tagTranssexuals & CrossdressersThe Enforced Butterfly Pt. 01

The Enforced Butterfly Pt. 01


Chapter 1

It was another beautiful morning in Sydney as I walked out of the backpackers in Bondi and went for a coffee in my favourite cafe by the beach. As usual Marco the barista flirted with me as I waited on my flat white to arrive.

"Hi Kate you're looking delicious as always!"

"Not as delicious as your coffee Marco" I reply with a smile. As I walk to take a seat the table I can sense him looking at my ass through my sarong.

I sat down to enjoy my coffee and admire some of the muscular men walking past with their surfboards on the way to the beach.

"Morning Kate are you coming for swim?" shouts my Irish room mate Sinead from the backpackers walking down onto the sand in a black two piece bikini. She looks stunning with her long red hair and pale Celtic skin and I notice a couple of the surfers checking her out.

"Morning hun yes I'll come and join you after a coffee" I reply.

I sit down to enjoy my coffee and flick through a copy of the Sydney Morning Herald. I notice an article about and African American backpacker killed in a road traffic accident in Sydney and I think how terrible it is and what a waste of a young life.

My contract as an office temp expired last week so I browse through the jobs and vacancies section. There are the usual ads for bar staff and waitresses and a couple of ads for office staff.

One advert at the end of the classified section catches my eye:

"$1000 paid to healthy women aged 18-25 for egg donation. Horizon Fertility is a leading private fertility clinic for high net worth clients. Please make an appointment with us to learn more."

I have never done anything like that before and am not sure if I am comfortable with the ethics of donating part of me for someone else to have children but on the other hand the money seems easy and office temping is so boring. I decide to reflect on it so add the telephone number to my contacts of the office temp vacancies and the fertility clinic, finish my coffee and go back to the back packers to get changed into my bikini.

I get back to my room and undress. I have few bikini options to choose from and want to look as good as Sinead in front of those surfers. As I ponder I notice myself in the full length mirror. I feel very content with the twenty two year old woman looking back at me. I am a mixed race girl from London with a Jamaican father and English mother who has given her lovely caramel coloured skin. I am five foot eight with a toned but curvy size ten body. I have D-cup breasts with large dark nipples, a slim waist and broad womanly hips which taper off into long firm legs. Some of my male friends back home would tease me by calling my 'Beyonce' which I always found very flattering.

I decide on my white bikini to contrast against my skin colour. Also the bikini bottoms are slightly on the small side which shows off my ass beautifully, and when the material is wet from swimming, they also show off the contours of my labia and the little mound of my dark pubic hair through the white material. I relish the thought of men becoming aroused by looking at my nubile feminine body.

I walk down to the beach and as I run into the water, I can feel my tits swaying under my bikini much to the approval of the on looking surfers.

As I swim with Sinead she tells me how amazing I look with that big smile of hers and I feel really good about myself. Then we sunbathe on the beach and I tell about the advert I saw for the fertility clinic and my ethical dilemma of whether I should do it or not. Sinead tells me about a friend of hers back in the UK who regularly donates eggs to help her fund her university fees.

As we walk back to the back packers and decide to myself to find about more about the Horizon Fertility and what the process involves. I call the clinic from my mobile once we have returned to the backpackers and make an appointment for the following day. I still feel slightly awkward about the whole thing so don't tell Sinead that I am going to the visit the clinic.


Chapter 2

The next day I get the bus down to the clinic which is located in the very affluent Watson's Bay area of Sydney. From the street the clinic appears to be a large recently built expensive mansion and the only indication of it being some form of commercial enterprise is a tasteful and discrete chrome sign on the gate to the garden and a higher than normal wall surrounding the property. I notice a number of security cameras about the premises and wonder if that has something to do with the nature of the clinic. I press the buzzer and am greeted by a soothing female voice on the intercom who opens the gate once I confirm my name. At the end of the garden path the main door to the clinic buzzes automatically as I approach and I enter in a beautiful hallway with polished wooden floors and expensive looking artwork.

A pleasant blond receptionist in her late twenties high heels towards me, introduces herself as Kelly and leads me into a meeting room to have a seat. There is something unusual about Kelly in that her eyes seem slightly distant. I notice that there are a number of meeting rooms in the corridor rather than a common waiting room and assume this is to keep clients and donors separate. Kelly explains that a Dr. Inglis will come and meet me shortly and that should I need the bathroom I should call reception from the phone in the meeting room and she will escort me to ensure client confidentiality. As Kelly leaves the room I notice that the door clicks behind her once it has closed. I try the door and sure enough it is looked and I think to myself that these guys take this confidentiality thing pretty seriously.

I browse through a copy of Marie Claire in the meeting room and after ten minutes or so the door opens and a striking and confident woman in her early forties appears in the room. She is slim, about the same height as me with dark straight hair with a bold fringe which gives her pretty face a hard edge. She is immaculately made up and is wearing a fitted grey tunic dress under her open white medical coat and black high heels.

"Hello Kate I am Dr Inglis" she says as she shakes my hand firmly. There is something about her which reminds me of my Head Teacher from school. I can feel her sharp green eyes assessing me an I get a sense she is somehow looking into my soul. She makes the hairs on the back of my neck stand up with her stare.

"Thank you for coming to see us today Kate. May I ask how you heard about us?"

"I noticed your advert while I was looking for work in the Sydney Morning Herald."

"Ah yes we have just recently started advertising in that paper and it appears to be quite effective. What do you know about us here at Horizon Fertility Kate?"

I feel slightly overwhelmed by the confidence and assertiveness of this lady.

"Not much really, just what it said on the advert and I had a quick look at your web-page."

"That's fine, well in summary, we are a private fertility clinic and we specialist in supporting high net worth clients who need assistance with having children. I established the clinic in 1995 and now employ ten people. We are very selective about who we work with, both as clients and donors. Have you donated eggs at a clinic like us before Kate?"

"No this is all new to me and I just wanted to understand a bit more about it before deciding whether it's right for me." I reply feeling a like a little school girl.

"Well it's really rather straight forward. I run through a questionnaire with you to determine if you have a suitable profile for our clients' needs and then if things are looking positive for both of us, I will give you a little examination and then arrange for you to come back in to make a donation. Once we have successfully harvested some eggs under anaesthetic I will pay you $1000 cash and we can repeat this every three months. I will of course need to seek your written consent to do this as the whole process is based on the understanding that you will not have knowledge as to the recipients of the eggs. How does that sound to you Kate?"

I think about it for a moment before saying nervously "It sounds fine to me Dr Inglis."

"Very good Kate. Well in that case let's run through our questionnaire shall we?"

We run though a questionnaire which covers the factors such as my age, medical history, frequency of my periods, any medication I am taking, allergies, whether I am sexually active etc. Then there are a few very personal questions which make me feel a bit strange.

"Are you straight or gay Kate?"

"Straight most definitely!"

"Do you have a partner at the moment Kate?"

"No I am single?"

"Do you have many friends here in Sydney?"

"Well I've only been here a few weeks and have met a lot of people but my only close friend is my room mate Sinead at the backpackers."

"Have you told anyone that you are visiting us here today?"

"No..... why do you ask Dr Inglis?"

"I mentioned that confidentiality is important to our clients so I will ask you to keep our relationship strictly confidential."

"Ah I see" I reply feeling uncertain and confused but equally reassured by the Doctor.

"How often are you in contact with friends and family back home in London Kate?"

"Er.. I guess I keep in touch mostly through SMS and facebook etc but I don't speak to them that often..."

"Again I would ask that you do not mention your visits to us. Is that understood Kate?" Dr Inglis says looking firmly into my eyes and feel a little dizzy.

I feel a bit confused and slightly helpless for a moment as I say "Yes.....yes of course Dr Inglis."

"Very good then I'd now like to give you a little examination if you will please follow me."

Dr Inglis leads me out of the meeting room and we walk up stairs to another room which looks much more clinical and business like and has gynaecologists' chair with stirrups in the centre of the room.

"Now Kate, please can you undress and lie back on the chair with your feet in the stirrups and I will be back in five minutes. Please try and relax." Again I notice a automated click once the door has closed and assume it has locked just as the one had in the meeting room.

I feel uncomfortable doing this but keep thinking about what I can buy with $1000.

I strip naked and lie back on the chair with my feet in the stirrups. I feel very exposed as the chair is facing the door to the room and anyone could walk in to be greeted by my spread legs and open pussy.

As I lie there, I notice some soft music being played through the speakers in corners of the ceiling the room. I focus my mind into the music, trying to recognise it as it sounds strangely familiar, and after a while I feel myself slowly starting to drift off to sleep.

My head is full of this peaceful and unusual music and I feel very relaxed, warm and in a state of calm.

After what feels like some considerable time, I hear the door open quietly and sense someone else in the room with me. I'm not sure if I am dreaming but am conscious of Dr Inglis saying things to me in a quiet voice and then I can hear my own voice saying that I understand and agree with her instructions but I can't recall what it is I am saying or agreeing to.

The speaking stops. I start to feel more awake and I look up between my spread legs and Dr Inglis is standing there. She gives me a sort of knowing smile and then walks slowly over towards me.

"Oh I'm sorry Dr Inglis I must have drifted off to sleep. " I murmur feeling a little drowsy.

"That's perfectly OK Kate, it's good that you feel relaxed" Dr Inglis says in a whisper as she looks down at me with those piercing green eyes. I feel consumed by her someone and I feel my mouth dry up a little.

She looks into my eyes for what feels like a few minutes and I am unable to make myself look away. I feel like she now has some sort of control over me which I have never experienced before.

"You are a very beautiful young lady Kate.........I'm going to kiss you now....."

I feel horrified by this. I'm not a lesbian and a this is highly unprofessional for a medical practitioner. My inner self is telling me to get the hell out of here but instead I hear myself say "I'd like that Dr Inglis you are a very beautiful woman too..." I don't understand what is happening to me and feel helpless.

Dr Inglis slowly leans over and places her red lips on mine and I can smell her expensive perfume as her tongue flicks around inside me mouth. Half of me feels revolted by this but is over-ruled but a recent darker force in my mind which wants this to happen more than anything else in my life. My heart starts beating hard in my chest and I can feel my pussy moisten.

Something in my mind tells me to reach up and hold the sides of her face as she kisses me and push my tongue into her mouth, so I do so obediently. One of her hands finds its way down to my pussy and I can feel her index finger start working on my clit as she kisses me. Her other hand is touching one of my nipples and I feel like I am full of electricity coming from her mouth and hands.

Dr Inglis then stands upright, slowly walks round between my spread legs and a faces me. I notice that her red lip stick is smeared now. She flashes her eyes down towards my pussy and then looks back into my eyes. My pussy tingles.

I want to tell her to stop or I will contact the police but instead I say "Dr Inglis please will you lick my pussy now?"

The Doctor slowly lowers herself to her knees, maintaining eye contact with me as she does and I am transfixed by her stare as her tongue connects with my clit. I yell out in pleasure as she then starts fucking me with her tongue and I grab her hair to help co-ordinate the timing of her thrusts. I feel a couple of her fingers work their way into my asshole as her tongue moves in and out of my pussy. No-one has ever made my body feel this way.

This is incredibly intense. I have never wanted anyone as much as this woman but on the other hand I want to kill her for making me do these repulsive things. As all these conflicting emotions gel and then boil over in my mind, I arrive at a massive screaming climax and I squirt a little onto the Doctor's face as I cum.

I lay there covered with sweat, trembling with my legs spread and my pussy leaking as I recover from my monstrous orgasm. Dr Inglis casually walks over to the mirror above the wash hand basin, wipes my pussy juice from her face and fixes her make up.

"My...my god Doctor that was the most amazing thing that has ever happened to me..." is all I can say as I look at her in wonder, panting.

As the Doctor puts the finishing touches to her lipstick in the mirror she says "Well Kate I'm pleased to say that you have passed the examination. If you would like to get dressed, Kelly will come back in five minutes so you can sign the consent forms and make an appointment to come in for the donation procedure." She looks at me firmly in the eyes and says sternly "Now remember Kate confidentiality is key to this arrangement so it is imperative that you do not speak to anyone about your visits to the clinic. Do you understand?"

Any thoughts of resistance have completely diminished now and I can only feel complete compliance with her requests.

"Yes Dr Inglis absolutely." I reply eagerly.

"Now Kate the consent forms are just a formality so there's no need for you to read them in any detail before you sign them."

"OK no problem Doctor."

"Oh Kate one more thing is that I think you should tell your room mate and family that you might be away for a few days when you come in to see us. Sometimes women can be a little tender down below after the procedure so perhaps you could tell them that you are going travelling for a few days inland out of mobile phone range in case we need to keep you here for a few days to recover."

"Yes that's a good idea Doctor. Thanks for thinking of me."

"Well Kate it's been a pleasure meeting you and we look forward to seeing you again soon." The Doctor gives me a confident smile and leaves the room.

The door opens again a few minutes later and Kelly the receptionist takes me back to a meeting room. Again I notice the slightly vacant look in her eyes. I sign the consent forms without even reading the small print based on what the kind Doctor had told me and I make an appointment to come back on Monday of the following week.


Chapter 3

After visiting Horizon Fertility I feel different and the best way I can describe it is that I feel like I am slightly detached from reality and I am looking at the world through a new lens.

When I return to the back packers I want to tell Sinead about Dr Inglis and how special she made me feel but then I remember the Doctor's instructions not to tell anyone. All I seem to think about is seeing the Doctor again and I feel honoured that she has chosen me to be an egg donor. When I close my eyes to go to sleep at night and I think I can see an image of her knowing and piercing green eyes.

I count down the days until my appointment and finally Monday comes around. As I sit on the bus to Watson's Bay again, my mouth is dry with excitement and I have butterflies in my stomach thinking about the Doctor.

I arrive again at the prestigious mansion and Kelly buzzes me through the outer gate and then again through the front door. Kelly leads me upstairs to a private ward room and tells me to unpack my things and make myself at home. The ward room door also locks automatically behind Kelly as she leaves.

After half and hour Doctor Inglis enters my room and my heart skips a beat when I see her. My initial reaction is to hug her and kiss her on the lips but something in her eyes tells me not to.

"Hello Kate it's lovely to see you again." She looks stunning.

"You too Doctor Inglis I've been looking to coming back! So what happens today?"

"Please change into the hospital gown on the bed. Once you are ready I'll take you through to the theatre, we will put your under an anaesthetic and before you know the procedure will be over."

I remove my clothes slowly so I can feel the Doctor's eyes on my body again. I notice my nipples are hard and my pussy has moistened a little feeling her gaze on my body. I want her to touch me so badly but she does not and seems more focused and business like today.

I put on the gown, the Doctor opens the door and I follow her down the corridor. We enter the operating theatre and the Doctor lies me down gently onto the operating table. She then leaves the room to scrub up and a couple of female theatre nurses and an anaesthetist in full outfit come into the room. The introduce themselves and again I notice the slightly distant look in their eyes. As I glance around the theatre I notice a box which looks like and the kind of ice box you would take on a picnic. As the Doctor enters the theatre I try and break the silence by joking about whether we are going to have champagne on ice and the Doctor informs me that low temperatures are required as part of the process.

The anesthetist places a needle into the back of my hand and then connects a syringe to it by a clear plastic tube.

Doctor Inglis tells me my arm will feel a little cold as the anaesthetic is injected and sure enough it feels like ice water is being pumped into me. My vision starts to black out and my last recollection is the Doctor's mesmerising eyes looking into my soul over her theatre mask.

The world goes black.


Chapter 4

What's happening now? I can't see anything but I can hear the Doctor's voice speaking to me softly. It feels like this is happening a long way away from me. Again I am agreeing to her requests and confirming I understand what she is saying. I have a horrible taste in my mouth and I feel like I have the hangover of a century.

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