tagInterracial LoveThe Education of Melody Johnson Ch. 02

The Education of Melody Johnson Ch. 02


After returning to campus I found Jeremy on my mind all the time for weeks. Even though I'd kept an eye out I had yet to see him. I never told the other girls what happened on spring break and Tasha saw it as my business so let it drop.

I lived in the dorms just off campus so I usually walked to class if the weather was not too bad. Dorm living sucked but the upside was my roommate was never around. She moved in with her boyfriend but never told her parents so they believed she was still in the room.

Fact is I had not seen her in over a year. Having my own room certainly made thinking about spring break easier as I could not forget the effects of the cheering crowd. I masturbated to those cheers no less than twenty times. It was a crazy time for me physically and emotionally. I was trying to figure out what all this said about me? Why did it take such extremes to feel complete? It was scary but I could not help myself I needed to see where it would lead and for some reason it was always back to Jeremy. I found my dreams becoming more detailed as I imagined his tongue expertly manipulating my pussy. That boy definitely had technique. Most guys just floundered around down there like they were drowning and needed rescue, not Jeremy, he knew where, when, and how to touch a pussy. His obvious enjoyment insured my enjoyment even in a setting where I should not have been able to relax. When he kissed me afterwards I could taste cum mixed with cherry flavor, that thought alone starting the endless joy of masturbation. A couple of months later I would finally run into the oral king.

"Hey Melody." Walking to the parking lot after class I saw my friend Tim running towards me. He was a laid back Asian guy who lived two doors over from my parent's home. We had known each other since kindergarten and I considered him a friend. He was about five six, short cropped hair, and expensive clothes that always looked like he slept in them.

"What's up Tim?" He followed me to my car.

"I'm DJing a party tonight at one of the frat houses, come hang."

"No way dude." I shook my head.

"Come on. Please? It's a good gig for my rep but I hate doing the frat houses alone. I think it's the bully flashbacks from high school."

"Sorry, you're on your own tonight." I would sometimes hang out with Tim when he had to do a party that was going to get kind of wild. It made him feel less vulnerable I guess, though if anything ever popped off I don't know what he thinks I could do.

"Come on Mel I need a wing man."

"That's a person who helps you get laid when you're out."

Tim thought about it for a moment. "Yeah? That makes more sense. I need you Melody."

I hate those assholes you know that." Opening my car I put my books in the backseat.

"That's why I am going to make it worth your while. One school report of your choice, typed, titled, and delivered."

Tim's papers were worth a fortune. It was his little underground business along with Djing and selling pot. He was the industrious type that's for sure.

"Are we talking a Tim Hyung original?" Now he had my attention.

"It's the gold package. Guaranteed A and permanent retirement." That was his most expensive paper as it meant no one had it or would ever have it again. During finals it could cost upwards of three thousand dollars if you were a senior.

"I don't see what the problem is Tim, you should be popular with the frat boys they love cheerleaders."

"Hey I don't want that getting out, you know my mom made me do that. Thought it would help with my gymnastics, that and ballet."

Patting his head I decided to take pity on him. "Three papers and I can wait until senior year if I want."

He pretended to think it over then grinned. "Okay but no finals that's a heavy time for me."

"Two finals."


"Deal." I held out my hand and he took it. "Can I bring Tasha?"

He smiled. "Definitely bring Tasha."

Tim liked Tasha because she smoked bud with him. I did not partake so he stopped offering to me in high school. He was not a popular guy back then but had a good supply and that meant people made sure he was invited to all the parties, not wanting to go solo we would go together. On the nights where he was totally wasted I would sneak him into my room so he could sleep it off.

For a while our families thought we would end up together as he always seem to be at my place and I think they still held some hope that we would be this ultimate power couple. I was not attracted to Tim whatsoever and I think he preferred white girls at any rate.

"Should I pick you up?" He offered.

"I'll get there. What house?"

"Kappa." He muttered in a low voice.

"Great the biggest of the assholes."

"Deals done." He threw out quickly.

"Two finals Tim." He smiled doing a clap and cheer jump. "You're an idiot. Need help unloading?"

He looked at his watch then started to walk away. "Yeah, show up at eight. The party doesn't start until ten."

"If it starts at ten I'll show up at nine."

"I want to meet up with Tasha first."

"You two can get high on your own time."

"Fine eight thirty."


"Eight forty five."


Once I reached my dorm room I called Tasha to let her know about the party.

"You want me to call Rory and Kay?"

"They will need to come early so they can get in with Tim and we're helping him unload the car."

"You tell Kay she needs to unload a car and see how far that gets you."

"Well Rory and you can help."

"Tim is my boy of course I can help."

"Tim is yo weed man don't make it out like ya'll the best of friends."

"Me and Tim have shared some deep thoughts."

"Under the influence. I gotta go."


"Don't be late."



Deciding to get some studying in before the party I hit the books. I was a consistent student if not at the top of my class. In high school I stood out academically without trying very hard but Ivy League was a different story. I guess that little girl was one of the few who would be exactly what she said she would be. I was pre-med and on track to medical school. The work was hard and I did not mind it but sometimes it felt all so expected. Not that I am whining, my parents delayed retirement when I was accepted to school. My siblings being filled with pride even paid part of my tuition out of their own pockets. Studying hard was the least I could do with my family picking up the tab.

By the time I was done four hours had gone by without me moving from my chair. Stretching I closed my books and headed for the communal showers. Since I was not trying to impress anyone I kept it simple with a pair of black short shorts and a silver glittery crop top. Pulling my hair into a messy up do I let a few tendrils frame my face. I completed my outfit with several thin bracelets up one arm and a pair of red stilettos.

My brown skin was shiny smooth from the lotion and Vaseline treatment after the shower so my face blossomed when I put on dark shadow to give the effect of bedroom eyes. I kept the lipstick light, just a touch of peach gloss and a light spritz of my favorite perfume.

"Nice." I said to my mirrored image then smiled. "Hello?" Picking up my phone I packed my purse.

"I'm downstairs."

"I'll be right there." Keys, mace, rape whistle, and the obligatory condom. I did not plan on getting fucked but sometimes plans changed. A girl had to be prepared at all times for every situation, especially at a frat house. I was prepared to use my condom but had no problem emptying a can of mace on a motherfuckah. Remember girls no is no.

It would be nice to hook up as I was horny as hell, though after that performance from Jeremy I doubted anyone else could measure up. I had to stop living in the past, Jeremy was gone and a sistah still had needs. Heading out the door I decided maybe getting laid was not such a bad idea even if I had to use one of those asshole Kappas. Right now my pussy needed a good drilling and that was one thing those cavemen were good for.

"I can't believe we're unloading a Honda." Kay complained as she took out some records wearing an expensive strapless dress and heels, she was not a girl that was use too manual labor. Her blonde hair was cut close to her head in a pixie cut. She had very blue eyes and thick blonde lashes. Her skin was so pale it appeared translucent. When I asked her why she never tanned, Kay in her very frank way kept it real. "Only idiots do that to themselves. I was born this way, I will stay this way." Her confidence was attractive. She was proud of who she was and she let it show. I would never describe Kay as spoiled but she was definitely pampered.

"You the one who like these damn frat boys Kay. You wanna get inside the party then start carrying some shit." Tasha shot back as straightforward as always.

Kay and Tasha's friendship could only be described as strange. I met Tasha my second semester of freshmen year. She was a girl straight out the hood and reality was the only place she wanted to be. She earned her way to an Ivy League college against all odds and then worked her ass off to stay there. Tasha loved being a black woman, her natural hair and politically motivated dress expressed this pride. She didn't take shit from anyone and as long as you didn't bother her, Tasha never started shit. But if you did start shit, that girl was the bitch of all bitches and would finish it.

Kay was in a weird way the same only in reverse. She loved being white. Loved being wealthy. Worked hard in school though her parents paid the bills. She was friendly to everyone until they gave her reason not to be then she could rival even Tasha's definition of bitch. The way I see it a poor bitch was dangerous but a rich bitch was deadly. Somehow despite their polar opposite lives the two worked. Tasha was tight with all of us but closest to Kay.

"Shit." When Kay's heel sank into the grass breaking off she lost it. "My Manolo's. Dammit. Fucking cheap as lawn."

"It's a lawn Kay what did you expect?"

"Shut the hell up Tasha. Can't you fucking hire someone to do this Tim?"

Rory another member of our group grabbed the box from Kay's arms and I helped her get her foot out. She hopped onto the steps so she would not cause further damage to her shoe.

"Now what? I can't pull this outfit off without shoes." I sighed as I knew Kay had become quite the complainer lately and would do so for the rest of the night.

"We'll try and fix it." I said encouragingly if not very believable in my tone.

"How? You got a fucking shoe cobbler in your purse Melody?" I heard Tasha and Rory laughing as we made our way into the house. A tall good looking red head that I noticed from the football team walked by.

"Hey... bathroom?"

He stopped letting his eyes roam over me then Kay. "Upstairs, down the hall, to your right. I could show you both if you wanted."

"I think we can find it." I sneered before walking away.

Heading up the stairway it was difficult not to be impressed by the luxury of the Kappa house though mansion would be more accurate. Mahogany walls. Beautiful winding staircase. Expensive furniture.

"Who would let these irresponsible jerks live in a place like this?" I said scornfully.

"The Kappa's are known for their beautiful houses. Damn it! I was planning on getting laid tonight."

"What's stopping you?"

"My shoe."

"Girl if a broken heel stops you from fucking then you didn't plan on getting laid tonight."

"Coming from a girl who wears tennis shoes even when she's not playing tennis I won't factor in your opinion."

"Okay bitch, what's going on with you? I've seen three more pair of those exact shoes in your closet in the exact same color."

"These are my good luck pair."

Now I knew something was wrong, despite all Kay's wealth she was not superficial. True she liked beautiful things but not to the point that losing a heel sent her into hysterics.

"When are you going to get over him?" I confronted the issue straight on.

"I don't know how." She answered truthfully.

"This is how...just do it."

"That's easy for you to say Melody, you blow guys off without a second thought." If only she knew there was one guy who had taken more than his fair share of my thoughts.

Grabbing Kay's hand I pulled her along. "Cheer up. You know if Tasha see you like this she gone cuss your ass out and then try to find this damn mystery guy of yours."

Kay wiped her eyes. "I just need to fuck and I'll be alright."

"A goal, that's a start. Now have several drinks and give one of these assholes some Kitty Kay."

When Kay began to cry it was clear the little breakup was anything but little. Opening the nearest door I pushed her inside.

"Kay it's alright. You can't keep holding this in. You need to talk about it. It's been three months and your still moping around like your dog died."

"I don't mope."

"It's moping with perfect posture but still moping. Either call him or forget him."

"I went to see him."

"What? When?"

"Spring break."

"You told us you were going to see your parents?"

"I didn't want Tasha to freak out."

"Did you beg him to take you back?" My back stiffened as she frowned.

"Hell no. I don't beg."

"Then I won't tell Tasha. If he can't see your worth then he ain't worth it." I sat on a large bed to undo my heels. Kay's mystery man had decided to end it. None of us knew much about him accept maybe Tasha but she wasn't talking. "You and I are the same shoe size take these. If they don't say 'fuck me' I don't know what does."

Kay held up the shoe for inspection before wrinkling her nose and visibly shivering. "These don't say fuck me, they say that there's an under paid child in Vietnam who can't sow straight. Look at this stitching."

"You got jokes huh?" When she laughed I felt relieved because Kay was a strong woman and it unnerved me that a man could take her down to the point of despair. If it could happen to her it could certainly happen to me.

"What are you gonna do about shoes if I take yours?"

I shrugged. "I've got on shorts and a crop top, I can pull off bare feet."

"I agree, that outfit certainly fits in with bare feet." Putting on my shoes she stuffed her Manolo's in her purse.

"Bitch." I gave her a playful shove.

She put her arm around me and gave a tight squeeze. "I'm a grateful bitch. Oh man, my makeup must be a mess."

I looked her over then used my thumbs to wipe away her mascara. "There, prime white girl real estate if I do say so myself."

Kay smiled and pulled me in for another hug. "Thanks Mel, you're awesome." Looking down at the shoes she grinned. "Cheap but awesome. I don't know why daddy dislikes black people, you, Rory, and Tasha are the best."

Her comments did not shock me as Kay had always been honest about her father's views on race. It was a subject that came up when she could not invite us to a birthday party given by her family at a fancy hotel near the university. I remembered how afraid Kay had been that the group would turn their back on her. Tasha let her know it was not happening and we made plans for another day. In the end it didn't matter as Kay left her big birthday bash early to meet us at a club and dance the rest of her night away.

"Well unfortunately for you I now have no shoes. You'll do the unloading without me."

Kay groaned. "I'd better get down there before Tasha snaps. You coming?"

I looked down at my mascara smeared hands. "I'll catch up."

When Kay left I fell backwards onto the bed letting out a deep breath, things were starting to get complicated. It was junior year and it seemed like Kay would be the first to fall on the serrated sword of love. All my girls seem to take a practical approach to college romances and by practical I mean smart enough to stay far far away.

The bed was like a cloud as I rolled around enjoying the feel of it when a door on the other side of the room opened up.

"What the fuck?" I looked up to see a pair of familiar blue eyes staring at me. Jeremy walked out of the bathroom wrapped in a towel his hair wet and stuck to his head.

"Can I help you?" It was clear he didn't recognize me.

"Nope." I said leaning up on my elbows and grinning.

"Why are you in my bed?"

Damn he was as sexy as I remembered. "Because I wanted to...asshole." I was somewhat offended that he did not seem to recognize me.

With squinting eyes he walked over to the nightstand and picked up a pair of black horn rimmed glasses. My breath caught in my throat when he slipped them on looking sexy as all get out. Taking a closer look the white boy smiled. "It's you. Here. In my room." He seemed happy then confused then happy again. I liked the sound of pleasure in his voice.

"That's right. In your room. In your bed."

"How did you get here?"

"Pussy fairy, seems you've made a wish."


By the look on his face it seemed he indeed had been wishing upon a star. Getting up I ran my fingers across his chest and kept walking.

"Do you mind if I use your bathroom?"

"Um...of course. It's right there."

"I assumed." Looking down at his low hanging towel I grinned.

I immediately noticed Jeremy's bathroom was bigger than my entire dorm room. Lucky bastard. Washing my hands I took a fresh clothe off a stack on a shelf before padding back into the bedroom with my bare feet. I saw him sitting on the bed still wearing his glasses and a towel that seemed to have dropped lower.

"Cute glasses. Take care." Heading to the door I was taken by surprise when he jumped up grabbing my arm.

"Wait a minute. How did you find me?"

"I'm a magic black fairy..."

"Remember the last time you played with me?"

My skin heated, I did indeed. "My friend is your mc tonight, I'm helping out. Speaking of... I should go." He stepped forward hitting my foot. "Dammit!" I jumped on one foot grabbing the other.

"Sorry. I didn't...where are your shoes?" I rubbed my toes to take away the pain. When I almost fell over Jeremy caught me before I could hit the floor. Sitting on the bed he held me on his lap. "Let me see." He took my foot and slowly pressed his strong fingers into it. "I'm really sorry about that, I can be a klutz sometimes." He confessed bashfully. He did seem to have that Clark Kent thing going on.

I felt the tingle where his hands touched. "It's fine." I tried to pull away. "I gotta go."

He dropped my foot but wrapped strong arms around my waist. "What's your rush?"

I saw his eyes start to glaze over. It was tempting but after seeing the mess Kay was in decided he was too much for me on an emotional level. Pushing my foot to the floor I test my weight then stood up. "Take care Jeremy."

He did not get up just watched me walk away. "Bye...Misty."

Realizing he called me by the name from spring break I turned shaking my head. "Melody Johnson."

"Nice. See you around Melody Johnson." With a final look I headed down the stairs to find my girls.

Tasha and Tim put everything together in record time so they could find a spot to get high while Kay was in the kitchen drinking a beer and Rory sat watching the booth.Now how to describe my girl Rory? She was probably the quietest person I have ever met. She was thin and tall with frizzy hair that stuck out in every direction from underneath her baseball cap. She usually wore over sized jeans and tees with off season logos on them. Tonight her over sized white tee said "Merry Christmas" It was May.

In two words? Hot mess. Don't get me wrong, the girl had the potential just not the will. She had beautiful light brown features that came from a black mother and Cuban father. Hazel colored eyes, large mouth, long thin nose, and a pair of tits that stood out on her waif like frame.

I would not consider myself a fashionista but I like to look good. All the girls, including Tasha with her love of blue jeans, Jordan's, and seventies screen tees tried to convince Rory to show off her assets in a better light. She always refused saying she liked her clothes. The reason she fit with the group so well is Rory always spoke her truth no matter what the consequences wrought.

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