tagErotic CouplingsThe Elevator

The Elevator


I waited impatiently for the elevator to arrive. I was on the top floor of the Houston Chase Bank Building's 70th floor. It was going to be a long ride down and I was in a hurry. The building was an attraction for tourists because of its height and the view it afforded so there were a lot of other people waiting as well.

In anticipation of the elevator's arrival everyone, including myself, began to jockey for position to be one of the first on. I glanced from side to side to survey the crowd and gauge my next move when my eyes met and locked with yours. I felt at once that rare but familiar jolt of electricity run through my body straight to my center, making me tense with excitement and anticipation. I was suddenly hot, very hot. I could see the same reaction reflected in your eyes. Still waiting for the elevator and as if by some unspoken agreement we began to move toward one another, our eyes never shifting away. Just as we closed the distance between us, the familiar "ding" signaling that the elevator had arrived sounded and the doors slid open.

You and I, swept forward ahead of the crowd, retreated to the rear and turned and faced front. I placed myself directly in front of you, my ass merely inches from your pelvis. The elevator filled to capacity, closed its doors and began its long descent. The small jolt that sometimes precedes movement served as our first means of contact as I was rocked back against you. My breath caught as I felt your rock solid arousal pressed against my ample ass. That one touch was all it took to send need for more coursing through my body. I pressed closer, as close and as imperceptive as I could I began to roll my ass against you. I felt your hand slide up and cup my cheek from behind. Oh how absolutely glorious it felt! The heat from your hand was like fire on my ass, I felt branded. I was suddenly very glad I had decided to wear my silk flared bottom skirt with sheer lining and my thong underwear! The thinness of the material and the heat of your hand are a perfect combination. I slowly reached my left hand back, the one less visible to the occupants and let it glide up the inside of your thigh. I opened my hand to cup your balls and with my thumb I began to stroke the length of your cock and press myself into you more.

60th floor, the doors open, passengers get off other passengers get on. Good, the more the merrier. I'm pressed further into your body and loving how hard and firm you feel to my entire backside. I "accidentally" drop my purse, there's no room to bend so I slide down the length of your body, never losing contact. As I slide back up I feel your cock, harder still pass between my shoulder blades, now at the center of my back, now at the small of my back and finally once again pressed to my ass, just at the cleft. Now I feel both of your hands come up behind and under my skirt cupping and massaging my ass, fingers running along the seam of the thong they slide up and inside me. I nearly swoon with the pleasure and desire that overcomes me. I press closer, ever closer nearly unmindful of those around us. As the wave of pleasure subsides, the elevator doors open.

54th floor, my nipples are so hard they seem to almost poke through the fabric of my blouse. The doors open, this time more passengers get off but fewer get on. No cover for clandestine encounters but more room to maneuver. I step to your left side and place myself in the corner between you and the wall. With my right hand I reach down and behind you and as we both stare straight ahead, like all the other passengers aboard, I bring my hand up between your legs and began to cup and stroke your balls. You place both your hands in front of you attempting to hide the telltale bulge that is continuing to rise. It is very convenient that you are wearing a suit in which the jacket hangs loosely and below your hips. It hides so well what I am doing to you and your reaction to it. I become bolder now and reach my hand up toward the front of your trousers. Again I stroke and alternately grip your cock, massaging it into full arousal. God how I wish I could go down on my knees and take that magnificent member into my mouth! As I stroke my mind wonders what it would be like, the feel, the taste, the sight of it.

"Ding", another floor, unbelievably we've gone ten more floors, the number 44 shows above the door. I pause in my ministrations and await the disposition of the occupants. Unexpectedly the remaining passengers get off and no one gets on. This is an opportunity that can't be passed up! Quickly, there's no time to waste! I back up against you once again and press my ass into you full. I lean forward nearly touching the floor and began to grind myself onto your bulging cock. You place both hands on my hips, pull me hard against you and match the rhythm I have begun. With our knees bent we dip and grind together, taking advantage of the downward motion of the elevator that aids our rocking and increases the rhythmic pace.

Though momentarily caught up in the heat of the moment, we are both still aware of where we are and what little time we have. The numbers of the floors rapidly flash by as we continue our lustful decent. Then, the telltale slowing of the elevator signals a pending stop. We quickly stand and step away from each other, adjust our garments and assume the facial appearance of disinterest common among strangers temporarily in one another's company. The inevitable "ding" comes and once again the car fills with passengers. This time we are separated and are no longer able to make contact. The elevator descends, stopping now and then until finally we reach the ground floor. Everyone exits going their separate way.

We each hazard a glance in the direction of the other and share a half smile, undetected by the passing crowd. I rush forward on to my next appointment savoring the erotic moment just shared and counting it as another fantasy fulfilled. I am filled with excitement and anticipation thinking how I can't wait to get home tonight! Our lovemaking is always intensified after one of our "special" trips into the city!

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