The Eavesdropping Daughter


"Oh god, that's wonderful," Daddy gasped as he began to withdraw from Mom's pussy. My mouth was right there, lips smearing in their mixed fluids, my tongue rolling up globs of pussy cream and semen as Daddy slowly pulled his cock from Mom's clasping labia. When the head of Daddy's penis emerged with a wet plop, I acted quickly and had him in my mouth, savoring again the sweet taste of my parents' cum.

I sucked my daddy clean, well aware that Daddy's cock did not appear to be shrinking -- that he was hard and swollen and big and long. I looked up into his loving eyes, telling him with my own brown eyes how much I loved him and how much I loved having his cock in my mouth. As wonderful as it was to feel my father's life pulsating between my lips, I knew the moment had arrived for more.

Letting Daddy slowly slip from my mouth, I looked up at him and implored in my little girl voice, "Fuck me, Daddy. Fuck your little girl and make me a complete woman." I gave Daddy a last long lick and wiggled my bottom against Mom's face. "Fuck me with your big dick now, Daddy!"

Daddy got that ferocious look in his eyes and he climbed up in the bed, situating himself behind me. I was shivering -- mostly from Mom's incessant tongue, but also in anticipation of receiving my first cock. I felt Daddy's hands on my ass, lifting and turning my butt upwards to get a better vantage point of my pussy. Mom's mouth pursued me, her tongue fluttering over the upper flesh of my cunt, taunting and teasing my throbbing clitoris.

I felt the velvety head of Daddy's cock brush my lips and then press slightly into my pussy, just enough pressure to feel a slight entry into my most special place. I looked over my shoulder at Daddy who looked almost mad with passion. "Fuck me, Daddy. Make me scream just like Mommy!"

Daddy grinned and said, "I love you, Pammy. Daddy's going to make you feel so good!" Daddy flexed his hips and I screamed as I felt him sink inside me. I thought I was prepared, but I wasn't. Daddy moved deeper into me. It barely hurt as there was no hymen to tear, but Daddy is sooo big! I sobbed as my father filled me up, inch after sweet inch of hard, thick cock. My cucumber paled in comparison, Daddy was so much bigger and longer. My pleasure seemed to swell up like a balloon until Daddy's penis was nudging my cervix, then I seemed to explode as sweet ecstasy burst inside me and expanded.

I couldn't remain on hands and knees and my face dropped again to Mom's lower stomach. "DADDDYYYYY!" I sobbed as my first cock induced orgasm swept over me. Then I felt Mom's tongue continue to work over my fleshly lips, spread wide by Daddy's throbbing meat pole. For what seemed an eternity, I was helpless in a haze of orgasmic delight, intense, incestuous pleasure spreading out from between my legs, through my body all the way to the tips of my fingers, toes and hair.

Nothing -- not my fingers, not my cucumber dildo, nothing had prepared me for the overwhelming delight of having a man's erect penis inside me, especially the sweet, sinful sensation of having my Daddy's cock pulsing and throbbing and snugly buried in my pussy! Now I truly knew why Mom was such a happy woman!

Waves of tremendous pleasure swept my body again and again as Daddy wormed his thick dick in and out of my pussy while Mom continued to tongue me, swiping it from side to side, teasing my labia lips and rolling it across Daddy's long shaft. I was happy to be riding the currents of incestuous orgasm, cherishing every moment.

Then, piercing the bliss of my pleasure came an intoxicating aroma -- so familiar and so strong and so enticing. My nose twitched and I moved my head slightly and let my eyes focus and discovered the source of this bewitching scent. I looked down and beheld Mom's well fucked cunt -- lips gaping open, her pink folds frosted with splatters of Daddy's semen. Thicker wads of semen were beginning to drip from her swampy wet pussy. I could feel the heat radiating from her and I was suddenly consumed with a ravenous desire to lick my mother.

Mom cried out as I mashed my face into her crotch, sucking her labia into my mouth and licking her swollen lips clean of her and Daddy's cream. I felt pussy juice and sperm smearing my chin and cheeks and I gobbled hungrily, licking her glistening, frosted folds of pink cunt flesh and then delving deep into her pussy with my tongue, finding the thick deposits of Daddy's still hot semen mixed with Mom's pussy juices and eating them with abandon.

As I did, Mom rallied to again begin licking me, her tongue flat and wide as it sawed back and forth against my clitoris and Daddy's always in motion cock. Daddy increased his pace after hearing Mom's moans and seeing me lap hungrily at her cunt. His hands kneaded my tight ass cheeks as he fucked his little girl and the room filled with the sounds of slurping mouths and the wet slaps of his body against mine, mixing with various moans as the three of us were locked together in our carnal and incestuous embrace.

Another orgasm swept over me as Mom was unrelenting with her tongue and Daddy twisted and rolled his hips, seeking to bury his cock deeper inside me with each thrust, always seeking virgin territory. I was sure that Mom joined me in a mutual orgasm as her pussy drenched my face in a new flood of her hot creams, confirmed by her wordless moans that rose and rose in pitch until she was screaming shrilly against my and Daddy's joined bodies.

Every inch of me seemed to be radiating pleasure -- each sweaty slick movement of my body against Mom's was ecstasy. I trembled with erotic joy with the scraping of my hard nipples over Mom's stomach and then there was Daddy's cock and Mom's mouth, each working separately, but together to build and build the orgasmic delight between my legs. I trembled as my pleasure reached new heights and continued to climb. Daddy was fucking me hard now and there was some pain, but it just seemed to enhance my carnal ecstasy.

"Oh, Pammy, I love you, baby," Daddy moaned as I felt his cockhead swell deep inside me. I felt his cock pulse powerfully within me and then it was like he exploded inside me as he suddenly began pumping streamers of white hot semen into my young pussy.

I screamed in sheer incestuous pleasure as my cunt literally seemed to be filled with liquid fire, generating an orgasmic fire that spread throughout my naked, sweaty body, incinerating every fiber of my being only to reborn in the power of incestuous love. The tiny, still rational part of my brain marveled at the sensation of my pussy being filled with my Daddy's baby making seed and that there was so much of it and that it felt so wonderful to feel so full of his cum.

Daddy was calling my name over and over as he ejaculated his load into his little girl's womb, "Pammy, Pammy, Pammy, Pammy!" I felt him move a little backwards so he could thrust into me again, seeking to get his sperm in me a little more deeply. I heard Mom moan and whisper, "Sooo sweet," as her tongue slathered its way over Daddy's cum covered cock and lapped at the semen that I knew was being forced out of me with every sweet thrust of Daddy's erect penis.

Daddy just seemed to be unable to stop -- I felt thick wad after thick wad of spunk paint my cunt walls. My body seemed to be on fire, a hot burning fire of pleasure that became my very existence -- all my world centering on the fiery joy that was my pussy. I couldn't breathe, my limbs seem to disconnect from the rest of me -- even my voice abandoned me, allowing only cries of pleasure to emerge from my lips. I was swallowed up in my orgasm that just continued to build until my body seemed to dissolve and I was pure orgasmic energy transformed by my daddy's cock and my mother's tongue. The world disintegrated and I was simply part of pure incestuous joy and pleasure.

It took me a minute to realize that I had actually passed out and had now regained consciousness. I was still in the wonderful throes of orgasm, but it was ebbing to the point where I regained coherent thought. Daddy was breathing hard and had stopped moving, although his cock was still hard and throbbing inside my pussy. My face was resting between Mom's thighs, lips pressed against Mom's quivering flesh. Mom was still teasing my pussy -- now focusing mostly on rolling her lips up and down along my labia, spread wide by Daddy's still blood engorged penis and dripping with our mingled juices.

"D-Daddy?" I moaned softly, my voice hoarse from screaming.

"Yes, baby?" Daddy replied, gently stroking my back. Even that slight touch sent delicious shivers racing through my body.

"Daddy," I said, my voice breaking up with emotion, "I love you. That was -- you and Mom, it was -- I love you both so much!" I began to sob then, overwhelmed with the sheer wonderful intensity of my orgasm -- of the new intimacy I had experienced with my parents -- of the sheer magnitude of love and lust that I now had in my heart for my parents. In a short space of time, I had bridged the gulf between love and sex and for the first time understood the tight link between the two. I had never imagined the intensity of the intimacy that people could share in the act of making love until now.

"Ohhh, sweet Pammy, we love you too," murmured Mom beneath me. I felt her shower my inner thighs with little kisses. "We never dreamed that this could be sooo wonderful either!"

We all rested in the afterglow of glorious sex, me becoming slowly aware that Daddy was beginning to shrink inside me until finally he slipped free of my clasping lips and with a happy, but weary expression on his face, collapsed beside Mom and my intertwined bodies.

"Good lord, Honey!" Mom exclaimed. "It's like you used a fire hose. How much sperm did you pump in our naughty little girl?" Mom chuckled to herself and then continued, "Hang on, Pammy. Mommy's hungry and her favorite snack is between your legs and dripping from your pretty little cunt."

Mom reached around and grabbed my ass cheeks and pulled me down against her face. I groaned happily as Mom began to tongue my hard fucked pussy -- her impossibly long tongue delving deep inside me to gobble up Daddy's thick streamers of tasty semen.

I clawed the sheets as Mom's ministrations sent me back to the edge of orgasmic delight. My head swirled and in an effort to keep myself grounded in the moment, I tried to focus on Mom's pussy again, resuming my tonguing of her dripping wet flesh, savoring her taste -- knowing full well that I could never get my fill of her sweet pussy juices.

Mom was thorough, making sure that she licked my pussy clean of every drop of Daddy's sperm and then starting all over again just to make sure that she had done the job right. I tried to match her lick for lick and kept up as we both stormed through another mutual orgasm, but eventually, I was simply overwhelmed and could only helplessly kiss Mom's slick flesh as she tongued me to another toe curling orgasm.

It took all my strength to roll off her. Somehow we wound up face to face, both our faces shiny and smeared with semen and cunt cream. She had raised me not to waste, so we spent several minutes kissing and licking each other's face clean, sharing our treasures with each other in a long, passionate kiss.

Mom and I then turned our attention to Daddy and gave his cock a long, leisurely tongue bath. His cock struggled valiantly to rise to the occasion, but we had worn him out, at least short term. We all cuddled then, under the sheets, Mom and Dad listening in wide-eyed wonder as I described how I discovered their lust for me through the old grate.

"Omigod," Mom exclaimed when I pointed out the grate above their heads. "I never even noticed."

Both were amused at how handily I had managed to seduce them both, Daddy just shaking his head and saying, "And imagine all that fantasizing when all we probably had to do was ask!"

I kissed Daddy and then Mommy, taking my time and telling them how much I loved them using only my tongue and then I said, "You never have to wonder again. I'm your slut daughter whenever you want me!"

We then fell asleep, exhausted from our lovemaking. It was the best night's sleep I ever had, interrupted only once when I awoke in the dark and found myself on my back, legs spread wide and Daddy already several inches deep in my pussy. Daddy rode me long and hard, showing me just how knowledgeable he was in pleasuring a woman with his long, stiff cock. Mom snored away through most of it, oblivious to the good, hard fucking her husband was giving their daughter. In the end, I woke her up with my screams of orgasmic pleasure as Daddy pumped another tremendous load of spunk in my young pussy and as Daddy fell asleep, Mom once again licked my pussy clean and the last thing I remembered was thrashing on the bed as Mom made me cum as she sucked and nibbled on my clitoris.

We all slept late into the next day, my dreams filled with wonderful visions of family love, visions that were made true the next morning as my parents and I made love again and again.

I am now deep into my senior year at my new school. I look to graduate with honors and am mulling over my choices of colleges. I've abandoned any thought to returning out west to attend school. My heart and my pussy are determined to remain here in the loving bosom of my family. Mom and Daddy and I are so very close now -- as close a loving family as is humanly possible. I am as happy as a daughter can be. I have new friends and a new life and I am the lover of the two people I love and adore above all others.

The only thing I really miss from my old life is my old friend Vicky, and Mom and Dad say I can invite her out this coming summer. I can't wait to share my new life with my best friend. Mom was licking my pussy when I asked her if Vicky could visit. Mom raised her head up, my juices glistening on her chin and she smiled and replied, "Why not, Pammy, the more the merrier!"

The End

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by Anonymous

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by Anonymous05/14/18

Wet pussy

Wish I had a mom to eat my soaking pussy.

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by BigDaddyWillieB05/13/18

Absolutely Amazing.

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by debbielater0103/17/18

wow a familys love

I loved this tale from beginning to end, I must admit that I played in sync with every kiss stroke and fuck .
If only I could explore the delight.

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by cjm201012/11/17

Incredible Story

This story is amazing. I have a step daughter and I wish I could get this lucky. I hope you continue to write more!!

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by rightbank09/04/17

One of a kind

On this site there are many cooky cutter stories, this is not one.

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