tagNon-EroticThe Enforcer Ch. 15

The Enforcer Ch. 15


We were headed towards the compound, chatting about the day’s events. Mandy was walking with me, nestling her cheek into my side. I was happy to see her again, and felt lucky that I had been the one to take her virginity. I was happy just being surrounded by all these lovely women. As we drew closer and closer to Max’s house the noise level gradually increased. It sounded like a party might have broken out. As the construction site came into view I noticed that a large bonfire had been built; it wasn’t too close to anything flammable so I paid it no heed.

But then I heard the sound of gunfire. I had the women that were around me and following us, which it seems was most of the female population of the gang, lay low, but a few women had gone ahead of us. I wondered what had happened to them. Just then a group of fifty women staying low to the ground was heading back towards us and, when they saw us, they made a beeline for me. The first reached me and in a frantic voice said: “Vinny! We have a problem! It seems that someone has set us up.”

I moved closer to her and in calm voice said: “What is happening?”

She nervously said: “I sent a pair of scouting groups to get more details, but from what I can see, most of the bikes are missing as are almost all the men. We spotted about twenty that have been tied and gagged. There might be more.”

“Do you have a clue who did this?”

“I recognized a few of the guys down there. They’re members of the Legionnaires, a rival street gang from the next county. Looks like they caught whoever was left by surprise. They made a fire using most of the scrap lumber that was laying around from the construction.” She paused and with a sorrowful expression said: “They have Max and Adolph tied to wooden posts. They’re naked and their bodies are covered with blood, but they seem to still be alive.”

I swallowed hard and replied in a firm voice: “I need the reports from your scouts ASAP. The rest of the beach goers are hiding over the ridge; have those who are with you hide with them. I am going see if I can free our friends, so I need as much info as possible.”

The fear left her face as she said: “I will have a report for you ASAP.” She turned to her group and said in a firm voice: “Get behind that rise now! The boss is going in and we need to hide until sufficient mayhem sets in.”

I headed out with her; we quickly met with the first scouting party. The lead woman said in nervous tone: “Max and Adolph have been whipped, and are bleeding a little, but they are still alive. There are twenty men bound and gagged beside the latrines and another twenty with various injuries tied and gagged behind the infirmary.”

I replied: “Is that all you have to report?”

She stuttered: “N-No, there are about fifty hostiles with automatic weapons around the fire. We have also spotted at least thirty more that have handguns or melee weapons acting as guards and sentries. We think there maybe as many as twenty in and around Max’s place.”

I replied: “Thanks, now head over to the ridge and stay low, the rest of the women are there.” I waved for them to go and they headed to the ridge.

We kept going and soon met the second group; they had gone around the other way and one of them reported: “We found the rest of the women! They have been stripped to their underwear, no bras, and are tied inside the mess hall. There are only a few men guarding them.” She paused then added: “There are also a dozen good men with bullets in them in the infirmary.”

I swallowed hard and asked: “Are they dead or injured?”

“We couldn’t tell for certain, but most looked alive.”

“Before you go, do you have any other info for me?”

The girl looked at me and softly said: “They kept yelling at the men: “Give us Vinny and we will let you go after torching the place. Snake just sent us to kill him, not you.””

I smiled and replied: “Thanks, that’s exactly what I wanted to hear, now get over the ridge and stay low until the shooting stops.” Fear filled their eyes. I motioned for them to go, and they headed to safety leaving me alone. I decide that it was time to end this. I snuck around, and made my way to Max’s house. They must have seen it as a good way of keeping a fake facade, they had left it almost untouched, but there were four guards on the front porch and five on the back. No doubt they were hoping to be able use to keep up the pretence of nothing being wrong, until they finished their mission. I hoped that they hadn’t yet taken the time to search it properly and decided to retake the house.

I moved to the front, where I decided to shadow the guards on the porch as they patrolled, waiting for a chance to take them out quietly. I was lucky, they were patrolling in pairs. I followed the stronger looking pair, hunched low and walking stealthily. When the pair I was shadowing fell out of view of the other two, I deliberately made a small noise. They instinctively turned to see what was happening, but by the time they saw me it was too late, my fists connected with their jaws. Their heads crashed together, knocking them out cold. I quickly hid them in the shadows and climbed up into the tree overlooking the location.

Five minutes later the other pair decided to investigate what was taking their friends so long. They stopped right beside their fallen friends, but didn’t even notice them. I jumped from my hiding spot ruffling the leaves of the tree just enough for the pair to look up, a bad move on their behalf. Their faces filled with surprise as they saw me like the Angel of Death, flying at them fist clenched. I nailed them both squarely in the forehead, knocking them over. I landed, my arms slamming into their solar plexuses, winding them. I didn’t give them a chance to recover and smacked them solidly in the noggin, rendering them both unconscious. I ripped the shirts off the first pair and tied up their hands and legs with it. I gagged them using the rest of their torn shirts; I repeated the process for the other pair. Then I dragged them all into a dark spot where they wouldn’t be noticed.

After checking around for any hidden guards I headed into the house. As I was entering I noticed a small flash of red light and jumped back just in time, dodging a dart that quietly embedded itself into the wall in front of me. There was somebody in the bushes to the right of the porch; I hoped the noise from the festivity in the back would hide the noise that my target would make. I jumped towards the guy, clearing the railing as he screamed for help. I cut him off as I knocked him to the ground. I curled my body up enough to completely clear the porch and landed my knee squarely into his gut. I was not certain how bad he was going to be hurt, but it winded him and gave me the time to cover his mouth before he could scream again. As he was trying to free himself, I punched him hard in the head. He was out cold. I turned him over, tied his legs and arms up using a rope he had on his utility belt, and then noticed he was wearing a flak vest; that should have prevented any major damage from my knee. I grabbed his dart gun and the five tranquiller darts he had left. He was already well hidden, so I left him there and made my way back to the door.

As I entered the house an unlucky bastard was sitting by the door sleeping. I cover his mouth and fired a tranquiller dart into his leg; I wanted to see just how useful they would be. He tried to struggle the second the dart hit him, but it took less than a second before the dart took effect, and he was soon as limp as a rag doll. I used his t-shirt to gag him and tie up his arms and legs. I reloaded the dart gun, thinking: ‘This thing will be useful.’ I dragged him to the bathroom, but the door was closed. I put him down to open it. As I reached for the door, the toilet flushed. ‘Cool, another test subject.’ I waited for him to open the door. As he was opening it I fired a dart into his left arm. The door swung open as he fell backwards. He tried to scream with no avail, he was unconscious before he hit the ground. I was glad that first dart missed me. I tied him up for good measures, and put him and his friend in the bath tub. I stopped to take a piss, then closed the door and moved back into the hall.

So far I had not hurt anybody seriously, but I realized that that would change once I met up with better armed guards; the guards at the front only had low calibre handguns and they hadn’t had a chance to use them. But I was in for some major trouble if there were anymore guys with dart guns; they had a nasty punch to them. The stairs leading up to the second floor were by the front door, but the floors upstairs were easy to hear from the kitchen, so I decided to clean out the kitchen first. I was lucky it was almost empty, just two guys having a drinking contest. Their reaction times would be at best slow. I walked right in and stood beside them; they looked up, noticed I was not one of their friends, but didn’t have a chance to act. I grabbed two empty bottles from the table and broke them on their heads as I said: “Goodnight boys.” They were out cold. I left them there, hoping they would be mistaken for having passed out from drinking too much.

I heard the noise of men upstairs, they sounded like they were patrolling. I had three shots left in my dart gun, but I need some more equipment and I could not afford them getting into my supplies. I quickly headed to the stairs, where I lucked out and noticed a sentry heading back from the stairs; guess I just missed being spotted because there was a small section before the hall turned into the main part upstairs. I fired into his back hoping he fell before the next sentry spotted him. I raced up the stairs as stealthily as I could; reloading the dart gun en route. Unfortunately, the noise of the guard hitting the floor was loud enough to catch the attention of the other three guys up there. The first succumbed to my next shot, and fell beside his friend. I did not know how many were up here in total so I decided to wait to see what would happen. I heard a voice say: “Jim are you still there? Nick just hit the ground and I am pretty certain Vic is also down.”

Jim replied: “Yeah I’m in the bathroom. I can see Nick’s body on the ground, but I haven’t heard any gun shots. What do you think is happening?”

I had already loaded my last dart into the gun; the bathroom was at the end of the hall so I would have a clear shot at Jim. From the sound of it, his friend was in Max’s room, which was the first room on the left, and I could punch through the drywall in front of me and hit him if needed. I barrelled into the hall, fired into Jim’s leg as his friend said: “I don’t know what’s happening, but I don’t have a gun, so you will have to go first.” Those were the exact words I wanted to here. Jim fell to the ground as I kicked around the door frame, knocking the other guy back against Max’s bed. He was not ready for me, but as I entered the room I noticed he was a big guy.

I chirped in a sarcastic voice: “Good morning honey, I’m home.” He sized me up as I added: “Maybe you could answer a few questions for me.”

He got up; he was a good seven feet tall and built like a wall. He menacingly said: “How about I just shout help instead? There’ll be twenty guys in here within seconds.”

I smiled: “All the windows in this placed are double plated armoured glass, and they are specially designed to block noise. You could fire a shotgun in here and nobody would know.” He paled a little. I then added: “Oh, yeah! I haven’t introduced myself; I am Vinny, the leader of this gang.” He went as white as a ghost. When I noticed I added: “I see you have heard of me.”

He put on a brave face and raised his hands ready for fight as he said: “I probably won’t win, but I ain’t telling you anything either. You’ll just have to take me out.”

I replied casually: “Fair enough. Let’s see what you’ve got.” He pulled back his right fist and, putting all his weight behind it, sent it flying at me. I parried his attack and lodged my knee into his stomach. He doubled over, coughing. I elbowed him in the back, sending to him the floor hard, climbed on his back, and placed my knees on his shoulders, pining his arms to the floor. Then I reached under his chin and with both arms grabbed his face and pulled back, causing him to holler in pain. I then said: “Your chances against me are slim to non. And slim just left town. We can do this the easy way or I can make you experience such excruciating pain that you will never be able to walk fully upright again.”

My victim asked: “What do you want to know?”

“I’ll take any info that may be useful. I know that Snake sent you, I know that my boys aren’t here, and that the few that remain are either tied up or injured. Is there anything else that you think I should know?”

He replied: “Not much you need to know that I know. I am just a grunt, didn’t even know why we were here until Jim told me, he’s really the one you should ask.”

I replied: “Damn, I already drugged him; he won’t be answering questions anytime soon. Guess it’s time for you to go to sleep.” I popped him a strategically placed blow; he was out instantaneously, and he would not feel any pain when he woke. I tied up all the guys, again using their shirts, and then headed to the supply closet and pulled out my pack. I was lucky; they had not yet begun to search the place. I quickly donned my bullet-proof vest, battle gear, and utility vest. My battle gear constituted of a pair of hardened leather bracers, a pair of bullet proofed leggings and a black leather jacket, it greatly reduced my night time visibility. I added a couple of tasers to my belt and grabbed my gas mask, tear gas and stun grenades. I finished my arsenal with a pair of Chinese styled nightsticks and a pair of fifty calibre desert eagles, with a belt of clips. I was now ready for a little more action, and decided to go and see if I could quietly lure the guys on the back porch into the house. I hoped not to have to kill anyone, but my followers were my responsibility and I was not going to let these assholes hurt my gang.

As I walked down the stairs I heard voices from the kitchen, I listened and heard: “Damn idiots drank so much they passed out! Fucking lushes also made a mess! Look at the glass on the floor.”

Another voice added: “I am glad I ain’t the one cleaning up this mess.” It looked like I had another pair of visitors, maybe more, and I decided to go and see if they were any better than their friends. The guys spotted me; they each had a baseball bat. I had my nightsticks, so we were on an even footing..

The first guy said: “Looks like we missed one. Bat ‘er up!” They both swung their bats at me. I blocked them with my nightsticks, and to their shock, I kicked the first guy solidly in the balls, sending him to the floor.

His friend took another swing as he yelled: “We need help in here!” I blocked the bat with ease. I used my other arm and knocked him out with my nightstick. As he fell to the floor the three guys left on the back porch entered the house. The first pair weren’t prepared and hit the ground as my nightsticks caught their skulls. The last guy was armed with a length of chain; he looked like he knew how to fight too.

He recognized me and said: “Well, what do we have here? If it isn’t Vinny the Crusher! I thought you were a wheeler, I never thought that you would actually be the boss of an Outlaw gang.”

I replied sternly: “I disbanded the local Outlaw gang, we are The Enforcers now, and I am their leader. What is your name?”

He chuckled as he replied: “I am Andore the Mighty. I am a former Outlaw Enforcer. I fought you once, many years ago, and of course I was wearing a mask at the time. So I am not surprised you don’t remember me. I lost to you last time, but it was close, let’s see who’s the better fighter this time.” I replied: “Aren’t you going to call for help?”

He replied: “Nope, I like one on one combat.” He paused, waved at the guys on the floor, then added: “Besides, they would only get in the way, not many good fighters in this gang, kind of boring that way.”

I replied: “I’ve got plenty of good warriors in my gang, you want to defect?”

Andore replied quickly: “Sorry, I can’t. Maybe some other day, but not today, I have been paid to help take you out, but maybe after, we’ll see. But for now, let’s fight.” He swung his chain at me, it wrapped around my left nightstick and my left arm. Luckily I was wearing my bracer, and it absorbed the blow. Andore pulled back. I held fast, the chain firmly wrapped around me, pulled taut with a loud metallic sound. Andore was surprised as I pulled back, yanking the chain from his hand. He lunged at me before I could free myself from the chain. I rolled backwards, planting my feet in his belly and using them to accelerate him in mid-air. He hit the door frame head first, snapping the two by four casing. The force of the blow had knocked him unconscious. I was hoping to have more of a fight, but it was not to be. I grabbed the handcuffs from his belt and cuffed him. He was not getting up anytime soon, but I knew he’d be pissed when he did.

I removed the chain from my arm and used it to wrap Andore’s legs; I used the second pair of cuffs he had to hold the chain in place. I did a mental count, twenty down, a good start. I decided it was time to move on to the infirmary, and see if I could get a few of my guys to fill in for the five idiots on the back porch. I figured that I had fifteen minutes at best before they noticed that the house was unguarded. I headed out the front door and ran towards the prisoners at the back of the infirmary.

I was greeted by five guards. Lucky for me they were busy playing poker. I moved in stealthily, then when I was ten feet away I sped up, they didn’t hear me until I was within range. The two closest never knew what hit them. The other three turned to see me, but two of them didn’t even have time to shield their faces before I hit them hard, knocking them out. The last guy was the dealer and only had time to drop the deck before I nailed him in the side of the head. They were all out cold. I quickly freed my boys and had them tie up our prisoners. They were only too happy to comply.

I had them gather around and quickly said: “Ok here’s the situation as we stand, there are twenty more men tied up outside by the latrines. Most of the women are free and hiding behind the hill leading to the quarry at the back. But we have three major issues left. First, we still have at least sixty-five members of an opposing force left, at least fifty of them wielding automatic weapons. Second, they have Max and Adolph tied up, as well as the few women who are not in the hills. Third, we have a dozen good men that are in the infirmary, they are under light guard; five men, two with hand guns and three with bats. However the men are severely injured. Max and Adolph are under heavy guard, stripped naked, tied and beaten, they will be our final targeted rescue and I will free them myself.

The women are under medium guard, ten men are visible from the outside, and I believe that there maybe more inside. They are in two groups of five, five at the front, and five at the back. I have already taken out twenty men in Max’s house, but unless we get five men on the back of the house within five minutes, wearing their colours, we will lose the element of surprise.”

Five brave men said: “We will go and stand in for them, just don’t shoot us if this gets ugly.”

I replied: “Thanks boys. If bullets start to fly get back into the house and lay low.” They started to head out as I added: “I need five volunteers to go up to the hall closet and get into the riot armour I have hidden there.” I had five more volunteers in an instant. I then continued: “Good, you hide in the kitchen and if it gets ugly you get outside and start firing the tear gas riot guns at the group. They’re not lethal, but try not to hit the women because they are painful.” They nodded and headed off towards the house. I asked one of the remaining men: “Where’s the rest of the gang?”

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