tagErotic HorrorThe End of an Eternity Ch. 08

The End of an Eternity Ch. 08


Part VIII -- Topping From Below

Despite the troubling prospect of it all, Besand continued to nurture his new relationship with Suzy. Dalia was gone nearly every evening now. Besand kept meaning to talk to her about it, but he never got around to it. He didn't find much comfort in any of his older consorts either. It seemed that Suzy always captured the majority of his thoughts. She represented something very new and exciting. He really couldn't remember feeling this way about anything since his introduction to immortality many years ago. Everything after that night was so alive and so vibrant. Smells, colors, and sounds were enchanting, and each night was an adventure unlike the previous as he pursued different human beings. These humans seemed more alive than ever through his vampire eyes, more seductive and fluid. Over the years, Besand supposed he had become used to all these things and perhaps somewhat jaded. Suzy awakened all of these feelings again.

The contradiction was driving him mad. This beautiful creature was making him feel so new, yet at the same time every evening the thirst for her blood grew to the point of driving pain in his throat. She was a forbidden fruit denied to him by his own self for what, a passing feeling? Even if it was true love, her mortal years would seem a blink to Besand. He had to convince her that she wanted to join him in immortality, and doing so would mean revealing himself to her. That was risking all they had and everything he felt for a terrible rejection of his true self. That was intolerable.

He was going to meet Suzy again tonight to dine at a nice restaurant, then the theatre. He debated the merits of telling her all of this tonight. Sophia made the choice for him. "Besand, I have to talk to you," she said.

"Not tonight, Sophia, I'm going out with Suzy."

"Dammit Besand, you're always going out with Suzy, and you haven't even sampled her yet." Besand glared.

"I'm sorry," Sophia said, "And I'm sorry you will have to cancel your date tonight. It's about Dalia."


"Yes Dalia," Sophia said somewhat angrily. "You're pupil, slave, whatever. The woman you are supposed to be looking out after!"

"What about her?"

"I don't know what angers me more, Besand. The fact that you don't know what she's doing, or that you seem so absolutely clueless about anything since you've met that little blonde girl!"

Besand waited. Sophia gestured with her hand, indicating that someone should step forward. A woman, slightly shorter than Sophia stepped forward with her head bowed. She curtsied in front of him. Besand waved his hand indicating she should forget the formalities. Then he asked for her identity.

"I am Julie, humble servant to Lady Sophia," she said quietly.

Besand followed Julie's glance at Sophia. "Tell him," Sophia indicated.

"Marcus keeps a secret dungeon," Julie began, "as you may know. Several of the younger members attend his um 'sessions'."

"I'm sure many of the others do as well," Besand commented. "Continue."

"Dalia came to him soon after her punishment before the Circle. She told him the pain excited her. 'The tears bring me ecstasy that is indescribable,' she told him. 'Hurt me Marcus.' She held his attention so tightly that I don't believe he was aware of anything else around him. He was so enthralled that dawn could have broken, and he would have felt nothing but the tips of Dalia's nails against his cheek. "She came to him, not every, but many nights. She let him hurt her, torture her, and fuck her, all the while, crying orgasmic yells so convincing that it brought me to the brink of excitement and enslaved my lust to her as well. It wasn't long before she was his favorite, Besand. She above all others captured him, and to her did he finally yield to his more secret desire.

"One evening, she came to the dungeon. Marcus had called upon all of his pupils and those of us who visited him regularly. He told us all to strip naked and kneel next to one another in a large circle. Slowly, methodically, he connected our wrists together with leather cuffs bonded with small, steel chains. He invited Dalia to the middle.

"He swore us to secrecy indicating that any who disobeyed him would not only be punished severely, but killed in a most violent manner. He then knelt before Dalia and clasped her knees with his hands. 'Dalia,' he said, 'I worship you. In pain you find deliverance, suffering strength. How I long to learn those virtues. You must instruct me, Dalia. Teach me to find pride in humility and defiance in the face of authority. Break me, Dalia.'

"She had him. Behind his cruelty and domineering, Marcus was afraid and weak. He felt crushed by Dalia's immense strength and after failing to tame her as he tamed all of us, he yielded to her. With her hand, she pushed his head to her feet and instructed him to clean her shoes with his tongue. I adored her at that moment, and we all lowered our heads in reverence. Then, I alone looked up. She saw me, and smiled. Her eyes..." Julie stopped.

Besand could barely speak. His throat was closed with emotion. He managed, "What, Julie, what about her eyes?"

"They were ablaze with triumph, victory. Her smile, more evil than anything I have ever seen." Julie began pleading hysterically. "She is yours, Master, can you protect me from her? Can you compel such evil? She will surely kill me. Sophia forced me to tell."

Besand nodded and urged her to continue. Julie hesitated, but with Sophia's comforting touch she spoke. "Marcus usually feeds us with human slaves that his minions have gathered. Dalia instructed that one be brought to her. In the meantime, she lashed Marcus to a rack and beat him mercilessly with his whip. She made him beg her to stop, and then she would laugh at him and at his weakness. She asked him if that's how a master vampire was to beg for his pitifully small life. I was so afraid.

"They brought the slave to Dalia. He was tall blond man of no more than 23, well built, and very muscular. He was afraid, trembling slightly before the vampire mistress. Dalia smiled. She tore his clothes from his body, licking him into an erection. Marcus strained to watch as she excited the slave to near climax. Then she handed the slave the whip. 'You know this eve you are to die. However, do what I ask and I shall allow you the most powerful orgasm you have ever experienced, and if it satisfies me, show you mercy. Either way, you will die a most happy mortal.' He responded, 'Tell me what I must do, Madam.' The corners of her mouth rose exposing her bare fangs. She cupped Marcus' balls in her hands extracting a slight groan. 'Beat this man before you until he begs you to stop.'

"Marcus looked horrified. He was about to be dominated by a mortal. He never felt more ashamed, and swore not to beg anything of him. Surely she would stop. But the whip was interwoven with threads of pure silver. I know, for I have felt its sting against my cold skin. He could not take the pain as it burned the flesh on his back. He pleaded for the slave to stop.

"Marcus shuddered with humiliation as Dalia swallowed the slave's erect cock. He was practically screaming with pleasure as she pumped and sucked him. We all watched as she brought the human to climax with her lips, and let his seed pour out of her mouth and down her chin. Then I noticed her hand stroking Marcus' swollen penis. Soon his moans filled the cavernous chamber as his semen ran down her arm.

"We were all excited by her display of power and sexuality. Then commenced an orgy like none other we have ever experienced. We feasted on twenty humans that night, reveling in their blood. She gifted her chosen slave with immortality—"

"She created a vampire?!" Besand interrupted. Sophia shushed him.

"It was scandalous, but none of us dared stop her. She enslaved a new vampire and fucked him in Marcus' throne overseeing the mass of intertwined limbs of her infatuated love slaves. She chided Marcus as needing much more instruction to achieve what he had initially asked of her, but accepted his offer to teach him, even though, she said, 'you are not worthy of one minute of my time.'"

Julie paused as Besand sank into a chair. "One moment," he said. He dialed Suzy's number and regretfully apologized for needing to miss their date. The whole time he sounded troubled and pensive. He waited a few minutes in complete stillness after hanging up the phone. Julie and Sophia waited patiently as he finished collecting his thoughts. "Go on, Julie."

"She continued to instruct Marcus in lessons of humility, until this very eve. There were not many of us there that night. I...I was handcuffed inside a coffin, for one of Marcus' games when Dalia strode into the room. 'Dalia,' he said. 'What a pleasant surprise. You don't usually come here on Tuesday evenings.' 'Shut up and stand against the pole,' she said advancing quickly on him. I kept the lid of the coffin cracked open enough for me to spy unnoticed. I enjoyed watching Dalia work on him.

"She chained him to the poll and used a knife to tear the clothes from his body. 'I have something special for you tonight, Marcus. Something you will not like, but that I will enjoy greatly. Does that make you happy?'

"'Yes', he replied. 'I revel in your joy.' She laughed. 'I'll bet you do.' The great iron doors opened to the chamber. I almost cried out in fear. Brian the Hunter, strode into the room flanked by six other humans wielding swords, crossbows, and pistols. With bolts and bullets of silver, they quickly struck down the other vampires in the room, most in some state of helplessness in Marcus' various torture devices. The men with the swords finished off the wounded. Brian then walked over to Dalia and Marcus.

"'I don't believe this,' said the Hunter, 'but I must admit to you, a vampire, I am in your debt. This one I have hunted for many years.' He laughed heartily as Marcus squirmed. He continued, 'You know Lord Marcus, I thought to baptize you this evening, but instead, I think the members of your Circle shall find you like this. Undignified, humiliated, and standing naked, shackled to a pole. What a stir that will cause.'

"Marcus tried to voice his outrage, but gasped as Brian thrust a silver sword into his back and out his chest. He left it embedded inside him, to let the silver toxins work on his system. Black blood bubbled out of Marcus' mouth as he choked and writhed in agony. Dalia smiled in final triumph as I shut the lid in horror. There I hid paralyzed in fear until they left. Dalia sold out Marcus, Besand. I am the only one who knows this. She will kill me."

"Thank you for your courage, Julie," Sophia said to calm the trembling girl. "Away now to my home, while I sort this out with Besand. Speak to no one, and answer the door for no one. Understood?"

"Yes, mistress," she said then left.

"I don't believe it, Sophia."

"Believe it Besand. Dalia is cold, cruel, and harder than any of us. She killed Marcus."

"Then she must stand before the Circle and—"

"No!" Sophia cried. "No. She must not."


"No, Besand. I cannot let her. Raegis will not let her either. Marcus wasn't the only one taken with her. The Master was the only member who would not receive her after her punishment. She has seduced Raegis, and..."

Besand nodded. "And you."

"She owns us, Besand."

"No, Sophia, she owns my heart no longer."

"The mortal, Suzy?"

Besand nodded.

"I thought as much, Besand, you can end this. You are still her master. You do not need a reason to end her life. Kill her Besand. No one will stand against you in this."

Besand turned away from Sophia. Instantly they both felt Dalia's presence enter Besand's house. Sophia turned to leave. "You know what you have to do, Besand." She walked out of the room.

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