tagLesbian SexThe Enforcer Ch. 05

The Enforcer Ch. 05


It has been an interesting week. I am really quite surprised by how much has happened and by how well things are going. This story starts the morning after the last ended. Candy and I slept in Max’s special room, both of us very happy to be sleeping together after a week of sleeping alone. Of course we slept in till about noon. We made love shortly after waking, and again as we showered together. It was one in the afternoon by the time we finally got dressed. I made certain that Candy dressed in something low key yet casual. I myself dressed in a casual but clean suit. Candy was of course curious why.

I said casually: “We are going to meet with Maya and her father today.”

Candy looked at me puzzled and said: “What are you talking about?”

I smiled and replied: “Well, I called my teacher and she has arranged for me to meet with the mayor and his daughter. And the police chief will also meet with me quickly to extend his apology for my wrongful incarceration.”

She hugged me close and said: “I wonder how Maya will react when she sees us together.”

I held her close and said: “I will arrange it so you and Maya can talk together while I have a heart to heart with the mayor.” Her eyes lit up, I continued: “You can tell me about it after.”

After we shared a passionate kiss she whispered into my ear: “Thank you Vinny. I am so happy that I will get to see Maya again, and tell her about us.”

I softly stroked her face as I said: “If I get my way, you two will be together much more frequently, and the mayor will actually not only approve, but demand it.”

Candy looked at me incredulously and said: “How are you going to pull that one off?”

I smiled and said: “That’s a surprise you will just have to wait for.” She pleaded with me all the way to the van, and during the trip to City Hall, but I never wavered. We were greeted at the front of City Hall by the mayor’s aide; he was a skinny, weak looking guy.

He said: “Hi my name is Ronal and I am the mayor’s aide; he has sent me to escort you to his office where he awaits with his daughter Maya.” We followed Ronal to the mayor’s office. The door was adorned with a metal plaque with the words ‘Mayor Daniel Kilborn’ engraved into it. A piece of paper was stuck below it, hanging at a slight tilt from a piece of clear tape ‘Wonder how long this one will last?’ was scrawled on it. When Ronal saw the note, he was horrified. He quickly tore it down and put it in his pocket.

I said casually as he was about to knock on the door: “Why was that there Ronal?”

Ronal was nervous and said: “It’s nothing, just forget about it.” He knocked on the door and then opened it. Maya and the mayor were sitting talking together.

Upon seeing Candy and I, Maya froze in surprise, while the mayor started to rise and smiled as he said: “Nice to see you Vincent, may I call you that?”

I replied: “That sounds good to me Daniel; I can call you Daniel, right?”

The mayor was a little surprised, but Ronal was horrified. He was about to speak when Daniel said: “Well that’s a little personal, but I suppose you can, as long as we are not in public. Does that sound good to you Vincent?”

I replied nonchalantly: “That sounds alright for now.” The mayor was quite surprised at how forward I was, and even more so when I added, “But we will have to see what you say after we are done our meeting.” I nodded towards Ronal and said: “Can he be trusted?”

Ronal was aghast, but Daniel replied frankly: “Yes, he can be trusted. He is a little bit weak, but he is trustworthy; that’s why I hired him.”

Ronal smiled until I looked him over and said bluntly: “You can stay, but do yourself a favour and don’t interrupt me while I talk to Daniel, and we’ll get along fine.”

Ronal was miffed, but just as he was about to speak Maya said in a stern voice: “You’re a cheeky bastard aren’t you?”

The mayor glared at his daughter and was about to yell when I said: “Maya, I am to the point, suspicious and most definitely blunt, but I am not cheeky. I am confident, most say over confident, until they get to know me. If you have any doubts ask Candy, she will vouch for me.”

Maya was a little too upset to rationalize her actions and looked at Candy and said: “I trust your judgement, so what of him?” Her face filled with fear as she realized what she had just said.

Candy replied: “He is good Maya, and I love him deeply also.”

Maya was filled with fear as her dad turned to her and was about to speak when I interrupted: “Daniel, we must talk. I will explain everything about Maya and Candy, that is, if Maya will consent.” I looked at Maya; she looked to Candy, who nodded. Maya was still fearful, but nodded. “Ok then. You two should leave, talk and get caught up. We will get you when we are ready for you, it may be awhile.”

Maya was white as a sheet as Candy walked up to her, grabbed her arm and led her out of the room. Ronal closed the door behind them as they left, then walked to stand beside the mayor. I casually said: “Daniel, we have a few things in common and we also have needs that the other can help fill.”

The two men sat down as Ronal said in a suspicious tone: “What’s your angle?”

Daniel sat back waiting for my response. I answered softly: “You’re coming up for re-election in a few months,” he nodded, while I continued “and from what I’ve heard you will probably not be re-elected.”

He sighed as Ronal said: “Don’t say that! I am certain he will be re-elected, he is a great…”

Daniel cut him off and said: “Shut up Ronal! You know he’s fucking right. They want me out and that won’t change anytime soon either.”

Ronal was quiet as I said: “From what I hear the main issue you face is that you promised to get rid of the huge drug problem in this town, and even though the Outlaws are dead, you still have not even put a dent in the trade.”

Daniel frowned and sighed deeply as he said: “I can’t fucking find who’s bringing it in, I was told the Outlaws were doing it, but now they are gone and things are just worse.”

I smiled and said: “The Outlaws were doing it, but they lost control and had stopped completely even before I disbanded them a few weeks ago.”

Ronal and Daniel both looked at me incredulously. Ronal spoke first: “You could not have; only their boss can disband a gang and Snake is their boss.”

Daniel looked at me as he said: “Snake was in the hospital for a week, and is in no condition to lead anything. I heard some unknown huge biker put him there.” He looked at me, and said: “I suppose you can fill in the details.”

I smiled and said: “Well, actually the biker’s name was Vinny, and only one person there knew his name, Snake’s former sex toy. Snake lost a fight for her honour, for you see, the biker in question gave her a smile, and she hit on him. Well Snake was stupid enough to attack Vinny, me actually.” Their eyes went wide, “I crushed his hand, breaking all his knuckles. As he was laying on the floor in pain, his champions challenged me. They are still in the hospital with either cracked ribs, or other broken bones.”

The two men looked at me questioningly as Ronal said weakly: “You mean you’re the new leader of the Outlaws?”

I replied: “I already said I disbanded them. But back to the story, the day after the fight Snake’s former girl, Candy, you’ve met her.” Daniel was frozen with shock. I continued: “Like I was saying, Candy and I went back to the bar, where I told them that she was off limits. They did not agree and a little brawl broke out. The cops arrested Candy and I while the ambulances dragged the rest of the participants to the hospital. You may have seen that most of the former Outlaws were there for a few days. I got out quite quickly, as did Candy.”

Ronal was frozen with shock as Daniel said: “So you are telling me that you have personally hospitalized most of the Outlaws and also disbanded them?”

I sat back and casually said: “Yes, and I also made certain that they will never be reformed. Actually that’s why I was jailed, wrongly, for a week.”

Ronal looked worried and said apologetically: “We are so sorry about that mistake.”

I replied: “No worries. It was a convenient reason for my meeting with you today. Well actually not really that convenient, but it wasn’t that bad either.”

Daniel looked at me and said: “But I was told that you were an honour student at the local university, and are studying for a BA in sociology.”

I replied: “I am, that’s all true, but that does not change the fact that I am a biker, and currently am founding a new gang.”

“Ok, but how do I come into the picture?”

“I have a little opposition to my plans, actually I have a lot.”

Ronal interjected: “Who? There are no gangs left here.”

I replied: “Actually, there are two. One is trafficking the drugs and the other is keeping you from knowing and taking them down.”

Daniel replied: “Ok, you have my attention. Who are they?”

I replied: “The Colombians are running drugs using the university’s guards and security force. And the cops are on the payroll of the Colombians, keeping all this hidden. Heck that’s why it took me so long to get out of jail.”

Ronal said defiantly: “Can you prove these accusations?”

I replied: “Yes, but I don’t need to, do I?”

Daniel replied: “No you don’t. It makes too much sense for me to even doubt it.”

Ronal seeing that the mayor had given up, said: “So we know what we have in common, now how do you propose we take care of it, and how are you going to get him re-elected?”

“Well, I am certain that if the security force falls, and the mayor is responsible, then he will be a shoo-in next election.”

Daniel replied: “But where am I going to get help with that? My police force can’t be trusted, and the feds won’t come without more evidence.”

I smiled: “That’s where my boys and I come in. You see we want the Colombians gone and we are willing to help you to get it done; we just have a few conditions.”

Daniel groaned and said: “How much is this going to cost me?”

“We don’t want money, we will make it after, no problem there, and the price is much higher.” Ronal looked at me questioningly, as I continued, “The first part is simple; we can’t be given any credit for the work we do, so we need a stool pigeon to take the praise.”

“I can handle that, no fucking problem there. What’s next?”

“The next part is a little harder. We need space to work, so we need you to keep the police busy so they can’t help the security force.”

Ronal interjected once again: “I can arrange that!” Daniel and I looked at him questioningly. “The cops here have failed the last standards testing and need to attend a few classes to be retrained. I can make sure only a skeleton staff is left.”

I smiled: “Perfect. I will talk to my guy on the inside and get you a list of the officers that I want to have remain.”

Daniel replied: “Is there a last part?”

I placed my hands together and said: “Yep and it’s the most expensive one.” They urged me on with their eyes, “The last part is your daughter.”

Daniel looked at me and said: “What do you mean, ‘My daughter’?”

“Candy and Maya are lovers,” their jaws dropped. Solemnly I continued, “Candy loves her deeply. So much that I want them to be together.” They both looked at me incredulously. “Of course it will have to be Maya’s choice, but if she agrees, I want her to come live with Candy and me. I will guarantee her safety and anonymity.”

Daniel was completely taken off guard and took a few minutes before he replied: “My little girl is a lesbian and loves a biker chick?” He started to cry as he said: “I can’t believe it.” He was now sobbing uncontrollably.

I replied in a consoling tone: “I am sorry to have to tell you, but I want you to know that Candy is becoming a very nice person and will not hurt Maya ever, I promise.”

Daniel stopped crying and said: “I have to ask her first, but if she agrees, then yes she can go with you and Candy.” He wiped the tears from his eyes as he said: “Get them, Ronal.”

Ronal left and quickly came back with the two girls in tow. Candy and Maya were now holding hands like lovers as they walked in. Maya saw her father’s tear stained face and said caringly: “Dad are you alright?”

Daniel replied lovingly: “I will alright Maya dear, but I need to know if it is true that you and Candy are lovers.”

Maya, sensing no anger in his voice, replied demurely: “Yes its true dad.”

Daniel addressed Candy next: “Candy is it true that you love her deeply?”

Candy replied quietly: “Yes, I love Maya with all my heart.”

He then said: “Vinny has asked my permission to let you go with Candy. Is that what you want Maya dear?”

Maya looked at Candy, then at me, then back to her father and said: “I’d loved to live with Candy, but I don’t want to hurt you.”

Daniel smiled as he said: “Go with them, Candy needs you more then I do. Oh yes, and Vinny has promised to keep you safe, so I will not worry.”

Maya walked up me and said softly: “I am happy to meet you Vinny. Candy has told me all about you, I don’t know how to thank you for your kindness.”

I smiled and said: “Seeing Candy happy will be more than enough.” I hugged her close, then said: “Go with Candy and get your stuff packed, she will help you. My boys will be waiting for you outside, they will take you to your house, just tell them where to go. I will finish here then join you.” With that the two girls left. I looked at Ronal and Daniel and said: “Is there anything else we need to talk about?”

Daniel replied: “Not right now, but you will have to give us the info we will need soon so we can start preparations on your plan.”

I replied: “I will be back with the list as soon as possible.” With that we shook hands, Ronal walked with me asking me a few questions. I took my time, I wanted the girls to have a little time alone. We talked over a cup of coffee in the canteen, when we were done I said goodbye and left. All this had only taken fifteen minutes; I headed downstairs in no hurry.

A few of the boys had shown up with bikes and another van, they drove me to Maya’s place where I got the girls and we all headed back to Max’s. Maya and Candy talked together; Candy did most of the talking trying to explain our situation and how I fit in to the gang, which unavoidably led to her talking about the new gang and the little project that was happening in the backyard. Maya had arranged for the papers, but did not know all the details; one of her friends had actually read the proposal.

When we arrived I had a few of the boys bring in Maya’s essentials and take them up to the room at the top of the stairs. I walked over to talk with Max and asked him: “Max, I know you have given Candy and I permission to stay here, but I must ask a further favour.” He urged me to go on with his hands “Candy has another lover, her name is Maya. I would like for the two stay here, in the same room.”

He looked at me and said: “Where are you going to stay?”

I replied casually: “I will most likely end up living alone in my loft until they complete the two buildings at the back, then I will move into the housing we will have there.”

Max looked at me and said: “I didn’t see plans for any rooms or living spaces.”

“I am having Ed add another story on the storage facility for all of us to live in.” I looked at Max and said: “I wanted to run the next part by you before I give the boys the ok, but I would also like to build another building to house the gang members who want to live closer to us. It would be a lot bigger than the two buildings we already have.”

Max smiled and said in a teasing tone: “You guys are building a fucking campus here.”

I replied seriously: “You may not believe it, but that is exactly what I have planned.”

Max was shocked as he said: “You know the city will want a large chunk of money from us if you go through will all this.”

I replied casually: “They won’t get the chance. You are far enough out of town that I plan on setting up a separate City Hall here and applying for township permission. Of course that will take a few years and we will have to buy a few more of the lots around here, but that should get easier as time passes.”

Max looked at me in shock and said: “You don’t think small do you?”

I smiled back and said: “I have been going to school non stop for four years, working through the summers too. I already have a BA in urban design. Why would I not want to do it? My sociology BA will be my second one.”

Max looked at me and said: “You don’t like doing things half way either, do you?”

“Max, I never do anything half-heartedly, I always go all the way. Oh yeah that reminds me, we are taking down the security force and removing the Colombians from the city.”

Max laughed and said: “How in the hell do you plan on doing that?” I filled him in on the conversation I had with the mayor. He admitted it had a chance to work, and asked: “So when are we going to tell the boys about this?”

I replied: “We will have a gang meeting soon to explain the plan to them. But right now I have to go and check on the girls. See you later Max.”

As I was leaving Max said: “What do you want us to do with Snake?”

I replied: “Oh yeah, I had forgotten about him. Tell the boys to have fun with him for another day or two; I just don’t have time to deal with him right now.” With that I headed back into the house, and went to Candy’s room. The two girls were sitting on the bed talking when I arrived. Candy and Maya looked toward me; Maya got up and moved to me, giving me a peck on the cheek and a hug. I said a little puzzled: “What was that for?”

She replied softly: “Thank you for arranging for me and Candy to be together, you have made us so infinitely happy.”

I hugged her close and said: “It’s my pleasure Maya.”

Candy looked at me and said: “Now you have to tell me exactly how the fuck you managed to get her dad to not only accept her love of women, but also let her move in with me, in a biker community none the less.” I quickly explained exactly what had happened between the mayor and me.

When I told them how Daniel had burst out crying, Maya in a tender tone said: “Oh that so cute.” Then the two girls burst out laughing. Maya continued: “I love him dearly. But I can’t help laugh at Dad. From his reaction you’d think being a lesbian was a deadly disease.” I let the two laugh to their hearts content.

I then said: “Ok, I hope you two are settled in comfortably, I have to head home soon. I will be back tomorrow.”

Candy had a look of surprise and said: “Aren’t you sleeping here tonight?”

I hugged her close and said: “I thought you two might want some privacy.”

Candy was about to speak, but realized that Maya and her had still not discussed how we were going to handle Candy’s dual loves. She looked to Maya and gently said: “Maya, I love both of you and I can’t chose between you two. Are you ok with that?”

Maya hugged Candy close and said: “I have always loved you; I can most definitely deal with Vinny and you being together.”

Candy smiled, but then said solemnly: “I share everything with Vinny. I can’t ask you to make love with him, but should you ever want to I wouldn’t mind. But I need to know if you can accept him sleeping in the same bed as us, and possibly permit him to watch when we make love. He is a real gentleman and won’t join us unless you ask him.”

Maya mulled over the request and then said slowly: “I can deal with him sleeping in the same bed as us, but watching us make love, that I would have to try before I could answer.” She paused for a long time, “I don’t normally like men, I have no real attraction to them, so I doubt we’d ever make love, but we’ll have to see.”

Candy hugged Maya close, kissing her with fierce passion, their hands roaming over each others body. Both were flush as their embrace broke. Maya looked at me and asked: “I want to make love to Candy, right now. If I let you stay, do you promise to leave if I feel uncomfortable, and to not touch me in any way?”

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