tagNonHumanThe Ebony Alpha Ch. 20

The Ebony Alpha Ch. 20


This story is a continuation of the Ebony Alpha. If you haven't read it from the beginning you probably should. I hope that those of you who have been requesting an update are ready to read and have fun with it. Please be kind.


Chapter 20


Louisa was huge. Carrying twins was hard work and she hoped the next go round would be of the singular persuasion. Sighing loudly; Louisa tried to find a more comfortable position in the bed she shared with Joe.

She had to smile when she thought of her mate. He was over protective and made sure that she had everything that she needed. The entire Pack was at her beck and call and it was getting a little nerve racking.

She rubbed her over-sized belly and smiled. It was soothing to the twin pups vying for space in their tight quarters. They were very active and Louisa didn't think that she would make it much longer before going into labor.

Seth, the pack healer took very good care of her. She really had nothing to worry about and tried to stop thinking about it.

Looking out her large picture window; she could see Joe and his brothers walking the property. They were discussing something important from the looks of it.

So much had been accomplished over the last eight months. New guest quarters had been built and the property across the highway from the compound had been acquired.

Reggie had encouraged his father to buy the land. After hearing about how well the Clarion pack had set up their community, he wanted the same for the Chambers Pack.

They settled on making the newly purchased land into a Health Spa for other Weres. That would enable them to make new contacts, and provide jobs for their pack members.

There were also plans in the works for an elementary and middle school and further down the road a high school. This would enable their children to go to school closer to home.

Louisa pulled the blankets closer and her mind drifted back to the day they had finally arrived at the Chambers Pack lands.

Eight months earlier

Joe was happy to be going home. He was trying hard not to dwell on his sleeping wolf and his dilemma seeped through his mating bond with Louisa.

"Two years isn't so long Joe. It will pass very quickly and before you know it we'll be a whole couple once again."

"Please don't worry Louisa. I'm resigned to my fate and plan to make the best of it. Having you by my side will make the time go by quickly."

Joe kissed Louisa and relaxed against the soft leather of the SUV speeding them to Texas. They had spent a week at the Boscoyo Plantation and he was ready to smell the sweet Texas air.

Ralph headed their two vehicle convoy with Silas Chambers sitting up front, while Joe and Louisa sat in the middle row. Raphael Boulet shared the back with his soon to be mate Drusilla.

Sullivan drove the second SUV with Maddie his mate. He considered his truck the nursery since they were transporting the youngsters; Abraham, Hazel, Becky and Ambrose.

He rolled his eyes at the smell of arousal assaulting his senses from the rear of the vehicle. Yes he understood they were newly mated; but they needed to control their urges. He wasn't immune to all the hormones flying around.

"Stop being such an old man and turn up the air conditioning. We are not that far removed from being like them ourselves."

Maddie smiled as she admonished her mate. She stealthily rubbed his thigh causing heat to rise up to his crotch.

Sullivan sucked in a ragged breath and smiled wickedly at his mate. "Don't tempt me madam. I am not above stopping this SUV and chasing you through the Texas country side."

Maddie smiled and removed her hand. She didn't want to tempt fate. Sullivan was a man of his word and she knew first hand that he wouldn't hesitate to carry out his threat.

Back in the lead SUV Joe was getting excited. They were about to cross the state line and the turn off to their compound would be coming up soon after.

"Here we go folks." Ralph announced. "The state line is just up ahead. Hello Lone Star State."

"Are you ready to see your mother son?" Silas asked. "She was so relieved that you were still alive. After all the ruckus that went on in North Dakota, I know she'll be glad to see you."

"I know Dad. We've kept in touch over the last week and I had to convince her several times to stay put."

"Well you'd better be prepared for tears and hugs and even more tears when she sees you. I swear that woman is a bundle of emotions."

The passengers erupted in laughter at the thought and soon settled into companionable silence.

Louisa had drifted into a light sleep and Joe hated to wake her, but they were getting close.

The landscape was becoming very familiar and his heartbeat quickened at the thought of being home once more.

Joe kissed Louisa's brow to wake her gently. "We're almost there sweetheart. Look our turnoff is just ahead."

Louisa sat up as Ralph made the turn into the Chambers compound.

Suddenly Joe began to fidget and took off his seat belt. He was sweating profusely and his eyes were darting wildly.

"Pull over Ralph. I need to get out right away."

"Sure Joe just let me find a smooth spot."

"Stop the fucking truck now little brother!"

"Joe! What the hell is wrong with you?" Silas yelled at his oldest son.

Joe didn't answer, he just threw open the door and jumped out of the vehicle.

"Joe!" Louisa cried as the SUV came to a screeching halt.

Louisa's unhappy expression turned to one of wonder as Joe began to transform into his wolf. His clothes began to shred and his body elongated and enlarged.

His feet burst through his shoes and his nose and chin lengthened into the beautiful chocolate brown face of her beloved wolf.

Joe threw back his head and howled in triumphant joy. He did this several times as he walked around in a circle as if marking his territory.

He stalked over to the SUV and put his paws into the open door.

"I think I'll get out too Silas. We'll meet you guys at the house."

"How is this possible Louisa?" Silas asked.

"I think Hosuk might have an answer to that question. He told me to call him as soon as we got here. Maybe he knew this was going to happen."

Louisa climbed out of the SUV and watched as the two trucks pulled away.

The occupants of the second truck were yelling happily at the couple as they passed by.

"You rock Alpha!"

"We knew the Elder Council couldn't keep you down!"

"Woo Hoooo!"

Louisa laughed at the young ones and turned to Joe. She looked at her impressive mate as he stared back at her with his golden eyes. He sauntered to her side and rubbed his massive head against her thigh.

She rubbed him between his eyes and kissed his snout. She slowly undressed as he looked at her with joy.

She began her change anticipating her mate's reaction to his good fortune.

When her beautiful burgundy wolf emerged Joe's voice immediately filled her head.

"Louisa; look at me! Hosuk has given us the best gift ever."

"I just wonder how he did it Joe. Will the Elder council retaliate against him? Against Us?"

"I don't think Hosuk would do something that would cause us harm Louis. We will give him a call when we get to the house. Let's just enjoy this for however long it lasts."

"Okay Joe. I will save my fears for another day. It's so good to see your wolf once more my love."

Joe moved to Louisa and rubbed his large head against her side. He sniffed her and felt his cock begin to harden with anticipation.

Making love as wolves was so different, so wild and primal. He thought he would have to wait two years to mate with Louisa this way, but Luna was in their favor.

"Louisa; not being able to run with the wind, or nuzzle you like this almost killed me."

Joe pushed his snout in between Louisa's hind legs and licked her folds, lingering until he felt her quiver with excitement.

Louisa laughed and moved away from her mate. Looking behind her she brushed his face with her tail and urged him on.

"If you don't mind my love, I'm quite anxious to stake my claim right now."

"That's not very romantic. I thought you might want to wrestle a little bit and then take me down."

Alisha brushed him with her tail once more and took off running toward a thicket of over grown trees.

"Not now Louisa please! I'll be romantic later, now be nice for pity's sake."

Louisa slowed down and turned to Joe. He had just entered the small enclosure she had discovered.

She stood still as he circled her, scenting her underbelly and nipping her teasingly. She was trying not to be so easy, but she soon found herself leaning forward with her ass in the air.

It didn't take Joe long to take advantage of the situation and he mounted her swiftly. He howled as he entered her and paused to savor her warmth.

He tried to be gentle but his need for her was just too great. He pistioned into her quickly, not stopping to take a breath.

Soon he could feel his orgasm building and he hadn't even given Louisa's pleasure a thought.

Stopping abruptly Joe balanced his weight slightly and slowed his movements.

Louisa looked back at her mate and wondered what was happening.

"I want you to shift to Hybrid form Louisa."

Joe pulled out and stepped back. He wanted more from this encounter, and his wolf would still be satisfied with the change.

Louisa finished her shift and he looked at her with amazement. Could a woman grow even more beautiful?

Just perfect was all he could think and he moved toward his mate with purpose.

Louisa smiled and looked at his rigid manhood pointing straight at her.

"I think I like this side of you Joe. We haven't made love this way and I can see you are very excited to change that right now."

"Oh I am my love. That tree looks strong enough to with stand our passion, what do you think?"

"I say let's give it a try."

Joe lifted his mate in his arms and pushed her back against the strong oak. The feel of the rough bark against her furry back excited Louisa.

The absence of a tail made it easy to flatten against the surface and she wrapped her strong legs around Joe's waist.

As if made just for her, his larger cock slipped easily into her wet slit and the friction caused them both to moan.

"Damn woman we need to do this more often." Joe began to move with fast even strokes, building their desire to an animalistic frenzy.

Their superhuman strength and speed made their movements almost a blur and the poor tree took a mighty beating.

"Yes Joe! Fuck me! I need you so much." These last words were uttered as a sob as the events of the last month rained down on her like a shower.

"Cum for me baby. Show me how I make you feel."

As if on cue Louisa howled into the air letting the world know that she had reached her climax.

Joe tensed as her pussy walls clutched his cock in a tight grip.

Her contractions made his control slip and soon he found himself giving Louisa his hot seed.

Pulling away before his knot could form, he slowly lowered them both to the forest floor.

"No need to trap the little swimmers right now. We still have to get to the house."

"Oh my Joe, that was so good. So primal. I almost want to do it again. I'm just not sure how safe it will be for me to keep shifting while pregnant."

"I didn't think about that Babe. I guess we better check in with Seth real soon."

"Who is Seth?"

"He is our pack healer. He is really good at his job. You are going to love him."

"I know what we can do now Joe. Let's run so you can show me your home. I want to know all about you and your life here in this land."

They both shifted back into their wolves and took another minute to rub against each other lovingly.

"Follow me!" Joe said and they took off along the road to his childhood home.

After a little while they emerged in a grove of large pecan trees. The ground was littered with rotting pecans and dried leaves covered he ground.

"Be careful here Louisa, the shells can be painful on your pads."

Louisa slowed down and picked her way carefully through the grove.

"I'm afraid that a lot of our pack lands were neglected, while my brothers and I were in New Orleans. We have so much work to do."

"Do you think that it can be done by your pack alone?"

"I think we may have to hire out some of the jobs just to get things back in order. But after that we should be able to maintain our property on our own."

"You sound like you want to stay here Joe. Are you having a change of heart?"

"No, but while we're here I'll work hard to make sure that the pack is on its feet before we leave. Much can be accomplished in two years Louisa."

"Well this pregnancy will be accomplished in eight and a half months my love. There will be a little pup depending on us to give it a great life."

"And we shall. This pack is full of love and they will make sure that you and that baby are well taken care of."

"I don't know Joe; I'm just not used to having so many people around me."


Now you have a new life and family Louisa. You'll be so busy with the baby; you won't even notice that my Mother has taken over your life."

Joe's laughter echoed through her head and she nipped his hind leg playfully.

"Ow! I was just kidding baby. I'll keep my Mother at bay."

"I've never met your mother Joe. You shouldn't tease me about her."

"She's wonderful, but she is a mother after all. She is well suited as a Madam Alpha and the pack worships the ground she walks on."

"Do you think she will like me? I almost got you killed in North Dakota."

"It wasn't your fault Louisa. I just couldn't stand to be away from you any longer."

"Yeah I guess your labido got the better of you."

Joe bumped Louisa with his head and they loped out of the shelter of the trees and into a large meadow.

A large House sat in the distance and small buildings dotted the landscape behind it. Trees were planted in strategic locations that gave shade to the many paths that circled the grounds.

The enormous two storied house had a large wrap around porch and greatly resembled the Boscoyo Plantation home. The only difference was the amount of smaller homes around the grounds.

"It looks a lot like Napoleon's place; it must be a southern thing."

"My father told us that this was the style at the time. The full length windows and wide porches were practical, because there was no air conditioning."

"It's beautiful. I can just imagine watching the sun come up through them. Speaking of the sun; it's going down. I guess we better head to the house."

"Do we have to baby? I haven't felt this free in weeks."

"We have plenty of time for that Joe. Besides I want to meet your Mom." Louisa just smiled and waited for Joe to lead the way.

The two beautiful wolves raced to the house following a well-used path. Joe led Louisa to the back of the main house.

When they arrived at the back door; Joe called to Ralph to come outside and bring them a change of clothes.

Joe settled back on his hand quarters and Louisa did the same. The back door burst open and Ralph was the first person out of the door.

"What the hell Joe! You scared the hell out of me." Ralph stopped in his tracks and stared at the big chocolate wolf that sat before him.

Hanna and Silas came out followed my Reggie, Patsy and Palmer.

Slowly Joe and Louisa rose and transformed before his family. The yells and screams were joyous and Louisa felt happy that Joe could give his family such great news.

"Oh son! I am so happy to see you." Hanna enveloped him in a tight hug while her tears soaked his bare chest.

"Hanna, unhand the boy so he and Louisa can get dressed."

The mention of Louisa froze Hanna in her tracks and she turned slowly to stare at the beautiful red haired woman standing next to Joe.

A smile lit up her face and she slowly extended her arms toward her son's mate.

"Welcome to Texas Louisa Metairie. I am so happy to meet you at last."

"Thank you Madam Chambers, I am pleased to meet you too."

Hesitantly Louisa walked into Hanna Chamber's arms and the smell of peaches and cream saturated her senses. Hanna made her feel loved and cherished like she hadn't been in a very long time.

Just one hug from this woman won her over; and Louisa knew she would be hard pressed to refuse her anything.

"Mom don't smother my mate. Let me take her to our room she needs to lie down. Your grandchild needs rest."

"Grandchild? Why am I just hearing about this?"

Hanna glared at Joe and Silas then held Louisa out at arm's length.

"Oh Louisa thank you! I can't believe you are going to make me a grandma! Are you sure it's just one?"

"Well we haven't had and ultrasound yet; so one is the magic number right now." Louisa said thoughtfully.

Hanna began to sob happily and Joe removed Louisa from her clutches.

"Joe you guys go ahead and we'll call you for dinner. I'll make sure your mother gives you a little space for now." Silas hugged his mate close to his chest and waved all of his kids away.

He knew just how to handle Hanna and right now a run would do her good.

"Come on Mama let's take a run. I have a lot to tell you and then you can take your frustrations out on my hide."

Hanna smiled and stripped waiting for Silas to join her. They ran toward the woods Joe and Louisa had just come from.

Louisa watched as the two mates ran back along the well-worn path and sighed. She could only hope that she and Joe would be just as happy in their life together.

Present Day

Louisa awoke to the feel of being kissed on her nose and opened her eyes slowly. Joe knelt beside her on the large bed and smiled as she eyed him lovingly.

"Hey baby. It's dinner time. Those twins of ours are keeping you mighty tired these days."

"I know. I just feel so lazy. I don't know how I'm supposed to carry them another two weeks."

"I have some good news for you. Your parents and Jackson and Megan are coming down for Christmas."

"Jackson must have been very persuasive for Ophelia and Anderson to let them leave during the holidays."

"Well they'll be here the day after. So they had to compromise a little bit. They're celebrating early, given so many of their mated couples are expecting pups next year."

"Even Hosuk and Evelyn are expecting the same time as we are. We have a lot to thank him for you know."

"Yes we do. Even though I can only transform on Chambers' pack land; that is good enough for me."

"It will be really good to see Megan and Jackson again. I wonder if they are expecting as well."

Louisa let Joe help her up and they went downstairs to the dining hall for diner.

Because Louisa was carrying her first grandchildren Hanna doted on her daughter--in-law. Louisa allowed it, but sometimes it was just a little too much.

Hanna fixed her plate personally and made sure she ate enough for the twins. It was just short of smothering and Louisa quietly endured it all.

She would probably be the same way someday, and made a promise to herself not to go overboard like Hanna.

After diner Silas stood and smiled at his large extended family.

"I just want to thank all of you for your loyalty to myself and my family. I consider every one of you to be family as well.

When I was hiding my head in the sand and afraid to face the future, you didn't abandon me. As soon as I called; you came running and I just want you all to know that I appreciate that.

In the next few weeks we will have guests from North Dakota, Louisiana and France. The birth of our first grandchildren will be something to celebrate and I want all of us to enjoy ourselves."

Silas smiled down at his mate and looked back out over the crowd.

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