tagBDSMThe End of Evil Ch. 08

The End of Evil Ch. 08


Junie had barely come to live with her new owners when ugly reality intruded on their idyllic world. Her search for a Master had caught the attention of a serial killer and she had barely escaped being his next victim. He was caught and facing trial; but now Junie had to testify. The whole idea of leaving her new home was more than she could bear to think about.

But she had to do it. Not only was there a subpoena, there was Monica. Her new friend, Monica, the only other woman to escape with her life, was a tiny fragile thing. Her body was barely healed from the horrific trauma of her assault and if Monica could be brave enough to face court and the man who had mutilated her, Junie knew she had to do it too, for Monica's sake.

Junie knew she was not going to have to do it alone. Her owners, Bob and Donna, were going to be there with her every step of the way. She knew she couldn't do it without them.

Chapter 8: Such a Dirty Girl

Junie read the map and helped guide them through the quiet little suburban neighborhood. There were tall old trees and dignified older houses. The house Donna had rented was on a little cul-de-sac with only three other houses on it. Junie looked curiously at the brick house. It had a big maple tree that obscured much of the front yard and a tall wooden fence blocked the back yard. The yard was neglected, with the grass still brown from a long, dry summer and weeds growing in the flower beds. The front door opened and an older Asian woman came out, looking at her watch and then waving a greeting.

When Donna got out she called to them, "Right on time. Come in, come in!"

While Donna sat at the dining room table and filled out a stack of forms, Junie explored the house. The kitchen was small, but had recently been remodeled. The appliances were new and Junie was relieved to see that the range had gas burners. The corner of her mouth turned down at the glaring shortage of counter space, but there was a cute breakfast nook looking out over the back yard. She wandered into the back of the house. The bedrooms seemed small compared to home, but there was a king-sized bed in the master bedroom. The second bedroom was even smaller and had two twin beds in it. Both bedrooms had televisions in them and Junie wondered what Donna's reaction to having one of those 'demon boxes' in the same room she slept in would be. There was a living room, dominated by yet a third television, and a formal dining room with rather bland, modern furniture in it. Junie peeked through the door into the empty garage and then found the stairs leading down to the basement. All the rooms in the basement were finished but completely bare. Dark paneled walls and deep beige carpet, with recessed lighting, just emphasized the emptiness. There was a utility room with a lonely washing machine and dryer divided by a utility sink and a bathroom, with fifties tile and pink porcelain fixtures. Junie thought that the bathroom was one of the few rooms in the house that seemed to have any personality or flavor at all. Everything had a thin layer of dust over them like the cleaning people had not come downstairs in a few weeks.

Donna found Junie wandering the back yard, and called her in, "Bob just pulled up. You are needed, girl. We have a ton of crap to unload and put away. I know you will need to know where everything is, so you should be the one putting it all away."

Junie hurried in to find the SUV backed into the garage, the back wide open, and Bob pulling boxes and bags out and piling them on the garage floor. He grinned broadly and held out his arms to her. "Hey there, girl, how you doing? Do you like our new house?"

Junie made a face, "It's okay, I guess. It just isn't home, and I guess I kind of don't want to like it. It feels a little empty and soulless, like no one has lived here or loved here in a long time."

Bob gave her a squeeze, "Well, let's fill this house up with love then, girl. Look at it like a rehabilitation project." He pulled back and looked her in the eye. "I know you have the heart for it, you will warm this place up."

Junie helped unload the car, and when nearly all the bags were out, she realized that the teeter board was on the floor of the car, carefully packed under all the other things. She giggled, "Oh dear, Ma'am is going to freak out."

Bob snorted, "Yes, I am sure she was thinking she was getting away from this."

It was late afternoon when Junie had put everything in its place. She put all her clothes in the smaller second bedroom and had all of Bob and Donna's things neatly arranged in the master bedroom. The kitchen was rearranged to her satisfaction and Donna had set up a temporary office in the dining room. Bob had carried down his big bag of toys and the teeter board to the basement.

Junie slipped a venison pot pie, with new potatoes, fresh peas, and baby carrots, into the oven along with a fresh loaf of bread and went to find her Master and tell him how long it would be until dinner would be done. Bob was in the largest basement room looking at the ceiling and door frames. He had a thoughtful look on his face. "If I put some eye bolts here, it won't be too hard to take them out and plaster over when we move out."

Junie looked up at the ceiling and raised her hands up over her head in mock restraint. "Yes, Sir, I think that would be wonderful."

Bob laughed and gave her a sharp swat, "You are such a good girl. Come help me move one of those little mattresses out of that second bedroom down here. I want something to lay you on down here." They ended up moving a mattress down and a couple of chairs from the dining room. Bob had her help carry down the coffee table and the large ottoman from the living room. He stood back and looked over the room. "Good enough for a start. Let's go eat dinner."

After dinner Bob stood up and stretched, "I am so used to going out after dinner and taking the dogs for a walk. What do you two girls say to going out and exploring our new neighborhood? The rain seems to have stopped and I am restless."

Junie looked at the dishes and the kitchen, the compulsion to finish a task mixing with her reluctance to go anywhere new. "I... um... really need to finish cleaning up in here."

Bob looked at her, "Let me rephrase that, girl, get up and put on your shoes. We are going for a walk." Junie fought the urge to make a face and hurried to her room and pulled on her walking shoes and a sweater.

Donna was waiting at the door, a light jacket over her shoulders. She looked at Junie's wary expression and raised an admonishing finger, "Girl, it's a good idea to learn about your neighborhood, and it won't hurt you to get some exercise. Come on; let's get this little parade on the road."

Bob set a pretty brisk pace and Junie found she had to hurry to keep up. Soon she found herself looking curiously at the landscaping and architecture of the houses they walked by. The evening was cool and the clouds hung low in the sky. There were few people out in their yards, but whenever they walked by someone, Bob always nodded and greeted them. Junie would force a shy smile and nod, her eyes never quite making contact. They walked without a break for nearly an hour and Junie was puffing and sweating when they got back to the rental house.

Bob looked at her critically, "You need to get out more, young lady. How are you feeling?"

Junie stopped and did a little inventory, "My feet hurt a little and my knees are complaining a little. I guess you are right; I am not used to walking fast like that. When we would take the dogs out we did not walk that fast or that long." Junie took off her shoes and looked at her feet, there were matching dime sized hot places on the bottom of each of her feet. She rubbed them, "No blisters, but almost." She rubbed a hand across the back of her sweaty neck. "I would like to take a quick shower, before I go finish up in the kitchen, if that would be permitted?"

Donna was already pulling off her clothes as she walked toward the bathroom, "Great minds, sweet girl, great minds." Junie giggled and followed along behind, picking up the clothing her Mistress dropped, "Allow me to assist you."

Junie was fresh and clean, walking gingerly on her sore feet as she cleaned up after dinner. The rental had been cleaned recently, but nowhere near to Junie's standards. She nodded briskly to herself, deciding that that was the first order of business in this place's rehabilitation, a really good cleaning.

Junie could hear some thumps and bangs in the basement, and she visualized Bob installing the eye bolts he was speaking of. She grinned; obviously Master was not taking his time changing things to set up a playroom. Donna came into the kitchen and gave Junie a wink, "Our Master wants to try out some stuff downstairs. He is demanding our presence."

Junie dried off her hands and hurried downstairs. Bob was attaching some ropes and pulleys to a heavy duty pair of eye rings he had put into the ceiling. He turned around and looked at Donna and Junie standing at the door watching him. "Don't you think you two are way overdressed?"

Junie felt a softening and loosening in her spirit as she slowly sensually slipped out of her clothing. She had not even realized how wound up she had been all evening. Somehow the act of shedding her clothing seemed to peel off layers of tension. She could almost feel her thinking slow down as her body warmed. Junie could feel her cunt start its soft, sweet ache that heralded the increased flow of blood. She swallowed as her mouth flooded with moisture that matched the dampness between her legs.

A cascade of tingles spread across Junie's skin as she felt her Mistress's hand stroke the length of her back and down, caressing the generous curve of her ass. Junie turned and looked at her Mistress, her hands reaching instinctively to touch. Donna caught her hand and led her to stand close before their Master and pulled her down to kneel at his feet. Junie looked up at her Master, her eyes wide and expectant, awaiting his command.

Bob reached down and stroked her hair. "You should be proud of yourself, sweet Junie girl. I know how hard it is for you to leave home and face the unknown, but you found your strength and you have hardly hesitated. The one time when you had difficulty you asked for help. I am very pleased. I expected you to succeed, but I must admit I expected you to struggle more." He pulled Junie to her feet and cupped her chin, his thumb slowly rubbing along her lower lip. "So, my brave little girl, what reward would you ask for such a success? If you could have anything you want what would you ask?"

Junie had a little wild irrational thought that if she could have anything she wanted, she wanted to go home right now. She pushed it down and looked at her Master. "All I ask is to be able to serve you. I want you to use me for your pleasure." Junie stopped and kissed his thumb, "Use me hard."

Bob's hand slipped to the back of her neck and gripped, squeezing hard, forcing her to her knees. His voice dropped to a low angry growl, "You want to be used, slut? Used hard like a little fuck toy? You want to be reduced to a screaming piece of meat?"

Junie sagged to her knees, her voice shuddered with excitement, "Yes, yes, like that."

Donna spoke up, her voice throaty and dark, "Would you like to be able to say the words, Junie? Would you like to protest and beg for mercy, knowing that there is no rescue?"

A soft whining whimper shook Junie, "Please, oh god please, don't hurt me."

Donna gripped Junie's wrists and twisted her arms behind her, "Fucking whore, we will hurt you if we feel like it." Her voice matched Bob's ruthless tones, "Tie the bitch up before she tries to escape."

As she felt them wrapping the ropes around her arms Junie felt a thrill of terror-filled excitement. She strained against the ropes holding her hands behind her back. Her voice was a strangled scream, "Stop! Help!"

Donna looked at Bob, "We will have to gag her before the neighbors hear."

Junie found herself fighting as they forced the ball gag between her lips. Bob's voice in her ear was soft and sane, "Junie, if you need to stop, say your safe word, say it three times in a row. I will hear." Suddenly pausing in the game, Junie grunted and nodded. Bob's voice was soft and gentle, "You sure about this? This is what you want?" Again Junie grunted and nodded.

Suddenly his hand in her hair tightened and jerked her head up as he lifted her face to look at him. "Dirty slut, you scream, you say 'no' but really what you want is to be fucked. Whore, you know you want it."

Junie violently shook her head and tried to deny his words, the sounds just a jumbled gurgle behind the gag. She tried to crawl away from them, her knees scrabbling on the carpet. When she felt her Master's hand on her ankle, iron hard, jerking her back, she squealed a muffled scream of panicked excitement. Fighting and squirming face down on the carpet, soon she found her legs tied and spread painfully wide, the muscles stretched to their limit.

A sharp crack and a searing flame of agony was the first warning that Donna had a cane in her hand, "Fucking whore, how dare you fight us. You should be crawling on your knees begging for us to fuck you. I will teach you what rewards resistance will reap." The cane cracked down on Junie's ass again and again. There was no gentle warm up and the blows came fast and harsh. Junie squalled in pain and terror, thrashing back and forth, babbling behind the gag.

Suddenly the blows stopped and Junie lay shuddering and sobbing. She could hear Donna whispering furiously and Bob's voice soft and firm. Again Bob's voice was soft in her ear, "Are you doing okay, Junie? Just nod if you want to continue."

It seemed completely insane, but all Junie knew was that she could not stop it. She was very aware of a strange sense of intense, crazy need to continue. Her whole body was on fire with pain and yet, at the same time, a fevered kind of exhilaration. She could feel her cunt was hot and throbbing and she knew that, with one touch, she would be screaming with excitement. Somehow that knowledge, that this excited her this much, was the most deliciously terrifying of all. Through her sobs she nodded emphatically.

She heard Donna grunt in satisfaction. The end of the cane scraped roughly along the inside of one of her taut thighs and then poked roughly at her cunt. "Your cunt is sopping wet, you whore. Why are you fighting? You want to be raped." The cane cracked down across Junie's ass, making her convulse and scream again. "Answer me, you whore! Do you want to be raped?"

Junie sobbed and shook her head violently, yelling, "No!" through her gag.

Donna leaned down over Junie, her lips close to Junie's ear, "But you are so hot, you horny little cunt. You shake your head, you yell your protests, but your cunt betrays you." Her fingers began to stroke the aching wet flesh between Junie's legs, and then roughly, almost brutally, she shoved her fingers deep into Junie's depths.

A deep grunting groan of defeat shook through Junie as she felt her cunt clenching around the invading fingers. She could feel she was on the brink of exploding and while a part of her was sensually writhing in delight, another part of her wanted to deny this was really happening, that this really was the truth, and that she was all the things they were saying. Just as quickly the fingers were gone, leaving Junie feeling empty, squirming in need. Again she was assailed by the duality of the experience, wanting the touch, wanting to come, and yet somehow fighting surrender at the same time. Again she shook her head violently and yelled "No!" but she did not know if it was because she wanted them to stop or not to stop.

Donna's voice was hot in her ear, "I know you, bitch. You hate it and you love it. You want to be forced because you cannot accept the truth about your dirty slutty cunt." Donna's fingers trailed lightly tantalizingly across Junie's inner thighs and the outer folds of Junie's cunt, tickling and teasing. She laughed a cruel laugh when Junie involuntarily tilted her hips, trying to coax more sensation from the touch. "See, your body tells the truth."

Junie felt them loosening the ropes that held her legs so tightly spread and she could not help but groan in relief as she flexed and moved them a little. Bob's voice was sharp and businesslike, "Get her ass up." A shudder of excitement shook though Junie at his words. She felt them lifting her and then the ottoman being placed under her belly and hips, her head dangling down on the far side. Again the ropes on her legs were tightened, spreading her open and exposed.

Junie wiggled and fought the ropes again, yelling protests through the gag. Her eyes widened as she watched Donna putting on the largest strap on dildo. Donna saw her expression and wiggled her hips, "Yes, you little whore. You want this. I can see it in your eyes." A shudder of excitement shook through Junie so intense she thought she was coming, and yet she still shook her head.

As she felt the tip of the dildo pressing at her entrance, Junie screamed in protest, but then stopped in confusion. It did not push into her, it just nudged maddeningly at her, touching and then pulling away, over and over. Junie whimpered and clenched her eyes, her whole body quivering in anticipation. Donna's voice was deep and hoarse from excitement, "See how much you want it? Beg for it. Show me the true slut you are."

Junie felt the straps holding the ball gag in her mouth releasing and she gasped, drawing in a deep breath. Again Donna's voice was buzzing at her ear, low and insistent, "Beg for it." The tip of the dildo slid in maybe an inch and then coyly danced away, leaving her squirming and panting.

Junie wailed and then mumbled, "Please," but her voice was low and defiant.

"Not good enough." Again the tip slid in and hovered there, still just barely penetrating her. Donna's fingers slid around and cupped Junie's entire cunt, pressing and massaging in a slow, sensual circle.

This time Junie's voice cracked as she cried out, "Please, oh god, please!"

"Please what?"

"Fuck me. Do it. Push it in!"

Donna's voice was triumphant, "What does that make you?"

As she began to say the words, Junie felt herself explode, each utterance adding to the waves of ecstasy that surged through her. The words came out as short harsh barking grunts, "Cunt! Slut! Whore!" She let out a strangled scream as she felt Donna drive the dildo home, "Yes!"

Her Mistress grabbed Junie's bound wrists and pulled against them, grunting with effort as she mercilessly slammed into Junie over and over. Junie tried to grind back, to meet and match Donna's thrusts, somehow wanting more. She babbled and moaned, "Yes, use me, use me hard."

She felt her Master's hands on her face, guiding her to his cock and she groaned out, "Yes, make me suck it. Fuck my face. Use me." Her last words were muffled as she lunged to take him deep, craving the sensation of taking him into her throat, wanting to choke.

Junie was only dimly aware of her Mistress's convulsive thrusts as the pressure and rhythm of the base of the dildo worked her into her own frenzy. All her attention seemed taken up with the cock that she was repeatedly forcing down her own throat, moaning in deep gurgling moans as wave after wave of pleasure shook through her. She could feel him swell in her mouth and as he began to spasm with his finish, Junie pulled away and rubbed her face across the end of her Master's pulsing cock, smearing the hot sticky seed across her lips and cheeks.

Her voice was shaky and hoarse, "Oh man, that was crazy."

Bob's voice was gentle, "Have you had enough then, little one?"

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