tagNovels and NovellasThe Education of Jasmine Ch. 05

The Education of Jasmine Ch. 05

byFoxee Browne©

Chapter Five -- A Walk in the Park

The night had cooled off, so Jasmine decided to go for a walk. She went to the park like she had many times before. The park was one of Jasmine's secrets, if anyone knew about her secret spot and what she did there they would be shocked. Rick saw her go and he decided he needed some air too. He waited a few minutes and strolled off in the same direction Jasmine had. He walked through the park looking for her, but didn't see her right away. Maybe he had been mistaken and she had not gone to the park after all. It was twilight, the sun jus beginning to set.

'What a beautiful view,' thought Rick. He walked toward the old gazebo slightly hidden behind some trees. It was very pretty and the bottom part was enclosed to protect anyone sitting inside from the elements. There was someone sitting in the gazebo enjoying the sunset. You could just see their outline from their shoulders up. He walked down the path exploring the park and going to sit in gazebo with whoever was there. It was Jasmine and she was sitting completely still. She did not appear to see him, how could she not see him? In fact she looked totally in her own little world.

He came closer but still she did not hear or see him. She moved just a little bit, her body slumping down into a more relaxed position. He was still. She looked very beautiful with the setting sun shining on her. He noticed she was not watching the sunset, as he had believed. Her eyes were closed and she looked like she was daydreaming about something very pleasant. He took a few steps closer. He then saw where her hand was and why she looked that way. Her hand was inside her loose white cotton shorts; he could see it moving slowly. Rick was aroused. It was very erotic to watch her pleasure herself. She had no idea that he was watching. It was growing darker, he hoped she would become braver and maybe he could make his presence known.

It was when she threw her head back that he decided to get closer. He climbed the steps of the gazebo. She did not look up at the sound of his step, but continued what she was doing. He kneeled in front of her and watched her up close. He could see a damp spot on her shorts. He kissed the inside her thigh and she gasped with surprise.

"Rick!" she gasped.

"Yes." He said hoarsely. "May I join you? You have made me so horny that I can hardly stand it. We can stop at any time."

"You know if you do, there will be no stopping anything." Jasmine said.

He stroked her thigh with his hand. She said nothing more; she just let him touch her. She looked at his face as his hand trailed up the inside of her thigh and into her shorts. He touched her wet pink cotton panties. His fingers slipped inside the panties to find her sex. She opened her thighs wider for him. The sun had set and they were in darkness now. "May I take your shorts off?"

She never said a word but just raised her hips for him. He slid the loose shorts and panties off. She felt the rough wooden bench under her ass. He lowered his head to her pussy and tasted. She was wet and sweet smelling. His tongue slipped into her and licked her clean. She could not stand it; she had to touch her breasts; they were screaming out to be touched. She hoped nobody could see them, she knew nobody could see Rick between her thighs because of the enclosed bottom of the gazebo, but they could her upper half so she must be careful. She looked around and didn't see anyone so she squeezed her breasts. The contact made her nipples hard and as she pinched them she then came in his mouth.

"O my god!" He groaned aloud in pleasure. He pulled her down to the floor and pressed her closely. She could feel his hard cock through his pants pressed against her bare leg. She undid his pants and slipped her hand inside. "How much farther should we go? Still think we can stop?" She asked him.

"MMMMM, I can't stop. I lied and I am not sorry. I need to fuck you."

Her hand was stroking his cock and it felt nice for both of them. She released his cock and pulled his pants and underwear down to his knees. She did not straighten up though. She looked at his cock and put her lips around it. She licked the precum off the head and took his entire cock down her throat while massaging his balls with one hand and squeezing his tight ass in the other.

Her finger slid down the crack of his ass and she slowly slipped it inside of him. He gasped with surprise. Nobody had done that to him, but he liked it. She slowly pulled it almost all of the way out, but he did not want that and let her know it, so she slowly pressed it back into his ass. She fucked his ass with her finger and sucked his cock till he almost came and then stopped and squeezed his cock.

"Not yet. I am not done with you yet." She said as she slip her finger from his ass. "Don't you want to fuck me?"

She could not believe what she was doing with Rick.

"Yeeesssss, I want it. Will you let me?" he asked.

She crooked her finger in a 'come here' motion as she turned her back to him. He didn't need to be told twice; he grabbed her hips and thrust inside of her tight wet pussy. He had lost all control he fucked her hard and fast. "Ohhhh yeah, do me, yessss, cumm in meeee." She gasped.

He came; thick, wet squirts of cum shot deep within her. She could feel the throb of his cock as he lost his load for her. She felt spent. She could not believe she just fucked her neighbour whom she had met about only a few times. It was unbelievably hot and sexy. He withdrew from her, and kissed her. They dressed without saying a word. He grabbed her arms and pulled her to him.

He kissed her again and said "Jasmine let me walk you home, I don't want you out in the dark alone ok?"

"Ok. Let's walk home," she said quietly. "I can't believe I let you fuck me. I have never cheated on George. I feel a bit guilty, but it felt so nice too."

Actually Jasmine felt awful. The sex had been unbelievably hot, but she knew she had just hurt George very badly. She had not planned on this. The guilt was horrible.

They walked in the dark; his hand took hers while they walked in the dark where nobody could see. They said nothing. When they arrived back to their homes Rick turned to Jasmine and said. "I enjoyed our time together, but I will leave now and you may set the rules whether we see one another in this manner again. I ask no more than you want to give."

Jasmine's head was whirling with what had happened. "Good-night Rick." She said and went inside.

She went to have a hot bath and think of just what she going to tell George. She had not planned on this happening, it just did. She had promised to tell him if she was going to mess around, before she did, not after. The water ran in the tub and Jasmine turned to the mirror, it was then noticed the small hickey on her inner thigh. She smiled to herself thinking of how it had gotten there, and then she remembered who had put it there. The guilt returned slamming into her and making her feel even worse than before.

She put on pyjamas that covered the hickey. Jasmine went downstairs and grabbed a drink from the bar and then sat on the deck thinking. She did not hear George come in. "Penny for your thoughts." He said cheerfully.

Jasmine jumped slightly.

"I didn't hear you come in."

"What were you thinking about?"

He had noticed she had a drink and he knew she seldom drank unless they had company. She never drank alone. Something was bothering her. They sat on the deck, the silence between them comfortable. George held Jasmine's hand in his, comforting her troubled conscience. She knew she had to tell him what she had done with Rick. It was not planned; she had not even known that Rick wanted her. This was not going to be easy, in fact it was ten times worse than telling George about Jim.

She took a deep breath. 'I have to tell him tonight, it's killing me.' He noticed her breasts rise and fall.

"Something happened tonight." He looked at her face; she had his attention now. "I went for a walk in the park tonight. I was sitting in the gazebo." He knew what she did there at sunset.

"I had company."

"Jim?" George asked.

So what if Jim watched his wife getting off. "Not quite, it was Rick." The words tumbled out quickly now. "I didn't know he was there until he touched me, by then both of us were beyond the point of no return. We fucked. I never meant for it to happen." Her eyes were full of tears, one slid down her cheek.'It is out now, George knows.'

He wiped the tear from her cheek; he was not as angry as she thought he would be. He didn't say much for a minute. Her heart was breaking, she felt so rotten. "I know you never planned it Jasmine. Did you enjoy him?"

Her blush was all the answer he needed. She had enjoyed him. "Will you see him again?" George said quietly.

"I don't honestly know." Jasmine said, her quiet sobs still coming, but slowing as she calmed. "He said it's my call if we do it again."

"It will happen again." George told her. "He will make sure it does. You honestly think he's going to give up?" He knew exactly what Rick was thinking mostly because he would never give Jasmine up, she was awesome in bed.

"Are you hurt? I never ever planned on that happening. It's horrible. George you know I love you. Don't you?"

"Yes, I know you love me or you would never have told me, and it's obvious you feel badly, you are crying. You love me enough to tell me what happened tonight, even though you knew it would be difficult. I have given some thought about this too. Remember how we talked about fantasies? Well the idea of trying a few of them might be worth it, I mean I know we have a strong marriage and nothing will ever tear us apart. Let's play around some before we are to old to do it and regret that we didn't. Would you like to try an open marriage?"

"What did you have in mind?" Jasmine was just wrapping her mind around the fact that George was not angry with her.

"I know all four of our neighbours want you, so let's set some ground rules for the future ok?" George had spent many hours thinking about this. He was going to let her play with the guys if he could do the same with Marne and maybe the brunette in the coffee shop.

"You do the neighbours as much as you want, and I will try to get into the brunette's pants. And if you are OK with it, Marne's too." George was not finished yet. "Nobody else, unless we tell each other first, and we always come home to each other."

Damn this was exciting. George hoped she would say yes to it.

"What?" gasped Jasmine, her surprise at his words showing on her bewildered face. "You are asking me if you can fuck my best friend and some girl down at the coffee shop? Are you serious George?"

"I guess I am." He said sheepishly.

"And you want me to fuck Rick and his sons, all I want?"

"Yes." George was starting to blush.

She was going to say no, he knew it. He was also getting a little angry, she had fucked Rick tonight already and Jim was sniffing around like a dog in heat. Before he could say anything more she answered him.

"Why George, you dirty minded man! That sounds positively delightful!" Her eyes were lighting up with pleasure. "I love that idea! When shall we start to play? Do we have to share details or not?"

"Good question, to be honest I never thought you would ever say yes. I never thought past telling you my idea."

She had a very valid point. Should they share the details of their trysts?

"Let's start right away Jasmine, the thought of another pussy has me horny as hell."

He pulled her hand to his crotch and to his hardening cock. "As for sharing the details, let's just ask if we enjoyed our adventures and if we want to share details we can, if not, then we don't. Sound fair?"

Jasmine's hand stroked George's cock slowly and lovingly, teasing it and making him even harder. However her words fuelled his passion even more, her husky voice purring. "That sounds very fair George, and to start, yes I enjoyed my adventure in the park very much tonight."

Her eyes had that 'cum fuck me look' that they got when she was extremely aroused. "I even have a small souvenir on my inner thigh, yes George I have a hickey, would you like to see it?"

George pulled Jasmine to him in a quick movement and kissed her hard. With no thought that someone might be watching them, he pulled her pyjama pants down and spread her thighs wide. He looked at her thighs and saw the small red mark Rick had left upon her. With a small cry he plunged his fingers inside of her, Jasmine arched her back and pushed her hips towards him. He quickly finger fucked her upon the deck in plain sight of everyone who cared to look into their back yard. They did not care who saw, she came and her juices flooded his hand, running down to the deck.

Breathing heavily Jasmine stood and turned to face George, she looked into his eyes and slowly pulled his pants down. Her fingers trailing upon his exposed flesh, teasing and exciting him even more. She then straddled his hips and impaled herself upon his rigid cock. Jasmine rode George hard and fast, her hips slamming into his, fuelling their need and their passion. Both were so aroused that their climax was reached quickly and violently. When their breathing returned to normal Jasmine lifted herself from George's now soft penis, she bent and picked up her pants but did not put them back on, instead she turned towards the house and walked slowly inside.

George watched Jasmine's ass as she walked away from him and went toward the bedroom. He rose, pulled up his pants and followed turning off the lights and joining Jasmine in bed. He was looking forward to his first 'adventure' and he was looking forward to sharing the details with Jasmine.

Ty had been outside sitting on his deck in the dark enjoying the evening when Jasmine and George came outside, he could not hear what they said, but he sure saw what they did. He sat quietly in the dark stroking his cock. He replayed what he had seen in his mind over again while he jerked off. He wanted Jasmine and he wanted her to fuck him like she had fucked George, he imagined her atop of him and came with a force he had not experienced before. Somehow he was going to make it happen.

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