The Eavesdropping Daughter


That thought almost thrilled me as much as turning my Daddy on and we had a good natured argument about the type of car. I wanted a Mustang and Daddy was leaning towards a boxy Volvo. The argument carried on as we took our salads to the living room and ate. Daddy had a hard time eating as he kept watching me. When we were done, I carried our dishes back to the kitchen. I was acting nonchalant about the effect I was having on Daddy, but in truth I was about to explode. Daddy's cock looked like it was going to burst out of the old paint spattered khakis he had on. It was time to make a move on my father!

I walked back to the living room where he sat on the love seat, a smile on his face as he watched me enter. I smiled at him and watched his eyes get wider as I didn't sit back down on the couch, but headed directly towards him and then without warning, straddled him and sat down on his lap. Omigod, his cock was nestled right against my barely covered pussy. I could feel him throbbing against me!

I put my arms around his neck and kissed him on the lips. "Daddy, I know I've been a bitch lately with the move and everything, but I want you to know, I do love you and Mom and I will do better." I was trying not to tremble as I spoke. It's hard being slutty when you're half scared to death.

Daddy stuttered for a bit and then managed to reply, "Um, we love you too, sugar." He leaned forward and gave me a quick peck on the lips. I wiggled against his hard-on to show my appreciation.

"And Daddy, if there is anything I can ever do for you -- please let me know. I want to be a good daughter to you." I looked at him as frankly as I have ever looked at a man. To my delight, he looked a little scared. Sometimes you never think your fantasies had a chance of ever being realized and I think I was freaking him out. I placed my hand against his chest and through the thin cotton of his shirt; I could my Daddy's heart beating wildly.

"That's wonderful, Pammy. Mom and I are so proud of you, you know." Daddy's hands fluttered nervously around my waist. I think he wasn't sure if he wanted to pull me closer or push me away. "Um -- I guess I better get back on those windows. I promised your mother..."

I shook my head and said, "No, Daddy."

He looked at me in confusion. "No?"

I shook my head again and said, "No, Daddy. Not until I take care of this." I wiggled my ass and rubbed myself against his erection.

"T-take care of what?" Daddy stammered.

"There's no way I'm going to let my Daddy climb up on that tall ladder with a big, hard cock. You might get hurt."

I slithered slowly out of his lap going to my knees between Daddy's legs. I held Daddy's gaze while my shaking hands fluttered across his lap, undoing his belt and unzipping his pants. I reached in and felt myself shiver as for the first time; I wrapped my fingers around my father's cock. "Pam? Pammy? You shouldn't..." Daddy's voice trailed off as I pulled his cock out and stroked it slowly. I could feel the precum coating the swollen head. I bet I had had him oozing precum for hours.

"Shhhhh, Daddy. Let your little girl take care of you," I said in a whisper. I remembered Mom's words from the other night. "Close your eyes and let your Pammy suck your cock, Daddy." I leaned in, my nostrils flaring as I smelled his man odor. I wrapped my lips around the knob of his cock and rolled my tongue over his crown -- his precum tasting salty and strong. Daddy obeyed me and groaned as I sucked him.

I let Daddy slip from my lips with a loud smack of my lips. "On second thought, watch me, Daddy. I want my Daddy to see his little girl suck his cock." I thought I was going to cum myself any instant, I was so excited. It was like a fire had burst into existence between my thighs and I was sure my tiny bikini was now completely soaked through with my juices. I was sucking my father's cock!

I'm sure I was giving him a sloppy blowjob -- after all, he was my first, but I'd seen lots of them on the porno flicks with Vicky. Suck and use lots of tongue. Daddy appeared to enjoy it -- he stared down at me entranced. I stared up at him as I sucked him, smiling up at my father when I'd let him slip from my lips and roll my tongue up and down the shaft and around and over the swollen head. "Do you like it, Daddy? Am I sucking your cock the right way?" I asked in my best 'I love you and I want something' little girl voice.

"Ohhh, Pammy!" Daddy sighed. He reached out and rested his hand on top of my head, his fingers intertwining with strands of my long brown hair. "It's better than I ever imagined!" I blushed with pride and took him in my mouth again. I tried to take more of him, feeling the crown of his cock brush against the back of my throat -- I had to make an effort not to gag. I took a little more, but Daddy was so big! I felt pressure from his hand to try and take a little more and I did -- being amazed at taking so much of Daddy's cock in my mouth. My tongue roamed over his shaft, savoring his musky taste. Some of his thick and unruly pubic hairs tickled my skin.

Slowly I let him slide back out, applying pressure with my lips and tonguing each sweet inch of his flesh. I repeated the process and then again and again -- each time taking a little more of Daddy's dick in my mouth. It became easier and as my saliva coated Daddy's penis, it got easier still. Daddy got a little anxious and shoved himself into my mouth -- I could feel his cock head surging into my throat and I did gag. I had to let him slip from my mouth and cough, but recovered quickly and began sucking Daddy again, pausing only to say, "I love your cock, Daddy -- it tastes good!"

Daddy began to chant, "Suck me, Pammy, suck me, Pammy!" I felt his cock begin to throb. I could feel his cock head swell against my tongue and then Daddy sobbed, "I'm cumming, Pammy! Daddy's cumming!"

Daddy convulsed and suddenly my mouth was full of a salty, thick liquid. I could feel Daddy's cock hosing down the inside of my mouth -- his semen spraying over my tongue, splashing against the back of my throat. It was strong, but I felt myself getting wetter as I savored the taste of my Daddy's sperm. Spurt after spurt of his spunk came until I had to let him go -- his last spurts splashing weakly across my lips and tongue as he slipped from my mouth.

"OH MY GOD!" Daddy sobbed as he collapsed back into his chair while I sat on my heels grinning up at him. He groaned again as I leaned in and licked him like a lollipop. Looking like someone had hit him with a big stick, Daddy looked down at me and managed to wheeze, "I -- I can't believe you did that, Pammy."

I slowly rose up and climbed back into Daddy's lap, my absolutely sodden panty clad cunt resting against Daddy's cock. "But you wanted me too, didn't you, Daddy? I know you did. I know how you look at me." I pressed myself against my father, undulating myself against him. I felt my breasts roll free of the bikini top -- my nipples now dragging against his shirt. I kissed Daddy, my tongue pushing insistently through his lips and finding his. Daddy groaned into my mouth and I sighed back as I felt his hands settle on my firm ass cheeks and pull me tighter against him

When the kiss ended, we were both breathing heavily. "You did like me sucking your cock, didn't you, Daddy?" I asked in a breathless whisper.

Daddy grinned and said, "I loved it, sugar. I -- I just can't believe you did it."

I wiggled against him and said, "But I did and I'll do it again -- you'll let me won't you, Daddy? I love sucking you -- it makes me sooo wet!" I took his hand and guided it between us, urging his fingers into my bikini bottom and then moaning as I felt my father touch my slick, aroused folds of flesh.

Daddy's expression suddenly changed then -- his eyes transforming from almost dazed to being clouded with desire. I saw hunger in Daddy's face -- undeniable, ravenous, unstoppable hunger. Daddy moved quickly and with a yelp, I suddenly found myself flipped over so that I was on the cushion of the loveseat and Daddy was kneeling between my wide flung legs. With a growl, Daddy ripped off my panties, exposing my flowered and glistening pussy.

"Daddy?" I whispered nervously. Daddy just grunted and I squealed as he dove his face into my pussy. "Daaadddddyyyyy!" I cried out as I felt my father's tongue slice between my labial lips, going deep and lapping at my wet flesh. My whole body seemed to come apart as pleasure I never dreamed possible tore through my body. Just the knowledge that I was feeling my father's face pushing -- almost burrowing into my pussy, his mouth sucking at my flesh -- his tongue doing things I never dreamed of was more than enough to send me freefalling in orgasmic delight.

I bucked my pelvis against Daddy's mouth, trying somehow to get more of him -- more mouth, more lips, more of that incredible tongue loving my pussy. I cried out as Daddy grasped both my legs in his strong hands and lifted them up over his shoulders, somehow giving him immediately better access to my cunt. My world exploded, disintegrated and reformed bathed in wondrous light as his tongue began making love to my clitoris. I felt my pussy spasm and felt my cunt cream absolutely gushing into Daddy's mouth, flowing over his chin.

I came and came and then just as I thought I couldn't take anymore, Daddy began sucking on my clit while slipping two fingers into my pussy. "DADDY DADDY DADDY! I LOVE YOU, DADDY!" as my orgasm went to undreamed of heights and everything blurred together and all I knew of the world was the incredible pleasure emanating from my cunt and spreading to every nerve in my body. It became too much and I think I passed out.

I came to experiencing little orgasmic shivers as Daddy nibbled and licked my pussy. My legs were now flung wide and Daddy was cupping my breasts, slowly rolling his palms over my hard and aching nipples.

"Ohhh, Daddy!" I sobbed in a subdued, almost shocked tone. "I love you!"

Daddy gave me one last loving lick and then as he rose up, I came into his arms and we were kissing. I had felt so in control for a few brief minutes and now all I wanted was to have Daddy loving me for the rest of my life. Nothing had ever made me feel this way before. Not my own masturbation, not David's clumsy fingerings, not even Vicky's more experienced touch (I felt a momentary flash of regret that my best friend and I had never moved beyond, kissing, touching and fingering), had brought me near the pleasure my Daddy had given me with his mouth.

As we mastered ourselves, Daddy and I talked. We agreed that we were both happy this had happened and that it wasn't a one time thing. "There is one thing, Daddy," I said as I began to feel like my old self. "You're not going to tell Mom, are you?"

Daddy looked at me oddly. "Sugar, I know this will sound shocking, but I don't think your mother will mind."

Before Daddy could elaborate, I kissed him and said, "I -- I just want to take my time and get used to things before Mom finds out. I want to have some fun with you first."

Daddy grinned and said, "What kind of fun, sugar?"

I felt myself again feeling like a horny slut and I reached out and took Daddy's cock in my hand and gave it a gentle squeeze as I said, "Do you want me to suck your cock again, Daddy?"

"I felt Daddy's cock twitch and began to swell slightly. "Oh my, yes, Pammy. You know I do."

I leaned in and kissed Daddy again, stroking his cock as I did so. When we finished kissing, he was nearly fully erect again. "Well, Daddy, I want to suck it too." I gave him an evil grin. "But, the next time I suck you Daddy, I want your cock covered in Mom's pussy cream and your sperm. I want to clean Mommy off you, Daddy."

Daddy's eyes went wide as I surprised him -- no, shocked him for the second time today. "What?"

"I will suck you after you fuck Mommy tonight. I want to lick you clean of your cum and Mommy's cream after you cum in her." I kissed Daddy again. "After you fuck Mom, I'll be waiting for you. I will lick you clean and then make you hard and suck you till you cum again!"

Daddy was stunned. "Pammy? How -- when, how will you know?"

I kissed Daddy again and then eased out of his embrace and stood before him, naked as the day I was born. "Do this for me, Daddy. Take your little magic blue pill and make Mommy cum and then come to me. I'll be waiting for you." I blew Daddy a kiss and then walked away.

As I climbed the stairs to my bedroom, my knees grew weak and I began to shake. I collapsed on my bed as the realization of what I had just done struck home. Shock, amazement and lust swept over me. I HAD JUST SUCKED MY DADDY'S COCK! I had acted like a shameless slut and I HAD LOVED IT!

I plunged my fingers into my pussy and was cumming in seconds. I had done it. I had fulfilled one of Daddy's fantasies and I loved doing it. As I writhed in sweet, delicious agony, I resisted the temptation to scream for Daddy to come up here and make love to me -- no, to fuck me; make his slut daughter-lover. As my orgasm waned, I marveled at how my life had really changed within the last few days. Screw the move -- thank God for moving so I could discover my parents' secret fantasies. I knew I had Daddy -- now to figure out how to make Mom realize her dreams were within her grasp.

That evening, Daddy and I did a pretty good job of acting like nothing had happened. I kept up my skimpy attire, wearing a bustier and shorts, as well as acting flirty with both my parents. While Mom put her feet up in the living room, Daddy and I cleaned up the dishes. Daddy made a point to take a prescription bottle out of the cabinet and letting me watch him take his little blue pill. I rewarded Daddy with a tongue twisting kiss while I ground my body against his. When the kiss ended, Daddy turned red, something he did a couple of more times after dinner, especially after talk of buying me a car came up again and I plopped down on his lap and pleaded jokingly for a Mustang. I wiggled against his fast growing hard-on and showered his face with kisses while Mom laughed and stared and began breathing funny.

I picked that moment to say my goodnights and hurry upstairs, getting naked and comfortable for the show I knew was coming. I saw the light go on in my parents' bedroom and then Mom giggling as they entered, saying, "Oh my god, our little girl is such a tease! If only she knew how badly we want to include her in our games. It's almost..."

Mom never finished what she was saying as Daddy, grabbed her and kissed her hard, tearing her blouse apart as he did so and roughly jerking her denim skirt off. He shoved her against the near wall and began to work on Mom's panties. Mom was now into it and finished the job, working her panties down to her ankles and stepping out of them, then working on getting Daddy's pants off him.

Daddy's cock sprung free -- looking hard and angry. Mom groaned as he bent his knees and then came up between her widespread legs, thrusting his erection into her wet pussy. Mom threw her head back, slamming it into the wall as she cried out. Daddy's hands were on her ass cheeks and lifting her up and pinning her to the wall as he began to hunch his cock in and out of my mother. My jaw dropped open as I watched my parents fucking standing up!

Mom drew her legs up, pressing her thighs against Daddy's hips, trying to get some leverage to piston herself on his dick. Mom was keeping up a steady moan, smothered by Daddy's lips pressing against hers. They quickly developed a fast, minute motion with Daddy holding Mom firmly against the wall as he fucked her hard and Mom trying her best to fling her pelvis against his cock with every outward stroke. Mom's breasts bounced enticingly up and down and I envied Daddy when he finally broke the kiss and ducked his head to bit down hard on a swollen nipple.

Without turning away, I reached out and found my cucumber dildo and spread my own legs and began prodding my cunt with the thick vegetable. Daddy was like a man possessed and I knew it was my doing. He tugged on Mom's nipple with his teeth, letting it stretch and then bounce back as he let it go, growling, "C'mon and fuck your Daddy! Tell me how much you like Daddy's cock!"

Mom cried out and in a sobbing voice replied, "I luvvvv your big dick, Daddddyyy! Fuck your little girl -- fuck your daughter hard with your huge cock, Daddy!" Her arms were wrapped around Daddy's neck and I could see her toes curling as Daddy quickly brought her to the verge of orgasm!"

Daddy never relented, driving his erect penis home with a vengeance. "Cum for Daddy, Pammy," Daddy snarled. "Come for Daddy -- make him cum inside your little girl pussy!" He ducked his head and began sucking and biting Mom's other nipple.

Mom began to orgasm then, tightening her grip on Daddy, her heels digging into his butt, trying to drive him deeper inside her cunt. "Yes, yes, yes, Daddy John! Fuck me, cum in meeee! You're making meee cummmm!" she whimpered and then began to buck and jerk as Daddy slammed into her hard, pinning her to the wall as he began to cum himself." Their words became babble and my parents simply moaned and cried out as their pleasure poured forth.

"Oh -- My -- God! John, what got into you?" Mom purred as her orgasm began to fade. "Pam needs to sit in your lap every night if it means I get fucked like that!"

Dad snorted and securing Mom in place, carried her by her ass cheeks to the bed. "You talk like we're finished, Cathy! We've just gotten started!"

He let Mom slide off his cock, dropping her to the bed, and then before she could say anything besides, "Oh my, honey, you're still hard!" Daddy rolled her over onto her stomach and then pulled her onto her hands and knees. He climbed onto the bed behind her and lifted Mom's ass up. Mom groaned, "John? Baby?" Daddy gripped Mom by her cheeks and thrust forward, sinking his shaft into Mom's cum filled cunt with a single stroke.

As I plunged my cucumber in and out of my throbbing pussy, I watched as Daddy gave Mom a hard fuck from behind. Sweat was being slung off Daddy's body as he mercilessly gave it to Mom doggy style. Mom was clawing the bed sheets and trying to fuck back, but was almost helpless in Daddy's grip and was only able to enjoy the savage loving of her husband.

I imagined that it was me Daddy was feeding his long, thick dick to -- that it was me making the crazy and happy sounds of orgasmic pleasure. Daddy built himself up to a fast, intense rhythm and I began to match it as I watched my parents fuck.

Long before Daddy made Mom cum again, I was sobbing with my own pleasure as orgasmic delight ripped through my body, my cunt walls contracting around my cucumber toy while below me, Daddy was fucking Mom hard, calling out to her, "Take Daddy's cock, Pammy. It's all for you, baby girl!" Mom just wailed in delight and pleasure that seemed so intense it bordered on pain. Mom began to orgasm -- one orgasm after another as Daddy kept filling her with his big cock.

Daddy began to show signs of cumming and he shocked Mom and me with his words, "Gonna cum in you, baby -- going to give you my spunk. Then you can lick my cock clean, Pammy -- lick Daddy's cock clean of my sperm and Mommy's juices!"

Mom's orgasms peaked and she let out a shrill cry, her limbs stiffening for what seemed an eternity as Daddy buried his penis in her womb one last time and ejaculated again -- pumping a second load into Mom's cunt. Mom's face was turned upwards as if she was staring at me -- but there was a glazed look on her face that told me she was seeing God or infinity or whatever heaven looked like. Mom sobbed, "I love you, John!" and then she collapsed onto the bed, taking Daddy with her -- totally exhausted.

Daddy lay on top of Mom for a few minutes and then gathering his strength, he lifted himself off, drawing a happy sigh from Mom as he slipped his cock out of her pussy with a delicious wet plop.

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