The Enforcer Ch. 14


Mandy blushed as she said: "What should I do?"

Maya rubbed her arm lovingly as she said: "Lie back and enjoy it, he's the best." A chorus of he is from the rest of the girls filled the air.

I knelt down, and then moved myself into position. I moved towards Mandy, crawling on my hands and knees. Mandy squealed as my hands moved to her knees and slowly parted her legs. The tender pink lips of her nearly hairless slit parted sexily. Her appearance was still childlike; she really didn't look eighteen. She was lying back on her hands, her arms behind her back. The blissful look that swept over her face told me she wanted me to continue, brushing away my hesitation and so I move slowly further up, running my tongue along the inside of her left thigh.

Her body tensed as my tongue neared its target. I stopped inches from her warmth, raised my head and, looking into her eyes, whispered: "Remember what you're about to feel, because I promise you, it's even more enjoyable to me, and you will get to try it on all the women around us after." Her eyes filled with surprise as embarrassment covered her face. I lowered my face to her virgin opening and exhaled on her moist flesh as my tongue leapt out to tickle her love button. Mandy shivered and she let out a deep moan. I was able to see her expression change as her clit felt its first tongue lashing - she was in heaven.

Maya softly ran her hand along Mandy's arm as she asked: "Mandy, would you mind if Candy and I pleasured your breasts as Vinny enjoys your pussy?"

Mandy gasped: "If you think it will make this better."

Candy and Maya smiled, and then looking into the others eyes, they moved their mouths to Mandy's lovely breasts. Mandy moaned as the girls suckled upon her tits. I felt her shiver as Maya and Candy's attention brought her ever closer to orgasm. Her soft pink folds were drenched in her juices, and her lovely flavour intensified; it was most intoxicating. We had not yet laid a finger upon her body, and she was blissfully lost in the intense feeling of our oral stimulation. She took me completely by surprise when she came with almost no build up, her lithe body convulsing gently as she collapsed onto her back. Maya and Candy's mouths never left her tender nipples.

I felt her body relax as her orgasm faded, and lifted my head from her dripping cunt. Maya and Candy kissed as they sat up beside Mandy. Mandy's were closed as she tried to catch her breath. When her breathing had finally stabilised she lustfully said: "I have never cum so hard, thank you!"

I devilishly said: "We are just getting started Mandy." She smiled; eager to continue her wonderful trip into ecstasy. I then said in a loving tone: "I think it's time for you to lose your cherry. I know that all the girls are eager to play with you too."

Mandy softly replied: "I am looking forward to it. Now, Vinny, make me a woman, I have been lusting after you for nearly a decade, I think I deserve it." I moved my massive body over hers, positioning my mighty cock at her tender, virgin opening. I expertly rubbed it up and down a few times, covering it in her secretions. Mandy's face filled with expectation as I teased her. I finally decided to have pity on her and lined it up with her willing hole. Mandy moaned softly as I slowly parted her lips, entering her body.

Her vagina was excruciatingly tight; however I was a man on a mission and using steady pressure my cockhead glided into her. I was barely inside her when I felt her hymen blocking my path. I lovingly looked into her eyes as I said: "I am sorry to say that this will probably hurt quite a bit, I am going to have to enter your body slowly even while I bust your cherry, and so the pain will be prolonged."

Mandy replied: "I trust you, I always have, do what has to be done." I knew there would be no easy way to do it and decided to simply continue to move into her as best I could. My powerful legs tensed as I forced myself into Mandy, taking her virginity. She let out a sharp shriek as the pain hit her. I was half into her; I stopped dead in my tracks and, while keeping one arm extended to support myself, I lovingly stroked Mandy's contorted face as tears welled up in her eyes.

I used my most soothing voice as I said: "I am so sorry Mandy. I hope you will forgive me for making you go through such agony."

Mandy's right hand moved to my face and she guided my mouth to hers as we kissed. After our kiss ended she said: "It may have hurt but, despite all the pain you have put me through in my life, I know it will be worth it. Now make me feel better." I nodded and moved my member completely into her tight pussy. She moaned as I stretched her virgin opening.

I let her body adjust to me, and when she had finally relaxed, I began to move out of her slowly. She moaned as my head tugged at her opening, and I reversed my motion, once again sinking into her. I repeated the process, feeling her relax further, lust covering her youthful face; I increased my tempo, building up to a good rhythm quickly. Sweat covered every inch of Mandy's sexy little frame. Her tight sheath grasped wantonly as she climaxed. The increased stimulation sent me over the edge. Mandy let out a gasped as she felt my semen filling her. She wailed: "I can feel your cum spurting inside me!"

She continued to climax as she hugged me and I kept pistoning into her as her climax crested. When I finally felt her body relax I slowly pull out of her and sat up. My arms were stiff from their prolonged exercise, but I knew it was worth it as Mandy smiled, filling my heart with love. She simply said: "Thank you Vinny, that was beyond words."

I replied: "I am glad that your first time was special."

She giggled as she said: "I have been trying to get you into my pants for almost a decade, how could it be anything less than wonderful?" She giggled as I failed to reply.

Our first time over, Maya, Candy and the rest of the girls moved closer as Amber asked in a childish voice: "Can we play with your friend now?"

Mandy giggled as I replied in a fatherly tone: "Ok, but play nice, she is still new to this and is just learning the rules." All the girls, including Mandy giggled. But Maya and Candy wasted no time and were soon suckling at Mandy's breasts again. Amber placed her mouth over Mandy's and they began to tongue wrestle. Lynn dove between her legs and began cleaning my cum from Mandy's pink slit. Sarah and her sister Kimberly decided to come and play with me; quickly they began to clean my half hard prick, sharing my cock as their tongues played.

I could hear Mandy's muffled moans as the girls swarmed her body; I was quickly back up to full length as Sarah and Kimberly continued their tongue lashing. Sarah and Kimberly both got up and each placed a hand on my chest, Sarah softly asked: "Maya and Candy have told us a little about why they brought you here today, and since we had our turns already, we wanted to know what was going to happen next."

Kimberly added in a shy voice: "We know that you still have to play with the beach goers and that you will be busy, but we wanted to know if we could spend the night with you? And of course we would expect Maya and Candy to be there too."

I hugged them in fatherly manner as I said: "I will have to see what Maya, Candy and Mandy want to do, but I would not mind it at all." They both smiled and snuggled their faces to my chest as I added: "I have to go soon, however if you want to spend a little time in my arms, I can spare a few minutes, and would love to hold you two a little longer." They just nuzzled in closer and I softly rubbed their backs for a few minutes, happy to spend time with these two wonderful sisters.

Eventually I decided I had to go and said: "I have to go, but if you want to wait for me here I promise to come and get you at sunset and we can all walk back together."

Kimberly placed a kiss on my lips then said: "I will be waiting for you, and probably eating out Maya, Candy, Amber, Lynn or Kimberly." She giggled as she headed to the tangle of bodies still pleasuring Mandy.

Sarah kissed me softly then said: "I am so glad you came to the beach today. I look forward to introducing you to my parents, I hope they will understand." She then joined her sister. I walked down the beach and back into the water. I just splashed water on my face then walked back out. A huge crowd of horny women surrounded me.

I raised my hands for quiet, and when I had the attention of the group I said: "Ok, I have had fun one on two with a few special girls today. I would like to have pleased all of you, but I am only one man. So until the sun sets I am willing to indiscriminately please two of you at a time. It won't be perfect, but I will put my heart into it."

"So here is what I propose: I will lie on my back, you will form two lines, one to my face and one to my crotch, I eat the pussy of one woman at a time as I fuck another. Either way you are only allowed into one line or the other today, and once you cum you give your place to the next, and I will keep going until sunset, or until I can't do it anymore. Now for those of you who think I'll not get many done, I guarantee you I will last longer than you imagine. Only other rule, no virgins are allowed on the crotch line, I don't want your first time to be sterile, but if you want me to take your virginity, I will consider it, just ask me in private. I will try to help all of you who want me to, just consider the repercussions before you ask me." As my words finished the crowd formed two lines.

I lay down and immediately a pussy was over my face and another sucked my engorged prick into its depths. I lost count of just how many women crossed my lips at about the tenth. They kept coming, most were quite aroused and came quickly. But I got to taste a broad range of unique feminine flavours before the sun finally set. The lines had grown short by then. As the last girls climax, I noticed the darkness and decide to get up. The women who were actually left on the beach all clapped at my endurance. I was a little stiff and very tired, but I had enjoyed myself and headed to my women.

I was not too surprised to see Amber, Lynn, Mandy, Maya and Candy all playing with Sarah and Kimberly as they sixty-nined each other. When they noticed I was back they all got up and hugged me and placed a kiss on my lips. I could taste the pussy juices on their lips. We then all headed back in a pack, chatting as we walked down the darkening path.



If you want to read more of this storyline or if you have a comment, feel free to drop me a line. I read all feedback I get. I hope you enjoyed it, I had fun writing it. I would love to hear from you if you have ideas for a next part, or want to see something special.

A Thank you goes out to MindFiend for all his help.

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Thank you.


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