tagErotic HorrorThe End of an Affair

The End of an Affair


The froth of my cum on her lips and chin had dried so I made a mental note to help her clean it up with a damp towel. It was quite amazing, so different this time with my wife, so much more loving. Who could have imagined that our first evening after I discovered her affair could be so good?

Yes, I had been concerned there'd be a huge emotional blowup, screaming, yelling and then finally the vanquished discussion of separation, lawyers and finally divorce. My head spun at the thought of the division of property, questions of ownership, alimony, and all that dreck. Surprisingly the conversation had been very sedate.

Once she came inside and I called her into the living room to "have a talk." With an even tone I explained the great care I took capturing her affair in photographs and digital video. Gently stroking her hair, I told her how seeing her like that was a bit of a turn on, wishing that she had let me video tape our sessions together.

I always loved the way she moved when we fucked (made love?) and seeing it from a different angle, a completely different perspective seemed to add an, almost, elegance to her movement. The lifting of her hips to take his cock deeper seemed almost like ballet and I imagined her looking the same way for me... the same way for me back when she let us do something like that.

Even the look on her face as he licked her pussy was fascinating. I never really got to look directly at her face when I went down on her, so the view I got in the video was really stunning. If only... if only it had been me she was with.

When I finished talking, I sat down on the coffee table and held her hand as she sat on the sofa and admitted the obvious. I quietly listened to her try to explain, how she felt trapped, and even though she still loved me, she needed something more. She even mentioned trying other lovers, that just the experience would make our sex better.

"Better," I repeated, "when did our sex get bad?" I asked, tying to remain calm. "It always seemed good, it's just that we stopped having it as often."

A rut was what she called it, not in a good way, the way you might imagine rutting deer, no, apparently when we had sex, when she moaned loudly and came, when she wrapped her arms around me as I thrust deep inside her, when she gasped for breath as after coming, apparently all that was a sign of being in a rut.

I must admit when she mentioned her earlier affairs I nearly lost control, but instead of lashing back, I calmly sat down, closed my eyes and clutched my hands together as she explained her motivation for each one. Mind you there was three, so as I regained control, I calmly sat there and listened to her rationale.

During the first year of marriage, it was with an old boyfriend, one she feared she still had feelings for. She met him three times while she figured out that she did, in fact, still love me. In the end it was a positive experience that made her love me even more. At least that is what she told me.

The next one was about five years into our marriage. I was away for six weeks working on a project and well, she got to missing me. Not wanting to spend too much money and come out and visit me, she wanted to be frugal so she merely got some guy and fucked him there. I guess I should be proud of her saving all that money.

The third time was a mistake, an accident. You know, I have made a lot of mistakes and had a few accidents in my day, but never did it involve sex.

"So how exactly does a mistake, or even an accident lead to you going to bed with a man?" I asked as calmly as I could.

It was just an accident, a strange mistake, was all she would say.

She then began talking again about this latest of her affairs, how it could really be good for the both of us. At that point I started playing the video on our TV and we watched as a man kissed her breasts and then slowly worked down her body before crawling up on her in the 69 position.

Finally, after watching herself swallow the guys cum, she stood up and said that this "talk" was going nowhere. She said that I was simply too little, too simple to understand her, too small to make this arrangement work. She then instructed me that she wanted me out of the house immediately.

"You're being too harsh honey," I replied. "Why don't we give it a go now, see exactly how this affair has made our sex life better."

She slapped me and then turned to walk away. I reached out, grabbed her head and pulled her back to me. After that she was completely compliant as I undressed her, and fucked her like we hadn't done in years. When I finally came in her mouth I realized that perhaps she might be right, perhaps this affair might have charged up our sex life.

I did remember to dab the cum from her mouth, right before I put her on ice in the bathtub. She was a bit more frigid in our later encounters over the next couple of days, and damn it did take a lot of ice, I guess the housekeeper got to wondering why I had so much ice in the freezer. That and why I kept the bathroom locked.

Please, if you would officer, be sure to note that I remained true to my vows, "Till death do us part... perhaps even after."

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