tagBDSMThe End of Evil Ch. 09

The End of Evil Ch. 09


Junie had barely come to live with her new owners when ugly reality intruded on their idyllic world. Her search for a Master had caught the attention of a serial killer and she had barely escaped being his next victim. He was caught and facing trial; but now Junie had to testify. The whole idea of leaving her new home was more than she could bear to think about.

But she had to do it. Not only was there a subpoena, there was Monica. Her new friend, Monica, the only other woman to escape with her life, was a tiny fragile thing. Her body was barely healed from the horrific trauma of her assault and if Monica could be brave enough to face court and the man who had mutilated her, Junie knew she had to do it too, for Monica's sake.

Junie knew she was not going to have to do it alone. Her owners, Bob and Donna, were going to be there with her every step of the way. She knew she couldn't do it without them.

Chapter 9: First trip to the Courthouse

Junie woke early, and lay awake in the dark bedroom, listening to her Master and Mistress breathing in the quiet room. She could hear the hum of distant traffic and a far away a siren.

Today was the first day she was to go to the courthouse. Donna had told her that she was going to meet with Judge Waldenback. Junie felt like she was standing at the top of a slippery slope and that with this one step she would slowly, inexorably start sliding and she had no idea how far she would go or how fast she would be going. And she had no idea where this ride would take her.

Junie dressed carefully in a conservative black skirt and light blue blouse with a soft blazer. Her hand shook as she carefully applied her make-up. As she came out of the bathroom, Donna looked her over and nodded, "You look fine, Junie. Come here, I know exactly what that outfit needs." She held up the string of pearls that had been her mother's. "These always look so good on you, pretty girl."

Donna was dressed in one of her lawyer suits that Junie had altered. The pearl gray gabardine fit her form and showed off her long slender legs through a slit up the side of the skirt. Her hair was braided in an intricate knot on the top of her head and she wore the now perfectly fitting emerald silk blouse, the emerald necklace and earrings. She had let Junie apply subtle shading on her eyebrows and around her eyes. Junie thought the only thing that Donna was missing was a really expensive pair of shoes. She made a secret resolution that, as soon as she could work it out with Bob, that would be remedied. Junie nodded, "Ma'am, you are so going to kick ass."

Bob looked them over when they came out, and nodded in approval, "Kick ass, that's an order."

Donna nodded, "Planning on it."

One of the judge's clerks showed them into a small conference room and told them the judge would be in to speak with them in just a few minutes. Donna gave Junie a wry look, "It's like this a lot. You will be waiting around a lot." After about a half hour, the door opened and a small, rotund, grandmotherly-looking woman with glasses hanging around her neck on a long sparkling chain stood in the door.

At first glance Junie thought she looked soft and friendly, but then she caught the hard, no-nonsense glint in her narrow, pale blue eyes.

Pausing in the doorway the judge looked over the room, her eyes sharp and assessing. Junie was torn between the impulse to stand and the instinctive urge to shrink up into herself in a futile attempt to disappear.

When Donna stood, Junie jumped to her feet, nervously looking around the room. Judge Waldenback looked at them both. "Which one of you is June Thomas?" Her voice was crisp and sharp.

Junie hesitantly raised her hand. She stammered nervously, "Um... I... I... am."

Donna stepped around the table and held out her hand, "Hello, I am Donna Campbell. I am Ms. Thomas's lawyer."

The judge looked hard at Junie and then took Donna's hand and shook it in a short vigorous jerk and dropped it just as quickly, "Yes, the District Attorney's office told me you were going to be accompanying Ms. Thomas. They said that you were acting as a support person, something about Ms. Thomas having some issues with public places?" Again the judge looked curiously at Junie. "There is no reason for a witness to need any legal representation."

Donna smiled, "Yes, I understand that. Coming down last month and touring the courthouse helped Ms. Thomas a great deal. I am sure it is just a matter of her becoming more familiar with the surroundings and the people she will be meeting."

Judge Waldenback looked sharply at Junie, "Is that true? Are you ready? I must warn you I am not tolerant with interruptions or disturbances in my courtroom."

Junie blanched, "I'm... I'm sorry. I... um... mean, I will try." Junie saw that both Donna and the judge were both frowning at her. She took a deep breath and squared her shoulders, forcing her voice to a more confident tone, "I really am ready."

Donna's frown changed to an amused expression of approval. She gave Junie a quick wink.

The judged waved impatiently, "Sit, sit." She moved heavily to the table leaning on a cane. Junie could see that she walked like her knees hurt. The judge sighed as her weight settled into a chair. "So, Ms. Thomas, Assistant District Attorney Lurleena Benson has informed me that you have developed a friendship with Monica Bond."

Junie sat and nodded vigorously, "Yes, Ma'am, when FBI Agent Durant told me that the defendant had hurt another person, another woman, I asked him to tell her I was sorry. I asked him to tell her thank you for being brave." Junie made a wry face, "That was before I found out I had to testify. Now I have to be brave too. We have been writing and emailing each other since then. I did give her a present. I gave her a puppy."

Judge Waldenback nodded, "How much have you talked to Monica about the defendant, Sam Card, and the crimes he is accused of with each other?"

Junie paused, thinking hard, "Ma'am, we have not really talked very much about them at all. I did write that he came to my apartment and destroyed all my belongings inside. I know now that it is more correct to say that the things in my apartment were destroyed and that a police man told me it was Sam Card that had done it."

The judge nodded, "That's correct. You can only testify to what you know, not what other people have told you."

"Yes, Ma'am, that's what Ms. Benson, Leena, said and Donna too. Monica has not talked to me about much that happened to her. She wrote mostly about being in pain, her surgeries, and some of her fears, like she is afraid of the sight of blood now." Junie looked seriously at the judge, "I do know a little about the kind of things he must have done from things she said and what the FBI agents said about..." Junie paused and swallowed, "...genital mutilation. But she did not say much and I think I was afraid to ask. I do know she met him because of her boyfriend on the internet like me and my internet... um... friend."

The judge took a deep breath and blinked, "There are a lot of very tricky prejudicial facts involved in this case. I really cannot comment on any of them. I want you tell the truth and do your best to control your nervous condition. Do you have a psychiatric diagnosis or take any medications?"

Junie swallowed and looked nervously at Donna, "Um, no. About five years ago I did talk to my family doctor about my panic attacks and he did prescribe some kind of tranquilizer pills. I don't remember the name of it. They made me feel weird and I stopped taking them after only a couple of days. He did not talk about a diagnosis."

"Good, Leena said she was confident that you were competent."

Junie nervously gripped the sides of her chair, "Ma'am, will it be okay if Monica and I keep being friends during the trial? I promise to not talk with her about anything you say not to talk about."

The judge pursed her lips, frowning thoughtfully. "Leena warned me that you had asked about this. It is one of the reasons I asked you to meet with me this morning." She reached into a deep pocket on the side of her sweater and pulled out a tiny cell phone. Junie's heart jumped when she heard the judge mention Monica's name. "Could you please escort Ms. Bond into conference room B? Thank you."

Junie was hardly able to sit still; her eyes were glued on the door. When she came through the door Monica's eyes widened in shock and then she squealed, "Junie!" Junie smiled broadly and waved a hand at the empty chair next to her. Monica scurried around the table and plopped down next to Junie and whispered, "I didn't know you were going to be here." Her tiny hand slipped into Junie's under the table. Junie thought it seemed oddly cold and fragile in her hand.

Judge Waldenback looked at the two of them, shaking her head with an amused tolerant look on her face. "This is not as uncommon as you would think. A lot of the time two witnesses to a crime will know each other, even be friends. The fact that the two of you have become friends after the fact is less common, but considering the nature of the crimes on trial here, perhaps it is a good thing you two are supporting each other."

"Now I am going to instruct you two not to talk to each other about the trial with anyone other than the District Attorney Freeden and his assistants. Do not talk with each other, family," the judge looked pointedly at Junie, "your lawyer, or anyone else. Also I am instructing you to not watch television or any other kind of news media coverage about this trial until it is over. You will both have to sign affidavits swearing that you will obey these instructions. Do you both understand?"

Junie and Monica both chimed simultaneously, "Yes, Ma'am."

"In addition I am going to permit the defense to question you regarding any private statements you have made to each other."

Junie slowly raised her hand, "Um... Ma'am, my um... Mist... um... lawyer, Donna, has copies of all my communications and she was there when I took the puppy to give to Monica. We really haven't had any private statements. Doesn't that prove what we haven't talked about it?"

The judge frowned, "Yes, Leena has told me that. She has copies of all those communications. I want to keep them out of evidence if at all possible. It will slow down the trial and bring things not currently in evidence into the trial that would just complicate things." The judges frown turned grim, "This is going to be a big enough circus as it is."

Junie started to raise her hand again, and the judge looked at her, and laughed, "Ms. Thomas, you do not need to raise your hand to ask me a question."

Junie jerked down her hand and giggled for the first time that morning, "I am sorry, Ma'am. I guess I feel like I am back in school a little. I was going to ask if there really was going to be television cameras in the courtroom."

The judge seemed to swell up; her face turned a dark shade of red, "No! I refuse to let this trial turn into a media event." She looked at Junie, "The defense team is trying to appeal that ruling, but I don't expect it to go anywhere." She looked at her watch and stood painfully, "Now, I have a big room full of potential jury members with all the best of excuses as to why they should be the ones that should be allowed to shirk their civic duties. It will be my thankless job to disappoint most of them. My clerk will bring in some papers for you to sign and the District Attorney's office will be contacting you to tell you when you will need to be here to testify." She paused and looked at the two women sitting side by side. "I will do my best to make sure you two are treated fairly. I want you both to tell the truth and follow all my instructions." She turned and limped painfully out of the door.

Once the door closed, Junie turned to Monica and whispered, "She reminds me so much of my third grade teacher that I swear she must be a clone."

Monica choked down a squawk of laughter, "Maybe that is why you were raising your hand."

After they were done signing a stack of papers and having the legal consequences for perjury carefully explained to them, Junie and Monica walked out of the conference room and stood uncertainly in the hall. Junie asked Monica, "Did you drive here?"

Monica shook her head, "No, I don't have a car and my mom needed hers to go to work. Mom dropped me off this morning and Leena said she would have a taxi take me back home." She shrugged, "Mom used a lot of her vacation leave when I was in the hospital. She can't take much time off now and wants to save it for when I am actually testifying." Monica then blushed and looked around, "David said he had some business here at the courthouse. I had kind of hoped maybe I could get him to give me a ride home."

Junie looked at Donna and gave her an impish grin, "I am starved. I could hardly eat a bite of breakfast this morning. I am so in the mood for a good hamburger." Junie reached into her purse and pulled out her cell phone and dialed Agent Durant's number. Monica was looking at her a little curiously and then looked nervous and alarmed when Junie began to talk. "Hello. Yes, this is Junie. Monica and I are up here at the courthouse for an appointment with the judge lady and we are thinking about having lunch. Monica mentioned that she knew you were here and I was wondering if you would like to act as our escort. I have been craving one of those amazing hamburgers." Junie stifled a giggle as Monica gasped in alarm and shook her head violently and began to turn bright red. "Oh really? Go ahead and order for us too. My Mistress is with us too, so order for her. Yes that's right, three. We will be there in just a couple of minutes. Oh, and I insist on this one being my treat." Junie hung up before he could argue about who was buying.

Monica was whispering furiously, "Junie, what are you doing? I don't have any money for lunch. You shouldn't bother David. He is really busy!"

Junie laughed and shook her head, "He is not so busy. He is there already and was just about to order. Now we have to go or he will look really silly with all that food. And I know you were listening. This one is my treat." She took a hold of Monica's arm and ignoring her protests started to walk out of the building. Donna gave Junie a surprised look and trailed along behind them.

As they were walking out the front doors, Junie saw R. P. Sanders standing on the steps talking to a tall handsome man in a very expensive looking, tailored, black suit. She could tell that the author had seen her at the same instant, her eyes widening and grabbing the man's arm she pointed at Junie and began to speak rapidly. Junie felt Donna's hand on her arm. "Just keep walking, Junie. The judge has told her to stay away from both Monica and you."

Monica looked at Donna in confusion, "Stay away?"

As they turned and walked away from R. P. Sanders, Donna spoke, "She is paying for Sam Card's defense. She is working as a consultant and an investigator for them. It's illegal for her to communicate with any of the witnesses for the prosecution."

Monica staggered and stopped walking. "What?" She turned around and looked back toward the author, horror and disbelief on her face. "How... Why..." Her voice quavered and cracked.

Junie slipped her arm around Monica and urged her to turn back around and keep walking. She softly crooned, "Come on, Monica. Don't look at her. Think about David. He is waiting for us. We are going to go eat lunch." Junie kept talking, "Tell me about Happy. How is she doing? Do you have any pictures of her?"

Donna walked beside them, a rueful look on her face. She gave Junie an apologetic glance, and mouthed silently, "Crap."

Monica stumbled along, her face a mask of confusion, her large blue eyes swimming in unshed tears. She made no effort to respond to Junie's questions.

When the trio walked into the small restaurant, Agent Durant stood up and waved for them to come join him. Monica made a soft little cry and darted across the busy restaurant and threw herself into his arms, and burst into sobs. Instinctively his arms came around her and he looked up at Junie and Donna his eyes accusing. "What the hell?"

Donna winced, "I said something that upset Monica. I commented that Sanders was paying for Card's defense. I didn't know that Monica wasn't aware of that."

Monica pulled away from Durant and looked up at his face; her voice was a soft wail, "How could she? She said she was my friend. She talks to my mom all the time. How could she help him? Why is she trying to help him get free? Doesn't she believe he did it?" Her voice was getting louder and more hysterical with each question.

Gently Agent Durant put his fingers on Monica's lips and hushed her gently. His voice was a deep, soft singsong, "It's okay, pretty girl. We will fix this. Just calm down and remember you are safe. I am here." His voice quivered with pent up rage, "A lot of people did not know she was a member of the defense team, me included." Silent now, Monica leaned against Agent Durant's chest, her tiny arms locked around him.

Donna looked around the small restaurant and smiled inwardly as the staring patrons suddenly looked away. She spoke firmly, "Let's sit down."

Junie quickly sat and watched as Agent Durant untangled himself from Monica's clinging arms and pushed her down to sit, continuing to murmur soft, reassuring words. Junie did not miss the fact that he pulled his chair close to hers.

Monica sniffed and took a deep shaky breath. Her voice quivered, "I just feel so stupid. I thought she was our friend. My mother is going to shit." Her voice dropped an octave and turned to a tiny growl, "That devious, manipulative, fucking bitch." Her arm insinuated itself once more around Agent Durant's waist and while he looked uncomfortable, Junie noticed he did nothing to stop her.

Donna's voice was soft, "Honey, I am so sorry. I spoke without thinking. Somehow, I thought everyone knew. I did not mean to upset you."

Monica rubbed at her eyes with her free hand, "No, I'm glad you told me. I needed to know."

After the waitress brought their food, Junie wanted to change the subject. She told Agent Durant about their meeting with Judge Waldenback, "The judge says Monica and I can still socialize as long as we are careful not to talk about the trial." Then without thinking, she impulsively added, "You should bring Monica over to visit us at our rental house. You could have dinner." Suddenly remembering, she looked at Donna, "If that is okay with you."

Donna gave her an amused look, "I think that would be fine. I am sure Bob would love to have some company."

Agent Durant looked trapped and seemed to be looking for some excuse, but Monica, who was wiggling excitedly in her chair, gazed up at him, blinking her big blue eyes and wheedled, "Please..."

Junie could see his defenses crumbling and she pushed on before he could protest, "Good, come over tomorrow. Let's plan on around 7:00."

Donna laughed at Agent Durant's expression, "Once our Junie get's an idea in her head, there is just no stopping her. You may as well just surrender."

Agent Durant shook his head in wonder, "Whatever happened to that timid little lady I first met, the one that wouldn't come out from behind the counter?"

Junie giggled and sat up tall, "I am getting braver every day."

It was easy to get Agent Durant to give Monica a ride home after Junie pointed out that she would most likely need his support when she told her mother about R. P. Sanders' apparent defection to Sam Card's side of the courtroom.

As soon as she got home, Junie wrote Monica a quick email.

Pretty girl,

I hope you are not feeling too upset about that Sanders bitch. It did not even occur to me or my Mistress that she had tried to be your friend, or that you would feel so betrayed. I had wanted lunch to be fun and it turned out all sad and angry.

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