The Elf


This story has no basis in reality. We just thought it would help us get into the holiday spirit. It seems to be working, too: We've been giving each other little "presents" for a week now! We hope you enjoy it.


This Christmas eve was different than previous ones, because I received the "big" present from my wife without having to wait until morning with the kids.

They were pretty worked up, anxious to see what Santa would bring. We allowed them to stay up later than usual, while their mother took a shower. When she came back downstairs in her baggy flannel nightshirt and heavy knee-socks, she shooed them off to bed. They finally slipped off to dream of toys and games about 9:00. She and I stayed up to do the last minute gift wrapping. I wondered why she had showered so late in the evening, because that's often a signal that we're going to fool around! But she wasn't acting frisky (and certainly wasn't dressed friskily) and seemed intent on all the little 'Santa' details, like stuffing the kid's stockings, etc.

She set me to work building a little toy garage set for the boy. It was slow going, but I finally finished. Then she had me wrap a toy that could have been left unwrapped. And then she had me do another, and I began to get the sense that she was just keeping me busy, but I never imagined why. Suddenly, we heard a light tap at the door. I glanced at the clock and saw that it was 11:00. I wondered who in the hell would drop by at this hour?

My wife quickly opened the door, admitting a small buxom blonde in a red velvet elf suit - complete with fur trim and a floppy hat. The elf was petite, with what appeared to be big breasts, yet she was much smaller than either of us. She wore fur trimmed red velvet short shorts and sheer red stockings, in black patent leather high heel booties - and she even had the cutest little pointy ears. The elf was carrying a sack, but I hardly noticed because she announced that she was here to give me my special present. After closing the door, she opened her sack and withdrew a large feather comforter. These things are expensive, so I was really surprised and delighted, even though I knew my wife was more interested in a comforter than I.

They watched me go on about the comforter for a few moments, Ooohing and Aaahing, and then they shared a private look. The hot little elf pushed the coffee table aside and spread out the comforter, and then she and my baby turned to look at me. My wife had a gleam in her eye that promised special mischief, and the elf crooked her finger at me.

I moved toward the ladies as the elf began to unbutton her little jacket. When her boobs sprang into view my wife moved behind her and reached around to cup them - offering the erect nipples to me. "Merry Christmas, baby!", she chirped. I was thinking that she might have arranged this surprise because she knew I had always wanted to be in a three-way with two women, but I couldn't believe that she was really going through with it: She had always rejected the idea of sex with another woman - in fact, she wouldn't even kiss me after I ate her pussy. Nevertheless, I didn't look the gift horse in the mouth, and I went for the treats offered to me.

As I leaned over and buried my face in the elf's bosom my wife pulled down the perky blonde's shorts, revealing the fact that the stockings were really crotchless pantyhose: The little blonde elf was almost completely nude, and was sporting a genuine blonde beard!

After I had spent a few delightful moments relishing her full titties, the elf spun away from me, leaving me breathless, and quickly pulled my wife's nightshirt up and over her head. She was naked beneath it, except for her kneesocks. She wasn't wearing panties - way out of character! Then, they kissed - a deep probing kiss. My cock felt like it was about to burst, so I pressed it against the elf's naked butt and humped for all I was worth.

My wife was gently coerced to lay down on the comforter, taking the elf with her. After a few more moments of tender kissing, the elven lips started roming over my mate's beautiful body, and gradually moved down to taste her pussy. By then, the elf was kneeling with her butt up in the air and I was just standing there with a dumb look on my face, so my wife spoke up, "Go ahead! Fuck her, baby!"

Not believing any of this, and thinking I must be dreaming, I went for it anyway. I dropped to my knees and pushed Mr. Happy up against the elven twat. She was ready, and I was in a hurry, so I slid in deep and fast. This little stranger was already very wet, and very tight. I was in heaven as I pumped my cock into her. While my wife was getting head, I was getting some pussy!

My wife was obviously enjoying the clit licking, and I was enjoying the view almost as much as the fucking, and the elf was squirming around between us. In just a few short moments I was ready to come, so when my wife began to moan and thrash her limbs and cry out I let loose and pumped my jism into the elf between us. She must have enjoyed it, because she was whimpering into my wife's pussy, at least until I finally slid out of her with a small "plop".

The hot little elf eventually rolled out from between us, and I saw my wife's swollen pussy lips, glowing red and slippery. We then looked deep into each other's eyes, trying to communicate something without speech, and I recognized both compassion and cum-passion. Just as I was about to dive in for a taste of my wife, the elf bent down and began to suck me. As she was licking our combined juices from my soft cock, she also toyed with the pussy she had just eaten. She wasn't working very hard - she was just keeping us hot. With her other hand she was also discretely feeling around in her sack, searching for something.

She finally produced a long fat dildo with bumps on it's surface and straps which she easily arranged around her hips. The little elf pushed me back on my haunches and looked at my wife and gestured at me with a questioning glance. I was confused, but when my wife said "Yes!", I became aroused again. Even if this little blonde wanted to fuck ME with that thing, I was ready. I was pretty keyed up!

Instead, my wife got on her elbows and knees and began to suck my semi-hard cock. Even though the elf had cleaned it, I knew it must still be scented with pussy perfume. Her ass was up and her legs spread wide as the elf moved up behind her. As my wife sucked me for all she was worth, the blonde elf slowly inserted the fuck toy into her spit-slick pussy. While my mate's tongue tickled the ganglia at the bottom of my glans, the elf slowly worked the oversized dong into her cunt.

I could tell by the way that my wife was caressing my balls and humming onto my meat that she enjoyed being fucked like this. I'll never forget the sight of her beautiful breasts swinging in rhythm as the hot little elf fucked my wife, slowly and thoroughly. We were all a little less sensitive, having already come once, so her pace was more leisurely - and that was alright by me!

The elf's fake cock was making wet noises as it sluiced in and out of my wife's pussy, and my wife's mouth was making slurping noises on my hardness. Time stood still as we enjoyed the sensations - the sights, sounds, and touches. We were all intent on a single goal: Orgasm!

And that's what we achieved - well, at least the wife and me. As she was overcome by the fucking, her sucking increased enthusiastically, which, in turn, increased my pleasure, until my wife was moaning on my cock while pumping it into her mouth. She was squeezing my balls and gasping, so I grabbed her head and began to fuck it. An intense climax formed, and then burst upon us... She shook and quivered on the dildo while I jerked and squirted my load into her throat. We were suspended in time, as our nerves jumped in lustful abandon. My wife was impaled at both ends as my come filled her mouth.

Slowly, we relaxed, and my wife swallowed my load with little moans and sighs, while her butt twitched from aftershocks. The blonde elf finally withdrew her tool as my wife let my soft cock slip from her lips. I was tingling from head to foot - afraid of the intensity of my pleasure, but not wanting it to stop.

But it did. The sexy little elf finally drew a red velvet cape around herself without taking off the harness, and tossed her other things into her bag. She gave us each a deep wet kiss, and a quick lewd grope, and then dashed out the front door.

We were left cuddled up on the comforter. My mind was reeling from the unbelievable experience we'd just shared, yet I couldn't help but wonder if my wife hadn't been at least tempted to lick that hot little Elvin pussy. I savored that mental image for a delicious moment.

That little fantasy made me hard again, and soon enough we were going at it again. I had rolled on top, and she had raised and spread her legs to give me complete access. As I slid my erection into her well used pussy, her eyes rolled back and her pelvis thrust upward.

Then I wondered how she had arranged all this. And only then did I wonder what this evening's little surprise had cost. Mentally distracted, I was able to fuck her soundly without undue pressure to cum soon. Her wooly socks tickled my shoulders as I rocked in and out of her soaking center. She was completely uninhibited, and relishing the power of my plundering rod. I maintained a steady pace, and brought her to three successively weaker orgasms before entropy won out, and I finally blasted my insides out through my cock.

After savoring the bliss of sexual exhaustion for a while, we eventually gathered ourselves and straightened up the room, before heading off to bed. As we settled in to sleep, my mind kept returning to the mystery of it all.

And knowing the price of feather comforters, I knew that this had been an expensive present. But, what the heck... It's Christmas!

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