tagBDSMThe End of Evil Ch. 02

The End of Evil Ch. 02


Junie had barely come to live with her new owners when ugly reality intruded on their idyllic world. Her search for a Master had caught the attention of a serial killer and she had barely escaped being his next victim. He was caught and facing trial; but now Junie had to testify. The whole idea of leaving her new home was more than she could bear to think about.

But she had to do it. Not only was there a subpoena, there was Monica. Her new friend, Monica, the only other woman to escape with her life, was a tiny fragile thing. Her body was barely healed from the horrific trauma of her assault and if Monica could be brave enough to face court and the man who had mutilated her, Junie knew she had to do it too, for Monica's sake.

Junie knew she was not going to have to do it alone. Her owners, Bob and Donna, were going to be there with her every step of the way. She knew she couldn't do it without them.

Chapter 2: A Trip to the City. Orientation and Disorientation.

When Donna got into the car Junie spoke quickly, "Ma'am, please, may I speak before you tell me not to talk?"

Donna looked quizzically at Junie, "Go ahead, Junie."

"I just wanted you to know how happy you have made me. Being able to do this has meant so much to me. I just wanted to tell you how much I love you."

Donna nodded and smiled, "I know, Junie. And now you are correct in guessing that I am taking your words away from you. Again, you are to remember that you are completely under my will. We have an afternoon appointment with Assistant District Attorney Benson."

Junie made a distressed whimper.

Donna interrupted, her voice sharp and icy, "Junie, this meeting is to discuss things I have already spoken to you about. Nothing she will say is going to be any worse than what we have already spoken about. Calm yourself. Like we discussed on the ride down, now is the time to start learning to control your emotions."

Junie could not help thinking to herself that there was a big difference between talking to Donna and some strange lawyer person. But she took a deep breath and forced herself to breathe out slowly, but her whole body was rigid with dread.

Donna's voice was cool, "Junie, let's play a game. I want you to reach down and grab hold of the chain that is anchored under your seat. Don't let go." Junie gripped the chains and looked at her Mistress expectantly; this was too easy, there had to be more. Donna smiled, "Good girl, now lift your feet up off the floor and keep them up. Start counting out loud backwards, from one hundred, by threes."

Junie tightened her stomach muscles and lifted her knees up, her feet dangling. She began, "100...97...94...91..." Her pace was good, and she felt like she was doing pretty well, when she paused and stuttered a number in the fifties.

Donna barked, "Start over, Junie. No mistakes."

Junie gulped and made it clear to one and groaned in relief as she lowered her feet. Donna looked over and called gaily, "No, you don't; I did not say stop. Keep going until you can't hold your legs up."

Junie strained and lifted her feet back up, her abdominals were starting to tremble with fatigue, "um... 1... minus 2...minus 5... minus 8..." Junie's voice was quivering under the strain. She made it almost back to negative 101 when she let her feet fall to the floor, her eyes looking apologetically at Donna.

Donna gave her a wink and commented, "Pretty good, you lasted longer than I expected. When we were kids, my dad used to make us do that when we were too noisy in the car. I got to minus seven hundred something, but, of course, I was a skinny little thing then. Next game! Hmmm, what should we do?" Donna frowned as she spotted a driver in a car with a cell phone pressed to the side of their head. "Okay, until I say stop, I want you to count how many people you see driving and talking on their cell phones. That ought to be interesting. If they see you looking at them, wrinkle up your nose and stick your tongue out at them."

Junie began to giggle as she peered out the window at the people in the cars. She could feel her face turn flaming red as she stuck tongue out. Nearly everyone that noticed her staring looked shocked and looked away, but when an older looking woman with white hair stuck out her tongue back, Junie shrieked and ducked. Donna was laughing, too. "How many have you counted so far?"

"Twenty-two, Ma'am."

"Good job, keep it up, but count out loud now."

Junie reached ninety-eight by the time they pulled the SUV into the parking garage. Donna looked at her watch and commented, "We're right on time, girl. Feel free to speak at will. How're the butterflies? Do we need to bring a barf bag? Are you going to run away?"

Junie sat still and looked inward, "Oh, they are fluttering around in there like mad, but I don't think I am going to be sick at the moment." She looked nervously at Donna and could not help asking, "What are we going to be doing?"

"I'm not totally sure. I expect that she will want to ask you some questions. She will want to hear you tell your story in your words. She may try and go over some of those same kinds of questions I was asking on the ride down to get a feel for how you are going to react on the stand." Donna got out and came around to the passenger side. When she opened the door she held up the leash, "You didn't promise not to run away."

Junie shrank back, her eyes huge and pleading. Donna cracked up and dropped the leash on the car floor, "I guess not, we do have to be able to get through the courthouse metal detectors. Though it is tempting to put a vibrator up your cunt, just so I can watch the guards do a cavity search on you."

Junie began to giggle and gave her Mistress an impish look. "Will they be big handsome guards, with great big guns?"

Donna smiled, "That's my girl. I told you we were going to have fun."

There was a metal detector, but the guards all looked tired and bored. It was crowded in the hallways and no one looked happy to be there. Lurleena Benson met them alone in a private office and, looking cautiously at Donna, dived in.

"Ms. Thomas..."

Junie interrupted her, holding up her hand, "Ma'am, please just call me Junie. That would make me feel a lot better."

"Well then, I want you to call me Leena. Donna has told me that she has already spoken to you about the judge's rulings regarding Sam Card's defense team's strategy." Leena shook her head. "I am not exactly sure what they are going to try and accomplish by this, but we need to be ready for questions regarding your sexual history."

Junie nodded and frowned, "Leena, will they be able to ask me about things that have happened to me with my Master and Mistress, things that have happened after he was arrested?"

Leena shook her head, "No, Junie, only things that you had done prior to when the crimes occurred."

June laughed, "Well then, they really aren't going to get much. I only talked about things. I never did any of them."

"Let's start out by you telling me what kind of stuff you did."

Somehow with only Leena and Donna there in the quiet office, it was not difficult. Junie spoke at length about her loneliness after her divorce and her shyness making it difficult to meet people in public places. She told how she started looking at sexual stuff on the internet and chatting in chat rooms. "It was funny, but it was so much easier to relax and not worry about what people thought. I could forget about my insecurities and really explore myself and my needs. I got more and more in touch with my fantasies of being dominated. Then I met Sir James, James Conrad, in a BDSM chat room. He said he could be my Master, but it could only be online, that we could never meet. Those made the whole thing seem safer, easier to do, knowing that I never really had to do any of the things we spoke of."

"I had to treat him with respect and obey his commands." Junie looked up at Donna through her lashes, "Of course, because he was not there I never really did all the things he said."

"It was all online, we exchanged sexually explicit pictures, did phone sex, and text messages. Because it was all pretend, some of the role playing could be pretty extreme. Yes, there was rape and scenes where he would pretend to be a stranger with a knife, but there were also scenes where I was an intern and he was a president, or I was a space maiden and he was an alien invader trying to impregnate me. It was all pretend. We both were completely aware of that."

"But after a while of pretending, I began to want more. And when I began to tell him how lonely I was, he seemed to change. He became harsher; the role playing games became more violent. That is when the knives began to be central to much of the play. He tried to talk me into having sexual contact with strangers, but I was too shy to do that. He encouraged me to find a real Master in some of the BDSM personal ads." Junie looked up at Donna and smiled softly, "That's how I met my Master and Mistress." Under the table she slipped her hand into Donna's and squeezed it softly.

"Sir James was becoming more aware that I was not following all his commands and began to talk about sending someone to punish me. That is when Bob and Donna told me to break it off with Sir James. They found out who he really was and told him to leave me alone, but he had already told Sam Card everything about me. It was too late. Sam Card broke my car window, urinated on the front seat and left that knife there. He had stabbed the knife through a nude photograph of me."

"I wanted to show Bob and Donna what had been done, but the knife had urine on it. So I got a zip lock bag and turned it inside out and picked up the knife without actually touching it. When I showed the knife to them, Donna said that she thought that sounded like a criminal thing, like a rapist. They did not want me to go home alone. I have never gone back, except the one time to get my sewing machine after Sam Card had broken in and destroyed all my belongings in my apartment."

Leena nodded, "Okay, things that are not proven in court cannot be brought into evidence. Because we have not proven that Sam Card put the knife into your car, you cannot say he did it. You can only say you found a knife in your car. You can tell how you found it. You can say it looked and smelled like urine to explain why you chose to pick it up in the plastic bag. We have forensic analysts that can confirm your observation that the liquid was actually urine, and DNA analysis can prove it was the defendant's."

"Say 'someone' broke into your apartment. But I don't think that they will bring that up. It will only hurt their case. So it is basically sticking to the facts of things you know from your own experience. You did not know that Sam Card was the man who assaulted Monica. You knew that a police detective told you he was a suspect in a rape in Oregon and you only learned that on Saturday. You gave the knife to Detective Funk when she questioned you about the knives found in your apartment."

Junie nodded, "Yes, I see. It can be really easy to start thinking in conclusions rather than just the facts. My Mistress says I can ask for questions to be rephrased. To always tell the truth and stay focused on the facts of exactly what happened."

Leena nodded, "Yes, that's good. And don't ever volunteer any information. Answer only the questions that you are asked. And if you wait a second to answer, it will give the prosecutor a chance to object. I expect there will be a lot of objections. If there is an objection you should stop speaking instantly."

Donna asked, "So, how long do you expect her testimony to last?"

Leena looked thoughtful, "Well, I expect her to be on the stand only a few hours at most, but if either side reserves the right to call her back, we might need her here through the duration of the trial. It could be months."

Junie blanched, "Months?" Her fingers clenched Donna's hand in panic.

Leena looked uncomfortable, "Well, most likely you will be able to go back to your home in Washington, but must be available to come back to testify again on very short notice. It will depend on how the judge rules. The prosecutor's office will pay for all traveling and hotel expenses for both you and Ms. Bond."

Junie made a distressed whimper and asked, "When are you going to tell Monica about all this?"

Leena smiled, "We have a whole team devoted to just helping Monica go through this. Using her sexual history was something she knew might come into evidence. After all, she did consent to meet with Sam Card with the understanding it was for sexual intercourse. She has developed a strong bond of trust with Agent Durant and he will be working with her, as well as her therapist and mother. I know you two have become friends and I want to encourage you two to continue to support each other." Leena gave Junie a firm look, "But it is very, very important that you do not talk about your testimonies. I don't want the defense team claiming that you have contaminated each other."

Junie looked up puzzled, "Contaminated?"

"There is always a chance that they will say that you two have gotten together and gone over each other's testimony to make Sam Card look more guilty. But we do have a record of all your communications and you two have never been alone together, so that should not be a problem." Leena looked at her watch, "So, Junie, do you have any other questions?"

Junie squirmed and looked toward Donna, "Um... Ma'am, Leena, I can get pretty nervous and shy. I will try really hard, but sometimes I have panic attacks. I sometimes will start to walk or run away without being able to stop myself. Sometimes I get sick to my stomach."

Leena nodded, "I know all about that. Tomorrow is Saturday. There will be a lot less people around. Donna will bring you back tomorrow and we will take a tour of the courtrooms. I want you to see where you will be sitting. We will practice some questions. The actual prosecuting attorney is going to meet us there. We will do our best to make sure you are as prepared as possible. It is okay to tell the judge if you need a break, but I really want you to keep it under control. It will make your testimony look weak if you seem emotionally unstable on the stand."

Donna said softly, "Junie, if you remember that you have to do it for Monica, you will not panic."

Junie looked up, her expression suddenly calm. "Of course, I could do it for Monica." She laughed and gave her Mistress a knowing look, "You knew that all along didn't you? I would only be able to do it if I was protecting someone I loved."

Donna nodded, "We did not trick you into loving Monica, sweet girl. There was nothing I could have done to keep you from that. It is your nature. But I am not above exploiting it to get what I want from you. You just have to trust me to make the best choices for you."

Junie giggled, "Oh, Ma'am, you know I trust you."

Leena stood up, "Then we will see you both here tomorrow. I will introduce you to Mark Freeden, the prosecuting attorney. There may be a couple of other people there, but nobody from the defense." Leena saw Junie tense and smiled, "Not too many, Junie, just a few to get you used to things. We will start slow."

As they walked out, Junie looked toward a tall white building, "That's the jail isn't it? He is in there."

Donna took her hand, "Yes, I think you are right about that. Let's all work together to make sure he never gets out."

"Junie! Junie, I need to talk to you about something!" Junie felt a shock of disbelief as she turned and saw R. P. Sanders bearing down on her and Donna. She was wearing another tight business suit, expensive gold jewelry sparkling as she hurried toward them on the sidewalk outside the courthouse.

Junie instinctively moved to stand behind Donna, her eyes looking distrustfully at the author. Donna stood her ground and remarked in an icy tone, "You have been informed that Ms. Thomas does not wish to speak with you."

R. P. Sanders looked around and looked at Donna puzzled, "You don't have to be afraid of your Master now. He is not here. He can't hurt you now."

Donna blinked and shook her head in confusion, "Stay away from me and Junie. We have nothing to say to you." She took Junie's arm and began to walk quickly toward the parking garage, muttering, "Just ignore her, Junie."

R. P. Sanders stopped and called after them, "Junie, don't you want to know what he says about you? He calls you the one that got away."

Junie gasped and flinched like she had been slapped. Donna tightened her grasp on her arm pushing her along, "Keep walking, girl."

When they got into the car, Donna was cursing like a sailor, "That stupid, fucking, cunt, bitch; you are right Junie; we should just hit her with something."

Junie just sat in her seat, her mind swirling with the horror, "My god, Ma'am, she actually is talking with him."

Donna snarled as she drove out of the garage, "She is one sick fuck."

Donna was continuing to mutter obscenities as they pulled up in front of a very upscale hotel only a few blocks from the court house. A doorman in an elaborate uniform stepped up and opened their car door. He carried their bags in while a valet drove the hybrid SUV away. Junie instinctively kept close to Donna, her eyes wide and curious as they walked into the quiet, luxurious, hotel lobby. Donna walked up to the desk and spoke coolly, "I have reservations under the name Campbell."

"Yes, Ma'am, your room is ready."

Once they were in the room, Donna paced back and forth across the spacious room, her face stormy. Junie stood uncertainly, watching her Mistress and looking around at the plush room. Finally she asked in a soft uncertain voice, "Mistress, am I allowed to speak?"

Donna whirled on her and then froze, her voice quivered with strain, "For now, Junie, until I feel in control of my emotions, you are not under submission to me at all. That woman finally got to me." She gave Junie a shaky smile, "But you could be a dear and run a bath for me."

Junie resisted the impulse to gather Donna up into her arms and hold her close. "Yes, Ma'am, I would be happy to do that." Junie was amazed to see that the tub was an oversized whirlpool bathtub with room for two. A basket held a selection of scented bath salts. Junie sniffed the lavender scented crystals and sprinkled some into the filling tub. The bathroom filled with the soft calming scent.

When the bath was full, Junie went out into the room and Donna was on the room phone. "I ordered room service. I just can't face going out right now."

Junie nodded, "Yes, Ma'am."

"Help me undress and get into the tub. Then wait in here for our dinner to get delivered. There is some money on the table for a tip."

Once Donna had slid deep into the water and the jets were bubbling, she sighed and stretched out, letting the water float her up. "The lavender smells good; sweet girl, do me a favor and get me my cell phone. I want to talk to our Master about our day."

Junie fetched the phone and stood looking down at her Mistress, reluctant to leave the bathroom. "Can I please just sit here on the floor next to you, Ma'am? I promise to be quiet and still."

Donna frowned and looked at the cell phone in her hand, "No, little one. Go on out and close the door. I will call you when I need you."

Junie found her feet dragging as she backed out of the bathroom and then closed the door. She felt a curious need to be with her Mistress and found herself sitting on the floor close to the door. She did not know if her dependence stemmed from the deeper submission, the emotional support and safety that she had been feeling since Donna had taken such firm control of her, or Donna's apparent emotional distress right now. All she knew was that she was starting to hate any separation; she leaned against the door and waited for the room service delivery.

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