tagBDSMThe End of Evil Ch. 07

The End of Evil Ch. 07


Junie had barely come to live with her new owners when ugly reality intruded on their idyllic world. Her search for a Master had caught the attention of a serial killer and she had barely escaped being his next victim. He was caught and facing trial; but now Junie had to testify. The whole idea of leaving her new home was more than she could bear to think about.

But she had to do it. Not only was there a subpoena, there was Monica. Her new friend, Monica, the only other woman to escape with her life, was a tiny fragile thing. Her body was barely healed from the horrific trauma of her assault and if Monica could be brave enough to face court and the man who had mutilated her, Junie knew she had to do it too, for Monica's sake.

Junie knew she was not going to have to do it alone. Her owners, Bob and Donna, were going to be there with her every step of the way. She knew she couldn't do it without them.

Chapter 7: Fuck No!

In the days and weeks that followed, life went back to their normal patterns. Bob worked in his garden and workshop, Junie kept house and catered to her owners, and Donna worked on her computer and oversaw the running of things. But there was a gentler qualitative difference to how Donna moved through her days. Frequently Junie would see Donna pause, her expression introspective, and her face briefly defenseless and vulnerable. Then Donna would blink, smile, and shrug and move on.

Once Junie asked, "What are you thinking about?"

Donna gave her a gentle swat, "Just wrestling with my demon, girl."

Bob made them continue practicing on the teeter board, but did have a contractor come out and finish the foundation for the addition to the garage. After two weeks of daily practice, Junie was amazed to balance, blindfolded, without touching or speaking, needing only the feel of the board beneath her feet to find equilibrium with her Mistress. Bob had made them stand on the board at least a half hour every day.

One evening he stood looking at them as they balanced and commented, "Yes, I think we are ready for a real test." He attached clamps to both Donna and Junie's nipples and tied a strong cord that threaded up through a pulley. Once Donna and Junie stepped back up onto the teeter board, he pulled the cord tight. Any variation from perfect balance had dire consequences. Then he began to flog them, walking around and around, striking one and then the other of them. Junie looked deep into her Mistress's eyes, forcing her body to focus on the sensations of balance and pain. Donna smiled in encouragement.

When the half hour was up, both their bodies were striped with lash marks, their faces wet with tears, but their eyes were glowing with triumph and accomplishment. Bob gathered them up into his arms and congratulated them, "I am very proud of you two." He arched an eyebrow, "Do you think you could do it with those rabbit vibrators? Could you balance and come? Could you balance and come at the same time? Now that would be a trick."

Donna looked at Junie and whispered, "What do you think, sweet Junie? Would you like to try?"

Junie wrinkled her nose and smiled impishly, "As long as it isn't juggling, I am up for anything."

Donna made a horrified face, "Hush, girl, don't give him any ideas."

Bob laughed, "What kind of attitude is that? But now, my two sweet lovers, let's retire to the bedroom. You deserve a reward for you accomplishments of today. We will try that little stunt another day." He laughed, "We don't want to use up all my good ideas in one day." And then he muttered thoughtfully. "Juggling? Hmm... juggling." And then he laughed evilly when Donna groaned.

It was almost a week later that Junie found herself with her hands bound tightly behind her, ropes tied around her hips and between her legs, holding the rabbit vibrator buried deeply in her cunt, the clitoral stimulator deep between the folds of her labia. Stepping up onto the teeter board felt awkward with the distracting movement and vibrations, but she looked into Donna's face and smiled bravely.

Donna whispered, "Sweet Junie, we can do this. Just look into my eyes and let the feelings flow over you. We can balance in our sleep."

Junie took a deep breath and chewed on her lip, not daring to talk. Over and over she turned her mind away from the distraction of her building excitement. She watched Donna, noting the way her pupils were expanding, the flushed color of her face spreading down her neck and across her breasts. A sheen of sweat made her Mistress's golden skin gleam.

Carefully breathing in and out slowly through her open lips, fighting the building tremors in her legs, Junie whispered, "How are you doing?"

Donna spoke through her clenched teeth, "Good, very, very good. Just say when and I will be there with you."

Junie felt a wave of gratitude, happy that her Mistress seemed to always be ahead of her, quicker to reach her passion. She nodded and swallowed, her breath coming quicker, soft, shallow gasps of passion. She could feel the muscles of her stomach and thighs trying to contract, the board tilted and wavered. Slowly she forced her body to remain still and calm, and the board slowly found its level once more. Junie's voice quivered and squeaked, "Oh god, coming. Coming now!" She was intensely aware of the ripples of pleasure flowing up from her center across her body, resounding through her.

Donna opened her mouth and exhaled slowly, releasing her passion in a long slow sigh. The board teetered and swayed as their muscles quivered and spasmed. Junie believed that they would have been able to do it if they could have turned off the vibrators at that point, but the vibrations continued and her body betrayed her and then Junie lost her balance. As she stepped back to keep from falling, Donna's end of the board crashed down and she began to fall. Bob caught her and eased her to the floor, turning off the vibrator lashed between her legs. Donna looked up dazed and blinking, and then shrugged and grinned, her voice was foggy with spent passion, "Almost."

Junie was still dancing and jerking at the whim of the vibrator; she staggered to her Mistress and collapsed beside her; Bob turned off Junie's vibrator. Junie whispered, "I'm sorry." Donna pressed her lips to Junie's mouth; their bodies nestled together, craving the contact in their fading bliss.

Bob's voice was coolly analytical, "Yes, almost. You did better than I expected."

Junie sighed and then giggled, "I could have done it if that thing did not keep going and going. I couldn't keep my legs still after I came and it kept vibrating."

Bob made a thoughtful grunt. "I am sure you will have lots of opportunities to practice."

Junie thought to herself that practicing having orgasms sounded like a challenge she was looking forward to.

The days and weeks passed quickly. There were endless amounts of vegetables and fruits to freeze, can and dry. Junie devoted all her time and energy to preserving the bounty from the garden. The freezer and pantry was filled with jams and frozen vegetables. Junie loved to stand in the pantry and just look at the rows of gleaming jars; rich red tomato sauces, golden and green pickles, dark purples and rubies of jellies and jams. The freezer was rapidly filling with beans, greens, peas, squash and dozens of other things. Bob teased her, telling her that she could only have half the space in the freezer, "You have to leave some room for meat girl."

Junie knew she was burying herself in work to divert her mind from the building sense of anxiety she had about the rapidly approaching trial date.

It was mid-September when Donna began to look for a place to rent closer to Portland. "I want to move down a couple of weeks before the trial. I want Junie to be settled in and comfortable." She looked thoughtful, "I also want to attend as much of the trial as possible."

Junie looked up, a frown of worry creasing her brow and turning her lips down. Donna reached out and took her hand, "Don't worry, anytime you are at the courthouse I will be there with you. It's just that I have been talking with Leena and I am getting really curious to see exactly what his defense team is up to."

Donna continued, "Leena said that the judge pulled the whole defense team in and gave them hell about R. P. Sanders trying to approach Junie. It turns out that until you were officially listed as a witness for the prosecution, it was not illegal for them to try and interview you. So the only time that they were doing anything illegal was when Sanders tried to talk to us at the courthouse. Supposedly, Sanders was claiming she was doing 'investigation' when she was run up the tree here."

Junie's voice was small and tense, "Investigating what?"

Donna shrugged, "Lord knows. They did not have to explain that. That is one reason why I want to see as much of the trial as possible." Then Donna looked a little embarrassed, "I have been thinking a lot about what we talked about at the courthouse, about how everyone is writing a book about this. I kind of have been thinking that it might be interesting to try. Maybe I can beat that Sanders bitch at her own game."

Bob laughed loudly and exclaimed, "Kick her ass, my goddess. Kick her ass."

Junie gasped, "Oh Ma'am, you could do it. You could tell the real truth."

Lurleena Benson recommended a property management company, and Donna found a small house in a quiet neighborhood only about a half hour drive from downtown. It had two bedrooms and two bathrooms, a full basement and a two-car garage. It had a tall privacy fence around the back yard because there was a swimming pool. The pool was drained and covered, but Donna still liked the idea of having a lot of privacy. The landlords agreed to rent week to week after the first month. Junie did not ask how much it was going to cost. She was just grateful that both her Master and Mistress were going to be there with her.

Conversations at the dinner table increasingly revolved around their plans for the move to Portland. Junie was given the job of keeping a yellow legal tablet of lists of things that needed to be done and things that needed to be packed.

It seemed to Junie that Donna was really starting to look forward to the whole thing, seeing it as an adventure. Bob made arrangements for the dogs to stay with a friend that ran a breeding kennel. "That's where we left them when we traveled last year. He lets them share a big kennel at night and they can run loose during the day."

Mary agreed to keep an eye on the house, coming out and staying the night a few nights a week.

Everyone agreed that taking both cars made the most sense.

It was decided that they would move down the first week of October.

As the time to move down drew closer, Junie found herself growing increasingly quiet and tense. She made a conscious effort to keep close to either Donna or Bob.

Occasionally Donna would pause, pose a practice question and then reassure her, "Junie, you know all the answers. When it is time you will be ready. As best you can, remind yourself that worrying is a waste of energy. Trust yourself."

Donna wanted to leave first thing in the morning. All afternoon the day before Junie had reviewed all her lists of things that needed to be done and things that needed to be packed, obsessing that she was sure that she had forgotten something. She walked from one room to the next, her tattered yellow pad gripped in her hand. She looked over her sewing room. Everything was put away, neatly stacked in the cupboards. She had even put her precious sewing machine in its case and stored it in a cupboard, telling herself that with Mary house sitting, that she did not want to worry about Miranda's curious fingers getting into her things.

The entire dungeon had been dismantled and stored in the workshop, an innocent stack of boards and timbers. The kitchen was clean and all perishables were eaten or packed to take to the new kitchen in Portland. Junie had packed a lot of food to take with them, protesting that nothing was as good as the things they had grown themselves. Clothes were packed. Bob told her that he would be packing all the toys they might need and Junie noticed that he had a very heavy duffle bag that clanked when he moved it into the garage to load into the SUV.

Junie helped Donna pack, showing her the alterations she had made in Donna's old dated business suits to update them and make them fit better. At Junie's gentle pleading, Donna agreed to pack her mother's old jewelry box. "Please, Ma'am, if you are going to be at the courthouse a lot. You should look like someone important. You want to kick that Sanders bitch's ass? Your jewelry will say a lot about you being a kick-ass bitch." That evening Bob loaded everything up in the SUV and declared that Donna and Junie were driving the Miata down and he would follow with the larger car.

That evening after dinner, Bob turned on the hot tub and they sat soaking. Donna spoke softly, "So, Junie, are you going to fight us about getting into the car tomorrow morning?"

A tiny shudder of nervous doubt shook through Junie, but then she took a deep breath and said, "Fuck no!" Donna's eyebrows went up, "What the hell did you say?"

Junie giggled and kicked her feet in the hot water, "I said 'Fuck no!'. No disrespect to you, Ma'am, but I am getting tired of being afraid all the fucking time. It pisses me off that Sam Card, R. P. Sanders, Greg, Sir James, all those fucking people, have managed to push me around because I was fucking afraid. I am going to do this and I am going to kick ass, too!"

Bob roared with laughter, "Fuck yes, girl, you kick ass, too."

They went for a swim in the dark, their mood infected with a sense of gentle playfulness, splashing and dunking each other, their laughter carrying out over the lake and to the trees.

Their lovemaking continued to be filled with giggles, and silly fun. Donna and Junie pretended to take Bob captive and engaged in a mock battle for the use of their prize. Bob protested he was an old man and incapable of satisfying two such insatiable Amazon princesses, fueling their fevered lust. Finally Donna tickled Junie into submission and took him for her own, mounting him from above and riding him, her moans and sighs exaggerated in triumph. Then she lay back and demanded that Junie lick every trace of his come from her cunt. Junie pretended to be defiant and reluctant as she bent her face to her Mistress's cunt, hiding her absolute delight, exulting as she brought her Mistress to a second screaming orgasm.

Then they both attacked Junie, Bob kissing her, teasing and torturing her nipples, while Donna drove her to orgasm after orgasm, her lips and tongue relentless on her clit, her fingers deep in Junie working endlessly on the sensitive inner walls. Junie was limp and babbling in surrender when they finally relented. Bob insisted that, because he was the captive, that he be allowed to bathe them afterward, and Junie found herself in the odd position of lying back as he wiped her clean and covered her with a blanket.

Junie was walking from one room to the next. The house seemed strangely quiet, but Junie knew something was there. There was an eerie sensation that someone or something was watching her. She was looking for something, but it was weird, the layout of the rooms was all wrong. The carpet squished under her feet and she looked down, confused. There wasn't carpet in this room. In fact there wasn't any carpet in the whole house. She wondered how this carpet got in here. When had Bob installed carpet?

A tiny spark of rational awareness flickered in her mind; this wasn't real. She had to be dreaming.

Junie looked down at her bare feet sinking into the wet carpeting. It was deep, too deep. If felt like she was ankle deep in soggy wet grass. The moisture that welled up between her toes and around her feet was oddly warm and too her horror, red. Junie screamed as she realized she was standing in blood, "No! No!"

Junie woke to the sensation of Bob shaking her. She was sitting up, trembling and gasping. She forced her breathing to calm and then muttered, "Fuck no."

Bob's voice was soft, "Junie, wake up."

"I'm awake. I just refuse to be scared."

Donna's voice was sleepy, "Good girl."

Junie did not sleep at all the rest of the night. She lay in bed for a long time until she was sure that Bob and Donna were back asleep and then she got up and retraced the steps of her dream. She padded silently from room to room, looking at her home, touching the furniture and walls, reassuring herself that it was all real and the way she remembered. For the first time in many weeks the sky was dull and gray, a fine mist of rain obscuring the lake and the trees. Junie made a cup of coffee and sat at the table, looking out the front windows.

When Bob came out with his cup of coffee, he touched her shoulder and asked, "You did not sleep?"

"No, not after that dream. I had too many things to think about. Before we leave, could we go for a walk? I know the dogs are gone, but I need to say good bye to the trees."

Together they walked out through the woods, holding hands, not speaking, and letting the eternal peace of the trees soak into their spirits. As they walked back Junie slipped her arm around her Master's waist, "Thank you. I needed that." She looked up at the soft gray sky, "It looks like our summer is over. It has been the best summer of my life."

Bob gave her a gentle squeeze, "For us too, Junie, for us too. I expect that this fall and winter will be just as good, perhaps better."

Junie stood by her little yellow Miata and looked back out towards the house. She had checked everything twice and every part of her rational mind was screaming at her to just get into the car. Her stomach was churning and she could hear the first telltale buzzing in her ears. She held onto the edge of the car like it was the last anchor of sanity in a rapidly dissolving world. She gagged and choked out, "I am losing it. Tell me what to do. Fucking tell me what to do."

Bob's voice was a low growl, "Then get in the fucking car."

That was all Junie needed, her knees buckled and she slipped into the passenger seat. She leaned forward and put her head against the dash and muttered to Donna. "Drive, just drive. Get me the fuck out of here, before I try to get out of the car."

They had been on the road for almost an hour when she lifted her head up and looked sheepishly at Donna. "I really thought I could do it."

Donna laughed and patted her knee. "Darling girl, you did do it. We did not touch you once. You got yourself clear out to the car. You asked for what you needed and you did not need much. Look, you aren't even sick to your stomach. Now fasten your seatbelt." As Junie snapped the strap around her Donna spoke up, "Okay, girl, lean your seat back as far as you can and close your eyes. I want you to lay quiet and still and try to sleep. Bob said you were up most of the night."

Junie laid back and took a deep breath. She could sense her body's fatigue, but again her mind was tense and fighting sleep. She tried for a long time and then she spoke up, her voice was soft, "Ma'am, it would help me to sleep if I could masturbate. Coming always makes me sleepy right afterwards."

Donna laughed, "Sure, sweet Junie, go ahead and do whatever you need. Why don't you continue your fantasy story for me? You had just been used most cruelly by a whole gang of ruthless, insatiable men and they had chained you to a post in the center of their camp."

Junie giggled softly as she worked her hand down inside her pants, slipping her fingers deep inside herself seeking her moisture and then drawing it up, making her folds damp and slippery. "Yes I was naked, dirty, covered in their come. I was in pain and terrified and had nothing to look forward to but more abuse." Her fingers found and slowly rubbed in a circle over her clitoris. Her voice was soft and breathy, "Yes, and as much as I hate to admit it I am incredibly turned on. I feel disgusted at my body's response. All their words were true. I really am a whore and a slut. If my hands had not been tied behind my back I would have touched myself."

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