tagLoving WivesThe EMT Ch. 19

The EMT Ch. 19


Well, although it has been a while, this continues where Chapter 18 left off, and despite the intervening years, in this story only a few hours have passed. It may be worth re-reading Chapter 18 (and / or other earlier Chapters too) to know what is going on.

I hope that Suzanne, Ian, Graham and John are welcomed back, but I also fully understand if you have given up waiting. It will be what it will be!

Chapter 19

Two hours later, Suzanne opened the door of her room to admit Steve Cross. She had received a text message from Graham Leicester informing her that he would be calling her room at 11:00pm and that she and Steve were to be there alone for a conference call regarding the result of the bid. There was no indication in the text as to whether Graham was aware that they had won, just a short enigmatic message of few words:

"I will call your room at 11:00pm local time to discuss the outcome. Only you and Steve to attend the call. Be ready!"

At first, Suzanne had been surprised and delighted to see that she had a text from Graham, but as she read the words and tried to discern their meaning, she had been puzzled and a little concerned. Just at the moment of her triumph, and even as Steve Cross was uncorking another bottle of celebration, she had read the message, and it had taken the tip off her achievement.

It had been a struggle to pull Steve away from the rest of the celebrating bid team, but he had quieted when she showed him the text.

"Be ready? What the hell does that mean?" Steve had exclaimed in his half-inebriated state. "Ready for what?"

'Indeed' thought Suzanne, quietly to herself. 'Ready for what?'

Steve had gone back to his room for a quick shower, and to try to sober up a bit after spending the afternoon drinking. And Suzanne had excused herself from the party and returned to her own room, full of confusion.

The phrase "Be ready!" had continued to worry her. What could it mean? Although it was only going to be a telephone call, she couldn't stop herself pulling off the clothes she had been wearing all afternoon, and quickly selecting from her limited wardrobe something more suitable for a 'meeting' with her Master.

She had washed and dressed quickly, skirt and blouse over a nice set of underwear - lacy white bra and thong, no hose, and then spent the remaining available time touching up her make-up and dressing her hair in a pony-tail, so that by the time she opened the door to Steve Cross, she looked fresh and sexy in a smart business style, complete with small heels on the shoes she had chosen to match her outfit.

Steve certainly appreciated the look as he followed her into her suite, and took a long lingering look at his colleague's wife's ass as she walked in front of him to the little living area, the beautiful globes swaying in front of him. Inviting him to sit on the sofa, Suzanne offered him a drink from the well-stocked bar.

Steve himself had brightened up considerably - the shower and a cup of strong coffee making some amends for the tense drinking that had been his afternoon occupation, and he also looked clean and fresh in button-down shirt and pants. He declined Suzanne's offer of a drink, saying he thought he'd had enough, but took the offered seat and checked his watch. It was still a couple of minutes to 11:00pm as he watched Suzanne take a nervous gulp from the drink that she had poured for herself and take her own seat in the armchair opposite him, close to the phone that they were waiting to ring.

Steve couldn't help watching as Suzanne sat down, crossing her legs demurely beneath her, but failing to prevent Steve getting an eyeful of thigh as she sat, before she adjusted her skirt as best she could. Suzanne was aware of his eyes on her, but she was also painfully aware of her recent indiscretion on the plane, and she wanted no repetition or increase in the remaining punishment that she knew would be coming her way. She knew perfectly well that her night in the migrant workers' motel was only the equivalent of a down-payment on what she owed to her Master.


3,500 miles away in Edinburgh, Graham Leicester was sitting in his office waiting for a visitor. The car had taken Nurse Pyrford around to Ian and Suzanne's house to babysit, and was now returning with Ian.

Ian had been a little concerned when the invitation to meet and have dinner with Graham had arrived unexpectedly, and his concern was to grow when he understood that he was to meet Graham in his office first. He had wondered what might be afoot, and obviously worried that something had happened to Suzanne. He had dressed quickly in business clothes and made sure that Emma was fully settled before opening the door to Nurse Pyrford. He left his home just in time to get to the office for the 8:00pm appointment, and he tapped on Graham's door just before the hour, and nervously entered in response to Graham's curt "Enter!"

Graham had no time to brief Ian, but explained that they were about to call the Middle East as he poured a couple of large scotch whiskies, handing one over to Ian as they sat either side of his generous desk. Without further ado, Graham reached over to the phone and dialled the direct line number that he had entered for Suzanne's room.


Back in Dubai, Suzanne and Steve both jumped as the phone rang between them. Suzanne reached over and hit the green button, and the phone connected in speaker mode with the one on Graham's desk. Now all four people could hear whatever was said, and join the conversation via speakerphone.

"Good evening Suzanne," began Graham, "I trust that all is well and that you are sitting with Steve in your room as requested?"

Suzanne confirmed that she was there, and Steve spoke loudly across the room to say good evening to his boss.

"Good evening to you too Steve," continued Graham, "thanks for making yourself available. I should let you both know that I have Ian here with me on speaker phone, so he is able to hear everything we say."

At the mention of Ian's name, Suzanne's heart skipped a beat. She had received no forewarning that her husband would be present on the call. Her eyes connected with Steve's and she saw in his returning gaze that this was a surprise to him as well. Little did she know that far away in Graham's office, there was a similar look of surprise on Ian's face, but it was mixed with the expression of relief that he had felt when he had heard Suzanne's voice and realised that she was obviously fine, and his previous concerns about her welfare had been unfounded.

Suzanne quickly recovered, and she said a quick hello to her distant husband, with Steve also saying hello, both of which greetings were returned by Ian. When the pleasantries were over, Graham quickly turned to business.

"So, Steve, how did our bid go? I understand that the news has already broken here with some of the team, but I have deliberately not enquired into the result. I wanted to hear from you direct."

It came as a further surprise to both Suzanne and Steve that their boss was thus far unaware of the result. A glance passed between them as if to say, 'will you tell him, or shall I?', but since the question had clearly been aimed at Steve, he was the one to respond.

"I'm delighted to say Graham that our proposal has been accepted, and we have heard direct from Tim Truman to that effect. We are selected as the partner in preference to WoonHongSa and will be working on finalising contracts over the coming weeks."

There was a short pause when he finished his announcement, and then both Steve and Suzanne heard two pairs of hands clapping quietly at the other end of the line. They could hear the smile in Graham's voice when he eventually started to speak again.

"That's great news Steve, well done to you all, you and Suzanne, the entire bid team, our agents out there, everyone involved. Please pass on my thanks to them all, and enjoy a glass or two with them before and after you get on the plane for the flight home."

For very different reasons, both Steve and Suzanne warmed to the praise from their boss Graham Leicester. Steve in the knowledge that this contract would do his sales career at Ruler Electrics no harm at all, not to mention the generous commission he would be enjoying over the future months and years. Suzanne felt a warm glow for a very different reason. She had been publicly praised by her Master for doing a good job, and in contradiction to the very personal and targeted punishment that had been meted out to her only 24 hours before, she felt happy that she had pleased this man to whom she had inwardly vowed obedience and service.

In two separate countries, thousands of miles apart, three glasses were raised to lips as Graham, Ian and Suzanne silently toasted their joint success. At the same time, Steve Cross instantly regretted his earlier refusal of a drink from Suzanne, and signalling to her his intention, he stood and went to the bar to remedy that situation. As he returned to the sofa and swallowed a healthy gulp of the scotch he had helped himself to, Graham went on.

"Steve, as always, I am keen to understand our strengths and our competitors' weaknesses. What was our USP? What won us the bid?"

Steve thought for a moment or two before answering. "Our bid was a good one - we had worked hard before we arrived here designing a solution against the stated requirements, and we continued to adjust and refine the bid once we arrived, based on our local agents' knowledge, and what we picked up at the bidders' conference yesterday. Suzanne delivered the bid this morning in person, but I can't really identify a single USP. I guess we were just better than the opposition."

As Steve mentioned her delivering the bid in person, Suzanne couldn't stop a small blush rising to her cheeks as she remembered her lewd behaviour with Tim earlier that morning.

"What about you Suzanne?" Graham responded. "Can you shed any light on why we were so successful?"

Suzanne hesitated. She had at least one inkling as to what had differentiated the Ruler bid from their competition, but she couldn't own up to the personal contribution that she had made, not in front of her husband's unknowing colleague Steve Cross, and not in the hearing of her husband, sitting in Graham's office in Edinburgh. Her blush deepened with every second of her silence until she could feel Steve looking at her quizzically.

Graham recognised her difficulty, but was disinclined to help her.

"Don't be shy Suzanne. Speak up. We are all grown-ups. I want you to tell me what happened when you delivered our bid to Tim this morning."

Graham's explicit order to her caused her an excruciating dilemma. She had to obey her Master, despite the presence of Steve Cross and Ian, but doing so would reveal how she had behaved. She was conflicted and torn, tongue-tied by the inner conflict she felt. Steve's eyes were on her, failing to comprehend her difficulty, whilst both Graham and Ian were sitting awaiting her answer back in Scotland.

Unable to wait any longer, Graham spoke up, his tone conveying his annoyance and impatience with her continuing silence.

"Suzanne, I need a few words privately. Step into the bathroom will you, and pick up the extension in there. Steve, when you hear she has connected, please disconnect your receiver. Suzanne will be back with you shortly when hopefully we can conclude this call and Ian and I can get some dinner."

Wordlessly, sheepishly, Suzanne stood, adjusted her skirt, and walked to the bathroom, closing the door behind her. Steve was mystified. What the hell was happening, and why did Graham talk to Suzanne like that, and in front of her husband? He heard the click as the bathroom extension was lifted, and heard Suzanne quietly speaking to Graham and Ian. The last thing he heard before he disconnected the handset in the main suite was Suzanne speaking.

"I'm sorry Sir," she began, and then the line went dead as he cut the connection.


In the bathroom, Suzanne was perched on the edge of the large bath, the phone held to her ear.

As soon as he heard the click that signified that Suzanne was alone and able to hear him, Graham picked up where he had left off.

"Have you forgotten your place Suzanne?" he asked, his voice sounding stern and commanding. "Have you forgotten already how to please me, how to respond when I command you?"

In Graham's office, Ian cringed, and his heart went out to his wife, now alone and obviously frightened so many miles away. He could barely hear as Suzanne timidly answered.

"I don't know what happened Sir. I just froze and was unable to answer you in front of Steve." And in front of my husband she thought to herself, but did not say for fear of embarrassing him.

"Well, we will have no more of that Suzanne. You will do exactly what I tell you, when I tell you. Is that clear?"

This time, Suzanne was quick to answer. "Yes Sir! I am very sorry Sir."

She wanted to reach out to her husband Ian, seeking his comfort and support, but she knew she could do no such thing. Similarly, Ian was experiencing a range of emotions, from his own humiliation at not being able to help the woman that he loved and adored, to his respect for Graham, who was so clearly in control of her, and to his curiosity regarding what might happen next. Graham quickly continued.

"What are you wearing Suzanne? Tell me in detail."

His command was dual-purpose. He wanted to reinforce his domination over Suzanne, give her an order that she could obey immediately to get her back into the subservient role he demanded of her. He also needed the information to be able to carry out the next part of his plan for retribution, punishment and reward.

Suzanne described her clothing to him, her blouse and skirt, her jewellery and shoes, and then, face reddening with embarrassment, her lacy underwear. As she did so, she felt herself starting to become excited in her humiliation, and in her submission to this man, just as Ian became more humiliated, and excited by his own predicament, hearing her respond to her Master (and his boss) with such intimate details.

"Now Suzanne, before you return to the suite to re-join Steve, you are to remove your underwear, all of it, and confirm to me that you have done so. Is that clear? Do it now!"

Suzanne placed the phone on the counter and began undoing the buttons of her blouse, almost automatically. In Edinburgh, Graham and Ian could hear the faint rustle of silk as she stripped off her blouse and removed her lacy bra, before replacing the sheer blouse. They could hear as she shuffled up her skirt over her hips, before inserting her thumbs in the waistband of her thong, and sliding that down over her firm thighs. They even heard the click of her heels on the bathroom floor as she raised each foot in turn to step out of her lacy panties. Finally, Suzanne straightened her skirt, tucking in her blouse, before picking up the phone and speaking.

"Sir, I have done as you asked and removed all of my underwear."

As she spoke, she studied herself in the mirror that covered one wall of the bathroom. It was evident at a glance that she was now braless, and that her nipples were erect and pushing against the thin covering of her blouse. It would be plain to Steve when she returned that she had deliberately removed her bra. She took some comfort that the loss of her thong was much less obvious. She was smart enough to realise that it was Graham's intention to reveal the secret of her special contract, and the specialist services that she offered, to Steve Cross, and in the hearing of her husband, and she wondered what else her Master might have in mind for her, and for Steve Cross. The thought was intimidating. What was going to happen was outside of her control. Her lack of control acted like an aphrodisiac, and she realised that she was becoming further excited by the prospects ahead. Graham then broke her chain of thought by speaking again.

"Very well Suzanne, that is better. In a moment, I will want you to end this call and return to Steve in your suite. I will then call the two of you again in a couple of minutes, and when I do, I shall expect prompt and willing obedience to any orders that I give. I hope that you understand that this is your last chance to impress me?"

"Yes Sir!" answered Suzanne, once again under the control of her Master. "I understand, and I'm sorry for my earlier hesitation. It will not happen again Sir."

"Very well. Before I call you back, make sure that Steve has plenty of opportunity to appreciate your current state of dress. I think he deserves a small reward. Hang up now, and I'll call back in a few minutes."

The line went dead, and Suzanne replaced the receiver, her mind working on the latest instruction from Graham. She realised that she was going to have to expose herself somehow to Steve Cross, and the thought didn't repel her. Rather she was excited by her predicament and loss of control. She straightened her hair and checked again her reflection in the mirror, and then with a resigned shrug unfastened another button on her blouse before reaching for the bathroom door...


Back in Edinburgh, Graham Leicester turned to Ian who had sat quietly through this exchange with Suzanne, Ian's erection getting stronger as he listened to his wife being instructed by his boss. Ian, remember, had received no satisfying climax since before they had left America several days ago. Instead, he had been subjected to a series of very exciting, but very frustrating, events and delays to his promised release, and having made a promise to his wife not to abuse himself, he had steadfastly denied himself the pleasure in the two or three days she had been travelling to, and working in, the Middle East. Therefore, he was intensely highly strung.

"I hope you don't mind Ian," Graham began, "but I intend to give your charming and accommodating wife as a present to Steve Cross, and I hope that he will make every use of her that is available to him until it is time for them to board their flight back to the UK."

Graham's matter-of-fact statement stoked Ian's excitement. Not only was Graham in total control of Suzanne, a situation that Ian was finding extremely and increasingly exciting, but it was clearly Graham's intention to force her, in Ian's virtual presence, to submit to a colleague, a subordinate of her husband. Ian found the implicit humiliation of his situation intensely exquisite, and he squirmed in his chair to hide the physical manifestation of his still growing excitement. He could only answer one way.

"Graham, the conditions of her contract with you allow you to use her as you desire. It would be wrong of me to try to interrupt in any way."

Graham continued in his matter-of-fact tone.

"Thank you for your understanding Ian, I suspect that you are enjoying this as much as she certainly will be. By now, she should be finding a way to demonstrate to Steve that she is nude beneath her outer clothing. Does it excite you to know that she is probably displaying herself to Steve as we speak?"

Ian could only nod dumbly in response, his mouth dry with his excitement.


From his armchair in Suzanne's suite, Steve Cross had a perfect view as the bathroom door opened and Suzanne walked confidently towards him. His eyes were immediately drawn to the liquid movement of her firm breasts as they bounced gently up and down with each step that she took.

His mind quickly understood that she had removed her bra whilst in the bathroom, even as his gaze focussed on the sharp points of her nipples, clearly visible through the light material of her blouse and accentuating the movement of her luscious breasts.

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