tagInterracial LoveThe Education of Melody Johnson Ch. 03

The Education of Melody Johnson Ch. 03


"What do you mean you can't take the pill? I just paid sixty dollars for this shit." Tasha tossed the package across the room.

Rory sat on her bed picking her fingernails. "I'm Catholic, we can't take birth control."

Tasha started laughing. "Oh now I get it, you can fuck a guy you don't know and possibly bore his brat but taking the morning after pill is against the rules? What was I thinking?"

"I didn't ask you to buy it Tasha, you should have told me what you planned to do."

"If I had told you, you would have said no."

"Then why do it?" She asked more irritated than I had ever seen her.

"Because you need to do this and not be an idiot."

"Shut up Tasha." I pushed her out the way.

"Wait, I'm confused." Kay was sitting on the floor polishing her toes. "Black people are Catholic?"

"What a stupid question Kay." I rolled my eyes in irritation.

Tasha sat up. "I'm with Kay on this one, there must be like what...eight or nine black Catholics in America? I'm pretty sure they are all in Rory's family." Again she started laughing with Kay joining in.

"They're idiots but they do have a point Rory, this could end badly. What if you're pregnant?"

"You don't understand Mel, if momma found out I took that pill she would spend the rest of her life praying for me and my lost soul."

Kay raised her brow. "Your mom would damn you to hell over a tiny pill that keeps you from getting pregnant but actually getting pregnant outside of marriage is okay?"

Rory fell back on her bed. "I'm screwed."

I sighed getting up. "We support you no matter what sweetie, we're just worried."

Tasha finally getting serious nodded in agreement. "We got your back Rory, right Kay?"

"Right. I mean not as supportive as Melody obviously needs to be."

"What does that mean?"

"It was your idea to get her laid in the first place."

"I gave her a pair of shorts, a shirt, and a condom which I told her to use. Why didn't you use it?" Kay's accusation was true but it still pissed me off.

"It would have been weird to bring it up."

"What the hell...?" I could not believe my ears.

"I mean it would have looked like I was there to have sex."

"You were there to have sex." Tasha reminded.

"No I wasn't. I mean I was at first but things changed."

"Not much obviously because you did have sex." Kay asked.

"It's hard to explain. When he took me upstairs he said it was to talk. I mean I thought he wanted to do more than that and I wanted to do more than that but then he really did just want to talk. We sat on the floor holding hands for most of the night."

"He's good." Kay grinned.

"It wasn't like that." Rory defended.

"Then how did the fucking start?" Tasha asked.

"He told me about his home in Georgia and growing up in a large family. How much he loved his siblings. He talked about the farm he grew up on. All the horses and the lake. I could have listened to him all night long. "

"Which is what you should have done. So when does this PG thirteen turn into a porn scene cause you are putting me to sleep." Kay complained. "Did he pull the old kissing and wondering hand act until he was fucking you?"

"No, I climbed on top of him." Rory mumbled.

Tasha laughed. "What did you say?"

"I had to, he kept pulling away. " She paused. "I was..."

"You were worried he wouldn't give you any." Kay completed. "There's no shame in that. It was a frat party though sweetie, don't believe any promises he may have made you."

"Travis never promised anything, I knew it was only one night. I wanted to have something to remember him by."

"And you will have if you don't take that damn pill." Tasha chimed.

"How was it?" Kay asked.

"After the pain it was...it was good. But after an hour..."

"Hour?" Kay, Tasha, and I chimed at the same time.

"He fucked you for an hour?"

"Not quite."

"So there was a lot of foreplay?"

"No. I mean yeah but we did it for longer than an hour that's when the pain started."

"Big dick?" Kay asked suddenly very interested in the story.

"It felt large." She answered shyly.

"She was a virgin anything would have felt large." Tasha teased.

"No, I think it was large, that sheet looked like a scene out of Friday the thirteenth." I added.

"Why were you walking in the room anyway Melody?" Tasha threw out.

"I wanted to check on her and it's a good thing I did. I still don't know what happened. If it was so great why was he angry about you being a virgin? He must have felt it."

"He was worried at first because I was...I made a mess... after he realized I was a virgin I guess it freaked him out."

"So talking, fucking, crying, and yelling, girl you did an entire relationship in one night. Good thing yawl both like kids cause you gone have one very soon if you don't toss this pill back."

"Tasha shut up about the pill. Rory you need to think about what's at risk here. I mean it was one night and he may be the nicest guy in the world but he won't be happy to have you knocking on the frat house door and declaring we're having a baby."

"I don't' care Mel, anyway it's not we it's me. If I am pregnant then I'll deal with it."

"You stupid." Tasha chimed in.

"Tasha..." I tried to shut her up.

"No Mel, you are a stupid person Rory."

"You don't know what a family is like Tasha, not a real one. This is what you do for those you love." No one noticed but Tasha flinched at the remark.

"Says the girl who just declared her love for a guy she spent a single night with." Tasha struck back.

"I'm not saying I love him, I'm just saying he doesn't deserved to be saddled with a kid he never planned for."

"Stupid and crazy. You gone be saddled with a kid you never planned for and that rich brat can certainly afford it, you can't."

"He's not rich."

"Oh my goodness, so he ain't even got no money to take care of a kid?"

"Tasha...you just don't get it." Rory sighed in frustration.

"I may not know what it is to have a family Rory but you are living in a wonderland if you think this will all just magically work out. The guy is broke. Your dad is sick, your momma tired, you go to school, got two jobs, and feeding how many mouths when you can just barely afford to feed yourself?"

"Tasha." Kay and I both spoke at the same time.

"You know what? Fuck it, take the pill or don't it's up to you but this shit is real so deal with it in real time baby."

"I'll give you the money back Tasha." Rory rubbed away fresh tears.

"Keep it cause you gone need it. I'm out." Getting up she headed for the door.

It was now Kay's turn to speak up. "You still have grad school left, you can't do that with a baby. I'm not saying you should take the pill but Tasha is right about this being real. She only said those things because she loves you and I'm saying it for the same reason, that pill makes this all go away today but tomorrow will be different."

Rory looked so defeated that I tried to lighten things up.

"It was one night what are the chances? Did he pull out?"

"Once." She mumbled.


"I think it happened for him a few times."

"I've heard enough, if you don't take this pill you're pregnant." Kay got up grabbing her purse. "Let me know what you want to do and I'll help if I can. I gotta go, are we on for dinner tonight?"

"I have to work." Rory said sadly.

"What about you Melody?"

"Let me call you later."

"Fine." They watched as Kay left then sat quietly for a while.

"Do you think I live in a fairyland Melody?"

I was careful with my words as I answered knowing she was still raw from Tasha's brutal words.

"I think that to not take that pill is a big mistake." Rory shook her head but I kept talking. "Just listen to me, right now you being pregnant is preventable but it won't be in a few hours and then your choices become a lot more complicated and a lot more lives will change."

"Mel I can't take that pill, I don't think it's right. I have to live with myself and my decisions and to take that pill would change everything I was taught to believe. I know I'm not like you and the others but I never wanted to be. No offense. I made a decision last night and it's on me, I will live with it."

"I owe you an apology Rory."

"For what?"

"For last night, I should have never pushed you into doing something you didn't want."

"Last night was amazing Mel, I will never forget it or regret it no matter what."

"I know you wanted your first time to be special."

"It was special, I felt beautiful in his arms."

"You are beautiful..."

"You can say it but with him I felt it."

"What about you're internship?"

"I have a lot to workout." She said more confident than I had ever seen her.

"I won't change your mind will I?"


"If, and I mean if, you are pregnant then I will help."

"It's not your responsibility Melody."

"This is about friendship. Family. We're family right Rory?"

"Right Mel." When she came into my arms she sobbed with relief. I must say that Rory, by my way of thinking, is one of the strongest people I know. She has a conviction that stands no matter the circumstance and no matter the consequence or sacrifice.

As all this is going on and the school year is quickly coming to an end, me and my three friends make some big decisions as well. Three weeks went by and a tiny test confirmed what we already felt, Rory was pregnant. To avoid her being tossed out the dorms we all decided that a house rental was best and would move out of our respective rooms at the end of the summer. It was the perfect time as a lot of seniors would be moving on leaving vacancies. Finding a great place near campus we signed the lease that would see the rental take place early to lock it in. It was a nice house near several bus routes that was a necessity as Rory did not have a car. It had five bedrooms, a library, living room, and a kitchen. The fact that no parents had been notified and no one had consulted Travis did not concern us in the least. It simply never crossed our minds that at some point a baby would be noticed.

My parents were paying for my college and board so talking to them about my move was inevitable though pertinent facts were not disclosed. I did it on a weekend just before the summer break and giving notice to the dorms.

"So I will need more for rent."

"If you're going to move to some fancy house with your friends you're going to pay for it." My mom stated as my dad sat next to her silently agreeing.

"Can I still have what you would have paid for the dorm?"

"That's reasonable." She agreed.


And that was that. I didn't get angry at my parents who worked hard to live comfortably and I was willing to do the same. Kay's dad gave her an insane allowance every month so money would not be an issue for her and it allowed us to come up with the first, last, and deposit. Tasha would have her portion as she was now selling weed with Tim, but agreed not to sell it out of the house or bring it in the house. She would have to go to Tim's if she wanted to smoke or deal.

Rory worked at the cafeteria and library but it didn't really pay enough for what she sent her family and the house rental. When Kay and Tasha offered to pick up her share she flat out refused so we all reluctantly kept quiet when she got a third job working nights at the coffee house.

"It's perfect." She insisted when I voiced concern. "There isn't much of a crowd at night so I would have time to study and because I'm closing I won't miss any classes."

I listened as she genuinely seemed excited. No one voiced that she needed time to sleep and that pregnancy would wear her out, she had enough on her plate without the list of complications that would follow.

"That's great Rory." Was all I said knowing this was not in all likelihood going to work.

"I do have one problem?" She admitted.


"The buses stop before closing?"

"We'll put together a schedule so one of us is always picking you up." Tasha offered. She was still worried but saw no point in stressing Rory during this time so she made all the effort to be supportive.

"Sure we will." I agreed.

"What did your parents say about money Mel?" Kay asked eating her burger.

"They would give me what I get now for living expenses and nothing more."

"What are you going to do?"

"Get a job. My brother's friend owns a printing shop not to far from campus."

"What do you know about printing?"

"Nothing, I'll be doing deliveries and answering phones."

"Did you already interview?" Tasha asked.

"I was hired on the spot." I grinned confidently.

"That's pretty good." Rory added after a month of job searching.

"Don't be so impressed, I'm sure my brother Owen had a lot to do with it."

"Okay then, here's to growing up." Kay held up her glass of beer and the girls followed.

I started working just before school ended and that meant not spending the summer with my family. Despite my brother getting me the job the work was intense and I usually went home and dropped into bed exhausted. I would try to relax by masturbating but when the time came to...well... cum...nothing. No matter what I tried I could not get my orgasm to crest. Thoughts of Jeremy seem to flood any free moments and his touch left me wanting. I had been in a sexual slump for weeks. Officially living the life of an adult my urge to just exist without care was starting to make me anxious. I could see my future being a long drawn out series of sacrifices because of convincing my friend to give her virginity to the first dick she saw. It was a depressing thought that brought continuous worry until one night I miraculously stumbled into the light.

Doing a late delivery I rushed my last banner drop off as it was my night to pick up Rory.

"Fifty dollars and some identification young lady." A large Hispanic guy sat on a stool in front of a dark glass door. Despite his intimidating size he had a very nice smile.

"I'm from Crystal Clear Graphics, I need to deliver these banners."

"You didn't look like the type to frequent this place." Holding the door open he stepped to the side. "Pass the bar, down the hall, and around the corner, Sean should be in his office."

I walked into the club then immediately froze, there were small round tables placed in front of a stage where several men sat with drinks in one hand and money in the other while watching a woman in a motorcycle outfit, or at least pieces of a motorcycle outfit, gyrating on top of a classic Harley Davidson. For the first time in weeks my panties began to cream and I felt like I would cum right there. When the waitress walked by I had to force my eyes away from the audience.

"Can I help you honey?" She wore a tight black belly shirt and black short shorts.

"Banners?" She pointed me to an office my mind still on the scene in the bar.

My first thought when seeing Sean was crazy sexy. Blue black hair that was pushed back from his face. Smooth even toned skin. Dressed in a black tee, jeans, and combat boots with tattoos up both arms the contrast brilliant with his skin tone. His eyes were so blue they almost looked clear.

"Thanks baby." He took the banners unrolling them across his desk. "Nice, tell Pete I said great job."

An Irishman, he had just gotten sexier. His deep Celtic accent only added to the sexy that was already in full force. Putting the banners away he turned to see me still standing in his office.

"Anything else I can do for you?" He gave me a once over, stopping at my breast.

"I just had a question." I was nervous but couldn't stop myself.

He sat down clasping his fingers together. "Shoot."

After leaving Sean's office I went straight to my car driving away quickly. I was in heat and my body needed attention fast so I decided to pull over and relieve the ache as I was never going to make it to the coffee shop unless I took care of business. Pulling into a quiet grocery store lot I unzipped my pants pulling them off just enough to reach my pussy. Letting the seat back comfortably a single finger slipped inside. It was so sticky and warm, so inviting. An initial taste sent my mind reeling with thoughts of what I had just done. Short on time I coaxed my clit with jerky motions that made the nub swell and throb until the pinkish red bud caused me to explode. It was a controlled orgasm out of consideration for the upholstery and my waiting passenger. A final slip of the finger to enjoy the aftermath and I was back on the road. Ten minutes later I was feeling very relaxed as I waited for Rory to close up.

"Hey." She smiled getting into the car.

"Hey." I sighed with worry when seeing her. "You look exhausted."

"I'm fine. One of my coworkers didn't show up so I had twice the load tonight."

"Did they call?"



"It happens." That was Rory, things happened and life went on.

"You don't have to do this Rory, we could..."

"No Melody." Before I could finish she cut me off.

"Rory you need clothes that fit."

Looking down at her jeans I tried for a week to not to bring up the subject but something had to be said.

"Work will give me a larger top soon."

"You can't wear your uniforms all day. What about when you're off work?"

"I'm never off work." She said tiredly.

"Rory you have to know that we can't not help you. At least with clothes and food..."

"I don't want you all feeling obligated."

"The groceries have to be purchased anyway so the least you could do is eat them. And besides, that's my niece you're carrying, we want to make sure all her cravings are met." Rory laughed rubbing her stomach. "So we have an agreement, food?"


"Are you still moving in next week?"


"Are you alright moving in alone?"

"That's fine."

"You're not scared to be in that big house alone?"

"I like the idea of having some time alone."

"You do have the roommate from hell."

"That's putting it lightly. I left my shoes near the door the other night and she nearly screamed the place down."

"You should have called one of us Rory, that bitch better watch herself."

"It's no big deal."

"It is. You pay the same rent she does and not to mention the hoe keeps men coming in and out like it's a drive through."

"Yeah...well she figured out I was pregnant."

"What did she say?"

"Said she didn't want any brats running around the place so she wanted me out."

"Is that the real reason you want to move in the house early?" I could see from her face it was. Pulling up in front of Rory's place I got out.

"I'm almost out of here Melody so don't start anything." She groaned following behind me.

"Girl I just want to use the bathroom." Reaching the door first I pretended to have to go urgently by hopping from foot to foot, Rory took out her key suspiciously.

"Use the one in my room I don't want her..."

"Mmmhmm..." Pushing my way inside I walked around looking for her roommate.

"Melody no!"

Reaching the first door I turned the knob without knocking and stepped inside. A guy looked over his shoulder but didn't stop from what he was doing to the girl beneath him. Brandy, Rory's roommate, jumped up and under the cover when she saw me.

"Get the fuck out of my room!"

"Rory will be moving out next week as you know and for the time that she is still here her shoes will be by the door. She will eat in the front room with her feet on the table, and the only thing you will say to her is 'hi'."

"Fuck you."

I walked up to the bed and smiled. "If I hear any variation to that routine I will send Tasha back here to whip your ass, again." At the mention of Tasha she stiffened. "Do we understand each other?" She nodded her face turning red. "Oh yeah...make this fuck worthwhile because you won't be having anymore company for a week, Rory needs her rest and your caterwauling keeps her up." Smiling at the guy I looked down at his package. "You might want to get that checked out once your done here."

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