tagCelebrities & Fan FictionThe Edged Lexicon Ch. 03: Confession

The Edged Lexicon Ch. 03: Confession


This is a multi-chapter series based on The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, which is also fairly centred around BDSM/kink - this picks up significantly in this chapter. Thanks again to PastMaster for editing, and the good people at Bethesda for providing me with smut fodder. Feel free to leave any feedback, and hope you enjoy!


Nadine's body was filled with the all too familiar feeling of nervous arousal, which the horseback ride had done nothing to abate. Her heart leapt as they approached their destination - the same place she had broken into, and been caught spying on Adrianne and Ulfberth.

"Ah, here we are," Brynjolf turned to her with a roguish smile. "I understand you're already familiar with the premises?"

"Oh, sod off, Brynjolf." Nadine shot back, her face flushing already as he knocked on the sturdy wooden door.

Adrianne and Ulfberth sat in front of them on two imposing, almost throne-like armchairs. Their presence was authoritative and not altogether friendly; they knew exactly who the two of them were and it was clear they weren't in the mood to mess around.

"Greetings Adrianne, Ulfberth. We're extremely grateful for your time in agreeing to meet with us."

"Then stop wasting ours and get on with it, Brynjolf." Adrianne's tone was cold, unwavering. It was obvious she wasn't prepared to suffer fools gladly.

"Okay, fair enough. We'll get down to brass tacks. We've brought the ore you asked for, from Darkwater Crossing. I also understand that my colleague witnessed something she shouldn't have when retrieving the book we're after. What can we do to leave with that book and make amends for my colleague's misdemeanor? If it's septims you're after, I can assure you that we can compensate you handsomely."

"You know damn well we have no interest in money, especially not from the coffers of the Thieves Guild. We want to speak to your business associate."

Adrianne spat the words business associate as if they were poison, Nadine feeling appropriately dressed down already. She stepped forward.

"You, girl. What's your name?"

"Nadine, Miss. Nadine Rielle."

"Breton, huh?" she tutted. "Didn't think they raised such naughty girls in High Rock."

Nadine's face glowed scarlet.

"So, wench? Did you get a good eyeful?"

Staring at the ground, unable to look anyone in the eye, she nodded.

"Speak, slut."

"Yes, Miss."

"Tell us what you saw."

"I...I saw you both...and a Redguard male...on the bed over there. You were...you had Ulfberth in your mouth-"

"Had what in my mouth?"

"His cock, Adrianne."

"Good. Continue."

"You had Ulfberth's cock in your mouth and the Redguard's cock in your...your cunt." Nadine was shocked to hear the word come out of her own mouth, yet incredibly aroused by it. "Both men were fucking you at the same time, and I could hear the noises of the fucking - wet, sloppy sounds and the moans you were all making."

"And this excited you, did it? You enjoyed it?"

"Yes, I did."

"I'm sure a greedy, curious little Breton slut would love to be used like that, wouldn't you?"

Nadine swallowed and stared at the floor, before finally admitting, shamefully, "Yes, Adrianne."

Brynjolf interjected, his voice surprising Nadine, who had briefly forgotten that he was there. "Sorry to interrupt, but I just had an idea on how we could repay you both, if you're interested?"

Adrianne's eyebrow arched, slightly irritated but intrigued.

"I'm listening."

"Well...considering Nadine's various transgressions, it sounds like two things are in order. First of all, a punishment befitting such a naughty girl." Brynjolf flashed Adrianne a knowing smile; both were aware of the rules of this game. "Second off, since you gave her such an enjoyable show, I think Nadine should thank you both properly. What do you reckon?"

Adrianne and Ulfberth looked at each other, each knowing full well this was exactly what they had hoped to get when meeting with Nadine. "Pretty weighted in our favour. Yours too actually, you sly bastard. Anyway, we're satisfied with this deal, as long as the girl agrees."

Turning to Nadine, Adrianne addressed her. "So, your boss has turned you into a bit of a bargaining chip. Luckily for you, it's your choice whether you get used as such. If you walk away, the only thing you'll lose is the spoils of your job. You know the terms, so the choice is yours. What say you?"

Silence for a moment, then Nadine spoke, quietly but decisively. "I choose to stay."

Adrianne's mouth curved upwards into a sinister grin.


As Nadine disrobed, Adrianne noticed her unkempt undergarments, hurriedly fastened hooks and runs in stockings.

"Hmm, what happened here?" she probed, knowing full well what had likely transpired. "Been busy this afternoon, have we?"

Nadine's heart sank. "Yes, Adrianne...with Brynjolf, earlier."

"You really are the wanton little whore, aren't you?" she said, tutting and smirking. "You'll need to be punished for that, too."

Now standing naked, Adrianne and Ulfberth chatted amongst themselves, deciding which tool they should each use to punish Nadine, eventually settling on a leather flogger with an ebony handle for Adrianne, and a deep, sturdy hardwood paddle for Ulfberth. Adrianne ordered her to prostrate herself over a leather lined bench, so that her bottom was poised in the air, ready to receive her punishment.

"You are to make your apology and ask for your punishment. You are to count out each spanking as you receive it and ask for the next one. Once you have been punished by me, you are to thank me for disciplining you, then prepare to repeat the process with Ulfberth. If any of these rules are disobeyed or not followed properly, you will be punished further. Is that understood?"

Nadine nodded and managed to quietly vocalise her agreement.

Her body tensed as she heard the whoosh of the flogger being flayed through the air in preparation for her punishment. The suspense, more than anything, was torturous - not quite knowing what was to come next put her on a edge in a way that was both terrifying and thrilling.

"Well? What do you have to say for yourself, girl?" Adrianne's demand was snarling and cutting, any lingering doubt of who was in charge now completely gone.

"I'm-I'm sorry I broke into your property," Nadine uttered hoarsely, her voice catching slightly as she attempted to steady her nerves. "I'm sorry I saw you and Ulfberth, and the...the other man. I'm sorry that I stayed and watched for so long..." A pulse of electricity ran through her cunt as she recalled the transgression, spurring her on. "I'm sorry that I'm such a naughty whore that I enjoy spying on strangers having sex with each other...and engaging in lewd, wanton acts with a common thief."

Nadine gazed at her superior, her eyes burning with a mixture of sincerity and lust. "Please, Adrianne, I ask for you to punish me for my sins, and beg for your forgiveness."

"I'll consider it," Adrianne responded coolly. "Let's see how you take your punishment, first."

It felt like an eternity before the first blow was dealt. It took Nadine by surprise, mingling with her own shame and stinging a little but quickly subsiding and giving way to arousal.

"One. Another, please."

This one hit with more conviction; still not enough to really smart but enough to elicit a yelp of slight pain and shock from Nadine, the sting lingering for longer this time.

"Two. Another, please."

The third strike of Adrianne's flogger made contact with full force, each of the tails of the instrument biting Nadine's tender flesh, reddening her buttocks further and making her cry out, to Adrianne's delight. Once she had recovered from the initial bite of escalating pain, she managed to speak.

"Three. Another, please."

There was a short wait for this one - the suspense making it sting all the more when it did arrive. Nadine was surprised to find that although it hurt, she did not dislike it - the endurance was its own reward, the stings and bites of the flogger turning into a warm glow radiating from her buttocks, not dissimilar to the heat she could feel growing between her legs. Gods, she was soaked already. The confessing, the grovelling, the whipping...why did this all feel so good?

"Well? I haven't got all day."

Dazed and confused, she struggled to think how many spankings she had received. She hoped she had remembered correctly.

"Um, four, please, another, please."

Smirking at her inarticulate way of asking, Adrianne delivered another steadfast blow. This continued, Nadine counting out each flogging and politely asking for another, breasts pressed against the bench, hair wet with sweat and still matted with Brynjolf's cum from earlier, bottom poised to receive each blow as they came, and hot, wet cunt presented and yearning. Adrianne delivered six more blows with gradually increasing intensity, part of her hoping that Nadine would slip up so that she could deliver a couple more.

When she reached blow number ten Nadine was practically begging for another flogging; pained, pent up desperation in her voice, as well as the very real desire for forgiveness. Adrianne would at least grant her one of these things, for now.

"That's all, my dear - you've taken your punishment, and you have taken it well. You are forgiven."

Nadine's eyes lit up, thrilled to be both pardoned and praised. Looking up at the woman in wonder, she beamed, words spilling out of her mouth like a waterfall.

"Thank you so much, Miss. Thank you for forgiving me. Thank you for punishing me. Thank you for...giving me a wonderful show."

"Come here and you can thank me properly, pet."

As Nadine removed Adrianne's clothes, she was reminded of when she was watching her with Ulfberth and the Redguard stranger - how her soft, curvaceous body looked in contrast to the two harder, stronger male bodies. Removing the older woman's undergarments, she stroked her skin, feeling the softness similar to her own, admiring the deep, rich colour; taking in each exquisite curve and bend of her divine feminine body. She realised there was something incredibly enchanting and alluring about the female form that she had never really noticed - one that rivalled or perhaps even surpassed that of the male form.

At that moment she wished to worship Adrianne; drink in every part of her, devote herself to pleasing her and only her. Nadine pulled her into a gentle embrace as they locked into a passionate kiss - their tongues dancing an ancient dance with each other, as if this was a language they had both spoken for centuries. Adrianne's kiss, although intense, was softer, tenderer somehow than any of the men Nadine had kissed and didn't have the same fuzz or scratch that came with a bearded man's kisses. She ran her finger softly along Adrianne's jawline, marvelling in the almost otherworldly softness of her skin and the gentle, smooth contours of her face and neck.

Taking her time, Nadine's hands traversed her body - caressing her graceful neck and strong, toned arms forged from years of skillful smithing. She let out a blissful sigh as she ran her finger across Adrianne's silky stomach, letting it wander upward to play with her large, pendulous breasts and hard, delicious nipples. She broke away from their kiss to move downward and put her mouth to work on her breasts and nipples, flicking with her tongue, nibbling gently with her teeth, delighted every time she heard or felt Adrianne shudder and moan with pleasure. While her mouth was busy, she remembered what Brynjolf had used his fingers to do to her earlier and tried to do the same - working her fingers along Adrianne's thighs, gently and gradually at first, feeling for evidence of her arousal which she was pleased to find fairly quickly. Nadine moved her fingers further inward until she eventually reached Adrianne's soaking wet, neatly trimmed cunt, beautiful and brown and glistening. Working it with her middle finger, teasing the clit, careful to be gentle and gauge Adrianne's reactions at first, she slid her finger in slowly and deeply. Her fingering gradually became a bit more intense, and Adrianne's moans became a bit more encouraging.

"Get on your knees, over by the bench." Adrianne ordered in a steely, commanding tone. Nadine pulled her finger out, licking it clean with a look of wicked satisfaction on her face before obeying her command.

"Naughty girl," she growled at Nadine, "I think we'll need to add a few extra paddlings for that, won't we?"

Nadine responded by eagerly lapping at Adrianne's waiting, dripping sex, her tongue savouring every drop of its sweet, heady nectar. She explored everywhere her fingers had traced, feeling every inch of Adrianne's warm wet tender flesh under her tongue, ever so gently grazing with her teeth, varying her pressure, taking time to mentally map out each groove and bump, her nose inhaling deep of her intriguing aroma. As her tongue traced along Adrianne's petal-like labia, probing deeper until she was almost fucking her wet hole with her tongue, her fingers travelled across her stomach, marvelling in how silky soft her skin was, occasionally grazing gently with her nails, eliciting shivers. She so badly wanted to impart the pleasure unto Adrianne that she had received not hours ago - toe curling, mind bending bliss - but she couldn't decide where to start. She wanted to be everywhere, do everything at once. She wanted to finger her but didn't want to lose the ability to play with her gorgeous breasts, explore her divine curves, marvel in the tactile beauty of her silken skin. She wanted to nibble her nipples, kiss her lips, dance the passionate dance of tongues entwining and map out her body using just her mouth, but she also wanted to drink deep of her sex, didn't want to miss a single drop of her delicious juices. Luckily for her, Adrianne was a lot more decisive, and wasn't slow in letting her know exactly what she wanted.

"Get those fingers back to work, my pet. Not just one this time, either."

Nadine wasn't sure if she had the dexterity to handle manipulating three fingers yet, so she hoped that two would suffice. Still licking away hungrily between Adrianne's legs, she moved back upward to focus on her clit as she inched in her middle and ring finger, curving them slightly as she went, feeling the natural curves and bumps of her tight cunt. Her tongue, warm and wet, soft and circling; her fingers, rhythmic and intense, serpentine in movement, massaging in the same "come hither" motion she herself had enjoyed so much. It seemed to be eliciting a similar response from Adrianne, who was grinding her glorious, hot cunt against Nadine.

Wrapping her hair in her hands, Adrianne's breathing and grinding grew faster and shallower, more desperate, spurring Nadine on further to pick up her own pace. Practically suffocating in Adrianne's cunt, Nadine furiously pumped and lapped, absolutely determined to satiate her mistresses' appetite. As her moans grew louder, Adrianne came furiously, her body shaking on the bench, more of her gorgeous juice flowing from her cunt, getting over Nadine's face and hair, and adding to the not insignificant pool that had formed on the bench. Remembering her own intensity and sensitivity level during and post-orgasm, Nadine knew to taper off her fingering and licking, pulling her fingers out and having one last taste of Adrianne's lovely cunt juices, surfacing to kiss Adrianne and caress her hair. They joined in a fiery, passionate and surprisingly sweet kiss, both giddy and a bit giggly, basking in the deliciously fun and intimate moment they had just shared.

"Was that an okay thank you, Adrianne?" Nadine asked, with a wicked yet innocently hopeful smile on her face.

"Absolutely, darling. We've left a bit of a mess though, so you'd best clean that up before you situate yourself for your second punishment."

Nadine beamed at the compliment, then got even more excited when she realised what she'd need to clean up - and how she'd need to clean it up. As she licked Adrianne's juices off the bench, once again savouring every drop, eyes glazed and in a lusty daze, she heard Adrianne in the background:

"Ulfberth, you'd better get ready for this one. You're in for a treat."


Back in position; face down, upper body resting against the bench, legs spread and bottom poised, Nadine waited for the punishment that was about to be administered. The aroma of Adrianne's exhilarating sex lingered and mingled with the smell of the leather of the bench, as well as the scent of her own arousal. It was a truly intoxicating mixture; all powerful and all consuming. She had never felt desire or lust of this level before, nor had she ever even imagined she'd be in situations like these. What was going on?

"So, I hear you gave my wife quite a good time, eh?" Ulfberth's deep, gravelly voice rumbled from behind her, sending shivers down her spine and immediately making her even wetter.

Smiling inwardly at the second-hand compliment but not wanting to seem a braggart, she considered how she would respond to this. Eventually she responded, quietly and coyly, "I think so, Ulfberth."

He let out a hearty belly laugh that seemed to reverberate around the room. Everything about his presence, from his imposing, muscular physique to his full, bushy beard to his booming voice to the huge warrior's battleaxe that he often wore draped over his shoulder spelled out that this man was not someone to be trifled with. It both terrified and excited Nadine beyond measure.

"You seem awfully uncertain about the job you did considering you just had to clean up her mess from my nice leather bench."

This last piece of information caught Nadine by surprise - the craftsmanship of the bench hadn't exactly been at the forefront of her mind but if she'd had to guess who had made it, she probably would have assumed Adrianne - after all, she was the smith. She guessed Ulfberth did some woodworking and smithing too? Made sense, she supposed - they both ran Warmaiden's, so Adrianne having another set of hands nearby would be useful, even more so if they belonged to her strong, Nordic husband.

"Oh, I'm so sorry, Ulfberth. I didn't realise it was your bench...I've cleaned it up as requested. It's a very nice bench..."

Nadine quietly cursed herself inwardly for her somewhat awkward word choice, realising that now that she had said it out loud, "it's a very nice bench" was not quite the smooth compliment she had hoped it would be. Ulfberth let out another rumbling laugh.

"Flattery will get you nowhere, girl. I know my bench is nice - my wife isn't the only one with talent in Warmaiden's, you know. I also made the paddle that I'm about to punish you with - you can tell me how good the craftsmanship is on that once I'm finished."

Nadine shivered.

"Now, about the matter of your punishment."

Nadine cleared her throat, trying to remember how she had started this earlier.

"I'm sorry for breaking into yours and Adrianne's property, and stealing something which wasn't mine."

"I'm sorry for sneaking in further, and for spying on you, Adrianne and the Redguard male, and for staying and watching for so long. I'm also sorry for being the kind of naughty wench who would enjoy such an inappropriate show, would wish to be part of that show herself, and would involve herself in acts of lust and debauchery with a member of the Thieves Guild."

"I'm sorry for plunging my finger deep into the most intimate part of your wife and being so overcome with my own need and lust that I licked my finger clean of all her juices," Nadine continued, her voice breathy, full of hungry desire, her own words exciting her. "And I'm sorry that those same juices spilled on to your bench, which I also had to lick clean."

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