tagLoving WivesThe Education of an Asian Wife Ch. 02

The Education of an Asian Wife Ch. 02


This continues the story of how I became obsessed of being a voyeur as well as a swinger. It took time and a lot of energy before I could influence my wife to fulfill my desire to see her with other men, but it was worth it. The combination of these two factors later led us to what happened next.



It took more than a week before we heard from Chris and Janet, but the wait was well worth it. We agreed to meet at a local club that was well known for being a place where couples could meet with privacy assured, according to Chris. With such assurances, I watched my wife change into western garb that was sure to please any man who saw her after she removed the outer garments which hid her much more flirtatious dress. I had my usual slacks and short sleeved shirt, but little could hide the semi-rigidity of my cock as I thought of what we might experience tonight.

We arrived first. The place was exactly as Chris had assured us. Only dim lights at the entryway allowed anyone in the club to see who entered, otherwise we were in an almost totally dark club where the sound of laughter proved the efficacy of the drinks we were served. There must have been twenty or more couples in the area around us, but we could barely make out the shapes of those who were, even at that, obviously enjoying each other.

I saw Chris first as he came through the door. I rose to greet him and show him to our table before Janet entered behind him. I was struck by her beauty and barely managed to greet him as my eyes were drawn to a graceful young lady whose eyes drew me like a magnet. She followed us to the circular booth where we were seated and ordered a drink with Chris as she hung the cloak which had only allowed a hint of her lovely form to show. I introduced Zaidah to them and saw that Chris and Janet both were quite pleased with her own beauty.

Not knowing the lack of formality swinging creates, I was surprised when Chris slid into the booth next to Zaidah, leaving me to choose between sitting next to him or to Janet. Obviously Jeff had told them of our lack of experience and I let Janet's hand on my arm steer me to sit beside her. That was a pleasure. Now that she had doffed her cloak, I could see she too was in western dress, with a blouse that showed as much as it hid, and a skirt that was slit on the side to almost her hip. As she crossed her legs, I heard the hiss of nylon on nylon but saw that the top of her stockings ended at mid thigh. I hadn't thought of buying nylons for Zaidah, but I knew that beneath her longer skirt, also slit on the side to her knees, she wore only a very filmy pair of panties. While her blouse was a little less revealing than Janet's, she had unbuttoned it down to the swell of her breasts – and I knew she wasn't wearing a bra. As she leaned forward to touch Janet's hand, I saw the neckline sag, giving Chris a very good view of her firm, full breasts. He didn't miss the opportunity.

We sat and chatted as two couples would do anywhere, making the same inane conversation strangers often do, then Chris started the ball rolling.

"Jeff told us that the two of you were novices at this, so I want to assure you that while we aren't the most experienced couple in the world, we have been around for a while. Nothing you do with Janet will shock me, and I hope you and Zaidah feel the same way."

I could see that Zaidah was blushing, and I smiled to show I understood, wondering how much Jeff had told this couple.

I was surprised to hear Zaidah agreeing. "I know I won't," she nodded slowly. "Jeff explained that what we all agreed to would be a little difficult to say aloud or experience after so many years of suppression, but that it becomes easier with experience."

"Yes, it does," Janet added. "Jeff was our first too, and he made us feel very comfortable so, please, let's enjoy ourselves. We all know what the purpose of this meeting was and I find Zaki to be handsome, like my husband here, so why shouldn't we enjoy each other in the way we know we do with our husbands at home." To demonstrate her honesty, Janet reached up, took my head and turned it toward her. The touch of her lips on my own was more than delightful, and I found myself exploring her mouth with my tongue as Chris did the same with Zaidah.

"I think we need to take this somewhere else," I managed to say although almost breathless from the intensity of the kiss I had shared with Janet. I was certain of it as I watched Chris' hands caress Zaidah's full breasts and saw the reaction it caused.

We drove to our home in separate cars, but instead of having Zaidah with me, Janet shared the front seat while Zaidah accompanied Chris. It seemed so perfectly logical since neither of our new friends knew where we lived, and also because their two late teen aged twin daughters, Mary and Maria, would be at home. I wondered, as Janet told me this, just how much the girls knew about their parents activities. We found the answer to that much later, but that's a much later part of my story.

"Please, make yourselves at home," I told our guests. Zaidah had already taken Janet's hand and was leading her toward the bathroom as it seemed ladies always do 'to freshen up.' They returned later, their eyes shining with mirth and I had to wonder what both had been up to.

We shared drinks and snacks with our guests and sat next to each other's spouse getting acquainted until once again Zaidah and Janet left the room. Following a great deal of suppressed giggling, I heard Zaidah ask if we were going to sit in the living room by ourselves the rest of the night discussing nothing important.

With a glance at Chris, I got up and started toward the sound of her voice with Chris following close behind. I found her in the bedroom with Janet. Where she had gotten them, or when, I never knew, but the two were dressed almost alike in thin negligees that hid nothing. I almost gasped aloud as my eyes took in the sight of these two beautiful ladies. With firm breasts high on their chests, and the dark hair of their mons venus they could have been twins. I started toward Zaidah, but Janet stepped between us with a smile and a shake of her head.

"Unh-unh," she said, "She is Chris' tonight. You must make do with me."

That certainly wouldn't be hard, at least not as hard as my cock which found itself rigid and upright in my trousers. Janet helped me take them off along with the rest of my clothing as Zaidah did the same for Chris. When she got to his shoes though, Zaidah did something that I had only seen her do once before. Wrapping her small hand around the most of Chris' swollen cock, she touched it with her tongue and then took the head in her mouth. Chris' groan of pleasure was lost in the same noise I was making when Janet did the same thing to me. Although Zaidah had done this for me many times in the past, seeing and even more so feeling the heat of Janet's mouth on my cock had me near orgasm immediately.

Fortunately for me, Janet wanted much more than that and pulled me backward, with her until we were both on the bed. I had bought this bed just in the last week, anticipating our new life style would require more than just a sleeping platform for the two of us. Chris was equally busy testing it out with my wife, pulling her on top of him as he took off her negligee, leaving her nude except for her high heels. She lay on top of him with his swollen shaft between her thighs as they kissed again and again. Then Zaidah sat up, astride Chris and took his shaft in her hand, centering it on her already glistening opening, and slowly lowered herself on his length.

I might have kept staring at the beautiful tableaux had it not been for Janet's hand pressing downward between us toward my own very rigid cock which was already oozing pre-cum. With two slow, dragging wipes of my cock head over lips swollen with desire, I felt her hand direct me toward the opening of her pussy. She sighed as I felt the swollen head slip between those lovely lips and press against her inner ring of tight muscle. It was heaven to feel it yielding and then even more so as I felt the first inch or so slide into her hot core.

"Lovely," she whispered in my ear as I continued that slide into her steaming cauldron. "It's a perfect fit!"

"I knew it would be as soon as I saw you, and I've never been so aroused before in my life."

"I can tell," she chuckled. "You feel so good and so hard. I want you to fuck me like Chris is doing your wife."

That comment brought me back to my senses momentarily. I looked over to where Chris had my wife's legs caught up in his arms as his cock pistoned back and forth inside her swollen pussy lips. His cock was already shiny with the juices he had stirred inside her hungry cunt and she was gasping with the pleasure his swollen dick was giving her. Having seen only one other man giving my wife this kind of pleasure was enough to stir me to do the same with the lovely Janet.

"Does it bother you to see someone else fucking your wife?" Janet said softly.

"No, it's something I've always wanted to see ever since I saw my sister in law being fucked by another man. My brother must know she is taking another man's cock and, like he, I think it's one of the most beautiful sights in the world.

I was fucking Janet slowly, mimicking the position Chris was using on my wife. It gave me the advantage of being able to see everything, including my wife's breasts bobbing up and down as her lover fucked her. It was almost more than I could take. I wanted so badly to be there sucking them as she gave her most cherished gift to Chris. But Janet brought me back to the pleasures she provided as I felt her bucking against my hard shaft. Her breasts were equal to Azizah's, and I watched the nipples twirling in a circular pattern as I fucked this beautiful lady.

"Were _ you there_ to see _ her get_ting fucked?" she managed to gasp out as I pounded harder and deeper into the steaming cauldron of lust that her pussy delivered. I was about to answer when I saw her face twist in the rictus of orgasm. Her body was jerking in my arms as I felt the heat of her juices spray my cock, soaking my pubic hair. Janet was a hard cummer and that was all it took to send my own hard jets of hot cum deep into her tightly clamping core. I knew it would fill the end of her cunt and push deep into her cervix, just as I wanted Chris' cum to do with Azizah's gift.

"No," I managed to say as I collapsed on Janet's perspiration slick chest with my cock still filling her to the end of her delightful pussy. She was still jerking and spasming as her orgasm slowed. My cock, still leaking the last of the cum which filled her to overflowing, had softened only slightly and I continued slowly fucking her until she had recovered from that very intense experience.

"I would have liked very much to have been there to see it, but I only had an opportunity to see it on a cd. That's when I realized I wanted to see it, but I wanted to see it with Azizah being fucked. That's how we met Jeff."

"He is a wonderful partner," Janet said softly. "We have met three other couples through him, and each of them has become swinging friends. In fact we even had to pass on an invitation from one couple to be with you and Azizah tonight.

"I am so glad you did. I have never made love to a westerner before, and it's something I hope you're enjoying as much as I. I don't think there is any doubt that Chris is enjoying himself" I commented looking toward where Chris was now filling my wife's mouth once again with a cock that was increasing in size as her efforts brought it back to life.

"Chris loves having a woman suck his cock," she said, and obviously, from the way it's swelling, Azizah is doing a wonderful job of it. Does she like sucking a cock?"

I've only seen her do it once before, with Jeff, but she tells me that it's so different from sucking mine that she wants to do it often." Azizah must have heard my comment because it only seemed to intensify her efforts. She was taking Chris' full length in her mouth and I could see the end of his cock swelling her throat.

"He won't let her make him cum," Janet assured me. "He told me that the difference between western women and Asian ladies is that they are so skilled in fucking. He can't get enough of our Asian friends, and frankly, neither can I. Have you met any other couples?"

"No, you're our first, but I certainly hope you're not the last." I told her with a smile.

"Oh, I can assure you that we won't be," she smiled in return. "In fact I was just thinking of an Asian couple I would like for you to meet. He is certain to give Azizah the benefit of his much greater experience, and I know you'll like her. She loves to fuck."

The rest of our night was filled with round after round of sex with our partners. We were all exhausted by the time the sun rose the next morning, but still naked, enjoying the feel of soft skin against soft skin, fondling our partners. Finally Chris and Janet said they must make their way back home. Reluctantly, I called a taxi for them and we waved our goodbyes as it faded into the distance.

"What's that?" Azizah asked as tossed a scrap of paper on our dining room table.

"It's the phone number of an Asian couple they felt we should get to know," I explained. "But right now I couldn't get my dick hard again if your sister was here to suck it."

"Well, even though we know she probably would, based on the cd we saw, that's not likely to happen. Let's go back to bed, I'm still sleepy and, if you can, when we wake up again, I would like for you to make love to me like you did to Janet."

I would like nothing better, I assured her as I guided her back to the scene of our night's delights. Just as she had planned, Azizah gave me her delightful pussy again when we awoke ten hours later. Life had never been better!

The next week was filled with our lovemaking. It had never been as intense as it was now, and just as thrilling as the first time I had fucked my wife after we married. It was as though the experiences with Jeff, Chris and Janet had ignited a fire that could not be extinguished, only banked to hot coals each time we touched, then turning into a raging inferno. It was the best sex either of us had ever had, we admitted to each other, and that prompted our next adventure.

"Hello," I said when a voice responded on the other end of the phone line, "Do you know a couple named Chris and Janet?"

"Yes. May I ask who is calling?"

Rather than take a chance of saying something that might give the person answering the phone information they didn't need at the moment, I said, "My wife and I have become their friends also. They told us that they had met with you and shared the same sexual interests they have. They gave us your phone number and suggested we call you. My wife and I are free tomorrow night. Would you like to meet with us and see if you would be interested in joining us for some fun?"

'Sure. Why not? We don't have anything planned for tomorrow night and we would like to meet with any friends of Chris and Janet. Tell me do you also know Jeff?"

The voice caused me a great deal of curiosity, but I knew we had said enough to know that this man and his wife might be interested in having sex with us. I told him that Jeff was the one who had introduced us to Chris and Janet, which got a chuckle from the voice on the other end of the line. "In that case, you already know a great deal about us other than our names, I'm sure. Where shall we meet and when?"

I mentioned the name of the hotel where Jeff had met us and suggested seven that evening. That elicited another chuckle from the voice and a comment that it was a good choice - just private enough to have some fun, yet not so outrageous to be well known outside of swinging circles. After discussing what each of us and our wives would be wearing to allow us to recognize each other without pictures, we ended the conversation.

As I hung up the phone I turned to a smiling Azizah. "Well, it's on. I don't know why but that voice sounded very familiar. I hope it's not one of our neighbors."

"Oh, I'm sure it wouldn't be. Jeff is so conscious of our need for discretion, besides, it's not even a local number."

With my concerns allayed, at least to a degree, I told her to be prepared for a long night tomorrow, which brought another smile to my wife's face.

At seven the next night, almost on the dot, we stepped through the doorway of the hotel and went to the bar, where we had agreed to meet. The dimly lighted room prevented me from seeing anyone resembling someone dressed as our friends had told us they would be, then, just as I was suggesting that we might be a little early and perhaps we should wait, a tall figure approached us.

"Zaki, Is that you?" my brother-in- law asked. I was so shocked I didn't know what to say. I was prepared to deny anything other than curiosity bringing us here until I recognized that he was wearing exactly what the voice on the phone had said he would wear. I let him lead us deeper into the darkness of the club and recognized my sister-in-law and how she too was dressed.

"Zarina?" Azizah asked in the same incredulous tone of voice Osman had used when he recognized me. Now it was Azizah and Zarina's turn to flush with embarrassment as they recognized that it was each others husbands with whom they had agreed to meet for a potential sexual romp.

The sheer incredulity of the situation soon had the four of us laughing. With the ice broken and a degree of sensibility restored, we now sat together, drinking and laughing about how none of us had expected this to happen, but how happy we were now that everything was out in the open. As we passed the time together, I even told how I had found that cd in their bedroom closet and showed it to Azizah.

"I thought as much," Zarina said with a smile. "That box was just slightly out of place when I saw it next and so I checked the cd's. You probably didn't notice it, but each case has a very fine filament of tape on it to show whether or not it had been opened. The tape was gone and I suspected, since you were the only one in the house other than our children that you had seen it. Since the children weren't home that week, I knew you must have seen it. Osman and I held our breath for a long time, wondering if you would bring it up. When you didn't, I knew you were either going to be a gentleman and not mention it, or that you were going to keep it a secret from us." She reached over and gave my thigh a squeeze as she then added, "I'm glad you did see it and that you now know our little secret as we do about you since we're meeting like this. Have you and Azizah been swinging long?"

"No, we've only met with Jeff, Chris and Janet so far. You are the second couple we've met."

"And how do you feel about this, Azizah?" he asked my wife softly.

"Well, I have to say it's certainly put a lot more vigor into our sex life," she admitted, blushing.

"Do you know how many times I wanted you to fuck me?" Zarina asked me so quietly I knew Azizah couldn't hear her, but it was no matter, because Osman already had my wife's breast in his hand and he was kissing her passionately. "Before I left in the morning, many times I would look in on you and saw that lovely cock of yours making a tent in the sheet covering you. One time I even pulled the sheet off without disturbing you and got a good look at it. You're very well hung, Zaki." With that she encompassed my cock in the fingers of her hand draped over my thigh and sighed, "Very well hung!"

"And you have a beautiful body, Zarina. I would have loved to have fucked you, especially after seeing that cd, but I couldn't imagine fucking my wife's sister – until now that is."

"Do you really, Zaki, do you really want to fuck an old woman like me when you have my beautiful sister every night?"

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