tagLesbian SexThe Endeavors of Costume Shopping

The Endeavors of Costume Shopping


Faith Green was the average 22-year-old girl, at least in her mind. She was 5'7 with an olive complexion and dark chestnut hair that had a slight wave in it that just grazed the swell of her breasts. She had a wide smile and gorgeous green eyes, always relaxed and ready to take life on head first. She had walked into one of her local Halloween costume stores to search for the perfect costume for her best friends Halloween party. She wanted something sexy but not to revealing, maybe a Greek goddess or a pirate. She walked through a section that looked like it held more historical costumes for Roman and Greek themes, but none of the costumes there spoke to her. They were either thin pieces of fabric barely fashioned together or they were huge clumpy messes that wouldn't hang right on anyone's body. With a sigh she walked around the store looking for a few more ideas. With nothing screaming out at her she made her way to the pirate section.

She saw a few good pieces and grabbed them quickly. She went over to look through another rack of pirate costumes when her eyes caught sight of the most tantalizing woman she had ever seen. The woman's dark mulberry hair curled around her in large luscious waves, stopping midback, leading the eyes downwards towards a not to overly large ass that looked so perky in the teal dress that hung off her curves perfectly. As the woman turned Faith saw an elegant black lace mask on the woman's face, the only discernable feature she could see from across the store of her face was her full pouty mouth, painted a crimson red. But how delicious that mouth did look from here. Her eyes travelled down to take in the rest of the woman. Large perky breasts barely contained in the teal dress looked like they were ready to be freed and lavished with long strokes of a tongue.

A blush dusted her face as she realized she was practically fucking this woman in her imagination. After snapping out of her daze she looked up again to find the woman missing. She tried to subtly shift her gaze around to look for the woman, but it was as if she had vanished. Faith had to laugh out loud at herself over that thought. The store was packed with props and costumes, she wouldn't find the woman so easily with just a glance around the store. With a sigh she turned to head to the dressing rooms. She was next in line, two costumes picked out, and a giddy excitement she hadn't felt in a while.

"Going as a pirate this year?" The voice that the question belonged to enveloped her ear and sent shivers down her spine.

"Yes, well hopefully, if the costume works out." Faith began to respond before turning around. She was glad she had finished her sentence before she saw who the voice belonged to. Her mouth was left hanging slightly ajar as she took in the tantalizing woman that now stood barely a foot from her.

"Well the top one looks very promising." She smiled at Faith, lifting her hand to gently caress Faith's chin so her mouth would shut. "If you would like to come out I can give you a second opinion." The woman continued with a small smile gracing her lips as her head tilted to one side.

All Faith could do was nod as she heard the employee calling for the next person in line. She turned away reluctantly and headed to the open dressing room. She changed as quickly as she could, terrified that the woman would be gone if she took too long. Before she left the dressing room she gave herself a good hard look in the mirror. The second one would have to be incredibly gorgeous to beat this one. The skirt laid very flatteringly across her ass and thighs, not too short and not too long, and just puffy enough. The corset vest made her tits seem as though they had much more cleavage than usual, but covered enough to not have her nipples about to pop out. Grabbing the pirate hat, she placed it on her head and was in awe of the completed look. With a small smile she walked out hoping to impress Tantalizing, as she now referred to the woman.

Tantalizing held a wicked grin as she saw Faith walk out to where all the mirrors had been placed for customers to get a 360 look at their costumes. As Faith saw the grin a light dusting of pink graced her cheeks as she tried to not blush too much.

"Yes, that costume looks perfect on you." Tantalizing said in a sultry voice, that grin still adorned on her face. "Just the right amount of sexy without revealing to much."

Faith turned to look at the woman with a huge smile on her face. "Yes! That's exactly what I was going for. I'm so happy that I found this costume! It's perfect." She blushed and turned away slightly, embarrassed at her excited outburst. She heard the woman chuckle and turned back to face her, trying to keep a straight face. "Thank you for your opinion on the costume. I don't think I need to try on the other one."

"Indeed, this one is definitely the one for you." Tantalizing said with a nod of her head. "It was a pleasure to help."

Faith turned back towards the dressing room, ready to redress herself, feeling rather overheated suddenly. Just as she had gotten the corset untied the door opened suddenly. She grabbed all that fabric to her chest, turning around to let the person know the room was occupied, when she saw it was Tantalizing entering the room. Her mouth dropped again as she watched Tantalizing close the door behind her and heard the click of the lock.

"I hope that you don't mind." Tantalizing said as she stepped up to Faith, bringing her face closer and closer.

Faith's eyes snapped shut as the gears in her head started to whirl out of control. Was this really happening? She was too afraid to open her eyes and find that it was just an extremely vivid day dream. A sharp exhale left her mouth as she felt a hand weaving into her hair at the nape of her neck, tilting her head to the side. She embraced herself for a kiss, but instead felt the woman's lips pressed firmly against her neck, then a tongue dragging from her neck up to the spot right behind her ear. She tried remembering how to breathe as she realized she had been holding her breath. Faith brought her hand up to the woman's arm, but as soon as it touched the woman turned her around facing the mirror in the room.

Faith could see the woman's dark chocolate brown eyes in the mirror, they were becoming almost black with desire, staring at her intensely. Her body felt like it was on fire and Tantalizing had barely touched her.

"Do you want me?" Came her voice in a soft breath right against her ear now.

All Faith could do was nod, and once that nod had started the woman had started moving her hands. Faith felt the woman's hand trailing down her side til she reached the hem of the skirt, then trailed her hand back up underneath the skirt. Her fingers grazed her skin so lightly goosebumps began to spread across her body. When Tantalizing's fingers brushed the fabric of her panties she thought she would start shaking with need any moment. The woman's fingers slid back down Faith's thigh and lifted her leg up onto the bench, her other hand quickly reaching in her panties and tracing her soaked lips.

"You are so wet for me already." Tantalizing moaned into Faith's ear, sending tremors through her. "And you're shaking for me?"

Tantalizing stepped closer and Faith was forced to stretch out her arms and steady herself against the wall, her breasts almost grazing the mirror now. The woman's hand retreated and worked on swiftly shedding Faith of the costume, leaving her standing there in her panties and bra. The woman bared herself against Faith, her hand reaching in Faith's panties again to stroke the soaking wet pussy waiting for her, her other than reached around and pulled out a breast, plucking the nipple several times. Faith squirmed against the woman who was so firmly against her, grinding herself back against her as her nipple was pinched to submission, her pussy stroked so teasingly.

The woman stroked right above Faith's clit, slowly moving closer and closer each downward stroke, until finally she hit her target, Faith giving out a small cry. Tantalizing hushed her as her fingers worked in circles over her clit. Tantalizing let her hand fall from the perky breast she had just been torturing to tighten her arm around the girl.

"I want you to rip your panties off yourself. Don't worry about falling, I've got you." She whispered seductively in Faith's ear while her fingers lightly pinched the clitoris they were working fervently on.

Faith felt her knees shakes as the woman lightly pinched her clitoris over and over again, feeling like she was turning to jelly. She took a deep breath as she reached down her hands quickly and tore the cotton panties in half down the front. She could now see the woman's hand rubbing against her clit. A breathy moan left her as she braced herself against the wall in front of her again, her head tilted down watching mesmerized as the woman worked her bud.

Tantalizing dropped the arm that was helping to support the girl, her fingers tracing up the propped-up thigh as she made her way to the apex of the girl. Once she was there she spread the girls lips wide so they could both see in the mirror. She gave the girls bud a few more pinches and the girl tensed against her as she began to cum. She watched as the girl's juices began to flow from her, her lips still splayed open. She licked the girls neck and dived her fingers into her pussy, pumping furiously as the girl let out another cry.

Faith's pussy was being filled so fast, the woman quickly adding finger after until she had 4 inside of her, the other hand still working the Faith's clit. Faith moaned as she lost count of how many orgasms she had had, was still having. The woman kept pumping and pinching until Faith collapsed against the mirror.

"You were quite the sight, so many orgasms gracing that cute face of yours." Tantalizing whispered in Faith's ear, a hand being brought up to Faith's mouth. "Suck your juices off me."

Faith eagerly sucked the woman's fingers into her mouth, trying to clean them to the best of her ability. When she was done the woman slipped her fingers out with a pop and gave Faith a small smile in the mirror. Faith watched as Tantalizing walked out of the dressing room, her panties crumpled in the woman's hand. A trophy.

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