tagErotic CouplingsThe Elevator

The Elevator


We were running late like we always are. You had spent a lot of extra time getting ready but it was worth it. Your strapless black dress hugged all of the curve in the right places. You breasts were confined but not concealed, moving slightly as we walked down thru the lobby. I could feel the other men's eyes following you as I let you walk slightly in front of me. The material of your dress slid smoothly over your ass as you walked. You reached the bank of elevators first and pushed the button, leaning slightly forward to do so as you looked over your shoulder at me. You are such a flirt and I know you were showing off your ass to those other guys in the lobby as well as to me.

The elevator is crowded. I am against the back wall with you in front of me. You look over you shoulder with that look I see so often and back up enough to slowly rub your skirt covered ass over the front of my pants, smiling all the while.

My return look is questioning but you don't slow down at all. It is a long ride to the top of the building and you are planning on making me enjoy every moment of it.

To the others, nothing is obvious but to me I notice that little wiggle you throw in that moves your gorgeous ass from side to side. I can't figure out where this is headed until you reach back and slightly lift your skirt, revealing nothing underneath but you. You reach behind and move my hand off of the elevator railing and place it between your legs as you step backward just slightly. Then your hand continues to my pants and presses needfully against my cock.

Your playing has me ready but there is no where for us to go. We have plenty of floors left to get to the restaurant and there are a lot of people going our way. Doesn't seem to bother you, though, as you grab the tang of my zipper and slowly lower it. You reach inside and have no trouble finding what you are looking for.

As you are still facing forward like the rest of the crowd, you pull my cock from my pants and slide it up and down the crack of your ass. You then move my hand from between your legs and place my tip on your outer lips and rub yourself with it. I can feel the head pass your opening and brush against your hard clit. I could swear I see your knees buckle slightly. I bend slightly and am at the entrance I dream about daily.

Just then the elevator stops at a lower floor. The force of the stop slides me into your wet and juicy hole. You look over your shoulder with a surprised expression, maybe not thinking we would get this far. But here we are, me inside you with a crowd of people all there involved in their own little worlds and ideas.

The crowd makes it impossible for me to get much moving, but you just smile and move my hand around to the front of your skirt, underneath the soft fabric. I don't know what is softer, the fabric of the skirt or the feel of your skin as I slowly spread your lips and gently rub the clit I have desired to taste for so long.

You reach around and stroke the part of my shaft that is not inside you while I continue to rub you as well. Suddenly and to my surprise, you hand has done its job and I start to cum inside you. The surprise causes me to pull back slightly and shot the remainder on the soft and supple ass cheeks. You look over your shoulder and smile .. that pleased smile that means you have done you job. Now it is my turn to finish you. With just a few more minutes to the top, I quicken my pace on you. You lean backward and tell me to put two fingers inside. That is all it takes. You quiver but not noticeably to those around you.

We are two floors away and I am rushing to be presentable. You make no effort to wipe the cum from your ass, but reach back and scoop up a dab. I'm thinking you won't but you press it to your lips and then the tip of your tongue. Then you give me that look over your glasses that melts my heart every time.

The doors open and the elevator empties. We both believe no one is the wiser until the lady beside you whispers in your ear, "The first time in a crowd is always the best, isn't it?"

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