tagSci-Fi & FantasyThe Empathy Box

The Empathy Box


It's a wonder what path a life will follow when you least expect it to twist and turn. Ours did that recently, and I feel the need to let others know about it.

First came the death of my aunt Rudeth. She was from my fathers side of the family, and didn't live all that far from us. But I hardly knew her at all. I saw her a couple of times as I was growing up, but she seemed to mostly stay off by herself. A couple of family reunions I remember her being there. And one Christmas she stopped in to say hi to us. Other than that, she was part of our lives only as a few pictures mom and dad would haul out now and then and stare at. Playing the 'do you remember them' game, as they passed the photos back and forth. Nothing to do with us kids.

I do remember some of the comments I'd heard about her. 'Loose' was a common one. 'A bit oversexed' was another. Other than that, she pretty much drew a blank in my mind.

So when Dad called and said she had died, I wondered why he was even telling me. Then he asked if I could go help clear out her house. It was a rental, and he didn't want to spend money on an empty place. Of course my wife Nancy and I agreed to help. It's what families did for each other.

We showed up at her house on a Saturday morning with my pickup truck. Mom and Dad were already there, boxing things up. Rudeth had lived here for years and years, so there was a lot of stuff to get packed up. They'd been here working on it for a few days already, and the main rooms were already empty, except for the boxes now ready to get hauled out.

To make it even more fun, they planned to have a yard sale at their house to get rid of a lot of it. But Dad told me to not even bother to box up anything that was junk. He'd just haul it to the dump from here. So we'd have to use our judgment somewhat on what was what.

Dad asked us to start on the bedroom closet, and Nancy and I picked up some boxes and headed in there. Nancy got the clothes out and started to fold them up and pack them away. They'd sell for what, maybe a quarter each, at a yard sale? But it was better than nothing.

I got a step stool and started on the upper shelves. I pulled down boxes with shoes, too many of them in my opinion, and a few with what I'd just call junk. I wouldn't have bothered putting it up there to begin with.

One box I pulled down was a little more interesting. Sex toys! Hell, yeah, and she'd had a good amount of them, too. Vibrators and dildos, in various sizes. Handcuffs. A leather whip. All kinds of toys. My wife and I had a good laugh at the collection when I showed it to her.

Dad came in to check on us, and I showed him the box of toys. He just frowned and told me to toss all of it. Who wanted used sex toys? I think Dad would have tossed them even if they were new. He just didn't seem like the kind of guy who'd get into any of that. Neither did Mom, I should add.

I was getting ready to set it down when I saw another box in the bottom of the bigger box. It looked older, and a bit faded. I scooped it out and took a look at it. I really didn't know what to make of it. The label was pretty well faded, and I could barely make it out. But I looked closer and brushed the dust off as best I could, and eventually I made out the printing.

'The Empathy Box' it said across it's top.

What the hell was an empathy box? I knew what empathy meant, of course. To have empathy was to be able to feel what others were feeling, or something like that. But a empathy box? No clue.

I showed it to Nancy, and she smiled.

"Can't tell you," she told me, "but given the box you found it in, it may be another toy."

She had a point there. Maybe it was. I thought I'd take a look, so I opened the faded box. Inside was a small metal object, painted black and roughly about the size of a small alarm clock. There was one switch on it's top, and a domed clear lens that looked like it may be a light or something like that.

There was an instruction manual in the bottom of the box. At last! Maybe I'd get some answers! I read it all the way through, and then again. It was real short, so it didn't take long.

'Place within ten feet of the bed and turn on before commencing sexual activity. Turn off afterwards to prevent battery drain. Not recommended for groups, as may cause confusion. '

That was it.

Dad said toss the entire box, and I intended to. But not this. I wasn't going to let it go until my curiosity was satisfied. Since it was going to the land fill if I didn't save it, I did. Save it, that is. I took the rest of the junk out and tossed it in the dumpster. That faded box I put on the front seat of my truck. I could always toss it later if it turned out to be junk, right? Sure I could.

The four of us worked all day, and by sundown we were done. Dad and I had made three trips each to take the stuff they were keeping to his house. Everything else was in the dumpster. Task completed.

We met outside when we were done, and Dad thanked us for the help. Then Nancy and I headed home. The faded box rode there with us, sitting on the truck seat between us. Nancy just smiled every time she looked at it. I had no idea what she was thinking, and she didn't share.

I guess this is a good time to tell you about us, Nancy and me. I'm forty one years old, and Nancy is forty. I'm pretty much your standard American guy, five foot seven, nothing special about the way I'm built or anything. Just a normal hard working guy you wouldn't look twice at. Nancy was an inch shorter than me, and sexy as hell. Good size boobs, but not too big, if you know what I mean. Wide hips, curves in all the right places, and little fat on her. She'd kept her figure real well. I know she could still turn me on without really even trying!

Nancy was the sexual beast in our family. No doubt. I couldn't keep up with her, not even close. I'd had a rather sex free life before I met her. I mean, I got laid, but it was all just the normal stuff. A few times in the backseat of a car when I was in school. A few girls I'd picked up at the bar, that kind of thing. No wild stuff then or later. Just sex. What I'm trying to say is I didn't have much experience with women before we'd gotten married eighteen years ago.

Nancy liked the wilder stuff. I knew that, and wondered why she'd even married me. Like oral sex. I'd go down on her, sure. But it never seemed like I really knew what I was doing or something. She never got off just by me doing that. Trust me, I'd know. And she said she really liked oral sex. So it had to be me.

But anyway, back to that day. Or night, I should say by now. We had supper, took showers and did all the normal things people did in the evening. And then we went to bed.

I couldn't help myself, I took the faded box into the bedroom with us. It said place within ten feet of the bed, and my night stand was like a foot away. So thats where I put it. It said turn on, so I flipped the stitch on. Nothing. Nada.


It mentioned batteries, dude. So check the batteries. I did while Nancy was still in the bathroom. No batteries were even in it. It looked to me like it took four D sized, so I went on a quick hunt for some. I finally found some in a kitchen drawer, and headed back to the bedroom to put them in the box. I had just got the lid back on the battery compartment when Nancy walked in.

I'm really not sure 'walked in' is the phrase I'm looking for here. Slunk? Is that the right word? Whatever, she came into the bedroom like a cat on the prowl, and I was it's target. She had on this flimsy see through thing that made me look close to see what was under there, but didn't really hide anything. Know what I mean?

I set the box back down on the nightstand, and hopped in bed and covered up. Really, I was trying to hide a boner that had just made it's appearance in my shorts when she'd walked in the room. Just in case I was misreading things. Didn't want her to know I needed her, if she didn't need me. Know what I mean? I say that a lot, I guess. But it's a good question.

She crawled in beside me, and moved real close, wrapping her arms and legs around mine. A couple of times rubbing her leg on mine, and then she slipped one of my legs between hers. Okay, this sign I couldn't miss. I was going to get lucky tonight!

We kissed, and her hand found my woody, and started to rub it through my shorts. Again, the signs were all there. I'm a real careful man when it comes to reading what women want and what they don't want. I'd screwed it up so many times I was a little gun shy by now. But there was only one way to interpret her thoughts right then. And I liked them!

I ran my hand down her back, and we kissed. Then I moved to her chest, and she frowned. Too fast? But I liked her chest! Why couldn't I play with it when I wanted to? Never mind. My hand beat a hasty retreat and I touched her all over, but nothing that would make her frown again. Moving slower now, that was me.

"Turn it on," she whispered in a silky voice on my ear.

Okay. I was back on shaky ground again. Turn what on? Her? Wasn't that just what I'd tried to do? I thought of the box, but for some reason didn't think that's what she meant. So I kinda froze for a few seconds. Maybe a minute, I'm not really sure.

"Turn the box on. Please?" she asked me, again with the silky voice. Okay, it was the box she was asking for. I so didn't get that one.

I leaned over and turned the switch on the box to the on position, and a real soft pink and blue light came from the little window on top. Well, at least the batteries were good. You never knew when you got them from a kitchen drawer. They could've been in there for decades. How would anyone know?

So maybe it was just a mood light. Could be. It did cast the room in a sexy glow.

We went back to fooling around, her more than me. See, you scare a guy off, make him think he'd done something wrong, and he'd come crawling back like a kicked puppy. But not right away. Like I'd already told you, I was a bit gun shy right then.

She worked her hand into my shorts, and ran her hand up and down my cock. Funny, but I really didn't feel it as much as normal. But she got this funny look on her face. Comical, actually, but I wasn't going to say that out loud.

She rubbed my dick again, and then stopped.

"Baby, suck on my nipple," she told me.

Now I really wasn't used to taking that kind of direct, play by play direction, but if it got me laid tonight, I'd play along. The worst that could happen was I'd NOT get laid tonight, and since that was kind of the default answer anyway, what did I really have to loose?

So I pulled down the blankets covering her chest, and I sucked on her nipples. She hadn't specified which one, so I figured I'd better do both, just to be sure.

As soon as my lips closed over the first one, I felt a thrill run through my own chest. I moved over to the other one, and I felt the same thing. What the hell?

Nancy wasn't about to take that laying down. Okay, physically she was, but you know what I mean. She stroked my cock a couple of more times, and I really liked that smile she got on her face. Then she reached down and cupped my balls. Her smile grew, and I'm sure I heard a little purr out of her. She normally didn't play with my balls much. She did like most gals did and went straight for my cock. Gals, our balls being played with is a BIG turn on for us. Please try to keep that in mind. Going straight for our dicks is like us starting foreplay by going right for your pussy. We don't say anything because by the time you're stroking us we're ready for the main act and we aren't going to slow down for anything.

I ran my hand down her side and over her hip. A tingle ran up my spine. Then I threw caution to the wind and moved my hand between her legs. Oh, yeah! That's what I'm talking about! She was a little wet by then, from what I was doing or her playing with my balls, I'm not sure which, and I stuck my finger into her just enough to get it wet, and then rubbed it over her little button.

Well named, that. Her button. I wondered if people used that name for it because it turned her on, but that was neither here nor there at the time. Anyhooo.....

As soon as I touched it, I felt my state of arousal go up about three levels. She grabbed my balls and gave them a little squeeze, and it went up more. For both of us. I could see it in her eyes.

My hand retreated from where it was, and I moved it over her thighs, then over and across her ass. I felt every inch of my hands progress across those very womanly curves. I was feeling some of what she felt! This was amazing!

She started in on me again, going back to my dick and gripping it, then slowly stroking it again. Every movement of her hand made her purr like a kitten, and her hips started these slow movements.

We ran our hands over each other for a good five minutes, just touching and exploring each other. I was able to feel some of what she was feeling when I touched her, and she could feel what I felt like when she touched me.

We both stopped at the same time, and looked deep into each others eyes. Then, both of us at the same time, we rolled around and looked at the box. Then our eyes met again.

"An empathy box. Of course! We feel what the other person is feeling," she said.

I just nodded my head. It was impossible, but it was happening to us.

I'd noticed something while we'd been playing with each other, but it hadn't dawned on me what it was. But I had it now.

"Watch the light," I told Nancy. Then I reached down and cupped her mound. The pink light got a little brighter. She arched her eyebrows, and then stroked my cock. The blue light brightened up a bit. Both were still pretty subtle, though. We didn't know at that time how bright they would get.

"Turn it off for a second babe," she told me. I did, and then she grabbed my balls again. I felt it! But she didn't.

"Turn it back on!" she exclaimed.

I did, and we were back to feeling some of what the other person felt when we touched them.

It was a weird blend of feelings. I still felt what I'd always felt, but just a little less of it. But on top of that I could feel what she felt when I touched her. I didn't know how it worked, but when I'd turned it off I missed feeling the warmth of her cunt and the tingle of her nipples when I sucked them.

We both got excited by the possibilities this box gave us!

I took off on a full tour of her body. I thought I'd known every curve and fold on her, but I hadn't had a clue! Not like this.

I touched places I'd never even considered before. Most I, she, felt little in the way of arousal when I touched or licked there. But the back of her knees was a hot spot for her. So was the bottom of her breasts, where they met the rest of her chest. My hand brushing lightly across her tummy set her, me, off.

She was on her own grand tour me. We got into some strange positions while she tried to go 'there', while I was still licking 'here'. I wasn't sure how our bodies got so intertwined a few times.

Eventually I got out a feather we'd played with in the past, and went over every inch of her body. All kinds of new sensitive spots came to light. I hit a few of them and we both started to squirm on the bed.

This isn't east to make sense of, because how does a guy explain what a wet cunt feels like? How would she explain the feeling of a cock being played with? See what I mean? So when I say I could feel the wet cunt, do I say 'my' cunt, or 'hers'. I was the one feeling it, and it 'felt' like it was mine. So how do I put that in words?

Anyway, after a full hour of exploring each other in this new way, I decided to find out what I'd been doing wrong all these years. So I scooted down and stuck my face into her crotch.

By the way, you notice how I said it'd been an hour of exploring? Well, without the box, what were the odds I ever could have lasted near that long? About zero. But with the box, whenever she got me close to shooting my load, she backed off a bit. She was feeling what a guy felt as he got ready to come! And she was damn good at making use of the information!

So there I was, face planted an inch from her cunt, tongue ready for immediate deployment. I was wet and ready. Oh, I mean she was wet and ready. I think. See? Confusing.

I started doing what I'd always done, and it felt alright. But I wasn't getting any wetter from it. So I switched it up and tried to tune in to what she was feeling, second by second.

I'd started too fast, I could feel that right away. So THAT'S where I'd been going wrong. I had a few moves, and I used them over and over again. But what I SHOULD have been doing is getting more in touch with all the little signs she was giving out, and go slow when that was what was needed, and speed up when that was called for.

She/I went in cycles like that. Fast, then slow, then move over from her clit and work all over her pussy lips, outside, then in. Then back to the clit, slowly until we were ready for more. Then pour on the speed and take us to the next level.

She was moving under me like she'd never moved before. I stopped for just a second and glanced over at the box. It was glowing a bright pink. The blue was stronger than it had been, showing this was turning me on too, but not as bright as the pink.

The last act of this little performance was fantastic!

I could feel my cunt gush her juices, and she bucked up into my face, again and again. Her legs clamped onto my head, almost hard enough to hurt my ears. I didn't mind a bit! I was feeling what Nancy felt when she came! I was feeling every bit of a womans orgasm, as she felt it!

My cunt clamped down, wanting something to clamp onto. It was very insistent about it. It wouldn't let me forget about it. I stuck a finger in my/her pussy, and it was like an electric shock shot from balls down to my toes, bounced back up to my cock.

Nancy reached down and tried to pull my head up. I pulled my fingers out of her/us, bumping her anus just a little when I did. Another electric shock went through me, making my pussy quiver with it's need.

I positioned myself over Nancy, ready to enter her. She smiled in her eyes as she reached down and guided my missile into her silo. I thrust forward and buried her/my cock right up to my/her balls.

I thrill went up my back, then concentrated on the feeling of fullness her/my cock gave us as it filled me completely. I felt my cunt stretch to take it in, then clamp down around the dick that was now a part of the whole that had a few minutes ago been two separate people.

Working together, each feeling what the other felt, we made it last for a long time. How long, we don't know. And hour? Maybe.

Each time our cock was ready to shoot it's load, the two of us, feeling it all, made it back off for a bit. Then it was heavy hard thrusting again. We were actually perfectly in sync with each other, not a fraction of a second between the feeling and the action.

We rolled over, me now on my back and her riding me on top. Our cock had never slipped from our cunt, indeed, we kept thrusting even as we rolled.

Faster and faster, harder and harder, our cock flew in and out of our pussy, now even more wet and swollen, and wanting another orgasm NOW!

Her/my cock unloaded into my/ her cunt, spasm after spasm after spasm. I/she came again, then yet again, as her/my cock finally reached the end of it's supply of come. It stayed hard for a little while longer, and we made small movements as aftershocks took us both.

Even after we/she had four orgasms and we/me had one real damn good one, we didn't pull out of our pussy. We liked it right where it was.

Eventually we did pull out, and we rolled onto our sides facing each other. We both just stared deep into each others eyes, and grinned like fools.

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