tagErotic HorrorThe End of an Eternity Ch. 09

The End of an Eternity Ch. 09


Part IX - Revelation

Dalia brushed past Sophia as she entered Besand's chamber. She was carrying a wine bottle and two glasses. Besand kept his back to her. She watched Sophia leave, then embraced Besand in a hug. "Oh, Besand, you must forgive me. I've been neglecting my duties to you." She stepped back and turned Besand around to face her. Dalia smiled, exposing glistening fresh blood on her teeth. Besand remained silent.

"I brought you some." She set a glass down on the table and filled the other with thick, red, blood. "I think he was a virgin. Very fresh...youthful."

"Dalia, where have you been tonight?"

"Out," she said. "You have been fucking Sophia tonight?"

Besand looked in shock. Dalia continued. "I understand. She's pretty good, not quite as good as me, but I've been gone far to long, Bez. I've come back for you. I missed you." She grabbed Besand's shirt collar and pulled him down to her lips. She kissed him passionately while unbuttoning his shirt. He could taste the warm blood in her mouth, and he became very thirsty. Dalia felt his fangs grow during their kiss.

"Oh, Besand! Drink with me." She kissed her way down his chest while he brought the glass to his lips. Dalia was fumbling with his belt buckle as he took his first sip. He instantly felt the warmth spread through his veins as he drank greedily from the cup.

He dropped the empty glass at his feet as Dalia slid his pants to his ankles. "I need more," Besand said. He grabbed the bottle on the table and stepped out of his pants. Dalia tried to grab his legs, but he pushed her away. He sat on the edge of the bed taking a long drink from the bottle. Dalia slowly crawled over to him. He pulled another long drink from the bottle as Dalia nuzzled her head between his legs. "Mmmm, Bez I can feel you stir." He looked down to watch Dalia's long, dark hair swirl over his growing cock. He took another drink. "Oh Besand, it's been so long. I want you so bad. Feel how wet I am." Besand felt warm, lubricated fingers slide up and down the length of his shaft. He let out a slight groan and lay back on the bed. Dalia stood up and dropped her dress to the floor.

She climbed on top of him, straddling him with her long, shapely legs, letting the fur of her groin tease him enticingly. Besand let his hands idly stroke Dalia's thighs as he let his emotions drive everything from his mind, save the woman on top of him. He felt enveloped as Dalia slowly lowered herself onto him. He gasped as the base of his shaft ground into her pelvic bone. Dalia shrieked with delight and laughed.

"Besand, feel how you fit me perfectly." She rose herself quickly, then started another slow decent down his swollen cock. "Oh, yes. You feel so good, I've never felt this good about anything. Uhmm. Or anyone. Oh god. Besand I knew you were still strong. I know I'm yours Besand." Her gasps became urgent, and she fucked him faster and faster.

"The others, weaklings." Her laughter ended in a moan of pleasure. He body shuddered as if beginning an orgasm, but she continued to speak. "Raegis, that playboy spends all of his time wallowing in pleasure, never thinking about anything further than the next sweet tart. And Sophia. Besand, you know..ohhh...she never hunts for herself anymore. She has her little slave boys bring her food as she lies around like some spoiled Victorian queen in lavish gowns and on squishy pillows. You need someone stronger, Besand, oh god I'm coming..."

Besand felt the emotion drain from him as Dalia let out mighty yells of passion. She ground him furiously, but he could barely feel anything anymore. The whole thing was like watching a movie while being bucked around by some animal. She didn't even slow down after she caught her breathe. "You're amazing Besand. So much stronger than that pitiful weakling Marcus—"

"Enough!" Besand roared throwing Dalia off of him with his arms. "You...you...how could you do this?"

Dalia lay sprawled on the floor laughing as Besand stood towering over her, still erect, but flushed with anger. "The Circle, Besand, is no more. Marcus is dead, Besand, and Sophia and Raegis weak and soft. And the Master who you all revere...did you really believe that vampires could become ill? Are all you elders that naïve?" Besand looked at her in a quaking fury.

"What on earth are you talking about!"

Dalia's face morphed into a sarcastic pout and mocked, "Why Besand, didn't you know? His illness is terminal."

"You killed him too?"

Dalia laughed. "Don't be silly. His young protégé Lionel has been poisoning him for years."

Besand shook his head in disbelief.

"It's true, Besand, the Circle is dying. A new age comes upon us. Of the five you are the strongest...or were. What happened to you? Is it that little mortal slut I've heard you've been screwing?"

She never saw Besand's hand strike her cheek, but nevertheless she was sent backwards with a sharp stinging in her face. Dalia paused and looked up at him. "Don't throw us away. Think of the new leadership that we would bring the clan. The power. You sensed our power when you brought me here. You know I am your chosen. Or knew. Now you're nothing."

Besand picked her up and held her by her shoulders. He opened his mouth to say something, to deny it, but nothing came out. Instead he threw her against the bed. He followed her flight and grabbed her hair as she hit the bed forcing her head back. Dalia gasped. "I'm still your master," he said. Besand forced her down on her hands and knees. Dalia's breathing quickened, as he rested his erect penis against her moist cunt. She didn't resist, but only trembled slightly. He felt the need to fuck her hard like this, asserting his power and authority over his rebellious pupil. He was shaking with excitement, lust, and desire. Then he paused. He remembered taking Dalia the first time, though he controlled her, it was what she had planned all along. Then he remembered The Master's fateful words. What Dalia loved in him, he now despised. As he calmed down, he heard Dalia whispering, "Please."

Besand stepped back full of self-loathing. Dalia whispered, "no, Besand, don't." Besand grabbed his pants off the ground, hastily dressing. Dalia looked up at him with pleading, full brown eyes. "Besand, don't leave. Finish what you started. You are everything." He turned to walk out. She cried "Besand!"

He stopped. "I love you," she muttered. Besand disappeared down his stairs into the waiting night.

Dalia was crying, "We could have everything."

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