The Edge Of The World


I was still sobbing as he drew away, his fingers working quickly on the button of his jeans, standing up so he could peel them down his legs. Soon though he was kneeling back down and I felt hot, the rain fell on us but I didn't feel it, all my attention was focused on his shadowy crotch and the faint outline of his erection. He covered me quickly, shielding me with his body, licking the raindrops from my face; kissing my eyelids shut with a gentleness that made me want to weep. As I felt the head of his cock slide into me, I opened my mouth wide, my cries swallowed up by him as he thrust long and hard straight to the heart of me.

I felt a stinging as he began to move slowly inside me, I was stretched wide, but so wet that the pain started to ease almost as quickly as it had begun. Still he kissed me, his tongue mimicking the slow thrust of his hips, and I found myself answering, raising my hips up to meet his, our bodies beginning to slap against eachother. I let my hands drift over the bunched muscles of his arms, across his shoulders where his long hair lay plastered to his skin, much the same as my own. I drew my hands down and let my fingernails rake over his ass, biting into his flesh, pushing him down, kissing him back harder, all the time letting him know that I wanted more, I wanted to be fucked hard, right there and then.

All the restraint was gone and all that was left was pure animalistic need, a wanting to mate, to be completed. I pulled my head to the side and away from his mouth as his cock hit the neck of my womb, my screams ringing out clearly, but I didn't want him to stop and kept meeting his thrusts, loving the way his balls continually slapped against my ass. The waves were so close now but I didn't care, he was so close to cumming and his cock seemed to grow harder than ever inside me. His head dropped down to my shoulder, his teeth grazing against my skin, biting down as I clenched myself tightly around him, and I was rewarded as I felt the scalding heat of his cum spurting inside me, filling me.

His body felt hot as it collapsed against me, our breathing ragged, uncaring that we were naked and outside in the rain, content just to be. Slowly, our breathing started to get back to normal and I kept my eyes shut as he raised himself up from me slightly.

"That may have been the most mind blowing experience of my life, but I think we should maybe consider moving." His cock was growing softer inside me and I didn't want the contact to end, but I sighed with resignation and nodded slightly as he withdrew carefully.

"I don't know whether I'm numb or if it's not really as cold as I think it is, but you're right, we should get back to the house." I accepted his hand and he helped me up, before stooping down to grab a handful of the tent, dragging it behind us as we walked back through the machair to the cottage.

Jess had made herself comfortable on the sofa, and was fast asleep, seemingly oblivious to the goings on of the evening. I dropped my heavy wet clothes in the basket by the washing machine and turned to face Seumais, suddenly very self-conscious about being naked in front of him, but he looked completely at ease and I smiled as I watched his cock start to stir once more.

"You can get that look off your face right now Kate, we need to get cleaned up and warmed through, neither of us wants to catch cold." He picked up the towel he had discarded earlier and grabbed my hand, leading me out of the kitchen and through to the hallway leading to the bathroom.

"For someone that's so concerned about our well-being you didn't show much caution when we were outside." I laughed and caught his eye.

"The world could have exploded around us and I wouldn't have noticed. I'm not saying that the mud-streaked look doesn't do anything for you sweetheart, but..." He trailed off.

"Point taken." I conceded and led him into the bathroom.

The water was lukewarm, as we stepped into the shower cubicle, taking turns to soap eachother down. I felt as though every nerve ending was on fire before we were halfway done but I kept my feelings to myself, even although I could feel the length of his erection pressed against my back as he worked a glob of shampoo into my hair. Finally, though, we were both clean and rinsed off and I took him through to my bedroom so we would have more space to dry off. After a few minutes, he was done and left the room briefly, giving me enough time to pull a t-shirt from a drawer. I had just settled myself back down on the bed when he came back through, wearing a pair of boxer shorts to cover up and holding two steaming mugs.

"I thought this might be more appropriate." He grinned briefly before sitting down on the edge of my bed, holding a cup out to me.

"I'm sure you're right Seumais." I agreed with him, even although having a hot drink had been the last thing on my mind.

While we sat there quietly drinking, I felt myself relaxing, the steady throbbing ache between my legs, a reminder of what we had shared. I closed my eyes and could still picture him above me, the strong column of his neck, half covered by his long hair, the way the moonlight caressed and emphasized his bunching muscles as he thrust inside me, over and over again. I could feel myself getting wet again so I quickly opened my eyes and met Seumais's stare, break-time was most definitely over.

"I don't have to ask what was going through your mind Kate, you have the most openly expressive face." He put his cup down on the bedside table and lifted mine away from me, moving to sit further on the bed.

"I'm sure that this isn't right, we don't really know eachother, but on the other hand, we have no expectations, we haven't the luxury of time for those." It was the first time since we had had sex that I had contemplated him moving on and leaving.

"Take what we can, while we can then Kate?" He whispered, holding his arms out to me.

"No promises, no regrets." I said, but my heart contracted painfully.

Gently he drew me onto his lap, wrapping his arms around me, holding me close for the longest time and it felt as though I had been made especially to fit his body. I could hear the thump of his heart beneath my ear and it was as though I was being lulled, completely relaxed when his hand came up to tilt my head back, cupping while we shared a slow unhurried kiss. We had the rest of the night to explore and nothing to rush for in the morning.

On our knees facing, taking turns, we undressed eachother, stopping just to look when we were both completely naked. His body wasn't perfection, not in the way that they shout about in magazines. There was a long scar running from three inches or so above his belly button to a couple of inches below it. I could see the ridges of a tracheotomy scar at the base of his throat and I wanted to ask what happened to him, but I held back, if he wanted me to know then, he would tell me in his own good time.

His fingertips traced their way over my breasts, so slowly, as though committing each curve to memory, the pads of his thumbs pushing against my nipples, sending tiny electric shocks straight down my body.

"I know it might seem a bit like closing the stable door after the horse has bolted, but are you really sure you want this?" He asked softly, his fingers dropping from my body.

I reached forward and held his hands in mine, drawing them back to my breasts, covering them.

"Does this not tell you?" I moved his hands across my nipples.

"Or maybe this." He was completely silent; his eyes holding mine as I pushed one of his hands off my breast, and let it slide down over my stomach to the apex of my thighs, my mound, stopping only when I could feel his fingers resting along my wet slit.

I brought my hands away and raised them up to cup his face, pulling him close, sucking gently at his bottom lip, kissing him softly, sighing against his mouth as his fingers began to move between my legs, sliding back and forth over the hard little nub.

I felt like I was being played, and he was asking for nothing in return, taking me higher and higher until my hips were bucking back and forth on his hand as his fingers stroked. All the time I held onto him, scared that if I let go then I would fall, I was so close to cumming now, my cries were drawn into his mouth, swallowed up. Never once did he push his fingers inside me despite my efforts to move him in that direction, it was like an itch that needed scratching, but all his attention was focused on my clit, pushing me further. Suddenly I couldn't take any more and broke off the kiss, throwing my head back as he threw me over the edge and into a mind-shattering orgasm.

I felt the tears start to trickle down from underneath my lashes, there was nothing I could do to stop them; he had given me something there and then that no man had ever done before. Without a word, he kissed the tears away, his hands pushing my hair back off my shoulders.

I knew then that I needed to let him know that I wanted him as much as he wanted me; I wanted to feel him come undone under my hands. I smiled shyly at him and lowered myself down, my hair brushing against his belly as my lips brushed against the top of his cock, letting my tongue darting out to capture the bead of moisture that glistened at the tip, tasting slowly before taking him into my mouth. My hands moved onto his shaft, gripping gently, stroking while I ran my tongue around the head, taking more as his moans reached me. His hands rested on my shoulders, kneading lightly as I dipped my head low, laying my tongue flat, closing my lips tightly around him. As I moved faster on him, the pressure of his hands increased and he started to move his hips against my face, forcing more of his cock into my welcoming mouth. He felt like silk across my tongue and I couldn't get enough, but just as I was sure he was about to cum, he pulled me off completely, his breathing ragged, body shaking, the same way mine had been.

"You're a spoilsport, why did you pull back?" I felt completely denied.

"Because, sweetheart, I wasn't ready for it to be over so quickly, come here, let me make it up to you." He sat back and crossed his legs, holding his arms out to me, waiting for me.

I didn't need to be asked twice and went to sit on his lap, wrapping my legs around his waist, my hands pressed flat against his chest. His hands gripped my hips tightly, raising me up, bringing me down hard, making the air rush out of my lungs in a whoosh. It hurt when we started to move against eachother but I didn't care, it was the most amazing kind of pain, a beautiful heat that was beginning to radiate right through me. His hands guided me into a slow bruising fuck; sweat broke out across my forehead and between my breasts as they brushed against his chest. He licked at the sweat, dragging his tongue up the valley between them, ending only when he came to my mouth. Our tongues danced against eachother as his hands forced me down harder, my pussy grinding down into him; that single touch on my clit, enough to send me flying into my own orgasm as he shouted out hoarsely, his cock jerking deep inside me, bathing my raw flesh with his cum.

The clouds covered the moon just then, casting everything into a near darkness and I shivered, even although I was sweating. Still he said nothing but his arms held me close, as his cock grew softer inside me, I knew then that there was nowhere else in the world I would have rather been, than in his arms, being held as if I was the most precious thing in the world.

My eyes drifted shut and I felt a wave of complete lethargy wash over me, I was energy sapped and put up no protest as he laid me back onto the bed gently, only putting up a token protest as he knelt between my thighs. I half opened my eyes as the moon came back out from behind a cloud and watched as he bent his head down, flicking his tongue over my swollen and bruised flesh, lapping at our slippery juices. He hadn't spent more than a minute cleaning me up when he slid back up my body, angling his mouth against mine, sharing with me what we had created together. Tasting his muskiness on my tongue filled me with a hunger I couldn't describe, it was simply intoxicating and I let out a sigh of regret as he broke off the kiss, slipping to the side of me, turning me over so we lay face to face.

"Nobody has ever given themselves as freely to me as you have tonight Kate." His eyes drifted shut before me and I smiled.

"You make me want to." I whispered, but he didn't hear me, he was already asleep.

I didn't have to open my eyes to know that the sunshine was streaming through my bedroom window and the smell of the machair flowers seemed stronger than ever. My hands reached out but instead of encountering the slumbering form of Seumais, as I would have expected, they touched against something small and velvety. My eyes flew open and I saw flowers of every colour, orchids and yellow rattle, lady's tresses, flowers that he shouldn't have picked, but there was no way I could tell him off for making such a touching gesture.

Quickly I got up and picked my t-shirt up off the floor where it had been flung the night before and walked through to the bathroom where I splashed my face with cold water before looking in the mirror. I had to do a double take when I saw just how wild my hair was. Usually I kept it tied back, but after the drenching it had gotten in the storm I had left it hanging loose after my shower and now it lay in a long curtain of untamed curls, nearly half way down my back. Purple shadows under my eyes looked like faint bruises and my eyes held a light in them that I had never seen before, it might have had something to do with Seumais, or maybe everything to do with him. I couldn't hear him in the kitchen, but no doubt, he was somewhere nearby. I washed quickly and found a fresh pair of shorts, pulling them on quickly before going to the kitchen for a drink.

The door was wide open and I could hear his whistling nearby and an excited barking. I peeked out the window and saw that Jess had managed to persuade Seumais into a game of 'throw the stick and I'll consider chasing it', but was at that moment ignoring all sticks in favour of chasing her tail. I felt happier than I had for a long time, but I kept quiet while I waited for the kettle to boil. I didn't notice it at first but my eyes did a double take when they lit upon a very tidy looking backpack, the tent had been rolled up and sat leaning against the side of the sofa. I knew without asking that he wasn't going to stay for another day and I felt my stomach drop. We hadn't spoken about him moving on, and he had never given me reason to think that he would stop for longer, even although we had had sex. It's funny how perspective and life can change in the space of a day, mine had, and I was having one of those moments where I questioned living the way I did, but instead of the contentment I usually got when I thought about it, there was nothing but the prospect of endless days dwelling on what might have been.

I took my coffee outside and squinted in the morning sun, walking over to where Seumais and Jess were resting, right where the machair drops away to the beach.

"Seumais..." I began.

"Kate, I wish with all my heart that I could stay with you right now, but there's something I have to do, something I need to do." His head dropped down for a moment before he turned to face me.

"I didn't expect you to change your plans because of... well, after we had sex. We didn't make any promises." I could feel my voice starting to crack and I knew I was close to tears, but I held my head high and met his eyes.

"What we shared wasn't just sex, hell Kate, anyone can have sex. Didn't you feel what I felt last night? I sure as hell wasn't expecting it but it happened, and part of me wishes that it had never happened, but only because I have to go away." I heard the sincerity in his voice, and knew by the look in his eyes that he was telling me the truth.

"I just didn't think for one moment it would be this hard to say goodbye." I shook my head and turned round, unable to say any more for the tears that were starting to fall.

"Don't say goodbye Kate, it sounds so final, I will come back." I heard his words but I carried on walking, shouting on Jess to follow me, and surprisingly she came straight away.

I was in the kitchen when he came back in, but I said nothing. My hands gripped the edge of the sink, and I knew without looking that my knuckles would be showing a stark white, through the mass of freckles that coloured my skin. The tears had dried up, but as I listened to him struggle to put on his backpack I felt myself start to break. He cleared his throat and walked over to where I was standing, his hand stroking over one of my hands.

"Never goodbye Kate." He whispered as his lips brushed against the side of my mouth.

Jess let out a long low whine as he left the kitchen and I felt my heart break into a thousand pieces, but I stood where I was, frozen to the spot. The tide would still turn, the gulls would still cry, just because it felt as though my life had been turned upside down, it didn't mean everything else would change.

Later that day I forced myself to go into my bedroom, and started crying as soon as I saw the flower strewn sheets, the lingering smell of our sex still in the air; the indent of his head still in the pillow. I couldn't bring myself to strip the bed; instead, I pulled the curtains and closed the door behind me on the way back to the kitchen. The next day I went back into the bedroom and collected the flowers, carefully pressing them in the huge family bible, they would be a token reminder.

After a week had passed, I gave up waiting for a letter, the postman had nothing but junk mail and bills, which made me sink lower and lower. Food tasted like sawdust in my mouth, so I gave up, it didn't seem important. I started sleeping more than I ever had in my life beforehand, but I didn't question it, that would have taken mental energy I simply didn't have.

Five weeks later, I knew that even although I had heard nothing from Seumais, I was going to have a permanent reminder of our night together and it marked a turning point for me. I didn't want to share my news with anyone; it was my secret and my hands curved around my still flat stomach, reassuring myself that everything was going to be okay. Getting rid of the pregnancy was never a consideration, even although my condition would more than likely be, a popular topic of conversation and speculation for the locals, for some time to come. I felt morning sickness almost from the beginning and it forced me to go to my doctor, the very doctor that had delivered me into the world, but he never uttered one word of condemnation, or surprise, and offered the support I desperately needed.

When I hit the four month mark in my pregnancy, I was sent an appointment for my first scan and I felt excited for the first time in weeks, it was a bright spot on the horizon and it brought thoughts of Seumais. This was his child growing inside me; he should be at my side for this first glimpse of the little person we had created together. But, seeing as I had no way of knowing where he was, then there was no way he could know.

With the scan scheduled for mid afternoon I drove to town in the middle of the morning, I had decided to decorate the cottage, after reading countless pregnancy magazines I was pretty sure that it was a nesting instinct kicking in and I wasn't about to resist. As I walked through the town, I became aware that I was the object of more than a few interested stares, pointing fingers and wide smiles. By the time I reached the paint shop at the far end of the high street, I was wondering if someone had tattooed 'freak' into my forehead.

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