tagNonHumanThe Ebony Alpha Ch. 07

The Ebony Alpha Ch. 07


Hello everyone. I tried to use a little Cajun in this chapter (a very little) LOL. But here is a translation as such:

Coo-yon=foolish, stupid

Mamere= Grandmother

Gree Gree= a curse put on someone

Ga Lee= an expression of astonishment

This is the longest chapter I have written so far. It seemed to write itself and I am excited to start the next one, there will be so many ways to go. I just hope you enjoy this one.



Remy was full of rage. The apartment were Joe was supposed to be with Mama Louisa was empty! He had reached out to Joe with his bond but received no answer. It was almost as if their connection had been severed. That Voodoo woman must have weaved a spell on his man. He had warned him not to touch her. How had she gotten to him? Joe was loyal; he would withhold his judgment until he found him.

Remy left the building and concentrated harder on Joe's mind. Pushing harder he was finally sensing him.

"Where are you Joe?" He called silently.

"I am on Canal Street, at Megan's apartment."

"Is the woman there as well?"

"No Boss. She left a while ago."

"What happened Joe; why did you leave?"

"It was her voice Boss. I couldn't help it I had to do what she told me."

"I am almost there. We will get to the bottom of this then."

Remy parked his car by the curb outside the building. He ran up the stairs and into the apartment.

"Tell me everything that happened while you were alone with the woman Joe, and don't leave anything out." Remy stood above the man and crossed his arms over his broad chest.

Joe gulped and began to tell Remy everything. "When she woke up I went into the room and gave her the knock out drug."

"Did you touch her with your hands, or did she touch you?"

Joe groaned and looked down at the floor. "Tell me what happened Joe!" Remy growled.

"When I gave her the shot she started bleeding. I couldn't help myself; I liked it off her arm. It was so sweet like brown cane sugar. She must have put the gree, gree on me!"

Remy grabbed Joe by his neck and lifted him out of the chair. "You fool; didn't I tell you not to touch her?"

He threw Joe across the room and jumped on him punching him in the face breaking his nose. Joe stumbled, blinded by the blood and pain. He backed away from Remy and fell over the coffee table, landing on the floor.

Remy straddled Joe's body and began beating him around his rib cage. He wanted this man to remember his stupidity with the pain. As Remy began to grab Joe's neck, his phone rang. "Shit!" Remy grunted and threw the man's head to the floor.

"Yeah what's up Reggie?" Remy began to smile and stood up getting off of Joe. "She is with wolves? How many, just three? Figure out a way to stop them and take her by force. I will not accept failure."

Remy took a breath and listened to Reggie's question. "You don't have to kill them, unless they get in your way. Just bring her to the Warehouse when you get her."

Remy looked down at the wolf beneath him. "I won't kill you Joe. It is going to be worse than death to be without a pack, believe me I know. Don't contact your brothers, I won't let them leave alive." Remy kicked Joe in his ribs and laughed as he grimaced in pain.

"Finally I will get what I want for a change. Luna is not going to stop me now." Remy got in his red car and speed away, howling out loud at the moon.


Jack Broussard couldn't believe his luck, the red Mercedes was parked right at the curb. The neighbors at the burning house had given them a description of the car that had left the scene, and the helicopter had spotted it here on Canal Street.

As detective Broussard parked his unmarked sedan; a rather large man ran out of the building and got into the car. He gave out a blood curdling howl and sped away.

"What are these damn wolves doing in the city?" He thought to himself. "This is the second one tonight."

Frowning he restarted his car and wondered, "Did the other wolf have anything to do with this man?"

Jack Broussard followed the car ahead. He didn't call in its location because he knew the police couldn't handle this situation.

The only other ASI Guardian he knew in New Orleans was on special assignment, and could not to be contacted. He would have to observe and use his best judgment on handling the problem.

In all of his centuries on Earth, dealing with werewolves had been one of his best assignments. They were definitely more fun and less inhibited. He thoroughly enjoyed the free sexual natures of the werewolves and had taken advantage of his position quite a few times. But since the last Blood Moon he had been assigned to humans. How boring.

Drusilla Guyon had been brutalized sexually. Maybe Mr. Raphael Boulet would like to know where her attacker was. He had seemed to be very interested in the woman. Jack figured that he wouldn't really be interfering, just giving fate a little push.

The red car in front of him turned into the Warehouse District and parked in front of an abandoned apartment building. It was in the process of renovation, but still a very dangerous construction site. The wolf went into the building and disappeared. Jack took out his note book and looked up Raphael's phone number.

"Hello Mr. Boulet, This is Detective Broussard. I am going to text you something that might be of interest to you." He took a picture of Remy's car and sent the picture to Raphael along with the address.

The Detective drove away. He couldn't afford to be around if trouble broke out. The ASI would definitely be suspicious if he were.


"Here they are yawl, that's Raphy's truck!" Megan cried out with excitement. The group stood up as the SUVs approached them. The wrecker was just towing away the limo and the street was finally clear. Mama Louisa was the first to exit and ran straight to Megan.

"Are you alright sweet heart? I was worried sick that Remy would get his hands on you." The two women hugged each other tightly oblivious to the men around them.

Jackson went over to Napoleon and clasped his arm with the older Alpha's. "Thank you my friend for coming so soon. My man Sullivan is about to lose his mind. The woman taken was his mate." Jackson introduced Sullivan and Stephan to Napoleon and he likewise introduced them to Raphael and Bachtrane.

"I thought they were after Megan, what happened?" Napoleon asked.

"In all the commotion they just grabbed the first redheaded woman they saw and it happened to be Maddie. She and Megan both have red hair."

The Boscoyo men erupted with laughter. "Forgive us Jackson, but it is so like Remy to get the dumbest help he can find. We shouldn't have too much trouble getting your friend back."

Napoleon saw the worried look on Sullivan's face and he patted him on the back, "Don't worry young beta, we will get your mate back. We just need to keep our heads about us."

Sullivan calmed down for the first time since the accident. Looking around him he finally saw the woman Megan called Mama Louisa. She wasn't that old maybe in her fifties. Her head was wrapped in a turban like cloth and her green eyes were focused on him. Her caramel colored skin was much like Maddie's and she smiled as she came forward to grab his hand.

"So you are Maddie's mate? I smell her scent on you. I can tell she is yet unharmed but we have very little time."

"So what do we do now? Do you have any idea where to start looking Napoleon?" Jackson asked the older Alpha.

"Remy owns a few abandoned buildings along the Waterfront and around the Warehouse District. We could split up and make better time that way."

"That sounds like a good idea; we had better keep our distance until we are sure of their location. They can smell us from a mile away."

"That gives me an idea." Megan said and started going through her purse. Pulling out the bottle of scent masking potion she held it up for them to see.

"Mama Louisa used this on me when I escaped to Boston. It really works to hide your scent. It will give us an advantage if they can't smell us coming."

Mama Louisa smiled at her intelligent granddaughter. "She is going to make a wonderful Alpha, in her own right."She thought to herself.

"All right who's first?" Bachtrane and his father stepped forward and Megan put a dropper of the potion on their tongues. Jackson, Sullivan and lastly Stephan accepted a dose as well. Megan couldn't help but laugh as she watched the grown men before her sniffing each other.

"Incredible Mama Louisa, this is a powerful magic you have here." Jackson sniffed Sullivan once more and shook his head in wonder. He knew his friend's scent but it had disappeared completely.

Mama Louisa turned to the group and instructed Stephan and Sullivan to ride with the Boscoyo men as she, Megan and Jackson rode with Raphael. They all paused as Raphael's phone began to ring. He stood there with a shocked look on his face as he listened to the caller. He clicked over and then checked his text messages.

"Ga lee!" Raphael shouted his Cajun coming through. "I know where Remy is; follow me!"

They loaded up and headed east toward the warehouse District. "What the hell is going on Raphy? Who was that on the phone?" Mama Louisa demanded.

"It was Detective Broussard; the cop that was at the house fire earlier tonight. He sent me a picture of Remy's car at an abandoned building."

"I bet it's the same place they were holding me." Mama Louisa shook her head, "Napoleon was right, the man is coo-yon."

Mama Louisa smiled and silently thanked her old friend Jack for the tip. The ASI would have his hide for this if they ever found out he had interfered, but she wasn't going to tell them. Not unless he pissed her off again.

She settled back into her seat and fingered the talisman around her neck. Boy would her charges ever be surprised, if they knew what their mamere really looked like.

Raphael stepped hard on the gas and sped away from the curb. He felt an urgency to get to his cousin. He loved that redheaded girl and wouldn't know what he'd do if anything happened to her.

"Slow down Raphael. We can't go running in there like the Calvary. Maddie is a hostage and we need to be very careful. Remy is unpredictable." Napoleon was trying to think of how his Nephew was feeling right now. He was probably in a rage and not thinking clearly. He may hurt the woman before they could get there.

The determined friends took a back road to the Warehouse district. The moon was not full and that gave them the cover of darkness.

Sullivan was chomping at the bit and his Alpha tried to sooth him with reassuring words."Hey Sullivan how you doing back there? I know you are anxious to get to Maddie. I just want you to proceed with caution. I want us all to come out of this alive."

A truck sped passed them at breakneck speed. The breaks squealed as the car took the turn up ahead on two wheels. "Damn!" cursed Raphael. "Where's the fire?"

"Hmmm, very interesting." Thought Mama Louisa as she saw the truck go by. Joe was no longer under her spell and he was headed to his Alpha. They still had Remy and his men out numbered, but she was glad that Joe was going too fast to notice their little caravan. They could still arrive without being noticed.


Joe had healed quickly and slowly picked himself up off the floor. His reached out for Remy with his bond but he felt nothing. That damn Voodoo woman, he had been hypnotized by her taste. Her voice had mesmerized him and maybe even her scent. That would be just his luck to be attracted to that old woman. Damn!

He didn't have to worry about her anymore; his brothers were his biggest concern. They had their whole lives ahead of them and he couldn't let Remy ruin things for them. It wasn't Reggie or Ralph's fault that they wanted to be like their big brother. But his stupid antics had gotten them all thrown out of their pack.

New Orleans was a long way from East Texas and he'd thought they could make a fresh start here. They met Remy one night at his Cajun Café and had believed his tales of fame and fortune.

He had been a fool. He should have made his brothers go back home. Now they were all in trouble. Joe couldn't try to contact them through their family bond, Remy may sense something.

He had heard the phone call from Reggie, and knew where Remy was going. He would just have to take matters into his own hands. Walking to his truck Joe got in and drove toward the abandoned building he had just left. He may not leave there alive but he knew for sure Remy wouldn't either.


Maddie struggled against her bonds but it was no use. The nylon ties were too strong for her to break. She knew that Sullivan was going out of his mind. They had barely been apart over the last twenty four hours and their bond had grown stronger. She could see his blue eyes and knew they were flecked with amber fire right now.

Looking around she noticed that she was in a nondescript square room. There was threadbare carpet covering the floor and a small lamp sitting on a box in the corner. The walls were covered with peeling wallpaper and it was cold, so cold. Her teeth began to chatter as the door flew open. She knew who it was even before she lifted her eyes to his face.

"Who the fuck is this?" Remy screamed at his two bumbling henchmen. "Damn! I thought your brother was coo-yon, but you two really suck!"

"But Boss she is the redhead that was in the car." Reggie cringed as Remy turned fiery eyes on him.

"Was she the only redhead in the car?"

"I don't know Boss. We just grabbed the first one we saw."

"Was there something else you were supposed to look for in the woman?"

"Was she supposed to have green eyes are something like that?" Ralph queried.

His answer was a slap across his face that sent him flying across the room. He landed at Maddie's feet and looked into her eyes.

"Fuck! Fuck! Fuck!" the wolf thought as he scrambled to get up off the floor. This woman had brown eyes and that meant he and his brother were dead meat.

Reggie wasn't a coward but he knew that even with his little brother's help they were no match for their Alpha. He could and he would kill them.

Remy walked to the shaking woman on the floor and pulled her up by her hair.

"Ouch! You asshole put me down!" Maddie knew she should keep her mouth shut but she wasn't going to give this monster any satisfaction.

Remy laughed at the squirming woman in his hands. He let go of her hair and she fell hard onto the floor. Blinded by the pain of the fall, Maddie lay there whimpering.

"Where is Megan? I know you were together, where were you going?" His questions ran together and when Maddie didn't answer soon enough for him, Remy kicked her in her stomach.

"Bitch; answer me now! I wanted Megan she is my mate and she belongs to me!" Remy lifted Maddie up by her arms and leaned her against the wall. He glared at her with glowing eyes and fear welled up in her throat.

"This man is insane." She thought as he shook her, bumping her head against the wall. The pain was becoming overwhelming and Maddie could feel herself passing out.

"No you don't! Wake the fuck up!" Remy shook the redheaded woman in his grasp. He slapped her when her eyes closed but her head fell to the side, as unconsciousness mercifully helped her escape. He dropped his hands from her arms and she slid to the floor.

Remy looked down at the woman on the floor. He knew he was in trouble now. Megan wasn't alone; she was in the company of three wolves. There were enough of them to manage a fair fight, but Remy didn't play fair. He played to win no matter what the cost to those around him. Even though the redhead on the floor wasn't Megan; she was worth something and he smiled as he realized he still had a hostage.

He needed to devise a plan of action. They would contact the woman's friends in due time. She was in no condition to make a phone call right now. He would need to make sure they moved to the lower floor of the building.

With the construction going on, the floors above would not support him after a shift. Looking at Reggie; he instructed him to move the woman to the lower level of the building. Remy left the two brothers to do his bidding.

"Hey Ralph, the Boss want us to move the hostage to the main level." Ralph looked at his brother and shook his head. "I'm getting out of here man. You remember what he did to Ramon. I don't want that to happen to us."

Reggie wanted to tell his brother that Remy would not kill them, but he didn't want to lie. He had killed Ramon for shifting into a wolf in front of the redheaded woman. He didn't even give him a chance to explain. Now he and Ralph had royally screwed up, there was no way they would escape with their lives.

Reggie looked at his brother and sighed. "I agree with you brother, but we will have to choose our time wisely. When the battle begins we will have a chance to run."

They both turned and looked at the woman on the floor. Her eyes were open, she had heard their conversation.

Ralph kneeled beside Maddie and whispered, "Miss we are not going to hurt you, but we need you to keep quiet about what you overheard."

The big man above her gently lifted her into a seated position. "We were only following orders and took you by mistake."

"We have to move you; if you cooperate we will make sure you get out of here alive." Ralph couldn't say unharmed, Remy had already hurt the woman badly. She nodded her head at him and he lifted her into his arms. She was really pretty he noticed, but more than that she was scared.

He could smell her fear and it tugged at his heart. His mother would be mortified to learn what kind of man he had become bonded to. If he got out of this alive he would make amends. Ralph's pride was gone he wanted his Mama!

Remy walked into the open area of the building. It used to be an apartment building and it was currently being gutted to be used as a warehouse. The upper floors above were weak because most of the retaining walls had been removed. If he shifted into his werewolf he would crash through the floors above because of his weight.

He turned toward the back of the room as the two brothers and their hostage walked into the open space.

"Tie her to that pole over there." Remy said pointing to a large cement structure jutting from the floor.

"I want them to see her when they come in the door. She is the perfect bait."

Remy walked over to Maddie as she was secured to the pole. "I need you to call your friends little girl, I need to negotiate your release."

Megan stared at the man in front of her, and then her eyes shifted to the man behind him. She saw Reggie nod his head and decided not to fight.

"The number is 785-2319." She said and dropped her head to her chest.

Remy grinned as he punched the numbers into his phone. This was priceless, not only would he get Megan back, but he had gained another woman to help start his pack.

Smiling evilly he was about to push the green button that would connect him to his party when a noise captured his attention.

Suddenly the four people inside the building heard a loud engine barreling toward them. The crashing of metal and glass soon followed and the three men ran forward to look out the windows.

Joe's Ford F150 pickup truck leaned precariously to the driver's side, while the passenger side was parked on top of Remy's red Mercedes. The roof of the red car was crushed and the headlights had popped out of their sockets.

Joe climbed out of his truck and howled loudly. He had made his presence known and there was no turning back now. This was going to be a fight to the death.

Reggie and Ralph viewed the scene outside of the window with pure terror. They had never seen their brother so utterly animal. He had begun to shift out in the parking lot and didn't care if he was seen or not.

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