tagNonHumanThe Ebony Alpha Ch. 12

The Ebony Alpha Ch. 12


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All parties landed without issue and soon were on their way to the Clarion Ranch. Megan had secured a seat by the window of the limo and plastered her face to glass. Jackson couldn’t help but laugh and pointed out landmarks to her as they passed them.

“Now that would be the largest mall we have here in Bismarck; so I am sure I will be taking you there very soon”

“That would be great but what else can we do? I don’t want to be cooped up; I want to see everything.”

Jackson looked at his parents and suppressed a grin. Megan would have to be cooped up until she could learn to shift at will and not on instinct.

That may take months. His work was cut out for him and he would have to find a few things to keep her busy. He smiled as his mind conjured up a few things they could do.

“Oh! Oh! Oh!” Jackson moaned. He grabbed his head and leaned back against his seat roughly.

“Thank you everyone, I’m very glad to be home. Please give me a chance to get back to the Ranch.”

Jackson had just felt his bond with his pack reconnect and it was a wave of the greatest pleasure he had ever felt. So many congratulations all at once had overwhelmed him, but his pack’s joy at his return was humbling. He was happy that they were glad he was back and he smiled.

Looking to his side he noticed Megan looking at him with concern and he reached out and grabbed her hand.

“I’m alright my love. My bond with my pack just realigned itself, and their joy was a bit too much for me to handle. I’ve been away for quite a while and it seems that they missed me.” He gave her a smile and kissed the hand in his grasp.

“Will I feel a bond with the pack also Jackson? It seems frightening that you can hear other’s thoughts in your head.”

“Yes, after we mate you will be able to read their thoughts, and you may have other talents but they remain to be discovered. I will teach you how to shield yourself from everyone, accept for me.”

Jackson grinned as his words sunk in and they both began to laugh. They were going to have fun together and Megan couldn’t wait for their life to begin.


Charles Dupac appreciated nice things and the suite he and his family occupied was of the highest quality. The Americans were out to show their guest that they could accommodate them luxuriously. The three bedroom suite was located on the fifth floor and the view from their balcony was breath taking.

Aphasia was reclining on the chaise by the French doors and looked at him with her cool sage green eyes. Her skin was the color of warm mahogany, and when she smiled her white teeth contrasted sharply against her skin. Her love for her mate knew no bounds and she could feel his unease through their bond.

“What bothers you my love? Is it about leaving our pack behind? Joel will take good care of our people Charles; he is your best man after all.”

“I’m not sure what’s bothering me Aphasia. My body feels so tense and my mind keeps thinking about the past. Maybe it’s because I was never able to fulfill my obligation to satisfy the Blood Moon.”

It wasn’t like him to be preoccupied with the past, but visions of Louisa blurred his thoughts and he fought to keep his mind shielded from his mate.

“Would you like to take your mind off of things for a while my love? I can think of a few things that will keep you from thinking of Louisa Metairie.”

She smiled and stretched her long legs seductively on the chaise beneath her. She knew what The Past meant. It didn’t bother her because she knew his love for her was true.

Charles took a step closer to her and bent down on his knees beside his mate. He pulled her to the edge of the chaise and laid his head on her lap.

“You are wonderful my mate. Even while I try to protect you from my thoughts you still seem to see right through me.”

“I wish that we could have closure with Louisa my love. I am afraid that she haunts all of us through your sorrow. It would be a great gift to our family if we could see her and end your grief.”

Charles lifted his head and kissed his mate. Gathering her close to his chest he stood and walked with her in his arms to their bed. He stood looking at the beautiful woman in his arms and gently lowered her to the bed.

Aphasia’s eyes glazed over in lust as her mate removed his shirt and began to unbutton his pants. The evidence of his arousal pressed against his zipper and she began to untie her robe.

“Mom! Persia won’t leave me alone. She has her own room why can’t she just stay in there!”

Alisha burst into her parent’s bedroom, and stopped when she saw her father standing before her mother on the bed.

Charles sighed heavily and turned to glare at the interrupting child. Aphasia quickly retied her robe and closed her legs.

“Knocking is a requirement my daughter. That way you can avoid seeing something you really don’t want to see.”

Charles smiled at Alisha’s blush and laughed out loud when she stormed out of the room.

“She will knock next time my love. Now where were we?” He turned around to see his mate had started getting dressed.

“I have to nip this in the bud Charles. Those two have to learn how to get along. Who knows when they will need each other?”

Charles knew there was no arguing with her and took a deep breath.

“I’ll go to the main house Aphasia. The Alpha and his party should be arriving soon. I’d like to see Anderson before the rest of the guests get here.”

Charles walked to the main building that was next door to the guest quarters. It was a modern structure and wasn’t what he was used to.

The wonderful ancient architecture of France sang to his soul. His passion for things from his past surrounded him there, and he loved the Chateau he shared with his pack family.

Darien Foley greeted him as he reached the front entry. The tall man was a good second for Jackson and he had great respect for him. Charles knew it wasn’t easy to stand in for your Alpha but he was glad his man Joel could be trusted just as well.

Two long black stretch limousines pulled into the large circular drive as he stood beside Darien. The omegas stationed at the sidewalk opened the doors of the arriving cars and they waited for their occupants to remove themselves.

It seemed as if the entire pack had arrived to greet them as well. It was moving to see the love these Were had for their Alpha.

Jackson stepped out of the vehicle followed by a beautiful red haired woman. She took his breath away and when she looked at him he froze to the spot. She looked so much like Louisa he couldn’t believe his eyes.

Anderson and Ophelia exited the limo and smiled at their friend and Charles offered Ophelia a hand up the steps.

“It’s so good to see you Charles we are so glad you could make it. Where are Aphasia and the girls?”

“They are in our suite. Aphasia is trying to iron out some sibling squabble the girls are having.”

Ophelia smiled and patted Charles’ hand. “Count yourself lucky my friend girls are treasures and you have two!”

“I will remember that when Alisha finds her mate.”

She laughed at the Dupac Alpha and turned when she heard Jackson greet him.

“Charles Dupac it’s wonderful to see you my friend. Let me introduce you to my mate Megan O’Hara. Megan this is my friend Charles, the Dupac Alpha.”

“From France?” Megan asked tightly.

“Oui mademoiselle. Est-ce que vous parlez Francais?” Charles asked in his native tongue.

When Megan looked at him in confusion he repeated what he had said in English.

“Yes young lady. Do you speak French?”

“No, I was just curious, I have heard about you from a friend.”

“Really; who has been spreading rumors about me?” He asked quirking his eyebrow in amusement.

“It was me Charles.” The voice rocked him to his core. He tore his eyes away from Megan and locked his gaze on the woman who had haunted him for many years. How could she be standing here right now?

The Dupac Alpha went to Louisa and pulled her into his arms. He stood there unmoving just taking in her scent and remembering their last embrace. Tears filled his eyes and he slowly relaxed his hold so that he could look into the green eyes he hadn’t seen in so long.

“Mon amour, I have missed you.” He whispered those words into her hair, as he kissed the top of her head.

Louisa reached up to Charles’ face and wiped away his tears. “It’s alright Charles, the past is the past and we can face the future together as the friends we were meant to be.”

The rest of the group looked at the two people who only had eyes only for each other and quietly went into the building. Jackson stood at the top of the landing and turned to greet his pack.

“My beloved pack it’s so good to be back among you. I would like to introduce you to Megan O’Hara; my mate and your future Madame Alpha. We look forward to the coming ceremony.”

Megan blushed scarlet at his proclamation and snuggled closer to his side. The crowd below them shouted, whistled and howled with joy at his announcement.

They couldn’t have wished for a better greeting, as the pack’s approval washed over them. Megan felt privileged to be here and hoped that she could measure up to their expectations.

Charles still held on to Louisa’s hand as they watched the crowd give their blessing to the Alpha and his mate. Louisa looked at the man she hadn’t seen in over two hundred years and smiled.

“How have you been Charles? The years have been very good to you it seems.”

“I am Alpha of my pack these past one hundred years and my father is finally happy with me. I’m mated and a father of two wonderful girls.

My mate’s name is Aphasia and my daughters are eighteen year old Alisha and ten year old Persia. They are a handful but I wouldn’t have it any other way.”

Charles had noticed that Louisa didn’t have a mating mark on her shoulder and it saddened him. It was his hope that she had mated as well.

Realizing that he still held Louisa in his arms, he released her, and led her up the steps into the house.

“Please forgive me Louisa; It’s just such a surprise to find you once more. I just can’t believe you are really here. How have you been; I looked for you for years before Father threatened to disown me. It’s amazing that you are still as beautiful as I remember.”

Charles pulled Louisa back into his arms and placed a chaste kiss on her lips and held her once more.

“It hurt me deeply that you didn’t say goodbye, I just couldn’t believe that you left me.”

“My parents thought it necessary for us to go. Remember we had caused a great turmoil between our packs. My parents were afraid for our lives.”

The two old lovers entered the large hallway of the main house and followed the others that were being led to their rooms.

“Charles, please indulge my mate, we would love to speak with you.” Anderson and Ophelia Clarion separated Charles from Louisa just as Aphasia walked into the entryway. Her two angry daughters followed in her wake.

“Aphasia how wonderful to see you and the girls again please join us, we were just claiming Charles as well.”

The beautiful woman slowly halted before Louisa smelling the scent of her mate radiating from her person. Her dark almond shaped eyes recognized the coppery red head and she bowed her head in acknowledgement.

How could she not know who she was, her portrait hung in the common room in their Chateau. Finally their time of closure had come. Louisa Elaine Metairie would help to heal her family and her mate would be truly happy once again.


Evelyn sighed contentedly and snuggled closer into Hosuk’s arms. The smell of their lovemaking filled the air and she took a deep breath pulling it into her lungs.

She closed her eyes again and remembered their mating. He had taken her back to their moon lit pond and they had mated as wolves.

It had been primal and their howls had filled the cold night air. She had always dreamed of the passion that Hosuk and she shared and it made her become heated with desire all over again.

Hosuk smiled as he felt the woman at his side snuggle into him. He knew their time alone was coming to a close and right now he wanted to spend his time loving his new mate.

The beautiful dark skinned woman at his side had proved to be his match in every way. Her stamina was astonishing and she was looking at him right now with lust swirling in her eyes.

Evelyn smiled seductively at her mate and slowly crawled on top of his smooth muscled body. She marveled at the absence of hair on his torso and slid her hands across his chest.

She tweaked his nipples as she passed her hands over them and licked the tips as they hardened in the cool air.

“You shouldn’t tease me like that; my wolf is very feral in the mornings.”

Evelyn laughed quietly and moved her mouth farther down his body. She found what she was looking for, taking his massive cock into her small hand. Evelyn stroked her new toy leisurely before taking it into her warm mouth.

“Mmmmmm!” She groaned and sucked him greedily. She eased back to slide her tongue down to the base of his cock and swirled it around, and making her way to the tip.

She licked the precum that was oozing out of his weeping eye and lapped it up with pleasure. Taking him back into her mouth she began to suck harder trying to take as much of him into her mouth as she could.

Hosuk growled with pleasure and held her head with both hands. He fucked her mouth stroking in and out as he watched Evelyn’s head bob up and down on his shaft.

He let himself go with a howl and pumped his load into her hungry mouth. She looked up at him and smiled; his cum dripping down the sides of her face.

“Your turn.” He growled and flipped the small woman onto her back. He rubbed his hands over her smooth brown skin and closed his eyes when the scent of her arousal assaulted his nostrils.

He leaned his head down and took one of her dark chocolate buds into his mouth. He made slurping noises as he sucked her nipple greedily.

Switching to the other side her teased the neglected breast with his rough tongue.

“Hosuk please….I want you inside of me now!”

“Soon my love.” He continued to feast on her breasts and slowly maneuvered his mouth down her tense body. He wanted to enjoy her taste and rushing was not on his agenda right now.

Lifting her right leg over his shoulder he laid his face against the soft dark curls covering her mound. He buried his nose in her folds and breathed in her scent.

“I never get tired of your scent Evelyn.” He let his mouth brush against her sex and she writhed beneath him in frustration.

Hosuk smiled and decided to play nice. He licked her from her clit to the tight star of her ass and lingered there causing Evelyn’s breathing to heighten. Her heart raced and she moaned with anticipation.

Hosuk licked and sucked her clit with quick and hard strokes causing his mate to scream with passion. She was so wet that he had no trouble quenching his thirst at her core.

Evelyn’s body jerked upwards as Hosuk grazed her tiny nub with his teeth and she rewarded him with her copious fluids as she climaxed. He licked her delicious juices from her thighs and licked his lips.

“Now we share my love.” Hosuk filled her with his hard cock in one thrust taking her breath away.

“Yes Hosuk! Oh yes!” Evelyn moved her body in unison with him matching Hosuk stroke for stroke. It was driving her mad to hold back, but she was determined to take her time.

Her wolf howled in her head and took advantage of her distraction pushing forward. Fur began to cover her arms and claws grew from her hands. Her eyes burned with gold fire and a shortened snout protruded from her face.

Hosuk followed suit and growled as his larger shaft stretched the pussy that clenched him tightly. He lifted Evelyn to his chest and withdrew from her drenched hole.

He turned his mate over onto her hands and knees and entered her from behind. He plunged inside of her with frantic force and grabbed her hips for leverage.

He leaned over her back, his black fur rubbing against her. Hosuk bit down on the scar that marked his mate, drawing blood once again.

Pulling her up to lean against his back, Hosuk lifted and lowered his mate on his solid steel shaft. Howls erupted in the air as the two hybrids fucked, not caring who heard their cries.

Evelyn’s ass slapped against his thighs as he pounded her like a jackhammer against his heated member. As they climaxed they rocked the bed in an excited frenzy that should have brought it crashing to the floor.

Two hours later as Hosuk’s knot shrank and he eased from his mate, he kissed her ear and sucked her earlobe into his mouth. Evelyn stirred and turned to face her mate.

“That was so wonderful Hosuk, I feel so cheated that we just found each other.”

“Luna does things in her own time and when we have our first child you will not care when we met. You will only have eyes for our son and I will be jealous that he claims most of your time.”

“A son Hosuk, are you sure?”

“That is the prediction Evening Star made me. So far all she has foretold has come true, we have no reason to doubt her now.”

Hosuk lifted Evelyn in his arms and walked to the large shower. He shielded her body from the water until it became warm and began to wash her beautiful body with long soft strokes.

“Ahhhhhh! I can get used to this Hosuk. You take such good care of me.”

“Better than Jackson my mate?” Hosuk asked a rare bit of insecurity showing on his face.

“There is no comparison my love. You erase all old memories from my mind.”

Satisfied with her answer Hosuk lifted his mate up and moved her against the tile wall. Evelyn wrapped her legs around his waist and kissed his full lipped mouth.

Hosuk entered her once again his need for her unquenched and rocked slowly back and forth claiming her as his own.


Ophelia scheduled a shopping trip for the women who had come with them from Louisiana. She also invited Aphasia and her daughters to join them.

There was to be a grand ball in a few days and it was definitely a chance to dress up. Megan and Maddie were very excited and Louisa smiled knowing that they were in for a long day.

Amandia had declined but Katelyn jumped at the chance to spend more time with Megan. Becky and Alisha had become fast friends and Persia grumpily stayed by Aphasia’s side.

The large boutique kept an extensive collection of designer labels and Aphasia was impressed with their selection.

“Very nice.” Louisa heard her say as she looked on a rack opposite of Aphasia.

“I agree, it will look great against your skin tone.”

Aphasia looked at Louisa and sniffed. “It is nice to only smell your scent today Princess Metairie. My mate’s smell is usually found on me.”

“How can I assure you that it was an embrace among old friends; I will be mated soon I am no threat to you.”

Charles had told her all that had transpired with Louisa and she still couldn’t help her feelings of jealousy. He had kissed her and held her for longer than required. It irked her that this woman had a portrait in her own home and now was standing right in front of her.

“I know that you are not a threat my dear, but I don’t like being blocked from Charles’ thoughts. He has not done that in a very long time. It’s because he is thinking of you.”

“I am sorry Aphasia. But you know that Charles and I were never meant to be. Look at your life and consider those beautiful young women over there. How can you feel insecure? Even I can see the love in Charles’ eyes when he looks at you.”

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