tagExhibitionist & VoyeurThe Enforcer Ch. 10

The Enforcer Ch. 10


We had just returned from my old place to find that we had unexpected visitors, and to boot they were on nice heavy bikes. They also had a couple military grade transport vehicles with them. I had no idea how many there were, but there had to be at least thirty, maybe even more. Max, Maya and Candy decided to follow me to see what was happening; I let them follow me, surmising that being by my side was probably the safest place for them.

We made our way around the house. I was happy to see that there was not yet a brawl, but things didn’t look completely friendly either. Two walls of men had formed, on one side was my gang led by Domenic and Ed, and on the other was a large group of bikers wearing colours I had never seen before. I hollered in my best drill voice: “What is happening here?”

Both groups turned their attention toward me, the leaders walked over; I motioned for them to stop when they were five feet from us. I spoke again in my drill voice: “Pain, Ed,” I pointed to the two men from the other groups and continued: “What are your names?”

The larger of the two men, he was almost as tall as me, answered in a firm voice: “I am Adolph and this is Randal.”

He was about to continue when I interjected still in my drill voice: “I am Vinny, I lead these men. What are you doing on my turf?”

Randal replied in a submissive tone: “We seek an audience with the man who has crushed Snake.” He looked at me hopefully as he continued: “We have been told that you are that man.”

I smiled and in a casual tone added: “You have found me, what is it you want from me?”

Adolph replied: “We were told that you were a mighty leader and a powerful warrior.”

I shrugged and retorted in an aggressive tone: “I will only ask once more, what do you want from me?”

Adolph’s face turned red with anger as he lunged forward and tried to punch me. I caught his fist mid-air, stopping his flight, and smashed him to the ground. He was winded, his gang raised their fists and got ready to strike as Randal hollered back to them: “Stay right where the fuck you are or I will kill you myself!” They all froze and waited. Randal bowed and said in a submissive tone: “Please forgive Adolph for his impertinence. He is a decent leader, but not much for diplomacy and has never really been able to recognize a dangerous situation.”

Adolph was crumpled into a ball, trying to recover as I said: “Should I pick him up, or can you answer my questions?” Before Randal could answer, Adolph rose and tried to punch me again. This time I parried his hand and landed a weak blow to his gut, sending him flat on his ass clutching his stomach. I moved forward, grabbed his leather jacket firmly and using only my left arm picked him up and held him a few feet of the ground as I said: “Are you going to calm down and shut up, or will I have to get rough?”

He waved his hands in surrender, so I put him down and let go as Randal said: “Thank you for your self control, from what I have heard of your skills, I presume that you did not hit him hard.”

Adolph was frozen with fear as I replied: “I saw no real danger and did not see a reason to put him in the hospital before finding out what you wanted.”

Randal replied: “That is mighty big of you. Anyhow, we are here to thank you for making Snake pay for his crimes and to see if you would be willing to take on new members.”

I replied: “I would be willing to consider it, but first I must know why you wish to join us, and exactly how you found us.”

Adolph replied: “We want to join you because you’re strong and because you are not as foolish as Snake.”

Randal added: “And I am the one who found you, I had one of my boys tail that convoy of yours.”

I smiled: “Ok you’ve shown yourselves to be resourceful, but what does your gang have to offer us?”

Adolph stood proud as he said: “We offer the one thing all true leaders want and deserve, loyalty; that is if you can prove you deserve it.”

I smiled as I replied: “That is the wisest thing you’ve said all day. Good answer, so how do I earn your loyalty?”

Adolph replied in a casual tone: “From Randal’s info I predict that you could take on twenty of my boys easily.” I nodded, and then he continued: “But in order to show your strength as well as your strength of character, you will have to take on twenty of my boys and not hospitalize any of them.”

I smiled and said: “Sounds like fun, my boys will certainly enjoy watching this, so how many guys do you have with you today?”

Randal replied: “We brought a small group of fifty soldiers and thirty other men. Our gang has just shy of five hundred members, including the women and children. We are nomadic and have set up camp in a camping ground close to the city. We would appreciate having a better place to make camp and would gladly help where we could.”

I replied: “Sounds fair to me, Pain and Ed can make arrangement for you to have tents and a place to stay. But first let’s get this little challenge under way.”

Adolph nodded and motioned for his men to come to his side. As twenty gathered around him he said: “They are my best soldiers, you beat them without breaking any bones and we are all yours.”

I smiled and said: “Sounds good to me, we’ll set up a pit and everybody can watch the action.” He nodded. I looked at Domenic and Ed as I said: “You guys have thirty minutes to set up a place for this fight, make certain that everybody who wants to watch has room.” They nodded and grabbed the boys and started the preparations. It took them a while, but with the help of Domenic’s crew they soon had a makeshift arena set up. Everybody gathered for the show. With my agreement Randal was designated as the ref. The maximum length was set to an hour, but if nobody was willing to attack me before then, and I hadn’t broken any bones, I would be victorious.

I stood in the middle of the arena, twenty guys formed into a circle around me, and ten feet behind them was a massive crowd of both my guys and the members of Adolph’s gang that weren’t in the fight. The crowd was roaring as Randal said: “Fight.” The guys were wise and chose to attack in waves of four, from all around me. The first group found themselves flying back as the second group raced to me. Not being in an ideal position two were able to grab onto my legs while the other two ended up in my hands. Those two quickly found themselves flying back to their friends.

I did not have time to remove the men on my legs as four more lunged at me. Again a pair ended up in my hands and two more added their weight to my legs. The next group all went for my arms, their fallen comrades already set for their next attack. They were a little surprised when I was able to throw them back in pairs. The next volley went for my torso and arms, but again I was able to fend off two and found that there were now six men weighing me down. Unfortunately for the two who had a hold on my waist, I was able to grab them and then threw them back, clipping two of the four advancing men.

The other two came to rest into my waiting hands; I threw them at the guys on my legs, breaking their hold on me. Now able to move again, I side stepped the next volley, leaving a pile of bodies in the middle of the group and eight men waiting to strike. Seeing an opportunity, I went on the offensive, striking two men to the ground, being certain not to hurt them too badly, but winding them. As they lay on the ground I lunged for another pair, who were now on the defensive. I picked them up and tossed them to the pile-up in the middle, knocking the four men who had managed to get up back into the mess. Only six men now stood, and they were doing their best to avoid me.

I ran at full tilt and barrelled four to the ground. Now facing only a pair of men still standing and eighteen doing their best to get back up, I leapt at the last two, grabbed them and sent them flying into the massive pile-up. They were starting to get up, but still none attacked me, so I hollered towards the crowd: “I thought I was supposed to be defending myself, not mopping up the floor.” Randal walked up to Adolph as I lunged at the four brave souls who were now standing. They found themselves flat on their asses again.

The crowd was hollering as I kept the group from getting up until, eventually I threw to the pile the few who were not already in it. Adolph stepped forward with Randal as he said: “We acknowledge the skill of this gang, and the leader. This fight is over, you win Vinny.”

My boys all cheered my success as I stood proud while Adolph’s boys cleared the arena. Then I added: “Let’s all welcome our newest members.” The crowd cheered again. I motioned for silence then said: “Let us keep the celebration going. You have my permission to keep brawling all day, and to party.” Everybody cheered. Domenic and Victor walked into the arena and asked if anybody was willing to challenge them, they had no problems finding play mates and began a fight that would last several hours. I asked Adolph and Randal to accompany me to the house. They followed me, with Max and the girls walking behind them.

When we reached the house Max offered us all a cup of tea, which we all accepted, except Adolph, who looked at us with a puzzled expression. I said: “What is it Adolph?”

He replied warily: “Bikers aren’t supposed to drink tea, especially huge motherfuckers who can crush twenty of my men like they were toys.”

Randal replied casually: “He did it, and he still drinks tea, get over it boss.” Randal paused for a second, thought about the word he just spoke, looked at me and said: “I suppose Adolph is no longer my boss, so what should I call you?”

Max replied: “Call him Vinny, that’s what we all call him. Makes sense doesn’t it?”

Randal smiled as he said: “Sounds good to me. So how does the hierarchy here work?”

Adolph was a little lost and said: “What the fuck are you guys talking about?”

I replied: “He means who’s in charge.” Adolph’s face brightened with understanding. I continued: “Well this is a little simplified, but for now it will do. I am the supreme overlord, everybody listens to me. Then Max here is my general, he only reports to me and I have yet to name a second in command. But when I do he will hold the same power as Max, only difference is that Max rules in peace time, while my second rules during war times, or in combat situations. After that the command goes to the most senior person in the group or to my aides. I currently have eight here. You may have met them.”

“They are the rowdy soldiers and the four guys, who really don’t look like they belong here. There are my friends and followers, they don’t even report to Max, but they do listen to him.”

Adolph was happy, sat back and said in a neutral tone: “Can I get a beer?” Max was kind enough to get him one. He was looking over to Maya and Candy when he said: “What about these two?”

I replied in a calm tone: “You mean Candy and Maya?” he nodded, I continued: “they are my loves. They’re the only ones who have any power over me, and they are the most important things in my life at the moment.” I paused and grabbed my cup of tea from Max, then continued as Adolph was taking a gulp of his beer: “Oh yeah, and should they be hurt, harmed or even made to be unhappy, I would punish, kill, torture or do even worse to the idiot who caused it.” Adolph spit his beer as he heard me speak. Luckily he only managed to hit the ceiling and fell back with the chair he was sitting on. His beer fell over him, as he tried to get up.

Max looked at him on the floor and said in a casual tone: “Would you mind not dirtying my floor?” Adolph quickly got up and started cleaning up the mess as Maya, Candy and Randal laughed loudly at his actions. I added: “So Randal is Adolph always this clumsy?”

Randal replied: “Only when he is caught off guard, which happens a little too often, in my opinion, but who am to judge?” Adolph gave him a quick scowl as he continued to clean up his mess. The girls just continued to laugh.

I asked Randal: “So do you have any other questions?”

He thought for a few seconds then said: “Just a few, but they’re logistical in nature and I expect that Ed and Pain will be better suited to answer them.”

I replied: “Not likely, but I have no reason to want to answer logistical questions, so I’ll defer the questions to Pain, you may want to actually call him Domenic till you become friends, he is running the town right now. However, we are building a few new structures and if you have questions about that, Ed and his boys can answer those. Now if you have money questions, Max is best suited to answer those. I can answer any questions relating to gang policy and plans, but you will have to wait for a few days before I give many details about our next big project. But if you can get friendly with the boys you may hear a few true rumours I have spreading.”

Randal smiled as he said: “I think I am going to like it here. You are just the right mix of cunning and power to make things interesting.” I laughed out loud as we shook hands firmly.

Then I said: “I am happy to welcome you to the gang.” I got up and shook Adolph’s hand and added: “You’re alright Adolph.” He smiled shyly and continued to clean up. I added: “Adolph if you want to, I am certain Max wouldn’t mind having a helper, you can become his assistant, and you are pretty good at cleaning.”

Adolph stopped, looked like he might get angry, then just replied: “I have never wanted to be a maid, but seeing that I would be helping the boss, and would probably be respected for it.” He waited for us to reply, Max nodded. Adolph finished: “I guess I wouldn’t mind it too much. But no fucking apron, I have my pride after all.”

Max smiled and said: “For a burly fellow you have a good control, I would not mind having you as an assistant. Oh and as an added bonus that would make you my second and everybody would listen to you.” Adolph smiled and continued helping Max.

Randal looked at me a little confused then said: “You’ve just made my boss into the maid, but he has even more power than before, what a bizarre turn of events.” I smiled and nodded. Randal continued: “Well, guess he’s still the boss then.”

Max said in a soft tone: “Treat him like the boss, but don’t call him that.”

Randal replied: “Yes boss!” Max’s face filled with frustration, but as he was about to speak Randal added: “Sorry, I mean yes Max.”

Max smiled and said: “Much better. We get along very well because we know who’s the boss but we don’t treat them special we just listen to them. It also makes it more difficult to infiltrate the gang.”

I smiled and added: “Now that we have gotten the formalities out of the way, do you guys want to go and get the rest of your gang, party or talk more?”

Adolph replied first: “I am at Max’s side; I will follow him unless he tells me not to.”

Max smiled as he said: “Adolph, we will get along quite well.” He headed for the door and as he was opening it he said to Adolph: “Come one, we’re going to party to celebrate your arrival.” The two headed out in the direction of the party.

Randal smiled and said: “I will go and get the rest of the gang, see you later.” And he headed out the door leaving Candy, Maya and me alone.

I looked at the girls and said: “Well let’s bring in my stuff, after we’ll see what we want to do.” They nodded and we headed to Max’s van, I picked up all but two bags and returned to the house. The girls each grabbed a bag and followed me. We took the stuff to our room. The girls took great pleasure in putting away my clothes, of course unfolding each piece to see exactly what I had, and then folding them back up. I placed my equipment bags in a storage room across the hall that Max had given me permission to use. After I had finished I checked on the girls, they were still busy so I announced that I was going to take a shower. They said they may join me later, so I headed to the bathroom alone.

I had barely gotten undressed when I heard the girls giggling. They didn’t come to check on me, so I just started the shower and got in. It was relaxing and I enjoyed it greatly. I washed myself quickly but decided to stay in the warm spray. I had been in there for a good twenty five minute before I decided that the girls weren’t going to join me. I turned off the shower and opened the curtain, to my surprise Maya and Candy were waiting there, towels in hand. I stepped out and let them dry me. They worked quickly but it still took them a few minutes to finish. I smiled and said: “That was nice. I didn’t hear you come in, how long did you wait?”

Candy replied: “Only a few minutes. We had fun looking through your stuff. I didn’t know you had a tuxedo.”

I replied casually: “I bought it for my gradation party; my teacher told me that I would need it.”

Maya smiled as she said: “Let me guess, you are going to be Valedictorian?”

I replied a little embarrassed: “Yeah and I have no choice about it either. They have already decided it would be me. And I have handed in my last projects.” I thought for a few second then added: “Thinking about it, I graduate next week, guess I better go to that. Oh, but who do I take as my date?”

Candy replied enthusiastically: “You can take both of us!”

Maya replied: “Nope, I can’t be your date, I already have promised my father that I would be the one to congratulate the graduates. Mind you I am supposed to accompany the Valedictorian to the celebratory ball the next day.” She smiled as she said: “Guess I will be accompanying you after all.” Candy giggled at the irony.

I hugged the girls. Then we walked back to our room where we got dressed. I dressed in my black jeans and a black dress shirt; Maya was dressed in a pair of green shorts and a blue tube top; Candy was wearing a yellow tube top and a pair of peach shorts. Then we headed to the party outside, making a rather interesting looking group.

The party was truly everywhere, except the construction pits. There were a few combat pits. Ironically Domenic and Victor were the ones keeping them going. There were a few areas where open orgies had developed, and we were invited into a few, but I turned them down out of respect for Candy and Maya. We headed to the Mess hall, which was packed. They had set up a buffet and all over the place there were girls doing table top strips, even a few male/female couples having public sex. But I was a little surprised to see no lesbian action.

Candy had a wicked grin as she looked at Maya and said: “You and I are going to put on a lesbian show, what do you say?”

Maya was frozen with surprise and fear. Candy pleaded with her saddest eyes; I could see Maya’s resolve fading and knew that she would give in. Eventually she replied: “Candy you little vixen, I’ll do it.” She looked at me and added: “Vinny you have to promise to keep things clean.”

I nodded as I said: “I will make certain nobody touches you, but you realise that means you will have a larger audience.” Maya sighed her understanding. I replied: “Give me two to get the stage and bouncers ready.”

I went outside and hollered for the boys. Max, Randal, Adolph, Allen, Ed, Frank, Paul, Phillip, Dominic, Theodore, George and Victor all quickly made their way over. We quickly commandeered a pair of tables; placed side by side they made a decent sized stage. The guys formed a circle around the tables as I helped Candy and Maya up. By that point our actions had become the centre of everybody’s attention. As soon as the girls were standing on the tables, they were recognized as being the boss’ girls and everybody crowded around us with curiosity.

I got up on the table and everybody went silent. I looked at Candy who was bubbling with joy and Maya who was shivering with fear then said: “Maya and Candy are going to put on a little show. I expect everybody who watches to be nice and not holler profanities or demands. And most of all, I expect all of you to look but not touch.” I raised my voice as I said: “Understood?”

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