tagNonConsent/ReluctanceThe EMT Ch. 06

The EMT Ch. 06


WARNING: I'm attempting to write a detailed story that is real rather than contrived, erotic rather than vulgar, psychological and physical rather than purely physical. This means that some Chapters have rather less of the rumpy-pumpy than some readers look for.

I am also writing a story about a married couple who are deeply in love, but who willingly and knowingly allow themselves to follow an erotic journey, which involves other partners, submission and control. I am not making a statement about the sanctity of marriage; these things happen, I know, I have followed a similar journey with my wife of more than 30 years, without it damaging our relationship in any way.

I try to warn readers about the content by publishing in appropriate places, under appropriate headings.

If you feel that you need more of the rumpy-pumpy than my stories will provide, or that you might be offended by stories about married couples that extend their relationship, then please consider carefully before reading. Read it with pleasure having heeded the warning, but then don't, please don't, flame me or mark the story down if you find that it doesn't satisfy your particular tastes or prejudices.

Thank you. I genuinely hope that all my readers will enjoy the experience, but recognise that there is "nowt so queer as folk", and I can't satisfy everyone all of the time.


"Ian must write me a long letter Suzanne. He must describe in it how he wants to make his wife available to me and to any others I decide. How he wants me to train you, and use you, in any way that I see fit, with or without his presence. He must ask me to put you under contract, to get your commitment to do as you are directed by me, without question, and unreservedly. He must specifically ask me to use and abuse you as I wish, and he must convince me in his letter that this is a long-term request that he will abide by and live up to. He must tell me that he does this willingly, that he has no reservations of his own, and that he understands that my only commitment to him, in return, is to give him the position he wants on the EMT. That in that position he will have the same treatment as all other members of the team, and that he will survive or fail by his own efforts. If he does all this to my satisfaction, he will be promoted. Do you understand what I am asking?"

Suzanne took a moment to replay the words in her mind and consider this bizarre request. She recognised that the position they both wanted was within their grasp, but came with a chilling condition. That their games and fantasies played so recently were to become a reality. That she was to become the object of this powerful man, who both excited and frightened her, attracted and repelled her. That subject to her husband granting his consent, she was to become Graham Leicester's property and vassal, contracted to him and his devious schemes.

Suzanne wondered if she wanted this, and realised through her excitement that she did. She wondered if Ian would want this – she thought he would, at least when he was excited. But what about in the cold light of day? She knew they had one weekend to seize this unique opportunity. One 48-hour period to discuss the proposition, decide on their response, and carry out the demand that would potentially change their lives forever.

She imagined Ian drafting his letter to Mr Leicester, and knew him well enough to know that it would be incredibly exciting for him to do so; to humiliate himself so much by asking his boss to take and train and use his precious wife. She wanted this adventure, and she thought that she could play her part to make it happen.

She looked at Graham Leicester and holding his gaze proudly with her eyes, said "You'd better take me home, it's going to be an interesting weekend".

Chapter six

Suzanne awoke, alone, early the next morning. The summer sun was already up and streaming through her window, and as she stretched and yawned, she remembered the events of the evening before. Her cocktail dress and stockings were draped across the chair where she had let them fall, before climbing, naked, into bed. Her panties, she realised, were still in her purse where they had been placed by Graham Leicester.

Graham and John had dropped her off at home without further humiliation, exposure or drama, and had waited in the car the few minutes it took for Suzanne to check with Ms Pyrford that Emma was ok and had behaved perfectly well all evening. It took a matter of seconds for Ms Pyrford to gather her things and depart in the company car with the men. After checking that Emma really was safely asleep in bed, Suzanne had poured herself a stiff drink and taken to bed herself, and relived the events of the preceding 24 hours. The empty glass stood proof still on her bedside table. As she looked at it, Suzanne regretted adding another measure of alcohol to the wine she had consumed with dinner, and also regretted not removing her make-up before falling asleep in her comfortable bed.

She remembered how she had wanted to climb naked between the crisp white cotton sheets, and still made up (her make-up had survived the tears and emotion of the previous evening surprisingly well), and she blushed slightly as she remembered how replaying the evening had aroused her again last night, to the point that she had taken herself in hand to satisfy the cravings and needs that had built up within her as these amazing and surprising events had unfolded. After satisfying herself, she had fallen asleep almost immediately, and slept the sleep of the blessed through the night.

Now Suzanne was able to take a few minutes to think calmly about her situation. First she looked back with disbelief at how much changed she was since she had allowed herself to be drawn into Ian's shameful and exciting game on Thursday evening. In a little over 36 hours, she had discovered a whole new exciting self; discovered how much she revelled in being 'forced' to submit and expose herself to other men; discovered the unbelievable excitement of submitting, allowing control to be taken from her. She knew that she wasn't really being 'forced' into anything. It was almost like they were giving her permission to be the exhibitionist that she must really be. Even as she thought through it again, the first hints of excitement and arousal began to tingle within her at the knowledge of what she had learned about herself.

Suzanne squeezed her thighs tightly together and shivered; she wasn't sure if it was to quell those first pangs of arousal, or to encourage them, but she turned her mind to Graham's proposition.

Ian would be home from his stint as duty manager at Ruler Electronics soon, and they had the weekend to discuss and decide if they wanted to continue this wild ride onto the EMT. Suzanne gasped as she realised that Ian was still unaware of the developments that had happened last night; she had so much to tell him.

John was already confirmed on the EMT. Ian didn't even know that; never mind that there was now another opening, which had been promised to him, on one important condition. All he had to do to get the promotion that would mean so much to their futures was to offer up his wife as willing sex slave and toy for the scheming and devious Graham Leicester.

Suzanne knew that at times last night she had found Graham Leicester to be a perfectly charming gentleman; one who she could certainly contemplate sleeping with. At other times, he had shown himself to be an absolute cad, a cold calculating manipulator, bent on using his power over her. It amazed Suzanne to realise that it was when he was acting like this that she had wanted him most. What kind of perverse creature was she, she wondered?

Could she really go along with allowing him to control what she wore, what she did, who she did it with? She realised with mounting excitement that even thinking about it was turning her on. She knew that she wanted this, not just because of the material and social benefits that would accrue from Ian's promotion; but because she wanted to give vent to the new Suzanne that she had discovered these last couple of days. The fact that she didn't even know in detail what she would be letting herself in for added to the excitement of the situation. The open-endedness of the commitment she would make, that Ian would make, was an exquisite submission in itself. She realised that she would do everything she could to make Ian feel as she did; that she would try to convince him to go for the promotion, despite the dreadful condition that was a part of it.

She rolled over to face away from the window, and Graham Leicester's words last night came back to her like a cold shower over her growing excitement and confidence. "There is just one fly in the ointment, and that is Ian." Suzanne had understood what Graham meant when he said these words last night. She had remembered too the look and change of attitude that had come over Ian after his 'premature ejaculation' on Thursday. His excitement before had been immense; his lack of self-control had demonstrated that. But in the immediate aftermath of his orgasm, he had gotten cold feet, had even felt guilty about the things he had asked his wife to do for him, and for his friend and colleague.

Suzanne wondered if Ian really wanted to play these games, or if the lesson he had learned on Thursday would mean that he would back out of the situation now facing him. One thing was for sure, if Ian didn't want to play, Graham Leicester had made it perfectly clear that there was no promotion, no game, and for Suzanne, probably no chance to continue the voyage of discovery she had started into her own, surprising sexuality.

On the other hand, pondered Suzanne, they had been happy before. If Ian didn't want to continue the experiment he had started, Suzanne would give him all of her support, she knew. Hell, she realised, part of her needed Ian's support to play these games anyway; if he decided not to go forward, there was no way she could do it on her own. The excitement had always been in doing it together, doing it for him.

Her train of thought was stopped by the sound of the garage door opening below, signalling that Ian had arrived home early from his shift.

Expressions of Interest

Ian bounded up the stairs, happy to be free from the tedium of work. His shift had been uneventful, as usual, but being tied to the office and factory was like being in prison. He looked forward to sliding between the sheets to join Suzanne for an hour before Emma's breakfast demands forced them out of bed and into the world this beautiful summer morning.

He quickly looked in to Emma's room to see her sleeping quietly in her bed, a sharp slant of sunlight angling into the room from the partially open curtains, spotlighting the dust particles that hovered listlessly in the air. He blew her a kiss from the door, and quietly continued, lest his presence awoke her prematurely, and ruined his plans for an hour with Suzanne.

When he entered the master bedroom, he was surprised to see Suzanne lying wide-awake on her side, facing him at the door. Her left arm was cocked, her hand lying under her face; the covers pulled down to her midriff, exposing one perfect breast, the other being hidden behind her bent arm.

But it was her smile and her make-up that surprised him. The smile had a secret, knowing but guilty look, as if she had something to confess to him. And she wore the remains of last night's make-up. Suzanne never slept in make-up. She was the most disciplined person he had ever known, always cleaning and moisturising her skin, even if it meant getting up again to do so after sex, whilst he would typically collapse into a post-coital snooze.

As his mind took this in, and questions started to form, and as he crossed the room towards her, even while stripping off his shirt, his eyes also took in the black cocktail dress and stockings slung casually across the chair, and the empty whisky glass on the bedside table. By the time he reached the far side of the bed, slipped off his trousers and underwear, and climbed between the sheets, he was wondering what could possibly have happened last night.

Ian spooned into the back of his wife, who wriggled towards him in welcome. He immediately realised her complete nakedness, and snaked one arm around her, which she grabbed and pulled to her breast, pulling him tighter into her. He was aware of her warm dry skin against his own, the entire length of his body, and gently squeezed her breast and rolled her nipple before either of them said a word.

She broke the silence. "Welcome home darling. Did you have a good night at work?" she murmured as he enjoyed the feel of her against him.

"Very quiet, thanks" he replied, "Did you have a nice evening at home?" There was no mistaking the gentle irony and curiosity that was buried in the question.

Suzanne's heart beat a little faster. She hadn't really thought how to break all her news to him, and wasn't quite sure how to begin, or if she was ready to begin straight away. She decided to employ a little evasion strategy and see how things panned out.

"Actually, I went out for a while last night," she opened, "just for a couple of hours."

Ian's interest was immediately aroused. The discarded cocktail dress, the make-up, his beautiful wife naked in bed and in his arms, even the guilty little smile that had been all that she was wearing when he arrived home, had all piqued his interest and opened up possibilities in his over-active imagination. Now she was admitting that she had been out, his cock started to stir and swell, and his mouth felt dry as he tentatively asked, "Oh really! With anyone I know?"

Suzanne could feel him growing against her backside, and decided to tease him some more. "Would it excite you if I said I had seen John last night?" she asked, and immediately got his answer, as his cock surged and pressed hard against her bottom. He made no other verbal response, but his mind was going twenty to the dozen with all sorts of exciting possibilities.

Ian had realised his own change of feeling in the immediate aftermath of his orgasm on Thursday night, and had admitted as much to Suzanne in the long chat they had shared after John departed. However, a full day and night at work, with the ever present possibility of bumping into John during the day, and the long lonely night in the small cabin used by the duty managers, had more than allowed him to make a full recovery, and he was once again very turned on by the idea of his wife and best friend getting 'together'.

Now it was Ian's turn to feel his pulse quicken, and his hardness was evidence of his excitement at what Suzanne had just said. She turned around to face him, and reached down to grab at his very hard cock with her right hand, which she circled with her fingers and sensuously stroked.

"I'd say that answers my question lover," she whispered to him, "It feels like you would be excited to hear that I saw John last night, and that he saw some more of me."

Ian groaned aloud at the meaning behind this fresh revelation, afraid to ask any questions and break the spell he was under. He waited for her to continue.

"But it wasn't just John that saw me last night Ian. There was someone else there too. Someone else that you know and work with."

Ian's eyes snapped open, and he looked directly into Suzanne's eyes. She returned his gaze, and he could see that she was telling the truth, and that there was more to tell.

"Oh jeeesh!" he said, "You are driving me crazy." She was now firmly stroking his huge erection and he was thrusting his hips backwards and forwards towards her. "Tell me what happened," he cried, "who else was there? Tell me the details."

"All in good time, lover, all in good time. First I want you to eat me, like you did the other night. If you do it very well, I'll tell you the whole story. Is that a deal?"

Ian's response was to slide down the bed and crawl between her legs as she rolled on to her back. His hard cock was pressed between his belly and the sheets, and he quickly took her sex into his mouth, sucking her enlarged lips between his lips, and then releasing them to lick at her clitoris, already peeping out from its hood.

She was already wet with her excitement, and he could taste her sweetness in his mouth as he devoted himself to her arousal. His hands slid under her legs, then around over her hips and across her taut stomach towards her breasts, as she raised her knees slightly, so her legs were over his shoulders. His chest was pressed against the bed, his legs hanging over the end, as he tried to get more and more of her into his mouth. His nose rubbed like a little hard prick against her mound as he ate her and licked at her, occasionally sucking her clit and inner lips into his mouth and teasing them with his tongue.

By now, his hands had stretched above his head and found her breasts, and he alternately tweaked her nipples and squeezed the globes of her tits as he continued to excite her.

Suzanne was very responsive to his ministrations. Her own hands slid down her body, first pressing his hands to her breasts to let him know that she was enjoying the slightly rough manipulation they were getting, and asking him to be even firmer with them. They then slid down across her own belly as she pushed her sex harder into Ian's face, her mound pressing harder against his nose. Finally, her hands slid sensuously over the back of his head, and pulled him deeper into her.

"That's right lover, make me cum," she whispered to him, grabbing a handful of his hair in each hand and pulling him harder into her, to the point that he couldn't breathe. "Oh yes! Oh shit, yes!" she gasped, as she felt her orgasm start. "If you could have seen me last night, made to lift my own skirt to show them both my pussy. Oh yes!"

Her words drove Ian on. His cock swelled again beneath him as he switched his own attention from her lips to her clit, sucking it into his mouth, maintaining the suction whilst stimulating it rapidly with his flicking tongue, in the way that he knew she liked so much. Holding his breath now, his mouth fully occupied, and his nose pressed hard against her little bush, he knew from years of experience that she would soon climax. As she did, she became more verbal.

"Oh yes, yes, yes." Her eyes closed, and her face screwed up as she pressed her feet down onto the bed, the better to push against his fantastic mouth. "Your wife is a slut. Oh yes!.....I am such a slut."

As her orgasm washed over her, she gasped and panted, unable to speak; only able to make guttural sounds of pleasure. Ian continued to tease her sex with his mouth and lips as she came down from the shattering orgasm, occasionally having to pull away from his mouth as the intensity of the aftershocks made her more sensitive.

As she calmed down, Ian pulled his face away, and blew gently on her soaking wet sex, nibbling her again, afraid to ask his next question. Eventually, through his own excitement he managed to choke out the words he wanted to say, his heart racing and saliva filling his mouth in his excitement.

"So you really did see John and another of my colleagues last night? You really did expose yourself to them?"

Ian had never been so excited, and was desperate for the details and for Suzanne to go on with her story. As she relaxed after the incredibly satisfying orgasm she had just enjoyed, she decided to go on and fill in a few more details for him, but to keep back certain key details.

"Yes! I really did," she whispered. "I met him in a restaurant – not John, the other one. He had basically demanded that I meet him – I'll tell you about that later." Ian had started to crawl back up her body, but she wasn't finished with him yet.

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