The Enforcer Ch. 20


He was very pleased and left us with a fresh pot of coffee and eight cups. Just as he was leaving Jillian noticed him and said hi. He replied formally: "I'm under orders to treat you as a VIP tonight Jillian. Is there anything you'd like?"

Jillian was completely shocked and said: "What, normally I have to answer to you! Why the special treatment?"

He replied: "Vinny here is a guest of the proprietor of the hotel chain. It seems that he is a friend of Mr. David."

He turned and left as she turned to me, surprised, and asked: "Is that true Vinny?"

"Yes, Sean and I are friends. He's the one who set this up for me. We only met a few days ago, but we both share a common friend. His associate Guido and I have been friends for years now."

She replied dumbfounded: "You're friends with Guido?"

"Yes. He's been a loyal friend of mine ever since I saved his life. Our friendship has grown since those days, but that's what started it all. Why? Do you know him?"

"Yes I know him. He's the one who got me this job. I was working as a gas station attendant when we first met. It was a horrible job and on that fateful night I was being robbed when he drove into the place. He was driving a beautiful black Land Rover. When the robber noticed him and the vehicle he ordered me to stay quiet and headed to the vehicle, with his gun pointed at the driver.

Guido saw me ducking under the counter and noticed the idiot with the gun. He calmly opened the door to his Rover as the crook approached. As soon as he saw that I was safe he pulled out his stun gun. He didn't know that the monitors for the closed circuit cameras were down where I was cowering, so I was able to see all the action. He had a compressed air, wire guided stun pistol. Anyhow the second the crook saw him pulling out a weapon he shot at him, however the bullet just bounced off the windscreen.

That's when Guido hollered: "Put your gun down now, fuck up! I have a military spec vehicle. Everything on it is bullet-proof and I am a marksman. If you put you gun down I will just have you arrested. But if you do anything stupid I will take you out."

The guy fired three more times. Guido aimed for the guy's legs and fired the stun gun. I was able to hear the electricity crackling from where I was. The poor bastard went down hard. After Guido had handcuffed the thug and made certain he could not get his gun, he checked on me. I was very frightened, so he comforted me as we waited for the cops. The guy was arrested, and Guido helped me get this job. That was almost a year ago now."

I was not too surprised by Guido's actions; however I hugged Jillian to myself. After a long hug I suggested to Jillian that we should go to the couch and have a seat with a cup of coffee so I could tell her about myself.

I started out with the Graduation, which led to questions about why I was protecting the mayor's daughter. Maya kindly pointed out that she was the woman in question. I had intended to keep my relationship with the girls out of the story, but that soon flew out the window. It didn't help that the girls joyously added in great detail what they had done in bed with me. I was wary of what this innocent little girl would think of me after all the sexual descriptions the girls fed her.

My hopes were revived every time Jillian asked me to continue with the story. However they were swatted down every time one of the girls told her about my sexual exploits. I was happy that Mandy was not there, at least it left some of the more interesting activities I had done out of the picture, or so I thought. But then Maya and Candy gave a rather well informed account of my age play with Mandy.

They admitted that they had spied on us through the open window. I was crestfallen as they told the whole story. I chose to retire to my room to await news that Jillian had left screaming. I was there for nearly half an hour before a soft knock came at my door.

I laid flat on my stomach, beaten and weak. I said casually: "Come in."

I laid there thinking as the door opened and closed silently. The room was dark so I didn't know who had come in. But by that time I had pretty much assumed that Jillian was gone, so I softly said to whomever was in the room with me: "I could use a hug."

I turned over and saw the small silhouette walk towards me. I sat at the edge of the bed and waited for her to come to me. As the small form wrapped her arms around my chest I hugged her to me. As my hands wrapped around her small frame I realised that it could only be Jillian. My heart warmed to the thought as I tenderly said: "Jillian, you're still here?"

She kept hugging me as she softly said: "Yes Vinny I'm still here. Even though all the stories I was told were filled with descriptions of you having sex with all those women, they were also filled with accounts of your tenderness and understanding. I couldn't leave you without saying goodbye."

My heart sank as I asked meekly: "Does that mean you're leaving?"

"No. I plan on staying here with you. I need a friend and you sound like a perfect match for that role. I just have to say that I don't plan on having sex with you tonight. So if you want me to stay you have to understand that."

I replied contentedly: "Sounds fair to me. I would not mind a peaceful night." I paused, thought for a few seconds then added: "Maybe you'd like to accompany me to my mother's graduation tomorrow."

"We'll see."

I was elated. I hugged her to me and stood up, picking her up off the floor as I excitedly asked: "It's your birthday, what do you want to do?"

She replied: "Actually it's after midnight, so it's no longer my birthday. But thanks to you I really enjoyed the last few hours of my birthday. However now I am just plain tired. And since you promised not to try anything sexual with me, I'd be happy to just have you sleep by me. I really don't feel like spending another night alone."

Ironically at that point that was exactly what I wanted. Tomorrow was my mother's graduation and tonight I just felt too tired to do anything sexual. So I readily agreed. I stripped down to my boxers. Jillian was surprised at just how ripped I was. She asked me if I minded if she slept in her bra and panties because she didn't have anything else to wear. I was gallant and offered to try and get her some night clothes from the girls. She took me up on the offer. Candy had a pink nightie she agreed to lend to her.

I held her close and went to sleep quickly. The girls let us be and we slept until eight in the morning. That's when I was awoken by a wake-up call Sean had been kind enough to schedule for us.

Jillian was still sleeping beside me, her face nuzzled into my chest. I didn't want to wake her, she looked so angelic, but unfortunately I had to get up and ready for my mother's graduation, so I hesitantly tried to sneak out of bed, but Jillian woke up as I tried to move, so I tenderly hugged and said: "Jillian I have to get up. My mother's graduation is starting in a few hours and I need to get ready and pick her up."

She was calm as she woke. She was still completely aware of where she was and hugged me tightly as she said: "Vinny I slept so well. Thank you, you made my birthday fun."

Her eyes locked onto to mine as I said: "I had fun too. So do you want to accompany us today? I'm sure my mom and dad will be happy to meet you." I pondered for a few seconds before I added: "I think Mandy might also like to meet you. She doesn't really have anybody to relate to. I think you two would make an excellent pair."

Jillian asked tentatively: "Mandy, she's the one who you played that little game with isn't she?" I nodded, so she continued: "I'm not certain, I'm really not into women and I don't think that will change."

I replied casually: "She's not really into women either. She's just started to experiment, but she's still not completely comfortable. You two might feel better together, and who knows you might feel better experimenting together. It will alleviate the desire to satisfy."

Jillian was still unsure, but she replied: "I don't know, but I'd be very happy to join you today."

I smiled as I said: "I promise you will have fun." We hugged. Then we quickly got ready. Jillian and I each showered alone. Then the girls all showered in pairs as Jillian and I got dressed. I had my tuxedo still, but Jillian told me she didn't really have anything formal to wear. So I took her to the clothing shop across the road and bought her a nice dress for the occasion. She reluctantly let me pay.

It was ten thirty by the time we got back to the hotel room. When we entered the room Maya told me that Mandy, my parents, my aunts and the majors were on route. I asked her how they found out where we were.

Maya replied: "It seems Sean had the hotel call Mandy and your mom this morning. And your dad called her the second they got here last night."

I replied: "Cool, so everybody is ready?"

Candy replied: "Jillian is still getting dressed, but everybody else is ready."

Just then Jillian came into the room. She looked very sexy in her new dress. It was a strapless emerald number. It was fairly simple, but it made her look grown up. All the girls turned to see what I was looking at.

When they saw how good she looked they all paid her a few compliments, but I was still in a trance and just watched as she walked up to me. I put out my arm as said: "Jillian you look great." She blushed. So I offered my arm and said: "Shall we go. My parents are coming over to pick us up."

She grabbed my arm and said: "Isn't it a little soon for me to meet your parents?" We all started to laugh.

When we were calmed down enough, we headed out. We got downstairs just in time to see my dad and Mandy walking in through the front door. When they saw us they headed over.

When Mandy noticed Jillian she asked: "Who's the looker?"

I replied: "This is Jillian; she spent the night with us. Yesterday was her eighteenth birthday, and she was not having a good day, so I invited her to supper. Then she slept with me. She didn't want to go home alone."

Jillian's face turned red. Mandy just casually said: "So you two haven't made love yet, but you've slept together?"

Jillian face filled with surprise as I replied: "That's right. I promised to be noble, so she asked if she could spend the night with me, and I agreed."

Mandy hugged Jillian and whispered into her ear: "Nice to meet you Jillian."

Jillian was surprised, but hugged her back tentatively. As their hug broke apart she looked into Mandy's eyes and shyly said: "Aren't you a little jealous that Vinny spent the night with me?"

She replied casually: "No, not really. I trust him to never hurt me, and he has saved my life a few times now." She hugged my dad as she added: "This one's also saved my life a couple of times too."

My dad smiled as he spoke to Jillian: "Hi little one. I am Vinny's father. "

Jillian looked him over and said: "You can't be his father; you look the same age as he does."

My dad replied: "Actually I am almost three times his age."

Jillian was amazed. Just as she was about to speak once again I noticed that my mother was walking towards us. I waved as I said: "Hi Mom, are you ready for your graduation?"

Everybody's attention turned to her as she replied: "I think so Vinny."

Jillian looked at the stunning beauty I called mom and said: "That's your mom?"

My mom answered: "Yep, you could say that." By then she had reached her husband, and was giving him a loving kiss.

Mandy turned back to us and grabbed Jillian's hand as she said: "Come on little girl, let's get you introduced to the rest of the gang." Jillian followed, or rather was dragged behind Mandy, towards the three limos parked outside.

Dad asked me casually: "So what's the deal with this one son?"

My mother nudged him hard in the side as she said: "Behave yourself Greg."

I replied, unfazed: "It was her birthday yesterday, and she collapsed into tears when she fucked up on the delivery to our room, so I decided to make it my responsibility to make it up to her. She had dinner with us and the girls treated her to a rather explicit account of our sexual activities for the last few weeks. But even after hearing that she stayed. We slept together, no sex. And I decided to bring her with us today after she told us her story."

At their probing I recounted the story to them. The rest of the group had already gotten into the limos. So we then headed out. Mom, Dad, Mandy and Jillian got into the same limo as me. That's when I was told by the driver that Guido would be meeting up with us in an hour or so. Jillian was ecstatic. She had not seen him in such a long time.

The three cars headed towards the college. Jillian and Mandy chatted together, quickly finding common ground; they were pretty much inseparable by the time we reached the hall. We all got out and headed to the assembly hall where the graduation ceremony was to be held. Guido met up with us as soon as we arrived. Mandy and Jillian stayed on either side of him and all three talked together.

The ceremony was lengthy, filled with long-winded speeches. But we all endured it. Eventually they handed out the diplomas. We all clapped and stood when Mom was called. She looked so happy. Only dad and I were permitted to attend the ceremony that occurred after, so the rest of the gang drove back to the hotel. We only stayed for an hour, but in that time I met the Dean of the college and most of the senior professors.

My mother was known to them, but not much more. However my father knew more than half by name. They were all surprised to see he was indeed still alive. He introduced me and mom to them. We were invited by over a dozen to dinner. Dad explained his situation, but promised to try and meet with them as soon as his next mission was over.

They were disappointed, so I offered to fly them out to my compound when it was done, and they could stay for a few weeks. They all took me up the offer; most had never bothered to visit Canada and figured it would be interesting. I told them that it would probably be about the same time dad would return from his mission, and they all found that to be quite ideal.

We excused ourselves a little early, explaining that we had to go and spend time with our friends, they understood and reluctantly let us go. My dad promised to keep in touch, as did I. Mom was overwhelmed; she had been a student for six years and had not been able to get any of them to pay attention to her, and now because of her husband she was being treated like one of them.

We got into the only limo left and headed back to the hotel. Mom and Dad talked all the way back about what had happened, my dad mostly listened, but he was overjoyed to make his wife happy. He had missed her so much that, even though he - just like me - really didn't care much about hobnobbing with the elite, he did it happily for mom, as did I.

When we arrived at the hotel we were told that Sean had called and made arrangement for another room for the majors and my aunts. I inquired if he had stipulated that they should only have a room or if he had offered to get two.

The Clerk replied: "Sean told me to offer them two rooms only after they asked for separate rooms. But, like he told me, they did not protest. They were completely content sharing a suite."

I laughed: "Yep, they're all military; they have no issues bunking together."

Just then Camille and Pain snuck up behind me and in sync said: "Actually we prefer it." I turned. They both smiled back at me. They were both dressed in their fatigues.

I quipped: "Why are you two dressed for combat?"

Dad answered: "Because we are expected at the base for a debriefing." He turned to mom and lovingly said: "I have to go honey. I will be back ASAP." They kissed, then dad raced off to their room to change.

I took mom to my room. When we got there we found all the girls in their nighties, sitting on the floor in a circle. Mom asked: "Hey girls, what's happening?"

Candy replied: "We're preparing to initiate Jillian. She and Guido are upstairs talking and we plan on putting her through an initiation once she comes down."

I sternly said: "No you won't! She is under my protection, and you're not allowed to do anything to her until I give you permission."

They pouted, and started to plead for my permission. I just said: "I will talk to her about it. And if she agrees you may have fun with her. But you have to promise not to do anything she does not want."

They all agreed. I turned to mom and said: "They're a little twisted, did you really want to stay to see this?"

She replied smiling: "Actually I do, but I'll restrain myself and take Guido with me. We'll go have supper and maybe I can get him to tell me more about Sean."

I hugged her: "Thanks mom, you're the best. I will tell him to be open with you." With that I headed upstairs. I found Guido and Jillian hugging.

When they saw me they broke their hug. Guido got up and asked to speak to me in private. I agreed. Jillian agreed to wait for me. We walked out into the hall where Guido said: "Vinny, I need to ask you a favour." He looked really concerned.

I replied: "Anything you need my friend, I will do."

He looked nervous as he said: "I want you to take Jillian back with you. She's is danger if she stays here. She told me that her step dad has been asking around for her, and it's only a question of time before he finds her now."

I didn't understand what the problem was so I asked: "Why is she in danger if he finds her?"

Guido realised that I was still out of the loop and said: "Her step dad is a drug lord. He had her mother killed when she threatened to leave him." He looked at me seriously and asked: "Did she tell you how we met?"

I replied: "Yes she did. You saved her life."

"Well what she probably did not tell you is that the man I stopped was not just a thug, he was sent by her step dad to kidnap her. I only found out later myself. Sean found out for me. I confronted her about it, and she told me the whole story. And today she told me more about it. That's also why she didn't want to be home alone. And her fear is probably what caused her to collapse when she made that small error."

Now that I knew what was happening I said: "Certainly I'll take her with me. But does she want to go. Have you told her your plan?"

Guido replied languishly: "Well, not every detail, but most of it."

I replied sternly: "What did you not tell her?"

He quietly whispered: "Umm, everything about leaving England. I only told her that I'd help her relocate, nothing more."

I stared at him dispirited as I said: "I guess I have to fill in the missing details huh?"

Guido shook my hand as he said: "I knew I could count on you." He wasn't even done shaking my hand as he headed off saying: "Later, I have to go."

I stopped him and said: "I'm happy to explain things to Jillian, but take my mom out to supper please. And answer her question as you would mine."

He agreed as he ran off. I decided now was as good of a time as any to talk to Jillian, so I walked into the room where she was sitting.

She looked at me with a concerned face, so I softly said: "Guido has told a little more about your past and the issues you're having."

She looked like she was on the verge of tears as she said: "So what will happen now?"

I hugged her to me and tenderly said: "I want to take you back with me to Canada."

She hugged me tightly as she whispered: "You're not upset with me?"

I lifted her chin so our eyes met, then said: "No. Not at all. I can understand why you would be reluctant to tell me about your past."

Her expression changed to surprise as she asked: "What? You don't even care that I am being hunted by a drug lord who thinks I am his daughter?"

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