house either." To prove a point, I reached out and ran a finger down her front, brushing against her hardening nipple. Mom had on one of Dad's old dress shirts, tied up in a knot under her breasts. It was obvious that she wasn't wearing a bra either. Mom had on shorts too and while her belly wasn't as flat as mine, Mom had a good figure and wasn't ashamed to show it off.

Mom stiffened, her eyes going a bit wide before she recovered and laughed at me. "Touché. Well, don't you think that whole outfit is a bit much, especially around Daddy?"

Again I responded with the exasperation of a teenager bored by her mother's complaints. "Gawd, Mommmm! Like Daddy even notices me like that. I'm just his little girl. And these are just some old clothes -- I don't want to ruin my good clothes getting dirty while we move crap and stuff."

I continued my innocent and oblivious act while Mom continued to study me. It made me excited to see her stare at me -- I felt my panties become damp and I wondered if my juices would soon stain the front of my shorts. A smile flickered across her face and then she shrugged her shoulders and said, "I guess you're right. Why don't you go help your father?"

I nodded and replied, "Sure, Mom." I then surprised her by giving her a hug, my scantily clad body pressing against hers, and giving her a kiss on the cheek. "I know I've been a bitch lately, Mom. I...I'll try and be a better daughter to you and Daddy."

Mom returned my hug and a thrill went through me as her unfettered breasts mashed against mine, separated by only a couple of thin layers of cotton. She kissed me back on the corner of my mouth and looked at me, her eyes now glowing strangely. I think maybe she liked the feel of our bodies together as much as I had. "Pam, you are a good daughter. You will never know how happy you make your father and me." She let me go and stepped around me, giving me a playful slap on my mostly bare ass cheek. "Now get going, I'm sure your father needs some help."

The garage was pretty messy. The last owners hadn't taken as good care of it as they had the rest of the house. There were some boxes of junk to sort through and then hosing down the floor and sweeping it clean and finally, unpacking Daddy's tools and stuff and organizing and putting stuff up.

You'd think it was pretty boring and it would have been if I hadn't been reveling in catching Daddy constantly staring at me. I enjoyed coming up with ways to drive Daddy nuts -- lots of slow bending over at the waist to pick things up out of boxes or off the floor, letting Daddy ogle my ass, or giving him ample opportunities to stare at my shirt -- tightly clinging to my breasts, nipples constantly swollen and protruding against the material.

It was hot in the garage, even with the door open and we both worked up a good sweat. Daddy was wearing some old Bermuda shorts and a t-shirt and his excitement was obvious. He did everything he could to hide his bulging erection, but it was obvious I was making him hard.

He really paid attention to me when I would let something fall to the floor and I would slowly squat down facing him -- my too tight shorts drawing tight against my crotch, completely outlining my cunt lips and giving Daddy a good "camel toe" shot. As the heat increased, my shirt became soaked, giving Daddy greater details of my breasts to the point where you could make out the dark half dollar sized aureoles of my breasts. I felt like I'd wet my panties too and between sweat and pussy cream, the crotch of my shorts were spotted too.

Still, for all my cock teasing, Daddy and I got the garage ship-shape in just a few hours. Daddy was looking and sounding a little strained by the end and he finally wiped his face with his shirt and giving me a frank stare, finally mumbled, "Why don't we take a break, sugar? Get yourself something to eat -- something."

He hurried inside and by the time I reached the kitchen, I saw him and Mom hand in hand going up the stairs towards the second floor. I poured myself some tea and heard their bedroom door slam shut. I took my drink and snagged an apple out of a bowl of fruit and scurried upstairs to my bedroom. I flipped the throw rug out the way and lying face down on my bed, peered into my parent's bedroom.

I had to stifle a moan as I saw Mom bent over the bed, her shorts stripped off and Daddy -- his Bermuda shorts down around his ankles, fucking Mom hard and fast. Mom's face was pressed sideways into the mattress, an ecstatic look on her face as Daddy rammed his dick into her passionately. Finally, Mom gave a little squeal of delight and then Daddy rumbled, "I'm cumming, baby!" Their bodies stiffened and quivered as Daddy pumped his cum deep into my mother's pussy, then Daddy collapsed on top of Mom and they both spent several minutes gasping for air.

Finally, Daddy groaned and said, "What's gotten into Pammy, this morning? Have you ever seen her dress like that before?"

Mom sighed and replied, "No, but I don't care if it means you'll be getting into me like this." Mom stretched and said, "God, I love a good noontime fuck! That was wonderful, John."

Daddy eased off of her and Mom turned around and sat up. She took Daddy's half erect cock in her hand and said, "My goodness, what a mess." She changed her voice and I realized she was imitating me. "Daddddyyyy, can I please lick your cock?"

Daddy just sighed and rested his hand on Mom's head as she leaned in and took him in her mouth, lovingly sucking him clean of his spunk and her pussy juices. My mouth watered and I vowed that I would get a taste of that before long. And that's when it hit me. Watching wasn't going to be enough. I was going to have to fuck my parents!

I rolled over and plunged my fingers into my shorts, finding my pussy slick with my own arousal and quickly fingered myself to another orgasm. I could hear Daddy and Daddy talking below me -- Daddy telling Mom how hard it had been not to just take me and tear my clothes off me and fuck me silly right in the garage. "Every time that little minx bent over, I wanted to step up behind her, rips off those shorts and fuck her brains out," he said with a husky quality in his voice.

Mom giggled and said, "Yeah, at breakfast, I wanted to pull that shirt off her and suck on those nipples of hers. You'd think she was deliberately teasing us." They both laughed and sighed at that preposterous notion.

"Well, Cathy, if she keeps dressing like that, I'm not going to need Viagra to keep you satisfied," Daddy said.

Mom laughed and said, "If she keeps dressing like that, you'll definitely need keep both of us satisfied. "She ever knows how good a lover her daddy is, she'll be going around stark naked to get you hard and fucking her." Mom gave Daddy's cock a final lick and then pulled his shorts up. "Don't you worry, though. I start my new job tomorrow. I'll pick up a new prescription of the magic blue pills for you."

Daddy snorted and said, "You mean for you. You cock crazy slut." Mom was a nurse-practioner and was going to work for the local County clinic tomorrow.

"Yeah, I'm cock crazy and if Pam keeps dressing like she does, I'm going to be cunt crazy too. It's been a while since I've licked pussy -- I'm out of practice since Karen and Jack moved away."

I shivered as I listened. Jack and Karen had been my parent's best friends back in Arizona. They'd moved to Texas a year or so before. I tried to imagine Mom and her busty red-headed friend. It made me even more turned on to envision Mom licking her best friend's pussy.

Mom and Daddy's conversation settled down to more mundane things. They talked about their upcoming schedules. Mom started her new job in the morning, but Daddy had another week before he reported in to work. They talked about chores needed to be done around the house and what Daddy's plans were for tomorrow.

"Do you think you can get these windows on the second floor cleaned tomorrow baby?" Mom asked. "Or do you think you will be too busy trying to get Pammy to suck your cock?"

Daddy grunted. "That depends on our little girl and what she's got planned tomorrow."

That afternoon, I helped Mom with finishing up the kitchen. I had changed out of my dirty, sweaty clothes and into what Daddy liked to call my "Daisy Duke" outfit. Short, cutoff jeans and a bandana halter top -- offering both my parents another enticing look at their favorite fantasy girl. I focused on teasing Mom now -- lots of bending over to put stuff away in the lower cabinets and brushing and bumping up against her. I got real touchy-feely, cutting up with her and exchanging hugs and kisses whenever I could.

I know I was getting to her. Her nipples were as swollen as mine and her throat and upper chest were flushed with her arousal. I reacted just like her -- I had that sexual blush thing going on too. Once or twice, I could have sworn I could smell pussy and I wasn't sure if it was hers or mine.

After dinner, we all sat in the living room watching television...or at least I was. I was stretched out on the couch and could feel Mom and Daddy's eyes crawling over me all the time. Mom was curled up next to Daddy on the loveseat -- her hand on his inner thigh, his arm around her, fingers brushing the swell of her breast. The tension was so thick; you could have cut it with a knife.

It was getting late when I got up and stretched like a cat. I thought I heard Daddy give a little groan and both were staring at me strangely when I finished. I walked over to them and sorta climbed into both their laps, giving them kisses and hugs and telling them, "Good night. I love you both so much." It was how I used to say good night to my parents when I was least until I hit puberty and started acting more "grown up." As I untangled myself from them, I managed to cop feels of both erect penis and soft tits and felt quite pleased with myself.

Mom laughed nervously and said, "You haven't done that for years, Pam."

I shrugged and said, "I know -- I just felt like doing it. I love you guys so much. I just wanted you to know that."

Dad looked at me with a mixture of a father's pride and a man's lust. "We love you too, sugar." He let out a little sigh. "We love you more than you can ever imagine!"

I walked away, well aware of them staring at my swinging ass. I went up the stairs to the second floor and then on up the narrow flight of steps that led to my room. I was grinning to myself -- pleased at my teasing of my mom and daddy. I stripped off my clothes and sat naked on my bed -- the throw rug tossed aside and waited to see what my teasing would produce.

I didn't have to wait long. Mom and Daddy came into their room kissing and tugging each others clothes off. They seemed very aroused -- almost violent in their actions. They stood before their bed, touching and kissing. Daddy cupped Mom's breast, kneading it and then sliding his hand downwards until it was between Mom's legs. Mom grunted and shivered and I sensed more than saw that Daddy had plunged fingers into Mom's cunt. Then Daddy literally picked Mom up and flung her on the bed. Mom bounced and then spread her legs wide as Daddy climbed up and buried his face between her thighs.

I moaned and reached for the cucumber I had swiped from the pantry earlier. It was long and green and firm and I thought a fair approximation of Daddy's cock in length and thickness. I pressed it against my spread labia lips, running it up and down my slick flesh.

Mom gave a moan as Daddy hungrily tongued her, his head a blur of motion as he ate my mother out. Mom began to claw at Daddy's shoulders and she mumbled something in her lust that I finally made out as, "Give it to me."

Daddy began to move his body around in a circular motion -- his mouth never leaving Mom's pussy -- until he was able to straddle Mom's face, his stiff cock brushing over her nose and mouth. Mom opened wide, raised her head and began sucking Daddy's cock. He groaned into Mom's cunt, but never let up his relentless licking of her wet, tender flesh.

I used my free hand to grab a pillow to muffle my own moans as I slipped my homemade dildo into my pussy. I had broken my hymen two years before playing games with Vicky and the vegetable slipped in slowly without stopping. It felt so good and when I imagined it was Daddy's cock, it felt even better.

Mom and Daddy were an incredible sight below me. Locked in a lusty sixty-nine, something I'd only seen in porno movies, my parents couldn't seem to get enough of each other. They rolled around on the bed, sometimes Daddy on top, sometimes Mom and sometimes they were on their sides, but seemingly without taking a breath, their mouths never seemed to leave each other's sex. Both seemed determined to bring the other off first and the air was filled with their grunts, snorts and muffled cries as they pleasure each other.

I was quivering with my own self induced pleasure. I had drawn my feet up -- my knees framing my face as I wormed my cucumber dildo in and out of my pussy -- each movement making the surface of my green skinned veggie slicker and slicker.

Mom let out a wail, letting Daddy's cock slip from her lips to slap wetly against her face as an orgasm swept over her. Daddy never stopped -- his tongue fluttering over Mom's quivering labia one second, then over her swollen, exposed bud of a clitoris the next and then probing deep into her glistening flesh the next. Mom's cries of pleasure were punctuated by her attempts to thrust her pelvis even more against Daddy's mouth. Suddenly, Daddy scrambled up and around and climbed between Mom's all akimbo legs and he rammed his stiff dick into her pussy, making Mom scream with delight.

With swift, brutal thrusts, Daddy fucked Mom as hard as he could. I matched his movements with my cucumber, pumping it in and out of me at the same rhythm he was using with Mom. My orgasm came first and I was barely able to see Mom and Daddy orgasm together while the lights flashed and exploded with incredible pleasure inside my head and between my legs. We all three came so hard, there was virtually no need for words. Mom and Daddy fell asleep almost as soon as they whispered, "I love you" to each other.

I collapsed back onto the bed -- my cucumber dildo buried deep in my pussy while I savored the exquisite feeling of my cunt muscles massaging the firm vegetable. I fell asleep with it still deep inside me -- contributing no doubt to the carnal dreams I had of my parents that lasted all night.

In the morning, I gave myself a nice little wake-up orgasm with my new vegetable friend and then after showering, went downstairs. I was wearing only a nightshirt that came down about mid thigh, feeling naughty for having no panties on. I discovered that Mom had already left for her first day on the job and that Daddy was still asleep. There was a note from Mom, asking me to fix Daddy lunch and to watch out for him -- "Don't let him kill himself on the ladder cleaning windows, Pam. Take good care of your father! Love, Mom." I smiled to myself and knew that I was going to do everything in my power to obey my mother's wishes.

Daddy woke up to the smell of bacon and only partially burned scrambled eggs. I served them to him with his morning coffee, smiling at his barely concealed ogling of my exposed legs. I hovered over him, feeling myself get wet as I would brush up against his arm or shoulder or lean over him from behind, letting him feel my breasts rub against him. Daddy was wearing PJ bottoms and his hard on was obvious. Just knowing I was making Daddy stiff made me so hot and horny that I could feel my juices trickling down my thighs.

"Daddy, are you going to need me to help you with the windows?" I said, wrapping my arms around him from behind.

Daddy sighed contentedly and leaned back against my bosom. "Um, I reckon not. Do you have other plans?"

"Well, I was hoping to maybe do a little sunbathing," I said in a wheedling voice. "I don't want to lose my Arizona tan just yet. I thought I might spend the morning catching some rays, Daddy."

I swear I could see the bulge in Daddy's pants grow at my words. He gulped down his coffee and in a strained voice, replied, "I guess I can get along without you, sugar. You don't worry about it -- go have fun. Can't have my daughter looking pale and sick before she starts at a new school."

I hugged Daddy tight, letting him get a good sense of my firm tits and hard nipples before I said, "Thanks, Daddy, I owe you big time!"

I went back upstairs and began to dig through my clothes. There was only one possible outfit I could wear today. My teeny-tiny red bikini! I had bought it at the beginning of summer and Mom and Daddy had thrown a fit the first time I tried to wear it to the lake. It was scandalous. The bikini top was just some thin strings of fabric and barely enough fabric to cover my aureoles and nipples. A red G-string completed the set and was so low over my pubic mound that Mom had said I could be arrested. I'd bought it to tease my boyfriend with (and maybe entice Vicky as well), but after a loud argument with Mom and Daddy, I was limited to wearing it only around the house (it suddenly hit me now why they let me even wear it at all!).

Daddy was still lingering in the kitchen when I strolled through wearing my bikini and nothing else. It was heartwarming and naughty at the same time the way Daddy's eyes boggled as I jiggled past him. I tossed him a wink and said, "I'll be in the back yard if you need me, Daddy."

Outside, I oiled myself up. I couldn't see him, but I was sure Daddy was watching me from somewhere in the house. I gave him quite the show -- rubbing sun-block on myself, spreading my legs and oiling up my thighs, pulling the straps off my shoulders and baring more of my tits for his benefit. I let myself toast, my skin being warmed by the Kentucky sun while my pussy was warmed by the knowledge that Daddy was somewhere close by, staring at me.

Late morning, I went into the house, feeling incredibly horny -- actually feeling slutty -- like I needed to rut. I didn't bother putting on a robe, but busied myself in the kitchen fixing a salad for Daddy's lunch. It only took a few minutes before Daddy made an appearance, showing up outside with an extension ladder. I guess he was through cleaning the windows from the inside. I motioned him to come inside and he didn't disappoint me, taking a seat that gave him a good view of his barely dressed, long legged daughter moving around the kitchen. We talked about possibly getting me a car. We'd made due with his and Mom's vehicles back in the city, but living out here in the rural sticks of Kentucky, he thought it was best if they found me a good, reliable car.

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