tagBDSMThe End of Evil Ch. 05

The End of Evil Ch. 05


Junie had barely come to live with her new owners when ugly reality intruded on their idyllic world. Her search for a Master had caught the attention of a serial killer and she had barely escaped being his next victim. He was caught and facing trial; but now Junie had to testify. The whole idea of leaving her new home was more than she could bear to think about.

But she had to do it. Not only was there a subpoena, there was Monica. Her new friend, Monica, the only other woman to escape with her life, was a tiny fragile thing. Her body was barely healed from the horrific trauma of her assault and if Monica could be brave enough to face court and the man who had mutilated her, Junie knew she had to do it too, for Monica’s sake.

Junie knew she was not going to have to do it alone. Her owners, Bob and Donna, were going to be there with her every step of the way. She knew she couldn’t do it without them.

Chapter 5: Only the Truth

Sadly she made her way downstairs and began to fold some laundry. She was still working in the laundry room when she heard Bob come in through the back door into the basement. He was speaking in a firm quiet voice and she knew Donna had to be with him, too. Junie continued to busy herself, cleaning the already spotless room, unable to face them. Finally she heard Bob’s steps as he went into her room and then he called her name, his voice impatient.

Taking a deep breath she stepped out of the laundry room, “Yes?” Bob was standing over Donna as she knelt in the center of the room. Junie immediately noticed that Donna was wearing a blindfold and had her hands tied behind her back.

“So that’s where you have been hiding yourself.” His voice was soft and amused. Junie told herself that he was just joking, that it had been just a figure of speech.

“Yes, Sir, got me a good hiding spot behind the dryer, nice and warm back there.”

“Well get your ass out here.”

“Yes, Sir.”

Junie moved quickly to stand before him and clasped her hands behind her back. She stared at the floor uncertain as to what he wanted. His hand stroked her face and she closed her eyes and felt a quiver of resistance, the tiniest little impulse to pull away. Forcing herself to smile, she turned her face toward his hand and gently kissed his fingers.

“Your Mistress seems to have been having some fun shopping in the sex toy store. Did she show you all her purchases?”

“No, Sir, I only saw the two vibrators. We used them when we played our game.” Junie found her eyes staring down at the form of Donna kneeling perfectly still on the floor, her face calm and expressionless behind the mask hiding her eyes.

“Yes, she told me of the game. You two sounded like you had fun. She was very impressed with your stamina. How convenient for you both that there was no winner or loser. But you denied me the fun of figuring out a reward for the winner. I do not know if I am satisfied with that. Perhaps we should play a final round to see who will win.” Bob stepped away and pulled the familiar bag that had come from the store out of the toy box. “Your Mistress surprised me. She rarely splurges like this.” He reached into the bag and pulled out a box and opening it, held up a double ended dildo. “Though I can see what attracted her to this.”

Bob reached down and took Donna’s elbow, “Come, my goddess. We will have one more competition, but I think I will change the rules.” He steadied her as she stood and then led her towards Junie’s bedroom. Looking back over his shoulder, he called back, “Junie, don’t just stand there. Get your ass in gear.”

Bob arranged them on the bed, Donna with her head near the headboard and Junie with her head almost hanging off over the foot. Taking some ropes he tied their hands to the corners of the bed and then, tipping each of them slightly on their sides, brought their legs in around each other’s bodies in a scissor shape, their crotches close together. Junie could feel the cool moist lubricant as he slipped the dildo into her and then urged her closer until she could feel the touch of Donna’s warm flesh pressing against hers.

“So here are the new rules. Instead of who can last the longest without coming, the winner will be who comes first. Donna is not speaking, but has permission to vocalize her pleasure. Winner gets to come, loser must suffer without. Start anytime you feel like it.”

Junie felt Donna’s hips begin to surge and rock, grinding against her. Junie found her movements stiff and jerky, her body obeying but her heart not in it. She squeezed her eyes shut, meeting and matching Donna’s movements, deliberately pressing down on Donna’s cunt with her thigh, urging her toward her orgasm. Soon Donna was making soft moaning sounds and Junie matched them, making soft little encouraging grunts, whispering, “Yes, that’s good.” Donna’s sounds and movements were compelling and Junie could feel herself warming, the tension building in her own body, but she knew that she was not going to win; she had no intention of winning.

When Donna cried out, her hips snapping and jerking with her climax, Junie felt a wave of relief. Somehow she knew that coming very easily could have washed away the fragile wall she had built around her pain. And, while she was not sure exactly why she was feeling this way, she did not want to reveal it to her Master.

Junie could feel her body trembling with its need for release, but she had felt worse many times before. In many ways the soft continual ache of lust was very pleasant. When Bob pulled the dildo from her swollen folds she pressed her legs together savoring the empty feeling in her cunt that so matched the hole in her heart.

Junie realized she had not even opened her eyes when he spoke again, “Well, the clear winner is Donna. And, Junie, you will have to contend with your need a while longer. I will decide how much longer at a later time, certainly not tonight.” Forcing her face to look sad, keeping her treacherous eyes closed tight to hide her true feelings, Junie let a tiny rebellious wave of joy well up through her. All she knew was she was glad that she had not come and for right now did not want to come ever again.

The rest of the night Junie found herself obediently, even enthusiastically assisting her Master as he made love to Donna. She found herself lying under her Mistress as she was on her hands and knees, licking at her cunt, while her Master took her from behind. Her tongue caressing them both at the junction of their union, her spirit rejoicing as she felt her Mistress convulsing in pleasure with each touch.

Somehow it felt safe and easy to give pleasure, her mind happy and clear in her task, her body in control of itself. She eagerly cleaned them both with her mouth and then bathed them with a basin of warm water and a cloth, leaving loving kisses on the freshly cleaned flesh as was always her habit, telling herself that everything was going to be okay.

She lay in the bed still and quiet beside Bob, listening to his breathing. Donna was sleeping at the foot of the bed on the floor. Very quietly she would turn her head and look at the time on the clock, playing an idle game of trying to see how many minutes had passed since the last time she had looked. She had given up trying to sleep hours ago. Her mind was a spinning blur of confusion. What was it she was afraid of losing? Was it attention, safety, love? Somehow it felt like all those things and something more. It was the something more that had her twisting. If she could just figure that out then maybe she could sleep.

The only way Junie knew she had slept was the fading echoes of a dream; forgotten the instant she tried to remember. All that remained was a restless sense of dissatisfaction, like she had been trying to say something or do something and was frustrated.

What woke her was the familiar sensation of her Master’s hand idly playing with her breast, his fingers toying with her nipple. A deep quiver of need shook through her, her body insistently reminding her it needed satisfaction. It had been days and Junie was keenly aware that since coming to live with her Master and Mistress she had become very accustomed to a rich sexual diet.

Taking a deep breath she ignored the ache and throb that started in her cunt, but reached up through her gut and lodged in her throat, an aching lump of unshed tears. Forcing herself to retreat into routine, she twisted in her Master’s arms and kissed him gently. Soundlessly she mouthed the words, “Good morning,” and slipped from the bed to start her day.

The form of her Mistress sleeping on the floor at the foot of the bed, made Junie’s feet falter and pause. Donna was curled in a tiny ball with her blindfold still firmly in place. Still deeply asleep, her face was relaxed and Junie thought she looked peaceful and happy. A wave of guilt for feeling so needy and resentful made Junie’s lips turn down. Junie pushed herself toward the bathroom.

As she washed her face and combed her hair, Junie realized she was waiting. Always before, her Master had been close on her heels, joining her in her morning routine. But this time he did not come into the bathroom with her.

When she returned to her room he was dressed and was pulling Donna to her feet. He looked up at Junie, “Good, go ahead and make coffee and then deal with the dogs. Take them for their walk and then brush them. We should be back in time for breakfast.”

Junie looked down at her nude body, “Um, Sir, you said yesterday that I should stay naked. Is that your wish for me today as well?” Her voice sounded stiff and formal in her ears.

Bob frowned, still staring at Donna, apparently lost in thought, “Whatever, I don’t care.” He paused and looked up at Junie, “Just get dressed.” Gripping Donna’s arm firmly he urged her along in front of him as he walked away.

Junie stood swaying in shock, her mouth open and gasping. His words ‘I don’t care’ ricocheted around inside her head, each echo crushing and bruising her until she fell to her knees, her arms wrapped around her body, desperately trying to hold the pieces of her broken heart together.

Junie blindly, mechanically went through the motions of her morning, her mind and heart numb. Even the gentle touch and warmth of the dogs could not penetrate the dull ache that seemed to fill her. Her whole body felt heavy, her stomach was cramping, and even the flesh of her loins felt heavy and leaden.

Bob kept Donna at his side every second of the day. It seemed like all his attention was absorbed with her. Throughout the day Bob focused his attention on Donna, alternately punishing her and teasing her. Over and over Junie found herself pausing, staring in envy and resentment and then averting her eyes in guilt at some vision of extreme submission. It seemed like the images were seared into Junie’s memory. Donna tied in a contorted knot, a vibrator making her squirm and groan. Donna spread-eagled and screaming as Bob scourged her with a cane. And somehow most difficult of all, Donna still and unreachable, swaying in fatigue, bound, blindfolded, her ears covered with the headphones, kneeling statue still at their Master’s feet.

Junie threw herself into her duties, filling her day with the house, the dogs and the garden. Carefully hiding her face as much as possible, finding some urgent chore always as far away as possible, Junie worked on the walls around her pain, telling herself that she had no right to feel the way she did, that she was being childish, that she just had to suck it up.

It was late afternoon when she discovered she had started her period. Blinking her eyes in disbelief she looked at the bloody stain on the toilet paper. This was the last thing she needed now. Her menstrual cycle had become increasingly erratic and unpredictable lately. She knew it was a natural part of getting older, but she had missed the last couple of months and, with all the excitement, she had somehow forgotten it could happen at all.

Even worse was the fact that she did not have any tampons in the house. Knowing that she needed to tell Bob that she was leaving to run an errand into town, Junie looked all over the house and the garage. Neither Bob nor Donna were anywhere to be found, and noticing that the dogs were nowhere to be seen, Junie realized that they had to be on a walk in the woods.

Suddenly impatient and frustrated with her inability to find them, Junie wrote a quick note, ‘I looked all over for you, but I could not find you to ask. I need to run to town to pick up a few things. Be home soon. Love, Junie.’ She left the note on the table and grabbing a list of a few other things they were running low on, she grabbed her keys and billfold and hurried out to her car.

Junie stopped by the local drug store and picked up a big package of her favorite tampons and some panty-liners. There was no predicting how heavy or how long this period would last. As she was in the drug store, she had a fleeting thought, wondering if some of her unstable feelings were from a shift in her hormones. She never had had much trouble with PMS in the past, but with the stress of the trip to Portland and the pending trial, maybe this was all just something that would pass as her cycle wound around.

Stopping by the co-op grocery she stocked up on a few things that they were running low on, balsamic vinegar, olive oil, ginger root and high gluten flour. On impulse she picked up a big chunk of bulk dark chocolate.

She stopped by the department store and browsed through the DVD section, looking for some of her old favorite movies that she had been missing. There was one children’s animated movie she had always watched when she was feeling down that could always make tears come to her eyes. She smiled sadly at the familiar cover, thinking back to all the times she had watched this movie, singing along with the songs, speaking the dialog along with the characters on the screen.

Junie wasn’t exactly conscious that she was drawing out this visit to town, letting the time slip away. All she knew was that she felt a curious reluctance to return home. As she drove past Mary’s sewing shop she could not resist stopping by to say hello, after all she had broken a sewing machine needle last week and had used her last one to replace it. When Junie walked in Mary looked up and smiled, “Junie, how have you been?”

“Oh just fine, it’s been a busy summer with the garden and puppies. I really have not had time for much sewing, but I did get my corset done. I should have remembered to bring it in to show you.”

Mary laughed, “Maybe I should have you make me one.” Then a shadow fell over her face, “There is no hurry on that though, they have extended Stan’s duty, again.” Junie knew that Stan was Mary’s husband and he was in a National Guard unit deployed in the Middle East.

“Oh, honey, I am so sorry. I knew how much you were looking forward to his coming home.”

Mary’s face crumpled for a second and then she forced herself to smile. “He thinks he might be able to come home on leave around Christmas.” Her voice bright and brittle, “It would be a nice present for Miranda to see her Daddy. All she has is pictures.” Again Mary’s face trembled.

Junie could not resist gathering the young woman into her arms. “Goodness, girl, you should have called me. Facing this all alone, you don’t have to put on a brave face for me.”

Mary sagged in Junie’s arms and between soft little sobs, poured out her heart. “It’s so hard. Every day I wonder if he will come home at all. I worry he will get killed or just forget about us. I know it’s crazy, but I still have doubts. He’s just so far away and it’s been so long.”

Junie held the crying girl until she had no more tears and then helped her close up the shop. “You are just down because you expected him sooner. He has not forgotten you. He writes and calls. Having a good cry, now and then, does not hurt anything. When you get home write him a nice letter. Have Miranda color him a picture.”

Mary smiled and wiped her eyes, “Thanks, I know you are right. I just don’t have anyone much to talk to about these things. I have been carrying this around inside myself for a long time. My family pretty much refuses to talk to me about Stan. They were all modern and,” Mary held her fingers up and made exaggerated quote marks with her fingers, “politically correct. That is until I fell in love with and married a black man and then all of a sudden they were all… ‘Are you sure this is a good idea? Are you sure this isn’t a mistake? Are you sure that he is really responsible enough?” Mary gave a bitter laugh, “I asked them if they were sure if he wasn’t white enough? They were really offended that I would suggest such a thing, but now, when I feel down, I can’t really turn to them. They act like Miranda does not even exist. My Dad won’t even look at her.”

As they hugged good bye and promised to talk more often, Junie was becoming uncomfortably aware that she had spent much longer in town than she had planned. When she reached into her purse to call she grimaced, her cell was on its charger in her sewing room. “Damn it.”

The sun was almost down when she pulled into the yard. When she walked into the house with her purchases in her arms, Bob and Donna were both sitting at the table. Donna was still nude, but the blindfold was gone and she was sitting at her place at the table. Junie could see her cell phone sitting on the table next to the note she had left. Bob looked up, his eyes dark and angry. “Be home soon? Where the hell have you been?”

Junie blanched and shrank back, “I just needed some things. I got a little side tracked. I stopped by Mary’s and she was feeling really down and needed a shoulder to cry on.” She was speaking as quickly as possible and shifting nervously on her feet, clutching the bags in her hands. “I’m sorry I didn’t realize I was going to be gone this long.”

Donna’s voice was hoarse and tired, “Both your Master and I were very disturbed at your unexpected absence.”

A flare of anger shook through Junie, “I tried to find you. I looked all over. You were gone god knows where. What was I supposed to do? You were gone!” Suddenly aware that she was yelling, Junie gasped in horror and dropping the bags, bolted for her room.

Junie was on her knees in the corner of her room sobbing when she heard her Mistress’s voice, “That was interesting.”

Junie huddled into a smaller ball, pressing herself into the corner, and choked out, “I’m sorry.”

Bob’s voice was sharp and impatient, “You keep saying that, ‘sorry’. I am tired of hearing that. I asked you a question. Where the hell were you?”

Junie’s voice was muffled and soft, “Drugstore, Co-op, department store, and Mary’s.”

Bob’s voice cracked, “God damn it! Get the fuck out of that corner and look me in the eye!”

Junie flinched and scrambled to kneel at his feet, but could not bring herself to look up at him. She stared miserably at his feet as he paced back and forth across her room. His voice was tense and angry, “Your little escapade interrupted your Mistress’s time with me at a very sensitive point of her journey. Your absence was an unnecessary distraction and may very well have stolen from her the peace and balance she was seeking.”

Again Junie was shaken by a wave of anger. Her eyes flashed up at his face and her mouth opened and then snapped shut. Just as quickly her eyes slipped away from his face and fell to his feet once more.

Bob’s hand in her hair jerked her head around, forcing her face up, “What the fuck was that? I told you to look me in the eye, bitch.” Junie found her eyes locked on his steely blue gaze. “That’s better. You know that look you just gave me was the first honest thing you have given me since you have gotten home from Portland.”

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