The EMT Ch. 06


"No lover, stay there. I'll tell you about last night, but while I do, I want you to stay there and eat me like you did the other night." Ian remembered how much she had enjoyed him licking at her other hole, at her little puckered ring a few nights before; and he remembered how much he had enjoyed doing it for her. He was happy to comply, anything so that she would continue with her story. He pushed up her knees to present her arse to his mouth, and saying "Go on!" squeezed against his own cock beneath him, and brought his lips to her arse.

"We had dinner together," she continued. "I had dressed carefully for the meeting in my little black cocktail dress. You know I can't wear a bra with that dress, but I did wear a thong and stockings."

Ian moaned at the same time as he started to push at her ring with his stiff tongue, occasionally returning to suck temporarily at her still swollen pussy.

"Halfway through dinner," she went on, "he ordered me to go to the bathroom and remove my panties." Ian could hardly believe what he was hearing, and thought he was going to shoot his load on the sheets, but managed to resist and hold back. Suzanne paused and then continued.

"I couldn't resist him and did as he ordered. God, I was so excited, so wet. When I came back, he made me hand over my panties to him – it was so exciting to have to do as he ordered."

Ian thought his balls were going to burst as he listened to his sexy wife talk like this. He was in heaven and he was in hell, but he kept licking and probing at her arse as she continued.

"He made me sit for the rest of dinner with my skirt pulled up, and kept feeling my thigh, or pawing at my naked back. God, I wanted him to take control, for him to take me there and then. I was sooooo excited."

At a signal from Suzanne, Ian stopped paying attention to her ass, and crawled up her body between her legs. His erection was as stiff as a flagpole, and as his face came up past her breasts, his stiff weapon brushed against her pussy lips and made her twitch with anticipation. She opened her legs further to accept him into her, and his cock slipped effortlessly into her warm and willing core.

As Ian looked into her eyes, she returned his gaze and wantonly licked her lips. As he started to pump his engorged cock into her, she grunted as she received him, and continued her story.

"After we had eaten, he took me out to the car.....oomph, and he stood outside the restaurant and fondled my ass....aaaagh. I did nothing to stop him. Mmmm. The driver drove us away, and he made me lift my skirt from under my ass so that I was naked against the seat." Ian's eyes opened wide when she mentioned the driver, and from the beginning he had been wondering which of his colleagues had been lucky enough to take control of his beautiful wife. He dared not break the spell by asking.

"After we parked, and the driver left us, John turned up and joined us in the car." Ian's pace increased as he pictured his precious Suzanne sitting bare-assed in the car with John and another male colleague. "That's when he made me...mmmmm.. lift my skirt and open my ...uuuuh....legs and show them both my pussy."

At these words, Ian was unable to control himself any longer, and thrusting deeply into her, he came very hard, filling her with a considerable quantity of his seed. Suzanne was very close behind, and pulling him even deeper into her, she came soon after he did. As their heartbeats subsided, and they gasped for breath, Ian hugged his wife tightly and analyzed how he felt, conscious of his changing attitude when she had been in front of him with John on Thursday evening.

He was slightly surprised to realise that he still felt incredibly excited about Suzanne's adventure the night before, and not a little curious about who had been dining with her and taking control of her in his absence.

After a few minutes to recover, and several delightful aftershocks, Ian rolled off of his wife and lay on his back staring at the ceiling. Suzanne was looking at him, and he realised she was probably asking herself the same question he had been asking. To let her know he was OK with how he felt, he turned his head to look back at her and said, "Wow. That was incredible. You are such a dirty little show-off."

She smiled at him, and turned to her side to cuddle him, feeling reassured that he seemed OK with the story she had told him so far.

Ian started to ask the question that he wanted to know above all others. "Who were you with...." She silenced him by putting her finger on his mouth, gently biting his nipple, and saying, "SSssshhh. We have all day. Let's get Emma ready for a day out, and I can tell you more during the day. Is that OK?"

Ian couldn't argue, and nodded his assent, but only after pulling a put-on petulant look. After a few more minutes to recover, they got up, she to the shower, whilst he donned a robe and headed off to see if Emma was also ready for the day.


A few hours later they were sitting together on a park bench in the little park near their house watching Emma playing happily on a see-saw with one of her regular friends, the daughter of a neighbour, who had joined them for the outing. Suzanne had dressed for a summer day, and looked great in a pair of shorts, tee shirt and sandals, her long legs shown off to their best, and stretched out in front of her to catch the sun's rays.

Ian had been very patient, and in a state of near constant arousal, waiting for Suzanne to tell him the rest of the story. Finally, he could wait no longer, and taking advantage of the distraction of the two youngsters playing happily for themselves, finally managed to pick up the courage to whisper, "So go on then, who did you have dinner with last night?"

Suzanne turned her face towards him and smiled mysteriously at him. Her shoulder length blond hair fell either side of her face, and as always, she looked the sexiest thing Ian had ever seen in his life. Not for the first time he wondered why and how come he got so excited about thinking of her with some other guy.

"Before I tell you who," she whispered back, in a confidential tone, "let me tell you how." She reached up and swept her hair back behind her ears, took a look towards the girls, and then leaned in towards him so that she could speak more confidentially still. Ian adjusted himself discreetly, expecting that he would soon be stiffening if her words were half as exciting as he'd found them this morning.

"The man I had dinner with last night, and who took such a liberty by ordering me to remove my panties, knew that he would probably get a positive reaction from me."

Ian looked bemused at her, racking his brain to try to determine who this could be and why any one of his colleagues should imagine that his wife was open to such a suggestion. Try as he might, he could not imagine who Suzanne's mystery date could have been.

She let him mull things over a few seconds, before she continued. "He knew that I might react positively because John had told him all about our little game on Thursday evening."

As Ian took in this new information, his cock started to stiffen in earnest, and he had to cross his legs to hide the evidence of his mounting excitement. His mouth was suddenly dry, and he swallowed whilst waiting for Suzanne to continue, which she did after again checking the girls were OK.

"When I say that John told him all about our little game on Thursday, I mean ALL about our little game." Ian blushed as his mind was taken back to the incredible excitement he had felt, and the subsequent loss of control he had suffered. He blushed again when he thought that John was telling his friends and colleagues about the lewd, submissive and exhibitionistic behaviour of his own, darling wife. Before he could begin to be angry with John for this breach of confidence, Suzanne continued.

"After hearing what John had to say, about me and about you, and how we had engineered a situation to display me to John," now it was Suzanne's turn to blush as she continued with the tale, "he – the man I had dinner with – decided to test me out to see if I really did get turned on by being told what to do in that way."

Ian gulped, his heart in his mouth.

"I'm almost ashamed to admit to you," Suzanne obliged by continuing her story without prompting, "that I seemed to pass that test with flying colours."

Ian swallowed again, and reached for her hand, which he gave a reassuring squeeze. "But who was it?" he asked, "Who did John tell about us?"

Suzanne answered, quietly, almost inaudibly. "Last night Ian", this was sounding like something from a very bad peak time TV programme, "Last night, I had dinner with Mr Graham Leicester."

After a stunned silence of all of 3 nanoseconds, Ian exploded. "WHAT?" he exclaimed. The girls looked up from their play in surprise, and noticing them, Ian moderated the volume of his voice, but the surprise and anger remained beneath the surface. "He told Graham? You displayed yourself to Mr Leicester? What was he thinking of? What were you thinking of? He's my boss! He's ...." Ian's outburst collapsed in a maze of confusion and conflicting emotions.

Suzanne was quick to try to reassure him, and now she reached for his hand and held it between hers. "It's OK darling, really, it's OK." And she started to tell him the whole story.

The girls played on in the sunshine, and Suzanne told him about the enigmatic e-mail from HR at Ruler Electronics, and its contents; she told him about his own candidacy for the vacant EMT role; she told him about her determination to help him win the job. Ian sat in stunned amazement as she revealed fact after fact. When she said how she had determined to help him win the job, he couldn't help interrupting.

"I don't think that displaying yourself to my boss, the man who is going to decide my future, is necessarily the right way to influence him Suzanne."

She winced, but continued. She described again the events at dinner with Graham; how he had touched her; how she had felt so used by him and couldn't understand why he was treating her like that after being a perfect gentleman to that point. Despite himself, Ian couldn't stop himself from starting to feel excited again as she described these parts of the story, his anger and excitement rising in parallel.

Then she described how shocked she had become when John turned up, and she had been told that he had already been selected for the vacant position on the EMT. At this point, she had to restrain Ian from getting up there and then and rushing off to do John some damage, but she settled him down, and quickly went on.

She explained how there were really two places on the team; that he was still a candidate for the second place; that he could be guaranteed the second place if only they agreed to one condition. Ian thought he saw where this was leading.

"Don't tell me, I can get the position if you sleep with Graham Leicester!" he summarised angrily.

Suzanne patted his thigh, and then pulled him to her. "No, not exactly", she started, but before she could continue, Emma and her friend came to them and asked if they could have some lunch. They were forced to break off the conversation and return to the house without anything else being said between them. Ian walked along sulkily deep in thought, Suzanne tending to the girls and holding each of their hands as they crossed the road, wondering how Ian would react to the rest of the story; to Graham Leicester's proposition.

It was several hours later when they had a chance to return to the subject. Emma's friend had been taken home at the end of a long day, Emma had been fed and bathed and settled in bed, and Ian and Suzanne were in the kitchen, making the last preparations for their own dinner. Suzanne poured them each a glass of wine and sat down next to Ian at the dining table. They clinked glasses, toasted each other, and Ian asked her to go on and tell him about Graham's condition, whatever it was.

Suzanne took a deep draft of the wine, and started the only way she knew how.

"Ian, I need you to be honest with me. You really did like seeing me with John on Thursday evening, didn't you?" she asked. "You have often fantasised about me being with other men, haven't you?"

Ian considered carefully before answering. "Getting you to agree to show yourself to John was one of the most exciting moments of my life", he admitted, "Seeing you behave like you did, feeling so proud of you, wanting him to see you and to want you, were all incredible for me." Ian cast his eyes down, almost ashamed to admit his feelings, and the strength of those feelings, even to his wife.

"And how do you feel about that now?" she asked him. "How do you feel in the cold light of day, and when you are in control of yourself, and thinking with your head, and not with your dick?"

Her words shocked him. She had asked for honesty, and he owed it to her to be honest. "I'm not sure that I can think about it in the cold light of day" he admitted, "If I start to think about it, it excites me so much that it warps my thinking. Even now, I can't remember what we did Thursday evening without it exciting me. I spent all day at work on Friday replaying what had happened. I spent all night Friday night thinking about what I felt, exciting myself with the memory. It ought to make me question my feelings about you; it is against everything I have ever been taught; it isn't normal how I feel. And yet I know I love you more today than I ever have. I know I cherish you more as a result of it. You and Emma are the most precious things in my life, and I mean precious; I would die for you. It is obscene; it is perverse, that I want to share the most precious thing in the world to me with other men. But I can't deny that all of my fantasies, all of my sexual thoughts revolve around this feeling. It is a kind of delicious masochism; to love you, and to want to think of others taking what should be mine and mine alone. I love you Suzanne, I will never stop loving you."

This was more than Suzanne had expected, but she listened to his stream of consciousness reply with growing understanding of how he felt about this game they were playing, and a growing sense of comfort in his undoubted love for her. In her private moments, the one concern Suzanne had had about playing the game was whether it indicated a decrease in the strength of Ian's feelings for her, or a degree of tiredness or lack of excitement in their lovemaking. She was confident that it didn't, but still the thought entered her head every now and again. She decided to be honest in return.

"Thank you Ian, and I know that you love me, and of course I love you, and always will. Thanks for being honest, and now let me be honest in return. When you first asked me to do this, to deliberately reveal myself to John, I was shocked and a little frightened about what it meant. However, I can't deny that the thought excited me. Excited me more than I though possible. I thought that if we did it in a way that could be seen as accidental, I could hide behind that. But when you asked me to wear that negligee, and to come back down, there could be no accident in that. I was purposely, deliberately exposing myself to John, with nowhere to hide."

Ian started to respond, his excitement already growing. He let her continue.

"I found that decision, to knowingly and deliberately expose myself in a way that could not be misunderstood, the most liberating thing I have ever done. I didn't do it for you, as I did with the first 'accidental' exposure. I didn't do it for John. I did it for me. And when John took control, and ordered me to do things, I can't tell you how excited he made me feel, how wet I was, how much I wanted him to do that, and more. I didn't want him to stop."

Suzanne moved over to sit on Ian's knee, where she could feel his hardness resulting from her frank confession. She put her arms around his neck and hugged him tight.

"You made me discover a new side of me, something that I was barely aware existed inside of me, something that was buried so deep that I didn't even admit it to myself. You have brought it to the surface, you and John. And I want to explore it some more. I want to know how far I can go."

By now Ian was totally lost to his erotic fantasies. He had to swallow to generate enough saliva to speak. "If you promise me that we'll never stop loving each other, then let's explore this together," he said.

Suzanne nodded and kissed him hungrily on the lips. Their tongues danced around each other's as they shared a deep sexually charged embrace, each aware that they had just mutually agreed to continue their experiments. When they eventually broke apart, Ian looked deep into his wife's eyes and said, "I still don't know what I have to do to get the job on the EMT!"

The Letter

Suzanne finished the story and told him of Graham Leicester's bizarre proposition. Over dinner she recounted as accurately as she was able the conditions that Graham Leicester had described to her; the letter that was needed from Ian to convince Graham that he was serious about wanting Graham to take his wife, Suzanne, and use her as he saw fit.

As she outlined the proposition, Ian found himself at first shocked by the idea, and then strangely excited. Was it really strange he thought, given how his own deeply held feelings had been allowed to rise to the surface over the preceding few days? The thought of writing such a letter; the humiliation it would bring to hand it over; his excitement grew the more he thought about the idea.

In the continuing spirit of frank honesty and deeper understanding about their individual feelings, they discussed the possible implications of this sudden escalation of their games. Suzanne wanted to know from Ian how he would react to her actually being 'used' sexually by Graham and others. Ian wanted to know from Suzanne if she really wanted to go through with this; if she could imagine how she might be used. They skirted around some issues; they got cold feet; they got excited about the possibilities; they shared ideas and fantasies. Eventually, they left the dinner dishes to themselves and went upstairs to make love.

As they undressed and jumped into bed together, and started to make love, they alternately excited and frightened each other by verbalising their feelings, their desires, or their concerns. The subject was never far from their minds, and they eventually collapsed, still unsure about what to do, after sharing a deeply satisfying mutual orgasm. Unusually, it was Suzanne that almost immediately fell asleep; leaving Ian in a quandary about whether he would, or would not, write the letter. He lay awake for a considerable portion of the night, wondering what to do, what his options were.

Even when he slept, he slept fitfully, his thoughts and dreams returning to the proposition. In one dream that he couldn't shake off, but which seemed to restart every time he nodded off between bouts of wakefulness, Graham Leicester had Suzanne caged beneath his desk, and then Graham would become John, and Suzanne would become Ian, and then Ian would be forced to fellate John, who would turn back into Graham. In another dream, he would write parts of the letter, unable to get past certain clauses or phrases, and his pen constantly drying up, frustrating his attempts to meet some pressing deadline. Amongst it all, he was conscious of a constantly returning and painful erection.

Gradually though, throughout the night, some sensible ideas and counter-proposals started to form and develop in his mind. Central to these were the recurring themes of negotiating some limited time period for the game, allowing he and Suzanne some kind of get-out clause in case the experiment proved a disaster. He was also concerned about long-term damage, physical or psychological, that Suzanne might suffer. He also felt very uneasy about linking this game that he and Suzanne had so recently discovered with his own professional development and career path.

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